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on June 11, 2014
i have a bluetooth motorola earpiece that is over 3 yrs old and still works like day one (one reason i gave this motorola product a try) i wanted a bluetooth stereo headset for the gym or sitting poolside while listening to music w/o the hassle of a cord. i do not like the in-ear style which is why i choose this style. it fits comfortably and i have found the sound to be excellent. it handles all ranges well. i do not listen at max volumes since i do not want to cause hearing damage. i can still hear things going on outside of these headphones which i prefer. the controls are on the right ear side. your options are north, south, east & west. it lets me pause, skip forward or backward on music tracks. if you are listening to music and the phone rings, it will pause the music. after your call, the music resumes. i had a 30 minute call with a friend and the sound was fine. i never mentioned that i was on this new toy and he never indicated that he could not hear me. it comes with a wall charger. you have to charge it out of the box and it will take a cpl hours. it also has an soft color light that glows red while charging. once it's green - you're good to go. the headband sticks out an inch from the back of your head. that is fine for me but if you are against a pillow it might need some adjusting. for the money, this is a great buy - quality sound & very fair price. i highly recommend for the casual user who doesn't want to spend a fortune.
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on October 20, 2009
I purchased this product with the intention of pairing to my phone for running and working out. Wired headphones and earbuds have a tendency to not allow for free motion and sometimes get snagged on weights, benches, etc. I had several primary concerns for these headphones, and couldn't find the information I needed anywhere else, so I hope this review serves to answer some questions for you. Please note that this details my experience after 30 days of use.

Quality of Construction: These headphones feel decidedly cheap. I have a pair of wrap-around (wired) headphones that cost $10 that seems to have sturdier construction. Upon taking these out of the package, I felt like taking them off too roughly, or something falling on them, could damage or break the frame. After 30 days of use, they still feel cheap, but I am not so afraid that I will break them. While it is a very real possibility that a less careful person (read: spouse) or accident will break these, extending some consideration to fragile electronics makes me think that the frames breaking is not how these will end their life.

Quality of Sound: When running or working out, I am content if the headphones are 1) loud enough 2) not flat and 3) easily adjustable for conditions. These do well on all counts. I have noticed that some songs are too loud, some not loud enough -- but this is because of the source, not the headphones. There is good range of sound, sufficient bass and treble to please my ears while I exercise. Further, the positioning of the volume controls allows me to make adjustments without breaking stride -- the placement of the Play/Pause and the Forward and Back controls allows me to skip songs without skipping a step. (Please note: if your device does not support use of the Play/Pause, Forward and Back buttons, it is not the fault of these Headphones. I suggest you consult your phone or device's documentation if you are not sure whether it supports AVRCP)

Sweat Resistance: This is the big one, and the one that most reviews don't touch on. As I was searching for something I could wear while exercising, whether it would stand up to some sweat is extremely important. These have done well so far. I have noticed some sweat on the lower half of each ear-piece during workout but have not experienced any problems from this yet. I have worn them on intense interval workouts and long runs (10 mile) and they still function as well as new. I would caution that these do tend to keep the ears quite warm, and do seem to contribute to sweating -- I would not wear these in the summer, or in warm climates. Your experience may differ, as I live in a state with high humidity. (Special Note: After feeling sweat all over my head and worrying about these breaking, I spent a few dollars for an Under Armour beanie that keeps the sweat from rolling down my head. Definitely a good purchase, as it helps regulate my body temperature and significantly cuts down on the moisture that accumulates on the headphones)

Minor issues: The headphones sometimes skip or gap, depending on the location of the broadcasting device. This rarely happens and is not too irritating when it does. Call quality has been praised and I have never had anybody guess I was using speakerphone, headphones, in a well, etc. Battery life seems good, I can use them for approximately 5 or 6 hours without needing to recharge them. Recharging takes a touch less than 2 hours with the Micro-USB adapter.

Overall: I am quite satisfied with my purchase. These are not exactly what I thought I would need, but are definitely functioning as I hoped they would. For the price paid, I do not expect them to last forever, but anticipate that when they do stop working, I will quickly order a replacement pair of the same model. In my estimation, of you are searching for a pair of headphones that you can use while exercising, if you are worried about sweating, and if you are not extremely demanding of your electronics, I would strongly suggest these headphones. I rate them 4/5 because of concerns about the durability of the frame - even a slight concern is enough to withhold a perfect score - but would give them a 4.5 if possible.
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on July 11, 2016
I have had these for over four years now. I use them at the gym, in the car, and while grocery shopping. In fact, I have had to purchase the foam speaker cover replacement pack 40mm Foam Ear Pad Headphone Covers - 8 Pack (the cups are not hard to replace at all). I have only had to replace the foam cups once so far. They are incredibly comfortable (I know it is cliche, but yes I sometimes forget that I have them on) and they work extremely well. The sound is not as good as an over the ear headphone set, sure, but the sound quality is quite decent. The battery life is great. When I take phone calls I have great results, and I don't get complaints from the person on the other end of the phone. These stay on great while working out and while running - they don't move. Sweat has never affected my pair, but I don't sweat heavily. They aren't affected while lying down on a bench in the gym, the only thing is the squat bar pad will knock them around - so I don't use the pad while doing squats. They aren't really sturdy, but I have dropped mine a few times and without issue - I have been careful with them and I would recommend careful handling. I also have a big head (my fitted hat size is close to 8") and these don't give me a problem with fit at all. I wear mine with sunglasses on as well and they still fit fine, just put the headset on first and then the sunglasses. If my pair were to break or get stolen I would buy another pair immediately.
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on May 24, 2016
I bought both the Motorola S305 and Kinivio BTH 240. I am very impressed with the sound quality, length of charge, and fit on both models and would certainly recommend either to others interested in a Bluetooth headset. I had previously bought some very inexpensive Chinese brand headsets that only lasted a few weeks before they wouldn't charge, so was a bit concerned as the price point on these is very competitive. These have held up for months without issue. The buttons on either set can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of them. The Motorola S305s have a slimmer profile than the Kinivios. The Kinivios have a slightly snugger and more padded fit. You'll be happy with either.

Update: It has been about a year with both products. The winner is Motorola. The Kinivio will no longer hold a charge and will not work. So, for about the same money, I recommend the Motorola. I have bought a second pair of the Motorola S305 and they have made some minor, but nice upgrades. The charger unit is improved, and some minor improvements to the buttons, sounds, and lights are helpful.

While I don't run with the S305, I do use it when doing normal cardio and weights at the gym, and it has help up to that type of wear and tear very well.

So go with the S305, you should be satisfied, especially for such a good price.
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on February 20, 2016
I purchased these headphones almost exactly five years ago (according to the product page), and these headphones still see daily use.

The sound quality is pretty decent, and the battery life is still outstanding, lasting most of a day with intermittent use, and charge very quickly off of any micro-USB power source, which typically surround me wherever I happen to be.

Their quality for phone calls is also decent, and have worked through at least four different phones in the years I've owned them, not counting multiple laptops and tablets that offered bluetooth connections.

Would I buy these again? IN A HEARTBEAT. They've been used and abused by me and occasionally by my kids. They survived a prolonged dunk of the non-powered earpiece into a cup of water (while in my car and me not noticing for several minutes) and after drying out never skipped a beat. They can make my ears a bit sweaty when used on a bike ride when it's warm, but that could just be me.

I cannot recommend these headphone enough, especially at their current price.
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on November 30, 2014
After fiddling around with other wireless "earbud" design headphones that fit in the ear rather than over the ear (which never actually stay in the ear), I was about to give up. I am an avid weightlifter and I have never been able to lift with music for the simple fact that I hate wires and I like to be able to set my phone down on the floor rather than leave it in my pocket or wear an uncomfortable arm band which prevents me from easily accessing my phone (I use an app for my workouts as well as the stopwatch app to time rest intervals).

Anyway's enough of the back story and onto the review. These headphones are awesome! I can finally lift with some raging heavy metal riffs blowing up in my ears in comfort. They connected right up to my Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth with little trouble and they stay connected. Sound quality is good - not mind blowing by any means, but not flat and distorted either. They are plenty comfortable to wear for long periods of times, but just be aware that the top of your ears will feel a little pressure after extended lengths of time.

I have not had any issues with these headphones disconnecting or cutting out, and I am able to walk a good distance away from my phone before the music stops.

Overall, if you're a lifter or a runner, these are the headphones for you.
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on September 7, 2016
This headset has been around for years and people are still buying them. I still see a few people wearing these headsets instead of the $100+ Bluetooth headsets that most wear. At $20 to $25 on Amazon you can’t beat that. These are at least name brand with great reviews.

In my opinion, this headset is a great headset for the price. The music is pretty good. Its not the best but they are impressive for their age and design. When I’m working all day I can wear them almost all day before they have to be charged again. If I remember, I can charge them at lunch and when I get back they have enough power to get through the rest of the day.

What I don’t like about them is the feel. They feel cheap and flimsy. They feel like they might just break if you look at them funny. But So far I’ve had mine for years and they haven’t broken yet. I’ve mostly used them at the Gym, working as a landscaper, and jogging. Even with the sweat and the abuse those activities can be on a pair of headsets, they held up and still sound good.

Some reviews complained that the fabric that covers the plastic speaker cover makes their ears feel hotter and I have to agree. But its not that bad and you can easily get use to it.

For me, the issue is the over the ear style. This design can irritate the tops of my ears if I wear them to long. But over time I got use to it and now its not that big of an issue.

Some reviews complained that the fabric that covers the plastic speaker cover makes their ears feel hotter and I have to agree. But its not that bad and you can easily get use to it.

For me, the issue is the over the ear style. This design can irritate the tops of my ears if I wear them to long. But over time I got use to it and now its not that big of an issue.

They still work great, the battery is still strong, the standby isn’t so much. I just have to remember to charge them up before heading out. I normally charge them on the go and my car charger can give them almost a full charge in about an hour.

1. Cheap
2. Reliable
3. Long life
4. Made by Motorola
5. Easy to hold conversation. Make sure its not windy. It will pick up the wind noise.

1. Feels cheap
2. The fabric over the speakers can warm up your ears
3. The speaker fabric wears out.
4. Music quality no the greatest, but good enough to use while working out

I If you are looking for a cheap replacement pair, a backup pair, or just getting into bluetooth headsets, the Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a great pair to have laying around.
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on September 28, 2017
I don't want to be one of those people who only writes reviews for products they don't like, so here's this:

I bought these things while drunk four years ago when they cost $20 more than they do now. I still say that this was my BEST drunk purchase, ever! The battery life is still awesome. They still charge super fasts. They are invincible. I've sat on them, ran with them on in pouring rain, I have sweat ALL over them, they don't care, they just keep being awesome.

It's never taken more than 25 minutes to charge, and the battery seems to only die if I forget to charge them for a month. I wear them for up to 20 hours a week at work and another hour on the weekends while I walk my dog, also any time I go for a run, and the batteries will not need to be charged for at least a couple of weeks at that level of use.

Get them. I almost want a second pair in case my first pair finally dies and they stop making them.
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on July 17, 2015
I bought these in early 2012, as my first ever Bluetooth headphones. While I occasionally listen to music, my focus nowadays is podcasts; this means I cannot really say much about the quality and range of this product's music reproduction.

They fit perfectly, with the black plastic loop clipping behind the ears and going around the back of my (rather thick) neck very comfortably. As they sit on top of the ears, my ears do not get at all sweaty or uncomfortable. I see that it is possible to replace the cushions at a very reasonable price, but in my three years of ownership the originals are still absolutely fine. These headphones are definitely built to last.

The controls are also very easy to pick up. They are all on the right ear-piece, with physical buttons on the chrome frame for on/off and volume up/down. Control of skip backward/skip forward, play/pause, and answer/hang up the phone are all via the black pad - at four corners (left/right/bottom/top respectively). These controls are all logically placed, and I found them very easy to learn. The micro-usb charging port is also on the right ear-piece.

Sound quality is crisp and clear for the purposes of podcasts, and seems perfectly good on those occasions when I do listen to music. The built in microphone is also good - I have called my wife from a crowded supermarket and been able to make myself understood over the din; in quieter settings I don't think she even notices that I'm using these.

The headset was easy to connect to my phone. And my tablet. Then my next phone, and my next phone. Yes, I am a bit of a tech junkie - but apparently not with headphones. I did buy a set of expensive Sennheiser headphones with noise reduction (MM450 flight - also from Amazon and over five times the price of the S305s) to see if I could better silence surrounding noise; yes, but at the expense of sweating ears and with no major improvement in sound quality.

Battery life is fine. I usually listen to these for about two hours each day, and recharge them twice a week. They probably last a lot longer, but I prefer not to lose my listening pleasure. They will beep when the battery is running short - I have had this occur once or twice, and as I recall you get about five minutes' warning before they shut down.

As with any Bluetooth device, if you move away from the source you will get skipping. Similarly, some source devices occasionally 'kidnap' the sound source - I can be listening to a podcast, pause it, and when I press play find that Google Music has taken over. This is annoying, but is something the OS writer and app developers need to fix. You may want to adjust the settings against individual buttons - most apps provide for you to change how the app will respond to a particular button (at least in Android - I cannot comment on iOS, Windows or other mobile OSs).

I am about to buy a replacement set of these, simply because three years of daily use has taken its toll. I have not been gentle with them, and the connecting black plastic is gradually moving out of shape. I am worried that eventually the left headphone will lose its connectivity - although this currently appears far from the case - and want to ensure that I have another set of quality headphones ready to use once the current set dies.

Pros: good quality sound, easy to use, comfortable, good battery life. They stay where they are put (unless the user is performing in an activity conducive to concussion - in which case I would suggest DON'T). You can listen to your stuff while still being able to hear and react to the world around you.

Cons: wife can be heard even with these at full volume.

Would I buy them again? Yes, and I am about to buy another pair to put in the cupboard for the day when these finally expire.
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on September 21, 2016
Five years of constant use/abuse and there still work like a charm. I use them in the gym and they never budge and the sweat resistance has been fine.
On my bike they don't make a bunch of wind noise and they even help keep my ears warm on chilly rides.

As for sound quality I think they sound good. Though I'm no audiophile they connect easily and the buttons interface with the phones great.

Update : 6 years down and I'm just to where i need to order a new set of ear pads.
I use these at the gym 5 days a week and have ridden thousands of miles on my bike with these babies with little issue. The get covered in sweat and grunge constantly. I still cannot believe the battery life is still so good. I usually charge after two to three gym sessions. My only gripe is the low battery warning bings for a long time before they actually quit. That's account at times.

Update: 6 years and the ear pads needed replacing. Still working great.
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