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Size: 2-Cup Scoop|Color: White|Change
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on September 6, 2012
Have had this container for about 2 weeks & am very happy with it keeping the food fresh. Do as the others have suggested & keep the pet food in the original bag - that way the interior stays clean & no accumulation of oils in container.

I did feel the container was a bit pricey so I just ordered one when I really need 2 more. I remembered seeing pet food containers at the Wal Martians & thinking they were about sixteen dollars. Went back there & looked at their pet containers, they had a different brand, one with a blue lid & compared to IRIS brand, theirs had a flimsy lid & several reviews said the lid was not air tight. That was enough for me to come back to Amazon & put in an order for another IRIS container. I intend to purchase another one in the coming weeks.

Upon arrival of my IRIS, I was totally disappointed because I did not think an 18 pound bag of food would fit in there. Well, it was a tight squeeze since I just left the food in the bag & stuffed it in there. But the lid snapped easily & it has been on the back porch where ants are abundant, but so far no ants or other critters have been seen in the container.

Another thing, they are compact & don't take up much room - taller & slim, rather than being wide & short.

Update on the Iris containers - It has been a couple of months & I now have 3 of these containers, one for cat food, one for dog food & one for bird seed. The containers are still air tight & no bugs or staleness of stored product has occured. I believe they come in different sizes for larger bags for whatever you are wanting to store.

Don't settle for second best at the Wal Martians, you will be disappointed.
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on April 26, 2013
I've posted pictures here comparing the 67 to the 69 quart version. Both purchased on Amazon. The specs between the two are not that different.

14.7 x 17.9 x 23.8 inch; 69 quart container

14.8 x 19.3 x 20.7 inches; 67-quart capacity

The 67 is a little more "rigid" due to the way the forming was done. The wheels on both units are the weakest point. I've broken them off by letting them drop to the floor a few inches. I was able to duct tape the wheel back on, but it's not a pretty sight. As others have noted: Be careful when rolling or dropping these when loaded. On several of the units we don't use the wheels, so it's obviously not an issue.

At this point in time, the 69 quart unit is several dollars less than the 67, on Amazon.
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on March 10, 2016
This review is for the 67 qt IRIS containers. I am ecstatic about this purchase!! They were needed for my feed room to hold 50lb bags of feed. They do the trick with room to spare! Nice and compact vs barrels. I bought 9 total and pleased with every single one. All were in perfect condition when they arrived.
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on October 9, 2016
This is the perfect solution to store our dogs' food. The 55 quart size is a nice easy fit for the 30 pound bag of Bil-Jac select dog food. We can drop the bag in without having to dump it, which is recommended to keep it fresh. Cutting off the top of the bag leaves just enough room for a bowl with the leftovers of the previous bag. I thought this might be too big from the description but I'm glad I didn't buy the smaller version. The sticker on the container says it holds 45+ pounds of dog food, but that isn't true for our brand. The black color camouflages the bag, but looking closely you can see what is inside which might be useful if you had several of these. The wheels roll smoothly, but they are small and plastic so I wouldn't drop the full weight of the food heavily into the container or drop the container when full. There is a gasket embedded in the lid to help keep the seal tight and an easy one handed latch.
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I have the 55 quart container for dry dog food. It holds exactly 30lbs of the Avoderm Chicken and brown rice dry kibble with about 3 inches to spare - which leaves room for the scoop. (See the photo) I can't see any possible way to actually get 40 or 45 pounds of dog food in this tub - the Avoderm is very small, round pieces and trying to put another five pounds in it caused an overflow.

The wheels are pretty stable on tile and make it easy to maneuver the tub as needed in our mudroom at dinner time. I don't push it around any real distance of course and it clearly isn't designed for that sort of thing. I do like the lid and latch. The latch folds up to close instead of down - might confuse a sneaky hound dog intent on a midnight snack.

The container itself is very light, so washing it between bags of dog food isn't a huge hassle. Normally, I would never put the food directly in the container, I would keep it inside the original bag inside the tub, but it didn't fit that way. The container is a little narrow at the bottom and things just weren't fitting easily. Nonetheless, I do like this unit and it allows me to keep two different types of dog food separately in an orderly manner.
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on March 11, 2017
1) Looks as pictured. Nice looking. Might fit under the sink in some cabinets, as stated, but not mine, and not any with undermount or farmhouse sinks... Especially with the wheels in place.

2) The info says it holds 51 pounds of cat food. The label on the container says 50.5 pounds of Kibble. That will vary. Mine holds EXACTLY 44 pounds of Purina Natural... That's important because their 13 & 18 pound bags look identical, so two of the 13 and one of the 18 will just fit, but mistakenly grab two of the 18's and you're stuck with holding onto that open bag. It's a silly small detail, until it happens to you... And you did just buy a bin for the food to avoid having open bags laying around, especially in rural areas where insects are a real nuisance as they search for anything edible.

3) The wheels have been knocked in many reviews. They seem fairly standard. You should be able to find replacements, perhaps better ones if you prefer. My thoughts are that they seem reasonably decent BUT the design flaw that can lead to excess odd torque is in the female insert channel, in my opinion. I say that because the "stop" flange on the wheel posts can't fit completely flush to the bin. The female channels are in the corners, but oddly, they don't extend fully to the same height of the base's edge. The edge extends beyond the bottom of the bin... So when you insert the wheel post, part of the flange is flush to the outer rim, but has a gap between the end of the female channel and the flange-stop. In my mind, when people talk about wheels breaking with a short drop, I attribute that to the failure to achieve a completely flush fit between the base and the flange. My suggestion to those with concerns is to carefully cut the plastic edge right beside the flange and across at the level of the female channel... This should create an entirely flat face so the entire flange is completely flush to the bin, for the most stability. Eliminating any wobble might help avoid damage to the wheels from dropping the bin a couple of inches, when it's full and being removed from a base cabinet, to the floor.

Those are my personal caveats to giving my rating, based on my observations and considering the negative reviews.

It's a great looking tan-top, clear bin with black rolling, swivel casters.

It's easy to lift, as designed with grips.

Closes nice and snug, with a snap upon closure.

Rolls extremely easily.

Cat & pest proof.

Excellent value & price.

Considering all sizes, designs and prices, this was the best option on Amazon and would've been my choice in any pet store, had it been this affordably priced.
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on July 24, 2012
Ordered this container to store 18 pound bags of dog food. They fit perfect!! If i would pour the dog food out of the bag and store it directly in the container i could get much more to fit in it. I prefer to keep the food in the original bag so when it's empty all i have to do is take the empty bag out and replace it with another bag and not have to worry about washing the container between bags as the oils from the food can become rancid over time. I have several older models of the same container and they have lasted for years--store cat food, dog food and cat litter in them. They are great!! No problems with any bugs invading the food and i know it is always safe and fresh.
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on February 28, 2017
At first I thought this thing was a bit pricey, but it was time to upgrade and based on the reviews I figured I'd give this a shot. I have 2 greyhounds, so something big enough for around a 40 pound bag of food was needed. It also had to fit in a smaller closet so dimensions mattered. I wasn't sure if I really needed the wheels or not, but after getting it and putting a full bag of food in there it actually rolled around pretty good on the carpet. The container itself is of decent thickness, not flimsy at all. The wheels easily press into the holes on the bottom. The lid is hinged, has a good latch and has a seal around the inside to keep out moisture. Great quality, worth the money. Will probably order more in other sizes.
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Enthusiast: Petson September 9, 2016
I previously bought 2 similar containers for dog food from this same company. After a little more than 3 years, one of them lost its seal & moths got into the food. So, I ordered this one as a replacement. I put the old one on the back porch to hold misc. partial bags of fertilizer. I wanted to keep my dog out of the fertilizer I had on a shelf unit out back; it should still work fine for that. This unit came with the handle mounted upside down which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 or 5. I am using it to store the dog's treats, still in their original containers, until I need more treats in the house. The handle mounting is not really an issue as the unit still seals well. I find the wheels very convenient & super easy to mount. This will hold about 56 lbs. of dog food.
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on March 27, 2017
This container is exactly what I wanted for my dog's food. The first one that was sent to me had shattered (and after reading the reviews, I kind of expected that); it was a bit of a hassle to have replaced, as I had to return it to a UPS store to get a replacement, but now we are using the replacement and it's great! The broken-first-container isn't the fault of the product, as shipping can be rough and this comes hollow in its shipping box - but this has nothing to do with the quality of the product. This rolls well on our hard floors, and handles my dog's 35lb bags of kibble no problem. We put the bag directly into this container, and albeit some minor re-settling of the kibble needs to happen to get the whole bag in, the 35lb bag fits wholly into it.
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