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on October 1, 2011
I've had this blender for a month and use it every morning to make my green smoothie. It works very well, thoroughly pulverizing tough leafy greens (mainly kale) and cubes of ice into liquid along with various types of fresh and frozen fruit. The powerful 600-watt motor is noticeably more effective than the more common 450-watt motors.

The pre-programed blending modes are very nice. The Frozen Drink program reverses the blade while ramping up the speed. The blade reverse feature really helps get stubborn frozen fruit, ice and tough leafy greens down into the blades.

The glass pitcher and the rubber top seal very well, and the steel blade mechanism is mondo durable. The bottom collar and rubber seal work flawlessly to prevent leaks and reliably mate the pitcher to the base.

A few minor negatives: "7-speed" is a bit deceptive. This is a 3-speed blender (High, Med, Low) with a high and low pulse plus the two pre-programed blending modes: Food Chop and Frozen Drink. Also, this blender is loud when running on high speed. Granted it is not any louder than other blenders, but be aware it makes noise. It would be nice if the blade reverse were available outside the Frozen Drink program, i.e. with a dedicated control button.

Overall a excellent blender. You won't be sorry you bought it.

UPDATE (March 2013): Still going strong, chopping up ice and smoothies every morning. Be sure to replace the blade periodically. I recommend the ice chopper blade if you are doing smoothies or a lot of ice. It is time to replace the when it has a lot of up-and-down movement on the blade shaft. New blades are tight with no such movement.

UPDATE (October 2014): The blender still working great. Just replace those blades.

UPDATE (July 2016): Still going strong. Keep those blades changed. A reply below claims their blender does not reverse in Frozen Drink mode. Not sure if Oster changed the specs. Please see attached video.

Enjoy! :)
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on July 14, 2015
Update: April-16 2016

This blender is still going strong. I enjoy frozen fruit soft serve smoothies. Making these are really hard on a blender's motor as the fruit is frozen and after adding the liquids, the liquids begin to freeze and everything gets REALLY thick. I use this blender to make fruit soft serve at least 5 times a week. Here is a photo of a 4 berry soft serve that I made just a few minutes ago with this blender.

Review written July15, 2015

Packaging of order and delivery...
1.Delivery was fast, as the shipper used Fed-X.
2. Upon inspection of the shipping box, it was nothing more that a very basic cardboard box with top end flaps. The box flaps were taped shut with 2 pieces of paper shipping tape that extended from the flaps to about half way (lengthwise) down the sides of the box. On one side of the shipping box the tape had come unattached from the box and the the paper tape was torn away from its reinforcing cords. One of the lower corners was pretty dented up.
3. Upon opening the shipping box, I was put off by the fact that there was no protective packing material, other that a single piece of paper that was about the size of a single sheet of legal size letter paper. The box was to big for the the 2 items in my order. Due to no protective packaging material the boxes containing my items were banged up.

What we found....
Despite the lack of protection during shipping all of the parts arrived in good condition. When I picked up the motor base, I heard something rattling around inside of it. My first thought was that something was damaged during shipping. But as is turns out this was not the problem. My husband opened up the bottom of the motor base and he found a un-attatched 1 inch wood screw inside of the housing. He took it out and everything else looked good. My husband said that the motor looked well designed. I will take his word for it as his hobby is working on electric motors.

The product...
The Jar assembly, is made of heavy glass, the "O" ring is some kind of rubber blended with another material.The blade is stainless steel and the lid is plastic.
The outside of the motor base is not metal. It plastic that looks like brushed steel. I was disappointed by this as in the picture it appeared to be metal. Since my husband and I enjoy ice drinks, I also included in this order the Ice Blade Ice.

So far so good, no smoking, over heating or anything like that. The motor is loud but it does a nice job. We will be putting this blender through its paces by making smoothies, sauces, blended soups and blended drinks etc. I will update this review.

Update Aug 30, 2015:
Performance...5 stars
We have used this blender 4-6 times everyday since July 16th, 2015. I am very happy with my purchase. The results differ depending on the blade used. As the saying goes, "every tool for the job". I use the Ice Blade to create a frozen fruit treat that is like just like soft serve ice cream. My husband and I have at least 1 ice drink each everyday. My next Amazon order will include the Milkshake Blade. My husband loves his protein milkshakes.
Frozen fruit soft serve.
1 cup cool to cold water
2-1/2 cups of frozen fruit
6-7 packets of Truvia sweetener.

Add water and sweetener to the blender jar first then add fruit. Process on Ice Drinks setting. 1-3 times until the result is that of soft serve ice cream.
Note: Processing time will depend on the size of the fruit and the blade used. If the fruit is in big chunks (1 inch) it will take longer to process.
review image
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on July 6, 2011
I bought this to make green smoothies - those addictive fruit and vegetable combinations (for those few of you who haven't heard about them yet). We have an Oster blender from the 1960s that still works great, but we were worried that aggressive daily blending might be too much for its 50 year old motor. We love our old blender's retro look and we are not ready to part with it, so we decided to buy a new blender. The Vitamix and Blendtec units are being pushed for green smoothies, but as we already have lots of food processors to do all that other work (second marriages, two full kitchens...) all we really wanted was a blender. We looked at other makes, but Oster consistently got great reviews, and as we had been so happy with our other Oster, choosing this brand was very easy.

We chose this model because it was basic, and was a very good price on Amazon. I don't like pre programmed appliances, so I was a bit put off by the "Frozen Drink" and "Food Chop" buttons. Clearly this is aimed at the margarita-and-salsa crowd. Although it was my intention to ignore the pre programmed settings and just use the manual ones, the "frozen drink" setting turned out to be just great for smoothies. It reverses direction a couple of times which pulls all those fruits and vegetables into the blades. You still need to pack it sensibly so that the blades have something to grab and liquify at the beginning but the reversing feature means you don't have to be quite as concerned. Depending on the ingredients, it sometimes needs to blend a little longer than the frozen drink setting allows, so I use the high speed setting on manual for a few seconds.

I have run the motor for a couple of minutes to see what it can do and whether the base unit became warm or started to smell like burning plastic - the signs of poor quality blenders. This has emitted neither heat nor smell as a warning that it was being used too hard. If you let it run on high for a minute or so it will completely pulverize everything, right down to the strawberry seeds. The "food chop" setting is not particularly useful because the shape of the blender jug does not allow enough movement for this to work properly. A food processor or mini-chop does a far better job. If all you want is a basic, reliable, powerful blender, this may be the unit for you. I'll admit that I was almost seduced by the Blendtec demo at Costco, but I know I would never use most of the features (grind flour? Make ice cream?), and all I really needed was a really good blender, which this is, at a fraction of the cost. This one feels very substantial, and has a glass jar.

Just changed my review to five stars. I have had it for 1.5 years now and it is still doing great.
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on November 22, 2016
I have used this blender for almost a year, virtually every day, so it gets a lot of use. Like many small appliances, performance is partly dependent on intended use. Those expecting the heavy duty performance of a Vitamix or Blendtec at this price point will be sorely disappointed. I use this blender for my morning smoothies: frozen fruit, protein powder, ice cubes and the like. Occasionally I will use it to create salad dressings, etc. For such purposes, this blender is truly excellent. I am pleased with the performance and options and have had no problems with leakage or faulty parts. Some random thoughts:

- Totally dependable and trouble-free after almost a year of daily use.
- Workhorse feel to it; chews up, grinds and pulverizes ice and frozen fruit with ease.
- The bottom fit is rather awkward. If you aren't careful while screwing it on, you might experience leakage due to a loose fit.
- The blades are razor sharp; this is NOT your Grandma's blender. Extreme care must be exerted when handling and/or washing.
- The blender is quite noisy, but since it is very efficient you won't have to endure the noise for long. Dogs might be alarmed.
- You need to play around with the speed options and types of blending in order to suit your purposes. I find that using the high pulse for a few seconds followed by the frozen drink options work best for smoothies.

I think this blender is a bargain, and strongly recommend it.
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on April 8, 2016
I got very lucky when I bought this Oster blender as my first blender. It has the "Food Chop" setting which sets the blade spinning first in one direction, and then in the opposite direct every few seconds ----- which will soon clear up just about ANY clog. Without this feature, you would soon be stopping and trying to sick a spoon down in there to try and free up whatever it is that's jamming up the works. NEVER stick you fingers down in there!!!

The reversing feature is what sets this blender apart from all the others.
review image review image
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on April 18, 2016
Before I buy anything I spend a lot of time researching the product. I knew I wanted a blender for a moderate price with a glass "pitcher". So before buying I read professional reviews, customer reviews and manufacturer reviews. Just couldn't find anything that fit my requirements. Then I looked at the blender I was replacing and realized it was an Oster and was about 30 years old. Growing up we always had an Oster. In fact I have the one that my Dad used to make his Gin Fizzes on Saturday mornings and it still works! So I went back to Amazon and searched for Oster blenders and found this one - the Reverse Crush Counterforms blender...It got/has mixed reviews but for what I am using it for it seemed to be fine. The price is more than reasonable so I took a chance. Glad I did. This is a great blender. Mind you, all I've used it for is to make smoothies but it's working really well for that. I do NOT use frozen fruit, I thaw my fruit first but it doesn't totally destroy the fruit while blending. It's hard to describe but I can taste the banana and blueberry and apples individually and can even feel tiny pieces of apple and berry in my mouth. I like that. And it's not terribly loud either which I'm sure my neighbors appreciate as I tend to make a smoothie at midnight and in San Francisco we're pretty much on top of each other. Anyway, the glass pitcher is way better than plastic which I think harbors bacteria and is bad for the environment. Take a chance and get this blender, if you don't like it you can always send it back but I don't think you will.
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on February 12, 2016
Ordered this as "pre-owned in box as new condition". The blender came in the original type box, the interior cardboard packing material was in rather "abused" condition. But, hey, it's a blender and it looked OK and worked great. No indication that it had ever been used. It was clean and not damaged. It didn't have any instruction booklet or such but it doesn't really need any. HOWEVER it also didn't have the rubber gasket that seals the bottom plate to the glass "jar". I couldn't find any way to contact Amazon to explain that. Instead Amazon told me to return it and they linked me to the return label, etc. It seemed counter productive to send it back for the lack of a $4.00 seal. I went back to Amazon and found the seals and just placed an order for them. Yes it cost me $4.00 more but it would have cost that much to repack it and take it to the shipping place. The new seals work perfect and I have now used it 3 mornings and am very pleased with the breakfast smoothie we make. Seems people checking these "used" items should have a check-list to determine that all necessary item are indeed "in the box".
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on February 11, 2014
I read many reviews of various blenders before choosing this one. I've owned it for over a week as I write this review and have used it every day since receiving it. I am very pleased with its power and performance, but most of all with its cost and sturdy construction.

I developed a taste for McDonald's Mocha Frappes. Unfortunately, the high calorie count of the drink made me feel guilty every time I bought one. I found a recipe on the web for making a low cal version at home, but my old cheap blender didn't have the power to easily crush ice. This one blends the frozen drink smooth in just a few seconds.

Clean up is very easy. The plastic cap on the bottom of the glass decanter screws off, there is a blade assembly with a metal plate and a rubber seal that mates to the hole in the bottom of the decanter. Another review pointed out that the threads on this cap would mate with a standard Mason jar. While true, there is a warning in the instruction manual about only using approved glass containers. There appears to be good reason for the glass to be thick and impact resistant, this thing has a good deal of power.

In addition to the "Low, Medium, High, Pulse-Low and Pulse-High" speeds there are two "Programmed Modes." One of those modes was of great interest to me, "Frozen Drinks" mode. When you start the blender in this mode it stops and reverses a couple of times at a moderate speed before fully blending on "High" for several seconds. The stops and reversals allow the ice to fall back down among the blades to ensure a good blend. The only time this didn't work well for me I found that I had not included enough liquid, thus it did not flow back down to the blades. The instruction book gives advice about how to best avoid this.

One of the impressive things about this blender is that the drive is "all metal." When I was comparing with some of the more expensive models, they had plastic parts. Now granted, modern plastics can be really tough, and the plastic parts can slightly lower the amount of noise when blending; but, I have a hard time believing that paying twice as much for a blender with plastic parts in the drive mechanism is wise.

I can't say that this blender is the right answer to everyone's needs. If you're running a restaurant, you might want something built even heavier, or with even more power, or a longer duty cycle, greater mean time between failures, or better guarantee. But, for the price, and for casual home use, I don't think you can beat the value of this blender.

Of course, I saw that some reviewers complained that the electronics failed prematurely. If that happens, I'll be sure to post an update to my review.
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on April 13, 2017
If you're like me and overflow your blender with large pieces of fruits and veggies and all kinds of other stuff when making smoothies, then this is for you. The "frozen drinks" setting works best to chop up all the ingredients, then "high ice crush" setting finishes blending to a smooth consistency. I've had it for a few months and am very pleased. FYI .. I just noticed that the price is now $63 - I paid around $40. Always prudent to comparison-shop before committing to the "buy now" button...
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on December 27, 2016
I have had this blender a few months now, tried it side by side with a Nutribullet. The blender performs well, makes the smoothies almost as smooth but not quite if that's an issue for you. It looks even nicer than pictured and does a reliable and consistently great job. My only criticism is that it can have a tendency to 'walk' on the counter as the base design wise could be heavier to prevent this but overall I just put my hand on it. The program for smoothies is very convenient, great blender at a decent price!
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