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on October 1, 2011
I've had this blender for a month and use it every morning to make my green smoothie. It works very well, thoroughly pulverizing tough leafy greens (mainly kale) and cubes of ice into liquid along with various types of fresh and frozen fruit. The powerful 600-watt motor is noticeably more effective than the more common 450-watt motors.

The pre-programed blending modes are very nice. The Frozen Drink program reverses the blade while ramping up the speed. The blade reverse feature really helps get stubborn frozen fruit, ice and tough leafy greens down into the blades.

The glass pitcher and the rubber top seal very well, and the steel blade mechanism is mondo durable. The bottom collar and rubber seal work flawlessly to prevent leaks and reliably mate the pitcher to the base.

A few minor negatives: "7-speed" is a bit deceptive. This is a 3-speed blender (High, Med, Low) with a high and low pulse plus the two pre-programed blending modes: Food Chop and Frozen Drink. Also, this blender is loud when running on high speed. Granted it is not any louder than other blenders, but be aware it makes noise. It would be nice if the blade reverse were available outside the Frozen Drink program, i.e. with a dedicated control button.

Overall a excellent blender. You won't be sorry you bought it.

UPDATE (March 2013): Still going strong, chopping up ice and smoothies every morning. Be sure to replace the blade periodically. I recommend the ice chopper blade if you are doing smoothies or a lot of ice. It is time to replace the when it has a lot of up-and-down movement on the blade shaft. New blades are tight with no such movement.

UPDATE (October 2014): The blender still working great. Just replace those blades.

UPDATE (July 2016): Still going strong. Keep those blades changed. A reply below claims their blender does not reverse in Frozen Drink mode. Not sure if Oster changed the specs. Please see attached video.

Enjoy! :)
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on July 6, 2011
I bought this to make green smoothies - those addictive fruit and vegetable combinations (for those few of you who haven't heard about them yet). We have an Oster blender from the 1960s that still works great, but we were worried that aggressive daily blending might be too much for its 50 year old motor. We love our old blender's retro look and we are not ready to part with it, so we decided to buy a new blender. The Vitamix and Blendtec units are being pushed for green smoothies, but as we already have lots of food processors to do all that other work (second marriages, two full kitchens...) all we really wanted was a blender. We looked at other makes, but Oster consistently got great reviews, and as we had been so happy with our other Oster, choosing this brand was very easy.

We chose this model because it was basic, and was a very good price on Amazon. I don't like pre programmed appliances, so I was a bit put off by the "Frozen Drink" and "Food Chop" buttons. Clearly this is aimed at the margarita-and-salsa crowd. Although it was my intention to ignore the pre programmed settings and just use the manual ones, the "frozen drink" setting turned out to be just great for smoothies. It reverses direction a couple of times which pulls all those fruits and vegetables into the blades. You still need to pack it sensibly so that the blades have something to grab and liquify at the beginning but the reversing feature means you don't have to be quite as concerned. Depending on the ingredients, it sometimes needs to blend a little longer than the frozen drink setting allows, so I use the high speed setting on manual for a few seconds.

I have run the motor for a couple of minutes to see what it can do and whether the base unit became warm or started to smell like burning plastic - the signs of poor quality blenders. This has emitted neither heat nor smell as a warning that it was being used too hard. If you let it run on high for a minute or so it will completely pulverize everything, right down to the strawberry seeds. The "food chop" setting is not particularly useful because the shape of the blender jug does not allow enough movement for this to work properly. A food processor or mini-chop does a far better job. If all you want is a basic, reliable, powerful blender, this may be the unit for you. I'll admit that I was almost seduced by the Blendtec demo at Costco, but I know I would never use most of the features (grind flour? Make ice cream?), and all I really needed was a really good blender, which this is, at a fraction of the cost. This one feels very substantial, and has a glass jar.

Just changed my review to five stars. I have had it for 1.5 years now and it is still doing great.
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on January 15, 2017
My first Oster blender lasted about 20 years. The next one only lasted about 3 years, but - that's just how stuff is now. This one was about the same price as my last model but has significantly more power (there are more blades). I agree with the reviewers who say the reverse feature is fairly useless: it only engages when it's on the pre-programmed smoothie mode. However, I just use the manual buttons, takes about 20 seconds to blend frozen fruit/veggies, water, and yogurt to make a full 6 cups of smoothie (I haven't tried crushing ice in it). It's a little loud, and the base is a teensy bit loose so I wouldn't leave it unattended (not that I would, anyway), but these are minor quibbles based on the price and performance. I make all my smoothies for the week at once and freeze them, so I'm only using it less than 5 minutes every 7 days, it does a fine job. Have only had it for a couple of months, but hopefully will get 3+ years out of this one, too.
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on January 13, 2014
I wanted a decent blender for making smoothies and iced beverages at a reasonable price. This model has lived up to that perfectly. I have watched quite a few youtube videos about how to make "green" smoothies, and almost all of them used a Vitamix blender.
While that model is no doubt a superior one, I was not prepared to spend almost $400 on a blender.
Since purchasing this Oster model, I have made green smoothies, frozen drinks and plenty of them using frozen fruit. While I might have to sometimes stop and push some ingredients to the bottom, once it catches everything it absolutely pulverizes it all. It might require just slightly more work than a $400 dollar blender but for a fraction of the price this one definitely gets the job done.
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on February 27, 2017
So far I'm really liking this blender. I bought it several months ago thinking my blender at the time was going out, but it took longer then I thought to be able to try this one. The first thing I noticed is it doesn't have near as many pre-programmed buttons for blending different items. Initially I was disappointed in this, but as I used it I realized I don't need them at all. It has three regular speeds (low, medium, high) and it has two pulse speeds (high, low). The two pre-programmed options are for iced drinks and food chopping...which covers just about everything you'd want to do with a blender. I use this mainly for making smoothies and I really like the job that it does. First of all, the pre-programmed option for iced drinks pulses the items first and eventually blends on medium or high to finish the job. I really like being able to throw all of my items into a blender and walk away. With my last blender I had to stand there and physically push the pulse button myself. This one does it all for you and then turns off when it's done. The texture of the smoothie is chunks of ice (or anything else) so far. I also like the fact that the large frozen items don't get stuck at the bottom of the blender. This is a problem with a lot of blenders when making smoothies. The last thing I really like is that this blender jar is easy to clean...there don't seem to be any crevices for food to get trapped and hide so I don't have to take it apart every time I clean it.
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on June 1, 2016
I have had this blender for several months, so I feel qualified to speak to its capabilities. I can say without hesitation that this is the best blender I have ever owned or seen anywhere. If you want, spend hundreds of dollars on those TV-hyped whiz bang blenders, while I happily whirl away with my Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender. I eat low-carb, which means instead of mashed potatoes, I eat mashed cauliflower. This blender processes it to such a smooth consistency, I have trouble not eating the whole bowl: same for smoothies. I have wondered for some time now why I didn't much like the consistency of hummus anymore. Recently, my husband made some using this blender and my question was answered. The hummus I had been eating was a grainy consistency, but the hummus my husband made was very, very smooth. In conclusion, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy this blender.
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on May 10, 2017
Works well. I bought this to make smoothies and it does the job. The trick is to use lots of liquid. You will not be able to make thick smoothies with this blender but after 3 or 4 drinks, you'll get the hang of it. Read the directions for appropriate liquid/solid mix rates.
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on November 13, 2015
Wow, welcome me to the 21st century of blenders. I've been using my old Oster blender for 10 years now. I mainly used it to make smoothies. It was reliable and worked great. The blender finally died. The rubber gasket broke that connected between the spinning mechanism. It was still the old push button type. It did have none of these fancy lighted buttons.

The blender has a nice weighted bottom and I like the glass jar with large pouring mouth. The blender isn't particular loud or at least not as loud as my old one. The pre-programmed buttons is good for making smoothies by reversing back and forth. The motor really blends and chops ice with ease. The stainless steel finish sides that the base makes it easy to clean.
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on December 17, 2012
I got his blender after reading the reviews but I hate it. It takes forever to blend anything. I had a black and decker earlier which actually got the job done faster. This one has blades which move in both directions which I thought was a good thing but noticed it takes longer to chop anything as the blade runs and then stops and then moves in the other direction which really didnt help getting the job done any better. If I use the pulse feature, it keeps grinding the bottom quarter of the food and doesnt even pull the stuff on the top down. I have to constantly open it and move stuff down for it to get blended, which just causes uneven blending as the stuff closer to the blade gets very watery with constant blending and the stuff near the top is chunky. Wouldnt recommend it!
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on March 19, 2014
It does a nice job chopping, but the noise and vibrations are so extreme I hesitate to use. I have to use both hands just to hold the base down to keep it from vibrating and spinning around on the counter. The jar does not seem to fit well at all. I thought the metal on metal construction was worthwhile, but it is so unsteady that the plastic around the metal fitting where the blade insert goes is already shearing away. I called Oster, but they needed so much information it was like filling out a tax form and I never did get an answer or solution to the problem.
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