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on September 28, 2016
I loved this food processor. It is sturdy and works so well for so many things. I have had it for two years now, and was cleaning the lid one day after I had used it. There are several plastic and rubber gaskets built into the food processor and the lid does not come apart to be able to fully clean the gaskets. I saw something black between two of the layers of gaskets. I investigated further and discovered it was black mold growing on one of the rubber gaskets. I took the lid apart to see if there was any way I could clean it up. I called customer service and they said to send an email with my receipt. I did and they said that although my food processor was still under warranty, this problem is not covered. I called customer service again and they said I voided the warranty by taking it apart. I will no longer support Cuisinart or Conair... I have MOLD in the lid of my food processor as a result of structural/design problems and they will not honor my warranty because I tried to clean the mold. Disgusting. This is the type of thing that some companies do recalls for... not Cuisinart. They just let it go and let people get sick.
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on December 5, 2016
As of today, it's been over six months since I first started my campaign to resolve an issue with my food processor (FP-12DC) and three months since my first call to Cuisinart customer service. My hope that this issue might ever get resolved is fading.

Here's the issue. My version of this food processor (purchased in Feb of 2011) came with a work bowl cover that has a non-removable seal. This is a problem because food gets stuck under the seal and molds. Soaking it in bleach doesn't solve the problem. It's a health and safety problem and disgusting at the very least. Also, the little springs the press the seal into place on the work bowl when the cover is in place have slipped out of place and gotten lost, presumably in some batch of hummus, which can contribute to some awkward meals.

I've learned that the newer versions of this model have addressed this issue with a re-designed work bowl cover that features a removable seal. Just pull it off, wash the whole thing. Problem solved.

My first contact with Cuisinart was promising. Although my product was out of warranty, they told me that I could order a replacement cover and that it would come with a removable seal. It wasn't cheap, (fully 1/3 the cost of an entirely new machine) but I figured it was worth it to avoid food poisoning or a chipped tooth. As a bonus, they promised me a complete set of plastics that were BPA-free with my order. A few weeks later, the parts arrived, but they were identical to what I already had. So, I called to return them for the correct part.

A few more weeks, another new part arrived, this time with a removable seal, but the wrong color. I returned them, only to receive the original part again without the removable seal. Since then, I've contacted Cuisinart customer service 14 times and, according to my phone bill, logged five hours and eleven minutes on the phone with them. They have told me that they shipped me the correct parts (they didn't) that there are no parts with a removable seal (I have photographs that prove otherwise), that they didn't know the correct part numbers, that the parts were not in stock and had no delivery dates, that they would have to contact corporate for assistance, that they hadn't heard back from corporate yet and, repeatedly, that I should call back in a few days.

Today, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred into the technical support queue instead of to a supervisor. What started out as a reasonable, if unremarkable response to a product design flaw has turned into an unbelievable Kafkaesque corporate failure that makes me wish I never bought the thing to begin with. I see that the item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Thank goodness for that.

But, other than that, I like the food processor.
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on July 4, 2016
I have had this for a little over 3 yrs and never liked it. When I tried to dice it was inconsistent, meaning some (for example: onion) was pureed and some was chunks, slicing wasn't much better. It's functions started failing one at a time. I kept it to be right, husband thought it was to expensive, he ended up being right as it ended up being a very expensive cheese grater. It was a little over 3 weeks out of warranty and Customer Service said I would have to pay shipping ea way and pay for a repair, so I bought the new 14 Cup KitchenAid. I finally understand the need for a food processor!! Since I had only owned cheap ones, then the Cuisinart, I didn't know what I was missing. The new KitchenAid has a chop function that is life altering, you throw an onion in an presto, instant diced onion. It is amazing slicing veggies - consistent, shredding - consistent, this machine is a true kitchen assistant. When slicing, if you want it to be thicker or thinner, there is a knob on the outside, no more switching disks. I only gave it 4 stars because I thought I was getting a wide mouth lid, if they start selling that, I will change it to 5.
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on September 2, 2014
This is a great food processor, don't get me wrong. The high-powered engine is a true workhorse, capable of grinding, chopping and pulverizing most anything. I use it regularly for pie and pastry dough - the included plastic blade processes my pie crust into a ready-to-chill disc every time. Cheese grating...veggie chopping...compiling sauces, salsas, hummus or most anything else in that area...awesome.

That said, this machine has one fatal flaw that leads me to knock it down to three stars (all the way from 'must buy' to 'awesome purchase' to 'hum...maybe). The bowl lid has a permanent seal that is intended to prevent leaks. The problem is that bits of food get stuck up between the seal and upper surface of the lid. Cuisinart has included a little tool for working food out of this predicament, and there are 6-8 small air holes in the upper plastic that allows water (somewhat) to flush the area. The problem is that food still gets stuck up there, and can be a pain to dislodge. Last weekend I made a red pepper puree, and at least a dozen little flecks were up in the lid, which took about an hour to get out using the tool and a stream of water from the faucet.

This represents an unacceptable risk of food-born illness. I have an immune system compromised transplant patient in the house, so we watch for stuff like this. If I were grinding meat for hamburger, fleck of raw meat up in this chamber would be a massive problem. And cheeses, oils and other foods aren't much better. I am not a germophobe, but having bits of food stuck in an appliance is NOT GOOD.

Therefore, I would recommend this only if you don't have very young children, elderly or illness-prone individuals in the household, and I would not recommend using this with raw meat or other high-risk foods. It's too an amateur chef I love the power and capabilities of this little machine, but the seal issue prevents me from giving it a very positive rating.
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on August 19, 2011
This appliance is behomoth in size, heavy and poorly designed. I had an old model Cuisinart that I bought second hand for years and I loved it. But, some of the parts were starting to crack so I invested in this model. What a disappointment! The grating disc leaves behind large chunks of food that are impossible to grate--there's too much space between the lid and the disc to get everything. The lid is difficult to clean--there are too many places where food can get caught and then are difficult to get out. The size and weight alone is enough to discourage me from using it.
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on November 18, 2015
Purchased from amazon, and after having this processor only 1 month and using it 2 times it stopped working. Amazon told me I would have to go through Cuisinart. I was on hold for over 45 minutes, had to conduct a "test" over the phone to diagnose what is wrong with my unit. Seems that the bowl has some sort of short in it. Cuisinart tells me they expect the bowl to be mailed back to them (I pay the postage) and once they receive it they will mail me a new one. WHAT??? How about we are so sorry, let us send a new unit to you. I am so disappointed with amazon and cuisinart over this...I am a professional cook and have purchased many products from both, but NEVER AGAIN!
Do yourself a favor, save yourself a lot of time and money and purchase a non cuisinart food processor in a store that will up hold a decent return or exchange policy when the unit stops working only after 2 times of use.
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on August 20, 2010
I love the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast food processor like it's my own child.

I'm vegan and about half my food is raw, so I am hard on a processor. I use it at least a few times a week, and have used it for everything from pureeing chunky raw veggies to mixing and kneading seitan (a REALLY tough wheat gluten-based dough). The shredding disc works very well, though it does leave chunks from the ends that sometimes slip through (the same thing has happened with every food processor I've ever owned). Despite what the description says, the grater blade IS reversible for a large or small grate. The slicing disc is AMAZING. I used it to do about 4 pounds of thinly-scalloped potatoes, and it took less than 5 minutes. It's a safe alternative to a mandoline slicer, too - no getting fingertips in your meals.

I absolutely love having the 4-cup bowl for smaller servings of hummus, guacamole, nut butters, and tahini that wouldn't reach the blade in the large bowl. I will never buy a single-bowl food processor again! The lid seals water-tight, and has held up to gazpacho, shredded beets, nutritional yeast sauce, and a lot of other things that tend to make an unholy mess of my kitchen.

The one complaint I have about it is that you can't remove the larger feed slot while the blade is running. I'm sure that's for safety reasons and to prevent splatter, and as I was using the slicer disc at the time, it was a quick workaround to slide the tube out, set a potato on the blade, then slide it back; the motor automatically turns on again as soon as the tube is in place.

I've only had it for a couple months, so we'll see how long it lasts. But the real reason I chose this machine is the 3-year motor and 10-year parts warranty, because I tend to beat the crap out of my appliances. I'll follow up if/when it breaks and how the customer service is regarding replacement.

Aesthetically, it's sleek and gorgeous on my countertop, which is good because the base is ridiculously heavy and there's no way I would lift it in and out of a cupboard every day. It just feels really well made and of high quality. I love this thing!
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on February 22, 2016
I have used a Cuisinart food processer for many years. I not only used it at home but in both my restarants. I gave my old 11 cup Pro to my son and bought this new Elite. What a mistake. The rubber seal around the top is a nightmare to clean. Foods, especially cheese gets hung up in and over the gasket. The way the locking top works is quite dangerous. The pins that lock down by the handle pop loose when grinding cheese. That forces the front locking lip to unlock as well. The other day that happened and the front lip cracked, broke off, and hit me just under my eye. BAD, BAD design. Would not reccomend this model to anyone. By the way, I don't own a restaurant anymore, so this was only used in my home.
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on April 27, 2015
I really like this Cuisinart Elite 12 cup food processor. The motor is so powerful, however, that care must be taken not to over-process stuff. Even the small bowl and blade chop whatever you put into it so quickly, you think it can't possibly be done yet, but it is. I had a small 7 cup Cuisinart, with a much less powerful motor prior to this one, and the difference in quality of results is amazing. Whereas previously after I chopped an onion, for instance, there would be some larger pieces left unchopped and some chopped to a mush. This machine produces evenly sized, perfectly chopped pieces in seconds. I like the adjustability of the slicing blade, too; it makes great thin slices of cucumber for salad.
All the safety features have taken some getting used to, ie: the locking and unlocking mechanism of the lid to work bowl, the locking and unlocking feature of the large pusher. Another, so far minor, problem is that one MUST be sure the machine is in off mode after assembling and before plugging it in. There is not really any way to tell what mode it is in, since there are just push buttons for the various functions, and the light comes on after the machine turns on.
Another good point about this machine is that the plastic parts (work bowls, cover, etc.) seem to be made of much sturdier plastic than that of my
old one. All in all, I anticipate many happy uses of this Cuisinart food processor.
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on May 28, 2015
I have been around and around with Amazon and Cuisinart about this product, and would like to share the results. This is a review of the 12 CUP FP-12DC food processor. NOT the 14 cup model. Every time I asked a question, I would get answers relating to the 14 cup model. Amazon does a very poor job of separating different models of products in their review files.
First- the listings for the black color, the pink color, the white color, and the brushed aluminum version state clearly that the dough blade is included with the unit. For some unknown reason, this one, the die-cast color, does not state that. It has the very same description, but it seems that someone has carefully cut out the words dough blade. Odd, I know, but true. The Cuisinart website states that all of the versions of this model come with the dough blade. Why Amazon leaves it off of the description of this model, I do not know. The good news is that YES, IT DOES COME WITH THE DOUGH BLADE.
Second- the term 'die-cast' is misleading. Not only misleading, but an out-and -out lie. The term die-cast means it is made of metal. Usually what is called pot metal, which is an inexpensive zinc alloy. But in any case, metal. This food processor housing is PLASTIC. Grey plastic. Not bad looking at all, but certainly not metal. I have been informed that it would have been much more expensive if it had been actually die-cast. So I was not cheated monetarily, but lied to as to the material used in the manufacture. The description needs to be changed, as it is false advertising to claim that it is die-cast. It is a die-cast COLOR. That is as close as it comes to being metal.
It is a very well made machine, very, very quiet, and a joy to play with. I look forward to many years of service from it.
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