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on September 22, 2014
I wasn't really sure what to expect when I ordered these action figures. I was just really excited to see them in Amazon when I was randomly searching Doctor Who memorabilia. My husband and I are Doctor Who super geeks, and we have been known to have evening Doctor Who tv marathons late into the night when the kids are in bed. So when this popped up I had to get it.

Originally the plan was to let our boys play with them. Don't get me wrong they are really solid and durable action figures, but when you see the time and detail gone into these Doctors there is no way you would want your kids to get their grubby paws on them just so they can end up at the bottom of a toy box.

So we took them out, played around with them for a bit. Claimed our favorite Doctor and are now storing them as a display piece in the Tardis box they arrived in, until such a time as our boys can appreciate the finer things in life.
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on January 24, 2015
First off, I can't believe this cost $70. You get 11 figures, which places each one at less than $10 a piece. That's kind of crazy because I would pay $15+ for these individually. Maybe more because of my second point; they look FANTASTIC.

I'm not used to figurines looking quite this spot on. I kind of wish Tennant either didn't have glasses or had his 3D glasses on, but he's great regardless. Matt Smith looks frighteningly accurate (down to his skinny jeans and big shoes) and William Hartnell is captured perfectly.

There may be a couple issues with color. Baker has a putty colored coat (as pictured) instead of a brown one. Pertwee isn't what I would consider perfect, either. The face on Baker isn't quite what it is in the picture, either. Fortunately, it's a slightly less crazed look than the one in the image so I don't think it's really a negative.

I should also state that I'm not a collector. I bought these to take them out, pose them, and play around with them. They aren't at all what I expected. I was thinking they would just be hard plastic figures or something, but they're actually made in layers of clothing that are constructed with a flexible rubber-like material that has an immense amount of detail to it. I can't say yet how well they might hold up to being played with, but they feel relatively solid. Patrick Troughton's hand did come off when I first tried to put his flute in it, but I put it back in and it seems to be staying.

Bottom line, I'm very pleased with these. They may seem expensive, but they're actually great value. Any Doctor Who fan will be quite pleased with these figures.

(image: Taken in front of the backing in the box, TARDIS not included)
review image
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on June 26, 2012
I'm a big fan of Doctor Who old and new, so I had a lot of expectations for this set, especially for what I paid for it (which is actually the cheapest way to own all 11 Doctors). Upon opening it, I was pleased to see how lovingly painted each figure is. I was particularly impressed with the paint job on the First Doctor's eyes. The Third Doctor's clothing is kind of a weird color scheme, but not terrible. I would have liked to have seen the Sixth Doctor with his blue tie, if anything to break up the very yellow and red scheme of his costume. Also weird to not use Four's burgundy jacket. These are all nitpicking though. The only real issue I have is that Seven and Eight don't look much like themselves. Eight especially. Another issue was the shininess of Eleven's (far too skinny) legs was kind of off compared to the matte paint of the rest of him. Leather pants Doctor? The likenesses on One, Two, Four, Ten and Eleven are particularly good.

Some of the characters have fewer joints than others, which seems to have no rhyme or reasoning to it considering the coats don't seem to play much into how many joints they have. Speaking of the coats, they are very cool. Props on giving Ten his duster. That was a nice touch. It was also nice to see the characters with their respective objects. Would have been nice of them to give Six something to hold. :P Even Five has a sonic and he hardly even used it! His rainbow umbrella would have been great.

All in all, I love these figures. Two's crooked tie and baggy clothes, Five's sprig of celery, Six's cat broach, down to the stripe on Ten's trainers. There's so much detail in these, it's easy to see why I might get caught up on minor details! lol
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on June 18, 2013
The Character Options Doctor Who 11 Doctors Action Figure Collector Set is a great purchase for any Doctor Who fan, especially if you have few or none of the individual Doctor figures as the value can not be beat. Most of these characters are hard to find even on websites and once they are found, they can become quite expensive. In the case of the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, he's an exclusive to this set and it's only through the purchase of this set that you can add him to your collection; quite a big reason to go ahead and make the purchase, otherwise you'll have a noticeable gap in your collection of Doctors.

All of the Doctors have the standard amount of articulation one comes to expect from Character Options: swivel joint for the head, arms, wrist and waist, single joint for the knees and elbows, mid-level bicep joint, and a t-joint for the hips, adding up to 14 points of articulation - not bad! The molds and paint apps are nicely done and the likenesses of each actor are captured well.

Each Doctor (except the sixth) comes with an accessory: The First comes with a cane, the Second with a recorder, the Seventh comes with his umbrella, and the rest come with a sonic screwdriver appropriate for the specific Doctor who wielded it.

Now before buying? Some notes:

Neither the Fifth or Seventh Doctor come with hats
The Sixth Doctor's costume is slightly darker (and better looking) than what's being shown
The Tenth Doctor's head sculpt is slightly different and his glasses are glued on
The Third Doctor's cloak can be removed, giving a different look to the figure

I heartily recommend buying this set - you won't be sorry :)
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on March 22, 2014
The packaging is really nice, but does take up a lot of room due to its height.
The action figures look nice.

Con: They only look nice. Most do not have the better articulation you can get with the individual versions. Very disappointing. I thought for the 50th Anniversary they would have made something truly special with best quality fully-jointed figures. If I had known most would not even have elbow joints I would have waited, but this was my first experience with buying Nu-Who toys.

If you don't have any desire to get more than just the simplest of poses....skip.

EDIT: I'm terribly sorry.
When I wrote the above I was in a rush to get it out before going to work and thus only referred to the figure 'photos' back of the box.

Photos are inaccurate as to showing joint details.
These are fully articulated action figures and I'm glad I purchased the set (although really wish I'd waited on both the seller's pricing and my reviewing.

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on March 12, 2014
All eleven doctors in perfect detail beautifully packaged in a TARDIS box. I could not believe my eyes when this arrived; it was even better than expected. I previously paid $30 for just the 10th doctor alone (didn't even come with a sonic) and $16 for 11. With this set, at the price I paid, it comes to $8.18 per doctor and almost every one comes with his own prop, as others have already mentioned. I just received it and have not had a chance to play with it yet but I have inspected it closely and it is beautiful. I will write more about it once I get the doctors out of the box. It is also really good for anyone who wants to keep it in the box for display purposes as it is beautifully displayed with little photos and short bios of each doctor on the sides. If you are child-like as I am, then you will probably want to open it up and play with all the doctors. If you don't already have it, I recommend the light up TARDIS that goes perfectly with it - Doctor Who Flight Control Tardis Vehicle. You can fit a doctor and a companion inside and reenact different scenes or make up your own. I can't wait to get the companions. I have a five year old and she also loves these toys. I know she is waiting for the weekend for us to have time to play with them. Be careful with the small objects though because I imagine they are easily lost (especially with children around). :)
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on November 13, 2014
This is a well presented display of all 11 Doctors. The packaging is nice as it presents as a Tardis and you open the doors and all the characters are on display. There is a brief description of each of the carnations along with a picture of them.
I was pleased with the detail on the figures. I have seen some in stores where you can barely tell who the character is supposed to be. I think this set did a nice job. The figures have good detail and look very much like the character they portray.
I am a huge Who fan and being able to find a set that starts back with the very first Doctor was very exciting for me.
I was definitely pleased with this purchase.
The one thing I disagreed with is they put the years each actor portrayed the Doctor. For Sylvester McCoy they put the years as to when he appeared on TV all the way through to the TV movie. This is a moot point but I thought that was misrepresenting but does not at all detract from my enjoyment of the set.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2010
It is what it says on the box! You get all eleven versions of the Doctor (well, the canon versions, anyhow, but how could would it be to have the Cushing, Atkinson, Shakala and Unbound Doctors issued as toys?), complete with various accessories (though the Sixth Doctor gets nothing). You also get a nifty box that has biographical information on each of the Doctors. It displays nicely, too.

But if you're like me, you didn't buy this for collector's value (and why would you? Everyone is. It won't be worth anything for ages). No, I bought it to open and fiddle around with. I must say I was impressed by the figures. They're quite durable and amazingly well detailed. A friend of mine looked at them and said that if all the saw were the heads out of context, he'd know who they are.

As another reviewer pointed out, correctly, buying these in this set are far cheaper than buying them separately and given that I don't think you can get the Eighth Doctor on his own, this is certainly the way to go. At the price I paid for this, it clocks in at a bit under twelve bucks per figure, and that's a good deal.

All in all, a great value for some great figures!
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on December 14, 2014
Best money I've ever spent on a toy. Me and my husband are fans of the show and so is our little nugget. He carries around his toy tardis, it was meant to be a Christmas present but I was expecting a couple of packages and opened it on front of him. I'll have to get him something different for Christmas but it was worth it to see his face light up. The figures (like any action figure) smell a bit when opened but that dissipated quickly. Often with collector kits the action figures are poorly constructed and don't stay together because manufacturers know they will stay "new in package". I do not feel this set suffers from that. The figures have been played with nonstop for a couple of days by my 2 year old and show no signs of losing limbs. The box is super constructed so we were careful as we wanted to use it for storage.
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on September 24, 2015
This is a must have for any Doctor Who fan! The detail on each Doctor is great and the packaging is wonderful. I am so in love with this set that I hope to buy two more so that I can have two on display (one open and one closed) and one that I can open up and "play" with.
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