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TRON: Evolution - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$21.15+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

First thing I want to mention is that they used some of the orig cast members in the voiceovers for this game, which I though was kind of cool - Voiceover by actress Olivia Wilde (from the 2010 Tron movie) as Quorra, and voiceover actor by Bruce Boxleitner From the orig. Tron movie in 1982 as Tron.

This iteration (TRON: Evolution video game) is actually a key to unlocking the TRON mythology that fits in between the original 1982 film and the 2010 blockbuster film TRON: Legacy. So you are actually 'playing' in part of a film series, which I also find kind of cool!

One of the main reasons I bought this game was for the 3D feature as I am a 3D NUT. And I have to say that it did not disappoint! The 3D is fantastic, and at times I found myself becoming truly immersed into the gameplay just because of the 3D effects, like being pulled into the game itself, yes I enjoy a great 3D adventure that much. Please keep in mind that not all 3D TV's are capable of displaying a great 3D image, as they are not all made the same. However, I am lucky to own one of the TV's that does an excellent job at rendering a perfect 3D image. And being able to enjoy this game in 3D was truly a visual treat to behold. It made the game all that much better.

I did not like the fact that this is NOT a free roam environment, you actually have to follow the game path the game takes you on. There is a learning curve to being able to take the Tron 'bike' up walls or vertical surfaces and I had quite a hard time with this. The story line seems to flow along at a decent pace and should keep the average gamer interested enough to keep playing or moving forward. The game allows you to use a move controller if so desired but it is not require to be able to play. The move option is just that, 'an option'. I found that using the move controller made parts of the game easier and other parts harder so I often found myself pausing the game to switch back and forth between controllers, which was a little monotonous at times. Also this is only a single player game unless you go online to join others. I find that here in 2017 there are sometimes no one online, yes you read that right, absolutely 'nobody' which leads me to believe that this game is not real popular. Again I purchased for the 3D aspect and I bought this back in June of 2011 so I have had it a few years. However, I still find myself getting it out to enjoy a bit of 3D gameplay every now and then.

I really like the fact that it is actually a part of the storyline in the movie and this gives the game more of a meaning than just your average gameplay. The graphics are great. There were no bugs that I found. the frame rate is excellent with no jerky motion. There were virtually no dropouts which is good considering the speed of the game at times.

All in all I really enjoy this game. And would I buy it again knowing what I know about it now? - A solid and resounding YES!
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on October 19, 2016
Fun Move enabled game. Key product features include:
High Mobility Combat - Battle the enemies of the TRON world with your light disc using a dynamic blend of Parkour and martial arts movement on your heroic mission across the Grid.
• Vehicular Action - Fast paced exciting light cycle racing and combat in the digital TRON world.
• Bridge the Legacy - TRON: Evolution is the prequel story to the film TRON: Legacy and unlocks mysteries in the rich TRON mythology.
• Online/Multiplayer - TRON: Evolution has an innovative online experience featuring persistent character progression.
• Voiceover Cast - Voiceover by actress Olivia Wilde as Quorra, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, and others to follow
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on March 7, 2013
I Like It for the story and it does have some pretty good graphics. the graphics look better than how IGN made it look. The fighting and combo moves do get repetitive and annoying and sometimes are unresponsive in certain combat situations like when you try a disk slam from mid air on top of a heavy trooper (riot shield guys) it sometimes doesn't work the way I'd like. I also had a hard time with wall running and there is allot of unguided stunts you gotta do to get from point a to point b in levels. At least the restart after you die is fast. I just hate having to end up back at an annoying part of a level when I get derezzed from falling of a ledge.

The story is pretty interesting. Honestly I wish they just made tron evolution instead of that tron uprising show on Disney channel. Disney seems to be more focused on making prequels to Tron legacy instead of going ahead with a third movie which they do want to do eventually. I like how in tron evolution is based during the time Kevin Flynn got trapped in the grid. It even shows him when he was working in the grid with Tron and Clu and it shows Clu betray everyone like in the flash back in legacy. I'm probably not even half way through but I can understand why IGN gave it a 6 out of 10 which is pretty good but needs some work. If you expect to explore the grid like a free roaming third person game think again. It has you on a path instead of letting you do what ever or explore other areas and cities of the grid which I would like to see in a tron game someday. As a fan of Tron I love it but as a gamer I'm not crazy about it.
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on June 28, 2013
I like this game. I grew up on Tron as a kid, and now my 2 & 1/2 year old son is in love with the series as well, naturally because of all the eye candy. Tron Evolution delivers in that department despite suffering from some serious Uncanny Valley at times.

Tron Evolution is a prequel of sorts to the recent movie Tron:Legacy, and serves to explain some of the backstory elements that take place between the first movie and this one. For fans of the series, this is a nice bonus.

As a game, Tron delivers but doesn't exceed. The game is kind of a 50/50 split between Prince-of-Persia style platforming and 3d-brawler combat. Everything looks stunning, and once you get the hang of it, the gameplay is fun enough, and at times surprisingly challenging, but there are issues. The control layout is a little weird, and there are things you have to do to pull off moves that are non-intuitive. The camera is bordering on a disaster but not quite one. Some of the wall jump obstacles seem arbitrarily difficult. And the game is EXTREMELY linear. like, even when you're running around in Tron City, even if there are doors to areas or people around, you can't open the doors or talk to the people - they're just decorations and you really only ever have one way to go. This is an issue for a lot of games but in this instances it's not disguised particularly well at all and therefore is even more glaring.

The upgrade system is interesting and for being essentially a one-weapon combat system the game gets a fair amount of mileage out of it, I've definitely played worse. Controls again take some getting used to, but are fairly fluid and understandible once you get the hang of it.

The voice acting and story are stellar, and there are some Tron favorites in here (Bruce Boxlietner, for one, and Olivia Wilde, too). While Jeff Bridges did not voice Flynn or Clu, the guy they had to do it nailed it so well you almost can't tell the difference, it's really spectacular - I had to look it up to make sure it wasn't actually Jeff. Unfortunately, as I said the face models in this game are pretty terrible. They LOOK like the characters they're supposed to be enough, but look extremely dead and uncanny-valleyish. Some are worse than others - the Clu/Flynn characters look particularly bad, while Tron looks much better, though, and the player character has no problems because he's always wearing a helmet, however.

In the end this game is OK. it's definitely worth picking up if you're a Tron fan, especially at a reduced price. If you have the choice, I would recommend the PS3 version for the 3D capability. While it's not something most people are likely to get much mileage out of, it's nice to have the option and DOES look neat. Worth a play at $10.
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on May 6, 2011
The new Tron film, Legacy, has a series of movie tie-in video games as is typical for most Disney films. Out of all the titles developed in the Tron Evolution series, the PS3/360/PC version is the standout (as is usually the case).

Sound wise the main system version of Evolution is right on par with Legacy, featuring Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles. The soundtrack is taken right from the new film, as are the sound effects. It feels like you are immersing yourself in the same world as Legacy, as though you are experiencing part of the story. The visual are also a match for the new film, with multiple generations of playable light cycles (the classic models from the original film, the new models from Legacy, and the standard model in the Evolution games which bridges the gap).

The story of the game is another one of its strong points. The story starts with the introduction of a new virus program called Abraxas, and leads into the moment Clu turned on Flynn and executed his plan to wipe out the Isos. You play as a System Monitor called Anon as you try to sort out the issues with Clu, Abraxas, and Flynn. The levels are laced with cutscenes that tie the story together, and relate it to Legacy. Whether Anon is supposed to be the same System Monitor that was in the DS Evolution game isn't stated. Most other programs aren't familiar with Anon which could make sense sine the only other program to interact with the Monitor from the DS game was Tron himself. Also you get to revisit the different cities in the Grid that are in the DS titles, and some of the people as well.

Gameplay wise the single player mode consists mostly of platforming. Anon traverses the levels by running along walls and jumping off of objects. Mixed in with the platforming is melee combat with other programs that are either corrupted slaves of Abraxas or the troops of Clu. During certain levels you will also take control of either a cycle or a tank to proceed into the next area, based on racing and shooting level designs. Naturally there's a complement of supplemental multiplayer games available for those who like to game online or play with their friends.

Overall, Tron Evolution for the PS3/360/PC is a very fun game, regardless of being a move tie-in. When combined with the other extra material that complements the film, you can have quite the impressive storyline under your belt.
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on July 3, 2017
Wasn't the greatest game. Was hoping would be good like the old Tron arcade game but nothing like it.
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on May 27, 2012
I am a huge fan of Tron Legacy so I knew that sooner or later I would get this game. The graphics are fantastic, it looks just like the movie. The story and cut-scenes are very good, probably the best part of the game. Its great that Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner reprise their characters in the game. The game itself is fun but after about a couple of hours into the game it begins to get very repetitive, and you will get bored quite easily. The online mode though is great! There you can play against others in the light-cycle grid and it really feels just like the movie. The biggest letdown in the game is that the main character that you play as has no personality whatsoever, so its impossible to relate to him or even like him at all. I picked this game up new for $11 and it is definitely worth that for the online mode and cut-scenes. But I wouldn't have recommended buying this game when it first came out for $60.
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on August 8, 2017
One of my favorite games to play offline and online.
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on March 17, 2016
I'm a big fan of the original movie and liked the sequel, Tron Legacy. The game has beautiful graphics, and works out really well.
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on April 20, 2014
I'm a huge Tron fan, but playing this game was such a letdown. The plot and premise is stupid and incongruent with the movies... and the ending... Spolier alert, the main characters die. Also, there was a glitch that occurred in about the middle of the game while I was on some kind of platform where the next group of enemies didn't appear... So I kept jumping to figure out what to do, and finally had to restart the system.

Other than that, I'll give it another star for the graphics which were pretty cool, but overall, this game was so frustrating I'll never play it again.
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