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This Komachi Kai Nakiri knife was my Christmas gift to myself (one of them!) as it was selling for a slight discount. I already had a Komachi 2 set purchased from Costco and wanted to add this Nakiri knife as I slice a lot of vegetables and it's very useful for that.

I use the Santoku knife (see Fuschia knife in the uploaded pic) for mincing and chopping herbs as a rocking motion is needed. For slicing onions and other vegetables a Nakiri is great, especially if you're making stir fry - Thai, Indian, Japanese or Chinese cuisines.

This knife is very sharp, the rectangular blunt shape makes it light and the right design for slicing which is a up and down motion rather than a rocking motion.

I love my Komachi knives, the colors are fun but the coating also helps prevent rusting. They're easy to clean in the dishwasher but mostly I just rinse and wipe and resheath. The included color coordinated sheaths helps keep hands safe whether you store them in drawer, or put them on the wall on a magnetic strip like I've done. It also makes it easier to take with you, as I sometimes take them camping or on vacation. They're light and sharp and handles are ergonomic and best of all they're available at very decent prices as a set.

This Nakiri knife was not included in any set I've seen so it had to be purchased separately. One month of usage later, I am very happy with it's performance. It's become my most used knife as I am always slicing onions, peppers, mushrooms or cucumbers. I also use the mandoline but that makes the veggies too thin for grilling or stir frying so this is a really useful knife.

After 5-6 months of every day usage you will probably need to sharpen and 1-2 swipes of a Accusharp Knife sharpener (also on Amazon) will do the trick.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 24, 2015
This knife has stayed very sharp after almost 5 years of use and is highly recommended!! This knife slices tomatoes better than any other knife I've used; its serrated edge bites into the tomato, allowing you to slice instead of squish the tomato. The point is specially shaped to allow you to quickly & easily remove the core from the tomato (see pictures). This also works well for slicing other slippery foods like olives. The handle is quite comfortable. While this does not have the heft of a traditional knife, it does not feel flimsy and the handle is very comfortable. And it's so easy to clean; just put in the dishwasher (although the manufacturer recommends hand washing).

I had initially purchased this (and a nearly completely set of these Pure Komachi knives) to keep my husband away from my "good" knives when he was making sandwiches, etc, and because I wanted inexpensive knives that I wouldn't feel guilty about running through the dishwasher -- but it turns out that I like "his" knives so much, I use them, too!

When these knives first arrived, my husband called them "kiddie knives," because of the pretty colors, but be careful, because these are very sharp -- early on, I cut myself badly enough with the purple sandwich knife so that a Band-aid was inadequate and I needed Steristrips. My advice is to treat this knife as you would any super-sharp knife, because it is just as sharp as my professional quality-knives, even if it comes in a fun color and is not too expensive.
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on March 4, 2015
I really liked this knife on the first try.
But, after having tried it for a couple of months now, I have found that it hasn't become my go-to knife for most tasks that it is meant for. My issue is mainly with the heft or feel of this knife. The knife is very sharp but the blade is very thin. Overall it has the feel of a slightly over sized "straight razor" than a knife. As such, it feels very light compared to any other similar sized knife that I have used. So even though it is very sharp, it does NOT glide through as effortlessly as I want through slightly sturdier items. For example, it works great when I make paper thin slices of garlic very fast. But does not feel comfortable while chopping up raw potatoes or carrots. I feel that I have to push down and exert more effort while doing so. Similarly, I love its feel when dicing a shallot but not while chopping up a yellow onion. I'd rather go for even a cheap Henckels "international" series santoku of the same size (which itself is one of my less favorite knives) !
So over time now, I am pulling the Kai out of the drawer less and less.
The edge has maintained reasonably well over the month and a half of use.
Three stars for the price, sharpness and looks.
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on May 24, 2016
Very sharp!!!! Be careful, it will hurt.

I like the flat square blade design of the Nakiri knife. Does well mincing and chopping herbs and garlic etc. The plastic case however makes me very nervous. It fits extremely tight and I dislike shoving a knife into a plastic sheath I am holding in my hand. I always envision it slipping and cutting me. However, I will never have to worry about the knife falling out of the sheath. Very nice if you travel with it or transport it anywhere.

I will say my wife was at Costco and she found a set of 7 of this same brand for about $24, a various assortment. I told her to buy them. Even though the price was technically cheaper there, I still use this one more than any other knife in that set.

edit: almost a year ago I bought this knife. It's still the go to knife I use for every thing. I have a small ceramic rod I use to hone the edge and it's still sharp
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on December 30, 2015
The shape of the blade is good, and it's sharp (because it's brand new), but this isn't a good knife. The "FDA-approved" non-stick resin coating (or "liquid color coating" as the packaging says) does work. If you've ever been cutting potatoes into cubes, and had them keep sticking to your blade, that won't happen with this knife. At least, while the mystery coating lasts. The packaging never said what it's made of. You have to be very careful when cleaning the blade. Don't use anything abrasive if you want to prevent the coating from flaking off. Hand wash with a rag. That's how I wash my knives anyway, but just be warned you have to take care to keep the coating on the blade. They also recommend not using this for cutting frozen food. So the non-stick coating is good, but just like the Teflon coating in non-stick pots and skillets, it will eventually flake off. The handle is comfortable, but a bit small and too lightweight. The handle needs to be longer and heavier. I like the 8" blade's size and shape, but that's about it. I would look at other knives.
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on October 2, 2015
Just bought this to replace a Komachi bread knife (in orange) that I somehow lost in a move. When I pulled the packaging off of this one, I knew it was not the same quality. I got out another older Komachi knife (the Veggie, in green) and sure enough, this one has a different handle (marked "made in China") with a cheap plastic feel to it. The balance is not as good either. It is marked "Pure Komachi 2," where the other is "Pure Komachi," so perhaps I just wasn't paying attention and there are different qualities. I'll keep this one, but am disappointed in it.
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on July 2, 2011
I bought this knife over a year ago, and it is still running strong. Don't let the low price fool you, this is a very well made knife.
I am a baker and bake almost every day. From super soft white sandwich bread to uber-crusty sourdough boules, this knife has taken them all on. It's also my favorite for watermelon. I also like the wavy serrations. I was not sure I would as the knife this replaced had a very aggressive serration but it works very well, Just remember to let the knife do the work. If you force it the results will not be as good.
The finish is durable and has not worn or chipped. I toss it in the dishwasher when it needs it, hand dry and store in a knife block.
The bright colored handle makes it easy to find as well. No more pulling knives from the block to see it its the one I want.
Speaking of the handle, It has a great fit to your hand, just enough tactile give to make it feel secure in your grasp.
I have purchased other knives from this maker and have no problems with them either.
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on December 6, 2014
It cuts things, but so far it sure doesn't make a LICK of difference in cutting cheese. I guess the idea was to permeate the flow of air through cutting a solid object to allow it to be slicker. However, unless I am slicing a thin deli slice off the end of my block of cheese, it is just as useless as my standard butter knife. I eat a lot of cheese as a snack, so cutting up a large piece of cheese into small cubes for snacking is a regular thing for me, which can get really, really tiring when you start off with a 2.5lb bulk piece. I was hoping this would help that strain, but it hasn't. In fact, because the knife is so small, I am arguably putting much more strain on my wrists since I can't press down very comfortably (or safely) on the top end with my free hand, which is what I would normally do with a larger kitchen knife in order to use my weight for the cut.

It's nothing special. I have the pink santoku from this line and love it, but this thing will collect dust.
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on September 19, 2016
What's Awesome?
What can I say I bought this knife 5 years ago for $8 and it's still here and it's still razor sharp. Use it at least once a week in rotation with other chef's knives. For meat, poultry, you name it.

What's Not?
The edge does need some sharpening but all in all it's only about every 2-3 months and its just a pass through with a ceramic kitchen knife sharpener.

Final Decision?
I absolutely would by this knife again in a heartbeat. In fact I would by two or three knives from the company. The simple fact that it has held up for 5 years and counting for less than $10 is a true testament to the quality of knife they are producing at such a dirt cheap price. My knife still looks like the day that I bought it.
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on June 9, 2014
I bought the whole set of Komachi knives, however I tend to grab this knife to prepare the veggies. It fits perfectly in my hand and I pretend I'm a chef that tries to chop really really fast, but end up chopping really slow so I don't chop my fingers :)

All their knives are sharp and so lightweight, perfect for me (ct on both hands :/)
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