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on October 2, 2015
Just bought this to replace a Komachi bread knife (in orange) that I somehow lost in a move. When I pulled the packaging off of this one, I knew it was not the same quality. I got out another older Komachi knife (the Veggie, in green) and sure enough, this one has a different handle (marked "made in China") with a cheap plastic feel to it. The balance is not as good either. It is marked "Pure Komachi 2," where the other is "Pure Komachi," so perhaps I just wasn't paying attention and there are different qualities. I'll keep this one, but am disappointed in it.
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on December 6, 2014
It cuts things, but so far it sure doesn't make a LICK of difference in cutting cheese. I guess the idea was to permeate the flow of air through cutting a solid object to allow it to be slicker. However, unless I am slicing a thin deli slice off the end of my block of cheese, it is just as useless as my standard butter knife. I eat a lot of cheese as a snack, so cutting up a large piece of cheese into small cubes for snacking is a regular thing for me, which can get really, really tiring when you start off with a 2.5lb bulk piece. I was hoping this would help that strain, but it hasn't. In fact, because the knife is so small, I am arguably putting much more strain on my wrists since I can't press down very comfortably (or safely) on the top end with my free hand, which is what I would normally do with a larger kitchen knife in order to use my weight for the cut.

It's nothing special. I have the pink santoku from this line and love it, but this thing will collect dust.
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on June 9, 2014
I bought the whole set of Komachi knives, however I tend to grab this knife to prepare the veggies. It fits perfectly in my hand and I pretend I'm a chef that tries to chop really really fast, but end up chopping really slow so I don't chop my fingers :)

All their knives are sharp and so lightweight, perfect for me (ct on both hands :/)
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on August 21, 2015
This knife has stayed very sharp after almost 5 years of use and is highly recommended!! This knife works well for slicing bagels, even when still partially frozen, as well as bread for sandwiches. The spreader side is useful for mayo, etc. And it's so easy to clean; just put in the dishwasher (although the manufacturer recommends hand washing).

I initially bought this to keep my husband away from my good knives when he was making sandwiches, and because I wanted an inexpensive knife that I wouldn't feel guilty about running through the dishwasher -- but it turns out that I like this so much, I use it, too! I liked this knife so much that I've purchased almost all of the other knives in the line.

When this knife first arrived, my husband called it a "kiddie knife," because of the pretty purple color, but be careful, because this is a very sharp knife -- early on, I cut myself badly enough so that a Band-aid wasn't sufficient and I needed Steristrips. My advice is to treat this knife as you would any super-sharp knife, because it is just as sharp as my professional quality-knives, even if it comes in a fun color.
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on February 28, 2011
My hubby and I are great cheese fans, and we seem to favor particularly hard and crumbly cheeses... the kind of cheese that destroys wire cheese cutters. That's a lesson you learn the hard way. The 4" tomato/cheese knife cuts such cheese as though it were butter.

Kitchen knives are one of those things: you can basically spend as much as you want on them. However, sometimes spending more money doesn't guarantee you a better product. As always, do your research! I had been needing new kitchen knives for some time, and after researching the various brands out there, I determined that the Pure Komachi series were the best value for me. They are easy to purchase a la carte, which was a big selling point for me. I've had knife sets before, and I find that there are quite a few knives in the set I never use. Buying just the knives you will actually use is a good way to save a little money. I also really like that they are colorful. In addition to giving my kitchen a pretty splash of color (I have a magnetic knife bar, so the knives hang on the wall instead of being jammed in a drawer or knife block, which can dull the blades), the color also serves a useful purpose, by helping you avoid cross-contamination (for example, I always use the pink chef's knife for raw meat).

All in all, a good buy. To be fair, I'm sure you could probably use another reasonably sharp knife with great success on tomatoes and cheese. One downside I see to this knife is that it is only 4", and I've seen some whopping great tomatoes that this knife would be too small to slice. If you're being thrifty and strictly buying only the most basic, essential knives, you could probably skip this tomato/cheese knife and stick with the Pure Komachi 2 Series 6-Inch Serrated Multi-Utility Knife, since I think you'd probably get more mileage out of that one. That said, this knife really does a great job slicing tomatoes and cheese!
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on March 26, 2012
Great knife for the price. My complaints have to do with the small, round handle and the narrow blade. For most cuts the knife works well. Where it has difficulties is in slicing wide loaves (e.g., boules) for sandwiches. Maintaining a thin, even width of slice is hard. Also, the teeth are starting to show some wear (slightly rolled edge), but is better than other Japanese bread knives I've used.

Update - now that I've had this knife a few months I'm really getting irked with the small, round handle and the narrow blade. My preferred "inexpensive" bread knife is now the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10-Inch Serrated Bread/Slicing Knife. It has its own flaws. The handle isn't offset and its teeth aren't very sharp. However, with sharp teeth (via this sharpener Tri-Angle Sharpmaker) it handles wide loaves and sandwich slices with ease.
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on January 6, 2015
Outstanding kitchen utility knife very sharp and slices every thing very smoothly especially cutting raw meat like butter. The weight and feel of the knife is perfect in the hand. This cut a turkey with ease (prior the stainless knife I used had a problem cutting the turkey smoothly, had to keep sharpening it after every couple of slices) As a home chef I replaced almost all of the the stainless steel kitchen knives I had used for many yrs, which were expensive, too heavy and bulky for actual use, those knives had to be sharpening after every couple of uses. Because of the thinness of this blade it is much easier to hone than actually a stainless steel blade because of the thickness in the blade. Highly recommend for kitchen use!
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on July 30, 2012
I have always been a from scratch cook. I often get knives as gifts when people don't know what else to get me. I have got a lot of gimkie knives that never seem to live up to their hype. So when my wife started wanting to learn how to cook I was some what hesitant when buying this knife. So she didn't damage my nice knives during the learning process, I wanted her to have a sharp knife that she could have as a one stop knife for slicing, dicing, and even in butchering a whole chicken. I found this knife and the color seemed weird for me, but she likes the look. The knife seems to have held its sharpness thus far, and I find myself grabbing this knife myself when slicing tomatoes. I decided instead of grabbing my mandolin last night to check how sharp the knife still was and sliced a couple potatoes to make homemade chips. A knife that needs sharping is dangerous with cuts like these, and I felt safe shaving away. I noticed food not clinging to the knife as much. The weight balance is a little different from my favorite knife but it still feels nice in my hand. I plan to expand out and buy the different knives made by the same company. Even though they will be for my wife I do look forward to seeing how they perform. The color was my only problem and that's not a big deal when compared to the price and quality
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on October 18, 2016
It's okay. Works great on "lighter" vegetables. The knife is light and "thin." It does a good job and feels good in the hand for lighter vegetables, like greens, tomatoes, summer squash -- something with a thin skin. It is not so good -- harder to use and feels uncertain -- with thicker skinned or more dense vegetables, like some onions, winter squash, cauliflower heads, potatoes -- that sort of thing. It's a nice size -- not too long or large so that it feels cumbersome, but big enough to help cut through a pile of greens. Overall, it is good for those lighter vegetable chopping and slicing jobs.
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on August 4, 2015
This knife has a great design. The handle is comfortable, the size is great, the rock of the blade is exactly what I wanted. I work in a kitchen though, and as a chef this knife will not do. The steel of the blade does not hold and edge, and the knife as a whole is to light and too flimsy to be taken seriously. I have trouble finding any use for this knife, other than outdoor tasks and as a tool to pry something loose with. If you are a very light user or wouldn't sharpen a higher quality, more expensive knife, then this is for you. Otherwise save up your money and purchase a nice knife that will treat you well for the rest of your life.
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