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on October 16, 2015
I really like this knife block. It is well constructed, looks nice, and feels sturdy (it's a block of wood). I got it after my kitchen remodel because I wanted to maximize free counter space. I've had it for a year now and I really do prefer having the knifes safely stored in a drawer to having them on a counter block. The block has 3 layers that could in theory hold 16 knifes but you most likely won't be able to fit that many. It can definitely fit at least 11 knifes and any additional will really depend on the size of your knifes. I have a couple knifes with blades that are about 2 inches wide which would not allow me to store any knifes on the top layer. A shorter knife or a knife with a blade of about 1 inch will allow you to store knifes on top. I have posted a picture to illustrate this (..yeah, normally my knife drawer does not look that neat!) - the two knifes on the left are smaller and thinner so I can place other small knifes on the top layer; however, the two knifes on the right are too large to allow for the same. Anyway, I don't own that many knifes anyway so this is not an issue for me.
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on August 8, 2016
OK, so maybe I live in a sheltered world, but I had never seen one of these horizontal style kitchen knife blocks until I saw it on Amazon. I do a lot of cooking for fun and if I had a nickel for every cut I've sustained digging kitchen knives out of crowded kitchen drawers... Well, you know. Sure, a counter-top wooden block is great in the kitchen, but if all the knives you have in your kitchen will fit into one of those traditional vertical blocks, you're probably not doing that much cooking. So I purchased this knife block just to give it a try. It worked great. Organized some of the clutter in my kitchen knife drawer and keeps the knives from knocking against each other. It wasn't but a few days until I ordered another one. Now, a year later, it still serves faithfully in the drawer, organizing large and small knives. I'm glad I bought it and my adult daughter loves hers too. There hasn't been any deterioration of the block after a full year of use and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one when the knife population outgrows the drawer..
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on September 9, 2016
This is a very good solution to safely storing your cutlery in a kitchen drawer. The fit and finish on the product is excellent...the bamboo is sealed with a thick, clear varnish that repels moisture and makes the block easy to wipe clean. Except for three connecting rods, the base of the block is open, which allows for any debris to fall out of the block or easily be swept out of the slots and allows air to circulate, helping to keep your knives dry. The quality of construction is quite good as well...there's a real heft to the block that insures it will safely hold even the heaviest of knives securely and keep them from rattling around. The base does not have any feet, so I've chosen to line the bottom of my kitchen drawer with some grippy, textured shelf liner to prevent the block from sliding around and to keep it silent. The block will hold a surprising amount of knives, but this really depends on how wide your knives' handles are. As you can see in my pics, my Chroma 301 knives have pretty wide handles, so I had to resort to staggering them in the block to have them fit properly. While this effectively reduces the amount of knives the block can hold, it holds my knives just fine and looks great to boot. I have the complete line of Chroma 301 Hammered knives in the block. For reference, it's holding:

- 3.25" Pairing
- 5" Utility
- 7" Hakata Bocho
- 7.25" Santoku
- 8" Chef's
- 8" Carving
- 8.5" Serrated Bread

The only reason why I dinged it one star was the fact that the distal end of the block (where the pointy-end of your knives will be) is open. This means that should the drawer this is in be closed suddenly or forcefully, your knives could slide forward while in the block, poking thru the block and into the back wall of the drawer, potentially damaging the tips of your knives and definitely damaging the inside wall of your drawer. To help prevent this, I suggest keeping the block away from the very back of your drawer so that should the blades slide forward, the points will be safe from damage. Additionally, since this a vertical storage solution, your knives rest on their edges while in the block. So, be sure to lift your knives up when sliding them in and out of their respective slots to prevent their edges from rubbing along the block.

If you want to get a big, bulky block off your counter (and keep your prized knives safely out of harms way), I can think of no better and cost-effective solution as this knife block. It's very well made, is easy to clean and is very flexible in terms of storage options. You can pay more for the very same design from other brands and manufacturers, but you won't be getting anything different or better than this block. It's a really great buy...
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on February 16, 2015
This knife block is truly wonderful. It fits perfectly in a kitchen drawer and holds plenty of knives. Because the thing sits horizontally, knives are in no danger of falling out, but at the same time it's super easy to remove knives and re-insert them. The whole block feels very durable, and the design is quite nice looking.

In general, I like the idea of a horizontal knife block better than the normal vertical style because I feel there is less risk of me dragging the edge of a knife against a surface while removing it from the block or inserting it. It just feels safer for me, and the fact that these are less expensive is an added bonus. This is a very good model of horizontal block, and I highly recommend it if you're dissatisfied with regular blocks.
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on May 9, 2016
I love this drawer bamboo knife block. It is as pictured, however, as other reviewers have mentioned the number of knives that will fit is dependent on the knife style and handle width. If you knives have a thin handle then you can fit the entire 15 noted in the description. In my case, I could not fit 15 knives, but that is fine with me. It also is thin enough to fit nicely in a drawer. I am using this in my recreational vehicle for storage of our knife set and it fits perfectly and safely.
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on August 6, 2015
I absolutely love this!! I have the pure komachi knife set, which I love, except for the Huge bulky plastic holder that took up way too much counterspace. I discovered this product and it fits my all my large knives perfectly inside the drawer. It is very high quality and for the price, you really can't beat it. I also prefer this over the wood blocks because you can actually see through the slats so there won't be any gross buildup that could potentially happen deep in the wooden slots.
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on September 4, 2013
If you're like me, you've got one block of knives set on the counter that usually houses the chef knives and a couple parers and maybe a steak knife of 4, depending on who (un)loaded the dishwasher. Then, there's the infamous drawer with all things that don't fit in anything else, which consists of another 10+ blades in various hacking forms. I needed to bring a little more organization into play, for both myself and the edges of my knives. I went for this one...I could use another one to accommodate for the knives I still don't have room for, but it was still an improvement.

At first, my wife told me it wouldn't fit in our drawer...that with the knives installed, it was too high. I believed her for a couple days, but then decided to give it a try myself. It fit just fine. Why did she say what she did? Well, there is the fact that if you install a wider knife in the 'top' slots it does stick up quite high. So you need to account for the 6 slots above and restrict them to smaller parers or steak knives.

The bottom slots work great...for anything but a cleaver or a big brisket slicer, which is simply too long for anything other than the sheath you bought it with.

All in all, I was able to load it up comfortably. 5 big knives and 6 smaller ones. You could cram more in there, but that defeats the purpose. For the price, just buy another.
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on June 22, 2014
See customer photos. The unit I was sent had some defects, so I returned it. Mine must have slipped through QC. I'd guess that's not typical as the overall design, look and feel is quite nice.... and I've not read a review by anyone else with QC complaints.

In terms of function, it's great to have knives off the counter and organized and handy in a drawer. If your knives traditional styles, no doubt you'll be happy with the fit. My traditional type knives, from paring knife to 10" butcher knife, all fit well. My big Global butcher knife was good. But.... I've got a 6" cheese knife with dog-leg offset blade that was not totally happy in this knife block. The real troublemakers were my two Porsche type 301 knives with the wide, flat whale-tail flare at the end of the handles. They were difficult to get out of the block and they made the knives next to them difficult to grab.

I'm going to have to keep looking for a good in-drawer solution so I can get the knife block off the counter.
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on May 29, 2016
Way back in 2011, I had to take my stepdaughter to the ER for a softball injury. She turned out to be fine, but while we were in the waiting room, we met a young girl who had her hand wrapped in a blood soaked towel. She had stuck her hand in a kitchen drawer to find something and managed to skewer her hand on a knife that was laying in the drawer. This was a wake up call for me as I was one of those people who kept his knives laying in a kitchen drawer. I am the cook in my home and I was careful about how I placed the knives in the drawer, but this incident made me realize I wasn't the only person who might open that drawer.
So, in May of 2011, I purchased a pair of these knife blocks for about $40. I picked this particular model because a pair of these would fit perfectly in my drawer when placed side by side.
This was one of those purchases that makes you think "Why didn't I buy this years ago". My knives are now organized, easy to find and to store, and much, much safer. These blocks still look and work like new.
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on May 15, 2010
The in-drawer knife block is great - accurate size description, good quality, heavy and nice looking. However, if a description on the number of knives it holds was mentioned (some said 15 knives), this is not accurate. The knife block holds 11 knives, 6 small or steak knives that go at the top and 5 larger knives that go at the bottom. I'm satisfied - I only needed to store 11 knives! This is so much safer than having a knife block on the counter.
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