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on June 21, 2010
I purchased this item using my Prime account. It arrived in two days, as promised. Upon opening, I noticed this vest is just like the last one I ordered here: , the only difference is the new one has a zipper and does NOT have a small pocket. The pocket is not an issue, as I can use one of the many pockets on my motorcycle jacket. The reason I ordered this vest is because of the zipper. My old vest had a small 1.5 x 1 inch velcro "button" that was useless when I would ride on the freeway. It would always come detached, causing my vest to flap in the wind and my visibility to oncoming traffic would go back down. A big minus,when riding on a motorcycle.

I ordered this vest in size Large and it fits well. My old vest was an XL and it fit very easily over my jacket. The best part of this vest is the zipper. I cannot say more about the zipper!

*EDIT 8/3/2010*
I have been meaning to add this edit for a while now. The vest is still holding up well. But, the zipper that I originally raved about has let me down. When I ride my motorcycle and sit completely upright, the pressure from the wind forces the zipper to unzip. This happens rather quickly, too. As soon as I get onto the freeway or 65-75mph, I notice my vest flapping in the air within 2 miles. I have since remedied the situation by using a binder clip to clip the zipper in place, locking it.
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on October 4, 2012
The quality of the vests and reflective material is great. We ordered several vests, in all of the sizes and have realized that every size seems to be undersized. In fact, if you are going to wear with a jacket or coat, you may want to go up 2 sizes.
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on July 9, 2012
This was bought for biking. It is indeed "large", so I don't know why others say that it runs small. It's large enough to fit over my winter jacket. In summer it fits loosely even with my fanny-pack under it - and I'm not skinny.

I love the very bright neon yellow, and the reflective strips which reflect even low levels of light. This is especially great to wear at dusk & dawn, plus on cloudy days, and even in sunlight - not only at night. I wear mine every time I bike. Drivers seem to respect the fact that I'm deliberately making myself very visible (and adhering to road etiquette/rules), and they usually move over or slow down for me although they typically are hostile to bikers with poor visibility.

I do use a bright headlight and blinking rear red light on my bike, as well as reflectors, but I often wonder if the rear light is still on or in place (once the bracket loosened so that the light was pointing down to the ground and I didn't know it until I arrived home), so this vest makes me feel at ease in case the light or battery dies while I'm riding. Also the vest dramatically increases my visibility. If anyone hits me, they can't say they "didn't see" me!

Having had it a short time, I can't speak to its durability, and it has no washing instructions, but it seems that it would require washing on "delicate" mode, or by hand, and to be air dried. There are several tiny round holes on the inside that do not extend to the outside of the vest - not sure what they are from, and they are uniform in size and shape, so they are not moth holes...They look machine-made. They don't seem as though they'll cause tearing.

I like the zipper front, and the breathable lightweight mesh fabric. It doesn't look like mesh (without close inspection) because the "holes" are tiny.

This vest is inexpensive, so one would be wise to treat it gently; the single stitching and thread do not appear to be strong...

I'm giving this a 5 for its visibility, and feel that if I'm careful with it this will last a long time. Now I'm thinking about a reflective long-sleeved shirt so people can easily see my arm signals at night.

I also like using a safety vest so I don't have to buy lots of light or bright shirts. I can just wear whatever clothing colors, and slip on the vest.
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on March 12, 2016
This is a great vest for the price. I bought this vest for use as a bicycle commuter, and it vastly increases my visibility in both nighttime and daytime. I used it daily for the last 4.5 months. Vests are extremely versatile since they can be used over any clothing in both warm and cold weather.

Durability: The zipper is pretty tough and has given me no problems. The material has frayed a bit around the neck and chest area where the velcro on my jacket catches it, but it doesn't seem to be causing any major problems. The reflective strips have stayed on and shown no signs of peeling off. Overall, it is pretty well made.

Fit: I usually wear a medium for my shirts and jackets, and am closer to a large size than to a small. I was wearing this in the winter over both a warm mid layer wool shirt and a rain/wind outer jacket. The large fit perfectly over them; fitted but not tight. I have also worn it on warm days over just a t-shirt and it is a tad loose but still fits fine.

Visibility: The bright yellow makes me much more visible in the daytime and other low-light situations. Meanwhile, the reflective strips work wonders at night and any time that vehicles have their lights on. My wife, who rides with me, has testified to how bright it is. I have also noticed fewer vehicles seeming to not notice me on the road. I highly recommend that anyone who commutes on a bike get a vest or jacket with a large amount of both bright material and reflective material. The bright color helps in all situations, including when cars don't have their lights aimed at you, while the reflective stips greatly increase your visibility when they do. Don't rely on only active lights since large bright objects are much more attention grabbing and easier to position. Use both bright clothing and active lights.

Conclusion: This is a cheap and effective vest that really makes you stand out in traffic. It is perfect for a bicycle commuter who wants something cheap, durable, and versatile that will also keep you alive and injury free.
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on April 25, 2017
Bought 2 of these and 4 of the collapsible reflective triangles. Each triangle comes in a small box. You can take the 2 vests and wrap them around the 4 small boxes to make a nice emergency kit that fits easily under the seat. We pull a 5th wheel RV and with road side assistance I won't be changing any flats. BUT...I have seen a few RV's pulled over on the highway with various issues and just sitting there waiting for roadside. The safety problem is that a distracted driver might just plow into the disabled RV and since most likely people are inside waiting, this could be deadly. With this kit, I can put on the vest and walk down the highway as far as want to give motorists warning.

Total cost was about $30 and for me that was money well spent.
review image
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I got one of these for the car emergency supplies. When you exit a car, night or day, you need to be visible. Drivers are increasingly fatigued or distracted (hello, texting while driving! Not good!!!!) If you are on the side of the road, you increase your chances of not ending up as a hood ornament if you wear a high visibility vest. Safety experts will also tell you NOT to remain with the car and seek safe ground if you can, because the car on the shoulder frequently gets run into by a car following your tail lights or if you're on the shoulder due to sliding off the road in ice and snow--they can follow you the same way you got there. Get out. Get away. But grab this from the glove box. So mine is in the glove box, where I can grab it and get out to safety.

So, I stuffed this into my glove box, and it actually folds up small enough even though I don't have a lot of room in there. (I could also have folded it and stowed it in the map pocket in the door.) But then I realized, I'd like a second one, and maybe a third. Second one for walking the dogs at night. They drive 50mph on a residential street here, which is illegal, unsafe, selfish, ridiculous and careless. I can't even step off my curb to go to the mailbox without watching out as someone is storming home, not even looking for pedestrians on a neighborhood street. So they aren't looking for dog walkers, either. Any accident over 30mph is serious if you are a pedestrian, as pedestrian vs car means "car wins!" The vest is a MUST.

If you go to a bus stop in the early hours or after dark, you should have one in your coat pocket. I've seen people crossing our highway in fog and dark and they are barely visible, or invisible. We have a lot of pedestrian deaths and some are due to people wearing dark clothing and not being visible. This could save your life. And save the life of a driver who wants to see where you are--because most people do not want to hit a pedestrian.

So I ended up needing three of them; two for the car (passenger and driver) and one for walking the dogs, in my purse. That was not a lot of investment but if you are on a budget, carry one with you in your purse, or have it handy in your briefcase or laptop bag or keep it in your car. This is a vital piece of safety equipment and a seven or eight dollar item could literally save your life.
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on January 26, 2015
Lots of people complained about the "cheap nylon zipper" and that it is on the "wrong side."
Others complained about the quality of the stitching and many complained of bad stitching and malfunctions after only a few days of use. Those complaints concerned me a great deal, but I decided to buy it anyway, preferring to be visible in the pre-dawn hours when I began walking my dog than being hit by a car. Besides, the price was ridiculously low.
I bought the "Large" though I am a 5'2", 115 pound woman. I wanted to be able to wear warm clothing like fleece jackets under it, and not feel stuffed like a sausage. The vest was plenty roomy even with warm jackets under it, and the armholes are so huge that I could tuck my hands inside and into my jacket pockets when it was extra cold. I have worn it every day for about 6 months and nothing has gone wrong. The zipper works, right or wrong side (depends on if you are male of female). The silver tape glows in the dark as headlights approach. In short, mine is in brand-new condition.
Warning: if you are rough on clothing, jerk zippers, stress seams, throw things around you could mess this vest up, but with a modicum of care, this vest will serve you well for years and keep you safe. If you are a large man. You may need to order an extra or extra-extra large size. I think those sizes are also available online. If you are planning to wear this vest in the summer, you may want to or be able to downsize your order to fit over T-shirts or less. Fit depends on how loose or tight you want.
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on June 7, 2010
The Neiko vest is well made and very visible. My only complaint is that it runs a bit small. It is listed as Large size, but it is smaller than any of my Large t-shirts. If you normally wear a Large size, I would recommend getting a bigger vest.
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on March 31, 2013
A must have item for cyclists and starnded motorists. Keep one on the bike and in the car. They are too cheap to be without one.
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on March 19, 2012
It does what it is supposed to do, which is reflect light and stand out in dim conditions. A few things you should know, though. I am a a trim guy that works out. My chest is about a 42" and the large is very snug on me. Extra large would fit me better. Also, if you are taller than 5'10", the vest is going to feel short on you. The zipper is also on the opposite side than most clothing and jackets out there which is very odd. This vest is designed for wearing in a roadside emergency or very brief use. It is NOT designed for laborious physical activity like a construction site or jogging (I expect going for a walk would be just fine, but I would prefer a mesh vest for that). I also don't think the fabric would hold up to a motorcycle ride. I purchased it for roadside emergencies and it serves that purpose just fine. For the price, I would give it 5 stars, but the zipper being awkward takes away 1 star.
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