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on March 25, 2014
I was excited to receive these, and immediately put them into the washer and then dryer before first use. Imagine my disappointment when I took the towels out of the dryer, and one had unraveled! You can see for yourself what happened in the product images. It fell apart before I could even use it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 8, 2015
***Updated review.

I purchased these towels in spite of the mixed reviews and pictures of damaged towels... One reason being the low $21.99 price point for the set of 6 towels, another being the slightly larger bath towels at 30"x 56" (standard is 27x54).

Also, I read reviews stating that the plum is slightly lighter than pictured and this is what I was hoping for. I figured they were worth a risk as I noticed the reviewers who noted the plum color didn't seem to have as many negative reviews.

They arrived quickly and my husband and I both agreed that they appear to be thick and beautiful. That said, I can't yet comment on quality, in terms of longevity, but will be updating this review after a few months of use and numerous washes.

I am very particular about how I launder clothing and the likes, so my findings will only really apply for others who do the same... I don't wash towels with jeans or other articles with zippers or anything that could snag them (or that the towels would wear down).

I use Perwoll detergent for darks which preserves and renews dark colors beautifully (sold here on Amazon, pricey but a little goes a long way and its worth it) and I don't use detergents with regular fillers which buildup on clothes. Reliable PERWOLL-BLACK BLACK FAB. DET. 1.5L

Lastly, I use wool dryer balls and do not use fabric softener (which especially shouldn't be used with towels since it leaves a coating on them, making them less absorbent). Smart Sheep 6-Pack XL Premium 100% Wool Dryer Balls (Reusable, #1 All-Natural Fabric Softener ~ Best Ranked, Great Gift)

I uploaded some pictures so you can see the plum. I laid out a couple of purple cardigans next to them that are more of a true purple or plum, for comparison. These are a slightly smokey plum (more plum than gray, just a touch more muted shade). Very plush, especially for under $22, and much prettier than expected!

Definitely recommend, at the very least, for towels on display getting little use. No snags or poor quality apprearance upon arrival - from Pinzon seller via Amazon, in Plum.

Happy shopping! Smile.

*UPDATE* After first wash, no more dryer lint than with any other new towel set I've purchased. No fuzzies sticking to wet skin or shedding. Color and overall look is as good as new... More to come if anything changes...

After a month of use, a number of washes and dryings, we are super happy with this set! We will be ordering another set while we can (noticed the seperates in plum are no longer available and the HUGE bath mat in plum is now also gone- very plush!). I do recommend it though, (still available in other colors) see my review with photos here:
Hope this helps!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 28, 2014
It's a shame the driftwood sets that I bought (6) did not look as good after they were initially laundered as they did before they were washed !

I'll post the pic of the lint filter from my dryer on the first drying cycle. Then I ran the load through the air only cycle for 20 minutes and again a full lint filter, then ran them again on air only for 20 min.and again a full lint filter. I was afraid at that point that if I continued to dry them I would eventually end up with a nothing load !

Snags: every item had between 12 & 16 snags after laundering. More on the bath towels and hand towels. Several so bad that the backing of the towel is thread bare. Will post pics. There is no excuse for this !

I have not used them so I can't speak to durability, but I do know that my other Egyptian towels from Walmart and did not shed and shag like these towels have done. I think it's just a case of "you get what you pay for" and in this case, it's NOT MUCH....Won't order again and won't use for guests.
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on April 12, 2016
This is one of the worst purchase I have ever made here on Amazon. In a word, this product is garbage. It truly is. If I could give this towel set no stars I sure would. I feel like I just flushed my money down the proverbial toilet, but what I am really upset about is the waste of resources. Recycling is very important to me. I guess I can use them for rags or for my own use when I don't have guests around, but not for guest towels like I wanted to.

I have bought Pinzon products in the past and enjoyed a certain level of quality. I read the reviews and they were mixed. So, I decided to give them a try, based on my past experiences with the Pinzon name. I thought that maybe they just got one bad towel. I will never buy Pinzon products again.

For the cost the thickness and quality of the product appeared to good when I opened the package, little did I know that the towels had hidden issues I wouldn't see until later.

These towels are one time use, they are just disposable and will fill a landfill somewhere. After one use and washing they are fading in small areas, turning orange. Clearly they not color fast. You can see the color fading in the photo. I used one set and washed it, every single one had the same issue. And I know that it isn't from leftover bleach from a previous wash or anything like that. I never use bleach, it very harsh on fabrics and shortens the life of your clothing.
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on July 30, 2015
Oh brother. I never thought to read reviews of towels but I kind of regret that now. I did look at the stars which showed an average of 4 and while that might make me do further research for other kinds of products, it seemed acceptable for towels. Of course I pre-washed them before use and was amazed at the stunning amount of lint. First I washed them with some other towels. Those towels had so much lint stuck to them I had to wash and dry them again separately. I then rewashed and re-dried the Pinzon towels and wound up with another totally full lint filter (see photo 1). When I took the towels out of the dryer the 2nd time an abundance of fine 'towel dust' began to fall off the towels so I decided to wash and dry them again. I carefully put them back in the washer so I wouldn't have a layer of towel dust all over my kitchen. I washed them - without detergent of any kind - and dried them again. This time it looked as though the lint had been tackled, there was only ½ a filter full of lint (see photo 2). I had no problem with the towels unraveling but this time one of the hand towels had spots where the color came out of the towel (see photo 3). This towel will be used as a rag. Also, by this time the once soft towels felt coarse and uninviting. I decided to use the bath towel for my next shower to see if it was okay to use. It was indeed very scratchy. I'm going to try to bring back some of the softness with dryer sheets but if that doesn't work I will have at the end of this ridiculous process a $22 set of rags. It's a shame too, such a waste of cotton.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 5, 2014
I received these towels today and put one of them and two washcloths through the washer and dryer to get rid of the slight odor before using them. What a disaster! I made the mistake of washing a couple of other white items with them and as I pulled those extra items out of the washer, they were covered in white lint from the towels. I spent a lot of time pulling the lint off those items.

I put the towel and washcloths in the dryer hoping the incredible amount of lint on them would be captured in the lint trap. Well, the trap did get filled up. In fact, I cleaned the lint trap four times during the drying time. When the towel and washcloths were dry and I pulled them out of the dryer, they were still covered with lint that hadn't come off them during the drying time.

I put the whole set in the trash. What a waste of money! It's hard to believe that Pizon, Amazon's private brand for towels, can be so terrible.
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on December 11, 2015
Got these towels after I purchased a much more expensive set, and was thoroughly disappointed.

These towels were actually softer than the 900gm cotton towel set I recently returned to Amazon.

I purchased the towels in a Wedgewood color, and they arrived looking just like they were advertised (sometimes the colors tend to be off). I immediately washed them, and when I pulled them from my washer, the inside of the washer was FILLED with wet lint (had to run a cycle to clean it). Then into the dryer they went. So much lint came off the towels that it was more than my dryer filter could handle. I pulled the lint off and had larger than a facecloth size of towel remnants in my hand. The lint was thicker than a roll of Scotch Tape, and longer than a soda bottle (see pictures).

The good news is that, even after shedding more than a Siberian Husky in the Mojave Desert at Noontime in June, the towels look great. They feel quite soft, and, after having been used the for the first time, are quite absorbent.

I'd recommend these towels to anyone looking for a soft, absorbent set of true-to-color, bath set. My advice, wash them by themselves, and when drying them, either use a clothes line, or clean the dryer lint-trap halfway through the cycle.
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on March 12, 2016
I read some reviews that the purple was lighter than the pictures and they are. The color isn't as rich as it is in the picture they have posted but they still match the shower curtain (which I also bought on Amazon) pretty well so I am happy! Not sure how they hold up because I haven't used them yet but certainly looking forward to! They are also a bit thinner than I expected from the way they looked in the picture they have to represent it. Hopefully they will hold up!

*Also, note that my bathroom has yellow light and yellow walls so the color in the first 2 pictures isn't all that acturate. The last picture I took is the towels in natural light which represents the true color of the towels.
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on June 12, 2016
After about two months, I will give this towel set a 3. It would have been a 2, but then I considered the price. First, something positive: their size is really good, a bit larger than what I is average-size. But that very most important thing to me personally in a towel is the texture, and these are not to my liking. They were "slick" out of the package, and have only slightly improved after five washings. I like the kind of towel that if you dry it on the clothesline, it gets stiff. And alas, after five trips through the laundry room, they are also stating to show signs of fraying.
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VINE VOICEon July 21, 2013
I've been dying to get these plum towels for awhile, but I just couldn't justify getting yet another towel set. When I was revamping one of the bathrooms, I finally decided to take the plunge, despite all the warnings about how these towels shed.

First of all, the color really is true to what you see here. The other thing I'd notice is that the towels seem very thin. I was initially disappointed, but I knew I'd wash them first before I used them.

Well, I can honestly say that anyone who says they shed is not pulling your leg. Whoa! A ton of lint in the washer lint trap and another ton in the dryer trap! I wondered if there'd be any towels left after all the lint was gone.

I used the towels, which were a big meh. Thin and lots of lint. But what's interesting is that after a few washes and dryings, the towels seem to have plumped up.

I was just folding the bath towel downstairs, and damn, it really was nice and full and fluffy. All the towels in the set got a lot nicer the more I washed and dried them.

The lint is less but still prodigious in the dryer. The color has stayed true. The towels are very roomy and haven't shrunk.

I know that different colors in towels react different ways, and who knows? Maybe I got in on a good lot and newer ones won't react as well.

But I'd say for $20, it was a good investment - they are pretty, absorbent, and plump towels. So try a few washes and dryings before you make up your mind. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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