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on February 10, 2013
I'm in college and I needed a backpack that could carry my laptop, my notebook, my pencil case, a textbook, a water bottle and other things that girls like to carry (like a lot of things), that look nice, resistant and comfortable. This backpack isn't big compare to others Swissgear backpack, but it's roomy. The straps could be a little bit more comfortable, but in general it's a great bag, I recommend.
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on June 17, 2016
Better late then never! Okay so I bought this in 2012 and I am still using it! Some would say it is kind of late to do a review but I say I am now one of the most qualified people to do this review. I purchased this bag because I needed something for traveling capable of carrying my laptop and digital slr camera gear and after careful research I decided on this backpack. Let me say that I travel fairly extensively and this bag has been around the world and is still with me! I often travel with my 2 children which means I have in this bag my laptop. dslr camera, 2 lenses, 2 tablets a few external hard drives, portable power bank along with many other small items like passports, documents, pens, a pocket full of coins, medicine, toiletries etc this bag Is usually weighing me down with upwards of 70lbs of gear inside almost equivelant to my old ruck sack from my Army days and this backpack has never torn or so much as had a zipper slip. starting from the front it has a D-ring which comes in handy for hanging things from your bag like keys or I also like to hang one of those travel neck pillows from it, then it has a small pocket suitable for a cellphone, pocket change,spare credit cards or anything about the size of an average mans hand, behind this compartment is the first of 3 full size compartments where you will find several elastic strap pockets for pens and such, a zipper pouch where I keep in the neighborhood of 5$ in change and a handful of euros and a few other small open compartments which are suitable for many uses, behind this is the second of 3 zippered compartments of clear and open space this is where I usually store my dslr camera body and lenses, behind this one is the 3rd of 3 zippered compartments which has a laptop sleeze a cellphone holder and a path to run your headphone out and along the straps up to your ears without getting tangled and this compartment still has room for much more, in my case usually 2 tablets 2 pairs of Beats by Dre some snacks a powerbank a few maps and some travel documents. Lastly on the strap is an elastic band to secure your sunglasses and one net pocket on each side of the bag which easily accommodates a 1 liter water bottle per side or anything of similar size or smaller. After 4 years of owning this bag it has yet to fail me, I have machine washed it several times and it still looks and functions as new as the day I received it!
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on November 11, 2011
This is a very reasonably priced backpack. I got it to replace another SwissGear laptop pack that was 5-years old.

- Padded laptop pocket, which is in separate compartment. This compartment has mesh pockets to store other electronic gear.
- Main compartment has an audio-player pocket near the top, and the pack's upper wall has a hole for threading through your headphone cable. There's a flap covering the hole, but it looks like rain could get in if it rains very hard - never had this happen though.
- Durable outside side pockets (for things like water bottles). These seem a lot more durable that my previous pack, where the pocket mesh gradually detached from the elastic.
- I like how there isn't a firm sheet of plastic inside the back wall. My previous SwissGear had this, and the (sharp) edge of the sheet eventually started cutting through the bottom of the wall.

- This one is major - the so-called air-flow design does absolutely nothing. When my back is sweaty, I feel the whole back of the backpack pressing against me. No air flowing permitted. My previous SwissGear was far better, because it had two semi-firm foam protrusions running along the height of the pack; these protrusions lined up with my shoulder-blades, and would keep the middle vertical line of my back clear for the air to flow. Don't advertise airflow if it doesn't work!
- compartments are sometimes hard to zip because the pack's material is somewhat limp.

Other thoughts:
You probably shouldn't lift the pack by its top handle unless the two zippers on either side of the handle are closed. This seems to put strain on the strip of material the handle is on. If the zippers are closed, the rest of the pack can support the weight.

I bought this in June 2011 for less than 35 USD, but now in November, the price is almost twice as high.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2013
So, just what exactly can you load this sharp looking, black with red trim SwissGear backpack up with? Let's break it down compartment by compartment....

First, the outside of the backpack has a small slot that could fit a cell phone, an iPod or perhaps some business cards; I think that the idea for this compartment is that it be used while the backpack is sitting next to you on the train, plane or bus. If you put anything in here of value while you're carrying the backpack, you're a pickpocketer's dream come true. The outside of the backpack also has a mesh slot for water bottles on both of the lower sides. There's a little slot on the backpack strap that is intended for you to slip an arm of your sunglasses through, but that seems like it's inviting a broken (or stolen) pair of glasses.

Small compartment with zipper, outside front - Just big enough for your glasses or sunglasses with case; I use it for stowing Purell, Chapstick & gum.

Medium sized compartment with zipper (moving from front to back) - Includes: 1) a space large enough for a hardcover book; 2) an open flap that could fit a short stack of 4" x 6" napkins (or whatever); 3) a small slot that could fit an iPod or cell phone; 4) a business card holder; 5) three pen/pencil holders; 6) a small netted business card flap (where I stow some earbuds).

Large compartment with zipper - large enough to vertically hold several 8" x 11" folders/documents/items. Includes another cell phone / iPod holder that hangs near the top of the pocket with a small throughway slot to the outside of the backpack that you can thread your headphones through in order to wear the backpack and connect to your media device that is securely within the pack.

Laptop compartment with zipper - this large compartment has a separator dividing the compartment into two halves. One half of the compartment should fit any 15" laptop; the other half is large enough to fit a second laptop...not that many people will do that, but I'm just trying to give a visual on the size of this compartment. The compartment also has two mesh relatively large slots designed to hold miscellaneous computer gear like an AC adapter, Ethernet cables and the like. When you're not transporting your laptop, this compartment alone would probably hold most of your stuff.

Other than the above, two adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and they make for an entirely comfortable fitting backpack whether using both straps over the shoulder or one. There is also a pretty sturdy fabric handle at the top of the backpack, but if you're packed with a laptop and other weighty stuff, I'd suggest using both straps over the shoulders.

So load the SwissGear up with things and knickknacks too. Anything that you might need should fit inside for you. Backpack backpack.
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on February 11, 2016
The most important quality regarding backpacks in my mind is durability. Specifically the straps and the materials. I have owned this backpack for over 2 years now and I can honestly say this backpack has passed the test. My previous 3 backpacks have broken straps while this one has lasted much longer. Even with consistent heavy loads from camping trips or school days the straps are still in great condition. The amount of storage space as a side note should also be addressed. There are 3 primary zippered pockets on the front and they all have difference purposes due to size variations. Some of the zippered pockets also have sub pockets within the primary pockets giving you some additional organizational control if you seek that. Overall this is simply the best backpack around in this price range
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on February 17, 2015
I bought one these backpacks on August 22, 2013. This backpack is a good product in general and I used it happily for 1.5 years. But, I recently had an issue with the zipper during the new year. It seems that the zipper is made of material of poor quality and it started not closing the teeth properly. After some point, I couldn't carry my laptop and notebooks, because the bag couldn't close up, so it was quite useless. I filed a "repair or replacement request" to their customer service. It took them around one month to process my request (slow!) and they sent me my bag with minor repair on the zipper. I was expecting a replacement not for the bag but for the zipper, but it seems that they just aligned the teeth. The zipper still doesn't slide smoothly and I need to be careful when closing it properly. I am sure the same problem will repeat in the next couple of weeks. The first two pictures are before the repair and the last two pictures are after the repair. You guys can decide if the customer service did a good job or not!
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on March 26, 2016
The laptop compartment is the right size for my Macbook Pro 15" Retina with an Incase hardshell on it. The padding for the laptop compartment is enough to protect from any damage. I really like the cell phone / gadget pocket, and there's a headphone port right above where the wire can be snaked through so you can keep your phone in your bag and have your headphones in your ears at the same time. The straps are really comfortable, they also have a quick-pull tighten feature which is good for me since I have long arms and a large chest, it makes it easy for me to loosen the straps all the way then quickly tighten them once I'm wearing the pack.
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VINE VOICEon September 2, 2013
After carrying around a laptop case for about a year and trying to stuff other things into it as well, I started to worry that one day the handles were going to just break off from all the weight and I'd drop and destroy my laptop. I chose this one mostly for the name - the company is reputable and I like the design. Now that I have it and am using it, I have to say - it is PERFECT. There is a place for everything I could possibly need to carry, and then there are some more places available, too. All of my things are neatly organized within the backpack - there are even compartments for my pens! It's comfortable to wear as a backpack and sturdy enough to carry just on my right shoulder, which is how I usually do it. I can't say enough good things about this backpack. I'm not a student, but I imagine this would be ideal for students. Anyway, to me it was worth every penny!
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on August 22, 2014
Awesome backpack! Very sturdy, as Swiss Gear products are known to be. The organizational capabilities of this small backpack (I think of it as a day pack) are outstanding.

I'm a photographer, and will be using this to carry my extra gear while hiking around Thailand. The fact that it easily fits my laptop, tablet, compact camera system and cell phone, plus has plenty of room for a change of clothes, cords, cables, extra batteries, etc, makes it a perfect choice for me.

My 13" travel laptop fits beautifully in the padded, sleeved compartment, with room to spare. My Galaxy tablet fits perfectly in the larger or the two front pockets. This pocket is not fully padded, but there is thick padding down the front edges (vertically). I keep my tablet in a case, and with this padding, I am very confident it will be well protected.

The shoulder straps are great. They are formed in a way that keep them squarely on your shoulders, rather than constantly trying to slip off like cheaper products. I can wear it loose or tight, and they stay put.

I normally buy backpacks with a cross belt in front between the shoulder straps. With the way the straps on this bag are designed, it's not needed. This pack doesn't move on my back at all. I can run with it and it barely slips. A little tug on the quick-action shoulder straps and it's rock solid. The back is made with breathable mesh, and it sure helps to keep from sweating up a storm!

The main cargo area is large enough to carry any trinkets you might pick up, or a small amount of groceries, which is just right for an urban explorer or traveler.

This is not an "armored" carrying device for your laptop. The padding is perfectly sufficient for urban use, and some relatively mild outdoor exploration or hiking. If you are rock climbing, you'll want specialized gear. I would not trust this to protect your laptop in a serious fall, for example.
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on August 25, 2013
I purchased this backpack for my daughter for middle school because she admired (and was going to "borrow with no intent of returning") my Swiss backpack that I had purchased several years ago (3-4 to be sorta exact). It is very stylish and sleek, doesn't show dirt/wear, and the price was perfect! I know my old backpack (red with black piping the opposite of this one which is black with red piping) is durable and has shown no sign of age, wear or tear. This one has a total of four zippered compartments (a small front zippered compartment and three larger ones) with an inside sleeve for laptop/tablet in the very back compartment; two small side mesh pockets and a small pocket in the front. My daughter LOVES this bag! She uses it every day for school and stuffs and I mean stuffs it full of her books, notebooks, pencils, pens etc.Time will tell if her bag is as durable as mine :) Would I purchase this backpack again? In a heart beat!
Ok, here's an update :) it's been a year and a half now (just about) and this back pack is holding up VERY well! My daughter is done with it for this 2014-15 school year and it still looks new! I AM impressed! This is a well made product! YES, I would buy it again--as a matter of fact I did purchase another one for my son (not from Amazon, but same backpack). He used it 2014-2015 school year and just finished with his. It too looks great/held up well. Like I said in 2013--awesome well made backpack! Well worth every penny :)
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