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on August 20, 2015
I came back here looking for the hardware model in getting tech support on something else and saw a lot of problem reviews. I have been running this router since March, 2010 and thought I should share my experiences with it.

First, connections have been generally quite reliable. I have connected desktop computers and printers by both CAT5 and WiFi. I have also connected a variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops game consoles and my smart TV without difficulty. OS connections have included Windows versions from XP through Win 10, iOS, Android, OSX, Nintendo's Wii/Wii U OS and whatever drives my 50" Panasonic plasma TV.

The router is located in my basement office/man-cave and the 2.4 GHz connection still reaches nearly to the street. That means through the floor, a couple of interior walls and a brick exterior wall. The 5 GHz connection is, of course, more range restricted. While it will make it through the floor and walls within the house, it is damped enough that I generally get better throughput with the 2.4 GHz connection. I typically keep the 5 GHz reserved for equipment in the basement where I can take best advantage of the speed.

As far as throughput? Ok, it's "rated" at 300/300 Mbs, but the reality is those numbers are typical bogus for ANY router. It just gives you a benchmark to compare products. Don't expect anything close in the real world where physics intervenes unless you are in line of sight at just the right distance, temperature and humidity. Depending on current conditions, my wife's laptop, with a floor and a couple of walls in between will still pull 95-100 Mbs. Prevailing conditions can push her over 100 or as low as 54, but both are unusual. My desktop, when I use wireless instead of CAT5, it will pull 150 Mbs on the 5 GHz channel, minimum. On CAT5, it screams.

As I said, though, numbers don't mean so much in real world. It's actual performance is what matters. It has had HD video streaming on the TV, heavy internet browsing with frequent WiFi printing, multiple smartphones (one running YouTube) while I was on Facetime with my tablet recording a podcast on the desktop (which was also running YouTube for clips). And lately, I've had my son adding in running CoD on the Wii U's gamepad to the mix (i.e. while watch a streamed movie and using YouTube on his iPad for a level walkthrough), often on top of some of the above. I can't complain about the performance at all.

I will note that I do have to reboot it every several months, however I do know already that the problem is almost always the cable modem rather than the router. I have found, though, that I typically get better results when I reboot both together. Some IT guys do this regularly as routine maintenance, however, I only do it when I see a persistent performance compromise. As I said, though, it is almost always related to the cable modem and most typically after Charter has an outage or service interruption. The web-based control panel does seem a bit sluggish, but it does what perform acceptably for its intended use. That's not something you should have to get into very often, if at all.

I haven't had any experience with the Genie apps or the Readyshare software, though I'm in the process up doing a variety of home computing upgrades and will likely add these features over the next couple of weeks. If I do so, I will update this review.

Overall, I've been quite satisfied with this router and will strongly consider Netgear again.
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on February 28, 2017
My only real problem with it is that it isn't supported by DD-WRT. That firmware only supports hardware versions v1-v4, and this is v5. Apparently, this used an Atheros chip in the first 4 versions and v5 now uses a MediaTek, which isn't (yet?) supported. Other open-source firmware supports it with varying degrees of user-friendliness. Fair warning.
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on January 25, 2016
If you have windows 10, you have to download an older version of netgear genie for this to work. I looked around and tried about 5 different download links without luck before I finally found one that worked. Unfortunately the newest version of netgear genie will not work for you so with a little work, I was able to make it work.

I bought this in used condition and paid half of the price. I had to push the little hidden button underneath to factory reset it because the seller didn't do it. Shipping was fast when I paisley 8.99 for 1 day shipping and got it on a Saturday. Works with xfinity. My Internet is much faster. With a little bit of research, you can do this yourself. I am not an expert but I got it done. When you do finally find the right netgear genie download that will work for you, setup is a breeze. Just don't update the genie because the newest version crashes! Make sure you do update the firmware.

It gives you an option to change channels and shows how many in your area are on 1,6 and 11. Find one of these that has the least amount of houses on them and nothing on a channel near them if you can.

I was able to put some of my other devices on the other 5ghz band to free up space on the 2.4ghz channel. My phones, xbox 1, Amazon stick and a kindle were able to move to the 5ghz. I get 54 down and 12 up speed on my laptop with other things running on xfinity blast Internet about 20 feet away. I usually have about 10 things running at the same time and it is fast! Nice upgrade.

It took some time and a little work but I got it done. Only 4 stars for the hassle of the latest netgear genie crashing on Windows 10.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 8, 2016
I purchased this router several years ago and it worked flawlessly until several months ago. It started locking up every other week at first. Then it began locking up every week, then a couple of times a week, finally it is locking up several times a day. A lockup requires rebooting the router and waiting a few minutes to restore the connection. Updating the firmware to the latest version had no effect whatsoever. Netgear customer support wants $130 to fix it out of warranty and "give" me a new one year warranty. WHAT! A new one costs $80! And the latest Netgear, the AC1900, is worse than the 3700 as far as the lockup problem goes, based on the reviews. I ordered a Securifi Almond 2015 instead.

PS: I found the greatest signal strength for the 3700 when placing its long direction at right angles to the direction to the furthest client. I picked up 1-2 bars of signal strength as a result.
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on August 10, 2015
Over the years, I've purchase just about every type of router one can imagine. I've had expensive "business" quality routers and cheapo home routers with basic wireless capability. I've flashed routers to newer firmware and non-OEM firmware (dd-wrt and tomato). This router, however, is one of the few routers I've been truly disappointed in.

The power output is horrible. Up close, the connection is fine, but walk just one room away and your connection speed drops to levels that prevent normal streaming, file sharing, etc. I'm talking about 30-40ft here, which is not a great distance in a regular home. My living room to my guest bedroom causes the signal to drop considerably and it is about 30 ft with a wall in between. Yes, I realize walls can cause interference, but no other router I've owned/used/tested in this location has the same issue (Linksys, Buffalo, etc). There are some reports that the power is set too low, but I am not able to confirm the dB (or mW) these are set to.

The user interface, on the other hand, is fairly clean. I haven't had an issue configuring, reviewing, or even remotely controlling the router during the test phases. I was sad to learn that the 20/40 coexistence feature (2.4GHz wireless setting) causes issues if you live in an area where other wireless routers exist (just about everywhere in the country these days), so I disabled it and now get great throughput on the 2.4GHz band. The ability to remotely control the router is an added bonus, as I can help friends/family with their network settings without having to actually travel.

As an additional negative (besides the lack of range), this little router puts out considerable heat. When it was placed flat on a surface the bottom got so hot that it was nearly dangerous to touch. I have since instructed anyone that purchases this router to ensure it is upright (as pictured in most ads) to aid in dissipating heat. That had an added bonus of reducing other issues (signal strength, reboots required, etc), as the device wasn't constantly overheating.

Overall, I'm a big fan of any company that builds their user interface with the actual user in mind. And the added bonus that this router can be flashed to dd-wrt or tomato gives it a little star boost. The fact that range is so poor, heat is excessive (when laying flat) and "coexistence" mode fails to work if other wireless routers are detected is a downer and would have resulted in 2 stars if Netgear hadn't take some time to at least add in some decent features. If you're in the market for a router, however, I'd recommend another brand above this particular model - especially for this price point (see Linksys and/or Buffalo).
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on February 1, 2014
Ordered this on Saturday from CCV with free shipping, and it arrived on the following Tuesday. No installation CD needed for setup. Came with a unique Netgear password so did not need to change it. It is dual channel, one channel is slower for older computers, and the other is a faster one for later models and iPhone 5's. Installation instructions were detailed and easily followed. Firmware updates were available and no trouble to install. Minor detail - insrtructions say to go to Maintenance > Firmware Updates, but there is no Maintenance button on the page. You have to look for a button that essentially says click to update firmware. Range is better than the 6-year old Netgear it replaced. There is a USB port that the instructions say you can plug a flash drive into and download its data to other devices on the net. Router has an On-Off button. On initial startup, wait for the specified lights to come on before connecting to the modem and computer. I'm very satisfied, so far.
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on March 23, 2015
I purchased this router to replace an older Netgear (WPN824 V3), which lost connection frequently and needed re-booting. The new unit works much better: good connections, good speed, and no loss of signal. The only problem I had was with the set-up. When I first tried to open the set-up screen by logging on to the router, it was blank. Later on the same day, and after a re-boot, all the options were visible, and I could set everything to my liking. Also, the colors of the LED indicator lights were not explained in the pamphlet that came with the router. I had to go on-line to find this information.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 8, 2014
Unreliable router with dismal support. As others have mentioned, this router is pretty good on paper. Lots of useful features and the software is solid by router standards (i.e. pretty low) but the workmanship is pathetic.

Ever since I've had this router the WiFi will stop working and require a reset at least once a week. At first I assumed it was issues with it's placement so I relocated the modem+router (with a hefty fee from Comcast) and the issue continued. Then I performed a factory reset and found that it was no improvement. Now, instead of a weekly reboot it's once every 2 days or so.

Fed up, I finally contacted Netgear support requesting a RMA under the 1 year warranty and they would auto-respond with a comment that I am outside of my 90 support window and instructing me to pay them to call me. I repeated this 3 times, attempting to explain that I don't want tech support but want to make a warranty claim but that was to no avail. Same auto-reply every time, guess Netgear's support robot works better than their router. So, I have a router that's broken and I have to pay Netgear to get them to fulfill their warranty obligation.

In order to follow through and get this router replaced I'd need to pay them ~$35 to issue an RMA, pay ~$10 for my own shipping and be without a router for 2-4 weeks, before receiving a refurbished router that's worth less than the $45 it cost me to replace it.
And, if these reviews are any guide, the refurb was probably returned due to the same defect I'm experiencing.

I hope everyone reading this saves themselves the misery and buys a Linksys or, really, any brand but Netgear.

The frustrating part is because of the features and interface, the initial experience with this router is pretty good and the tech reviewers out there all gave this one high marks....but those reviews never consider reliability or support.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 19, 2013
I had a Linksys router for about 10 years that for some silly reason I thought I needed to replace with a newer router. Big mistake. I purchased this item in nov 2012. Since the beginning I have had several issues, have had to reset back to factory settings numerous times and now it is not working at all. When I called Netgear support (Which was an act in futility in itself) they told me that for the price of $39, the could help me fix the configuration. I work for a technology company and am comfortable with technology. The fact that I cannot figure out the issue on my own is the first red flag. The second issue is that according to their support line, the configuration was messed up because of some sort of a power surge. In the 10 years of owning my Linksys device, I never had that issue. But even so, shouldn't I be able to configure it myself without giving NetGear more money? This has been such a huge headache. I cannot imagine how the occasional user might figure out this device without having any technical background if I have had such issues. Poor product. poor customer service.
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on August 31, 2012

The damn thing quit working on 1/4/13. I received this router on 8/22/12 - that's 4 1/2 months. I called my internet company and a technician came today 1/7/13, he upgraded my internet modem, and turned out what was wrong with my internet was the damned router had quit working properly! The thing now only gives full speed only if I'm sitting within ONE FOOT (~18.54Mbps download),but if I am as little as *14 FEET* away from the router the download speed drops to 4Mbps); at 16 feet distance = signal disappears completely. I tried resetting to factory settings, checked the cables, everything, the thing just stopped working. I will never ******* buy from Netgear again.

UPDATE 11/22/12:

I'm bumping the rating from 4 stars back to 5 stars. It's been 2 months 3 weeks since I purchased this router - and still - not a single dropped signal since I updated the firmware! The speed is good (130Mbps) when <=50 feet from router. I haven't yet learned how to get higher speed but I'm happy with this speed. This router is very reliable and I'm extremely happy with it because it is reliable and fast and gives 0 dropped signals!


--- This router gets 4/5 stars for two reasons:
1) Range: at 50+ feet the speeds are halved (go from 130Mbps to 65Mbps or even less).
2) Out of the promised 600Mbps I only get 130Mbps (within 50 feet of router).

*I've had this router for 10 days. If anything happens I'll update my review for you all to know.
*Within 50 feet my two laptops get 130Mbps speeds; but the desktop gets 1.0Gbps speed (directly connected to this router).
*I needed a new router to use as a bridge/access point to expand the range in my home because my four-year-old WNDR3300 v1's range was the same (only good if < 50 feet from router).*Within a few minutes I successfully connected my refurbished WNDR3700 v2 to my old WNDR3300 v1 and now I have faster speeds and my range was doubled (two routers = 100 feet range at max speed). Now I have two routers connected to my home network!

*I'm able to edit the settings of both routers ( in web browser). (Example: to edit Router #1 I just have to log into that network and I can edit it in, and to edit Router #2 I just have to log into its network and then I can edit it in
*I got lucky and got v2 - only v1 & v2 are supported for dd-wrt firmware, while v3 is not yet supported.
*The firmware it came with eventually (after one day) led to dropped signals but ever since I updated the firmware I have not experienced any dropped signals! It has been ONE MONTH since I got the router and no dropped signals within 50 feet and rarely when further than 50 feet from router.
*WNDR3300 v1 speed: 54.0Mbps speeds
*WNDR3700 V2 speed: 130.0Mbps (maximum should be 600Mbps) = this is why I'm giving it 4/5 stars - because I'm not getting the promised speed. I need to google how to get more speed out of my routers.
*The description should state which version it is selling. I got v2 but another reviewer got v3. If you're considering installing dd-wrt, you should contact the seller first and ask to get v1 or v2.

*I received my order in three days.
*I received WNDR3700 v2 (there exist three versions)
*I've owned a WNDR3300 v1 (only version ever released) for over four years and I'm very happy with it. The last firmware released 3+ years ago fixed the signal dropping problem and I have NEVER had a dropped signal ever since! It is an extremely reliabble router and I love it. It also supports dd-wrt firmware.
*I bought the WNDR3700 because it has faster speeds and range, but primarily to expand the range of my home network.

---There are two methods for connecting two routers to the same home network.

*Method #1: change the IP address of the second router to prevent interference and connect the second router to the first router - done. (E.g.: Router #1 = ; Router #2 = I followed this guide called "How to Connect Two Wireless Routers Together" by Amit Agarwal.

*Method #2: requires installing the dd-wrt firmware. I did not follow this method but if you wish to follow then google how to do it.

I bought this router specifically also because two of the three versions are supported for dd-wrt, so I figured, if method #1 didn't work, then I could have method #2 as plan B. But I'm glad method #1 worked because it was so quick and easy. Method #2 has the risk of "bricking" your router if the instructions are not followed correctly. For now I'll stay with the stock firmware and if I'm unhappy I can always change to the dd-wrt firmware, but I doubt I will need to.

I'll update my review to report back on if signal ever drops, reliability, speed, etc.

UPDATE 9/17/12:

It has been one month since I got this router and I am extremely happy with it. When within 50 feet the signal NEVER drops. When further than 50 feet the signal RARELY "hangs". But it's super rare. In the ONE MONTH I've had the router it happened like 3x while I was further than 50 feet but I fixed it simply by logging out from the network and re-connecting to it - simple and quick.

When within 50 feet the signal has never dropped.

I'm so glad I bought this router to double my home range. - I'll update my review in the future again ^^.
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