Customer Reviews: TRENDnet 8-Port Unmanaged 10/100 Mbps GREENnet Ethernet Desktop Metal Housing Switch, TE100-S80G
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on February 6, 2009
I found this product while looking for a way to split the LAN at my job into two. We get one ethernet cord running to our desk and that's it. I was worried that my company would have some kind of block to not allow this to happen (they don't allow streaming video, audio, etc... so they block a lot of things). I found the unit on sell (about half price) and decided it was worth the price to try it. I tried it at home at first and it worked great (I have a router at home, so don't really need this at home, but just wanted to make sure it worked at home so if it didn't at the office, then I'd know it wasn't the device). I unplugged the ethernet from one computer, plugged this in and plugged in two computers. So, basically, there was one ethernet cord going from the router to the TRENDnet box and two computers branched off from there. Worked great - no set up needed, just plug-n-play. So, now for the big test: I took it to work. Worked with no big problems - same plug-n-play. The only thing is that when I plug my computer directly to the work LAN, it says the connection at 1 GBPS, but through this device, it shows up as 100 MBPS. I can't really tell any problems so far with speed - everything is working as normal, but now I have online access on both my work computer and my laptop. So, for me, this device works as advertised and meets my needs.

PS - sorry for my non-technical review, but I'm no tech expert!

PPS - don't forget you'll need an additional ethernet cord to make this connection. I didn't think of it at first, but luckily remembered before I finished my transaction and was able to pick up a cheap 3-footer.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 4, 2010
This switch is great. I've been working with computers and networking since the early 90's (anyone else remember Mosaic?), and I've had to deal with a lot of switches that required manually setting every little thing in order to get it to work - and of course every type of router you were connecting the switch to required different settings.
This switch is absolutely plug-n-play. If your broadband (cable, DSL) router is filled up and you need to add another network device, you cannot go wrong with this switch.

The documentation is horrible, perhaps even a bit misleading. In the troubleshooting section, it says something about the switch not being designed to allow more than one computer to access the internet. Well, that's technically can't just have a switch and really do anything with it...but if you have broadband access, you have a router (technically, that box on your desk is a router plus a 4-port switch) so that is already taken care of.'s the details on how to get all your computers, network printers, network storage, game consoles, blu-ray players, etc. to talk to each other and the internet. Be sure to follow these instructions exactly...

1. Turn off all your computers, printers, etc., and the broadband router.
2. Unplug something (anything, it doesn't matter what, but I usually use port 1) from the broadband router.
3. Run a short ethernet cable between the port on the router you just freed up and ANY port on the switch.
4. Plug the thing you just unplugged and everything new into the switch.
5. Plug the switch AC adapter into the wall and the back of the switch.
6. Turn everything back on.

THAT'S IT! How could it get any easier than that?
I think TRENDnet is really missing a selling point here by not stressing how easy this switch is to add to your existing network!

I don't know, and honestly I'm not going to try and measure, how much energy is actually saved by the graduated power sent to the ports based on cable length, but I think it's a nice feature to shut down power to a port if the device is idle for long periods of time.

So far, I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this switch. When I first pulled it out of the box, I thought it was a bit light (even though it is made out of metal and not cheap-o plastic) to stay on the desk when 8 cables are plugged into it...but then I noticed that they even included a square of velcro to attach to the desk and switch so it wouldn't move around.

Summary: if you need to expand the number of ports in your network, buy this switch.
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on August 2, 2007
Bottom line: Small, light weight and just works. Power brick is half the size of the unit itself and is also very light.

I was looking for a portable network switch to keep in my backpack for occasions when I had a network drop but no wireless. Searching around I found this one and saw that the switch itself is small and light, but I was worried about the power brick. Turns out the brick is small too, so I'm very happy with my purchase.

I've used the switch to network two Macs together and to connect multiple Macs to various network drops. The switch has always worked flawlessly. It doesn't care in which of the five ports you plug in the cables, it figures it all out and just works.

According to my kitchen scale, the switch weighs just under 4 ounces and the power brick just under 3.
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on February 23, 2008
This little 5 port switch is in my laptop computer bag at all times. There are plenty of situations I find myself in where there are several people who need Internet access but there is only one connection. Does anyone happen to have a switch? 9 times out of 10 the answer is "no."

This switch has a great feature that I wasn't expecting to find on such a small, low-cost unit. It auto-uplinks to any other switches on the network - no crossover cables necessary. That's one less specialty cable required to carry around to ensure network connectivity. Good job TRENDnet!

Otherwise there is nothing remarkable about this switch besides being small, light and does what network switches are supposed to do. After quite a bit of searching, this was the smallest switch I could find. At 3.1" x 3.9" x 1.2" it can't get much smaller!
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on October 13, 2009
I needed to "split" a single Ethernet connection between my DirecTV box (for DTV on demand) and my Samsung BluRay DVD player (for Netflix streaming)so I did not have to keep swapping the cable back and forth. This little Trendnet gem really fit the bill. It is small, lightweight and completely unobtrusive. The best part is there is no setup, completely plug and play. Look no further, you found what you are looking for!

Update 06/16/2011: My orginal ethernet splitter is still working great and I recently bought another one for my game room. Seriously, buy this item!
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on December 31, 2009
I purchased this item to split my single port modem into a two port modem so I wouldn't have to keep unplugging my computer ethernet cable from the modem and plugging in the ethernet cable which I ran to my Netflix Tv viewing box. It really is plug-and-play. Works great. I also purchased a short 3-ft ehternet cable:
RiteAV - Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable - Blue - 3 ft. -- $1.50
I plugged one end of the 3-ft cable into the modem port (I only have one) and the other end into the splitter. I plugged my computer ethernet cable into one of the ports in the box and my Netflix ethernet cable into another of the ports in the box and I was done.
It doesn't even matter which of the five ports you use for the cables. Just pick three -- one for the modem, one for the computer and one for the TV box and you're done. You still have two more for future enhancements.
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on November 13, 2009
I bought this switch to allow me to use more than one computer and another device a Captel 800i captioned telephone on the same Verizon DSL line with a Westell 6100 modem/router. The Westell 6100 only has one ethernet port so I bought the switch to allow me to hook more devices to the internet. The ease of use hooking it up and using it is amazing. I turned off the modem/router and I plugged the switch in and hooked the dsl line to one of the ethernet ports in the switch (it doesn't matter which port!). I then hooked the ethernet lines from two computers and another from the CapTel 800i phone to the other free ports. I turned on the modem/router and started using both computers and the phone immediately. No programs to load, no set-up, no rebooting of the computers, nothing! Pure plug and play! It was stress free and absolutely wonderful. If only setting up routers and modems were this easy. A great product, reliable, easy to set-up, and use. The case looks a little cheap, but it is a great product for the money. Can't say enough about it.
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on June 15, 2010
I purchased two of these units on two different dates. I wanted to split a CAT5 drop to enable a Tivo; another to enable a game console.

The unit worked for about 6 months. Then, strange timeouts started on the game console. I tried everything without luck. Having never had a single switch of any brand go bad, I troubleshooted this switch last. Once removed, the problem completely went away.

About 3 months later a similar thing happen with Tivo. We were trying to view some pictures from vacation using Tivo Desktop. It worked fine many times before, but all of sudden I was getting weird Tivo error messages. I change everything, updated everything... I kicked myself when I remembered there was one of these hubs hidden back in the entertainment center. Again -- I take it out of the loop and all is well. No more problems.

I am only left to conclude this unit is fine for an occasional splitting of a connection; however, it's not for "turn it on and forget it" use... Clearly the mean-time-between-failures is very low. With 2 units from 2 different lots going bad in a cooled environment where they are literally not touched for months leaves me to believe I was not simply "unlucky".

You get what you pay for.
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on October 13, 2009
I have two of these, they just work, end of story. Yay!

Other reviewers have noted that the setup guide says it's not for hooking multiple computers up to the internet. That language wasn't in the docs for the units I got. I'm guessing that they were just trying to say "This is not a router. It does not firewall, and it doesn't provide DHCP service. It just extends the reach of a router by adding more physical ports to the network.", and that's true of any switch or hub. You most likely already have a router (or "gateway"), so don't worry about it.
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on October 7, 2011
I'm a college student that has a laptop and Xbox 360, but only one ethernet port. Because I could only have one device connected by ethernet, I was in need of a device that could share bandwidth like a router while not having the router specs that make routers unusable in a dorm room. I researched for a solution, and this appeared to be it. It definitely is the solution! Now, I can play games on my Xbox 360 while using the web on my computer. And most importantly, I didn't notice a drop in internet quality. It's far more valuable to me than the $13 I paid for it.

This product lets you have up to 4 devices sharing the same connection, and it is perfect for something akin to a college dorm (or if you don't want a router).

Excellent product!
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