Customer Reviews: Verbatim Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse, Black 96983
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 22, 2010
Size: Standard|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I installed this keyboard on a computer running Windows 7. No problems with installation, in fact, I did not need the driver disk - Windows found the drivers automatically. The keyboard and mouse also did an automatic connection to the USB receiver. If this doesn't happen, there is a connect button on the keyboard to help facilitate the connection. Even though Windows will find and install the drivers automatically, I would recommend using the installation disk as there are additional features beyond the device drivers.

Inside the box is a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, a USB receiver, batteries for both the mouse and keyboard, and the driver disk.
The keyboard is about 18" wide by 5½" deep by ¾" tall.

After installation, I unplugged my original keyboard, a traditional Microsoft one. I am currently typing on the Verbatim keyboard. I also have a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet and have found no hardware conflicts.

I have some customer images to show how it compares visually next to a traditional keyboard and mouse.

Here's what I like and don't like about the Verbatim Wireless Slim Keyboard:

It has a nice weight to it so it will not slide around on a desk too easily.
The keys are nicely responsive. They are smooth and spaced a little apart making it easier to hit the key you want and not the one next to it. Other keyboards have the keys so large with no gaps so that it is easy to hit multiple keys in one stroke.
It is small, not so much in width but in depth. My traditional keyboard is two inches more in depth.
It takes up less desk space and has no cord to get in the way.
The finish is shiny black and smooth, as is the mouse.
The mouse is much shorter in height than my Microsoft mouse. It has a wheel and two buttons.


It does not have a feature to raise the board on more of an angle, although as of now, this is not a huge issue. I know that I like my Microsoft keyboard to be on the biggest angle by using the flip out legs.
It does not have a couple of the extra keys that the Microsoft keyboard has like zoom in and zoom out, and some of the shortcuts for opening email etc. However, I do not use these so again, it depends on the way you use your keyboard.

Overall, I really like the feel of typing on this keyboard. I would say that between the responsiveness and touch of the keys and the clutter free wireless feature, this is a good buy.

I have to add that after using this for a number of days, I've increased my original review from 4 stars to 5. I really like the way the keys react on the keyboard. They have a really solid feel and I make less typing mistakes than with my old keyboard.
review image review image review image review image
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on February 25, 2010
Size: Standard|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really like several features about this keyboard setup but there are also other features about it that disappoint me as well.

1. Small form factor, both the board and mouse are nice and slim
2. very responsive keys, they have a great feel to them and are very easy to get used to.
3. full keyboard !!!!! It's not often run into a good full wireless board with a number pad for a nice price.
4. mouse, very precise and tracks really well.
5. mouse, comfortable in hand (I typically prefer trackballs but this mouse is rather nice).
6. mouse, scroll wheel is click-able to use the mouse to move around faster up and down pages or around images.

1. auto-shutoff doesn't seem to ever occur, not even sure if they do ever shutoff on their own.
2. no manual shutoff switch.... Why wasn't this included so that when you walk away or take these with you you can just shut them off... Instead you have to take the batteries out. it's a pain in the butt.

Update: 11-17-2011
I've been using this product for some time now and they batteries do seem to last a pretty good long time in the mouse and keyboard. I still ended up installing a switch to cut the power in both products as I like to take them with me to my presentations as the keyboard is very light weight and the mouse works pretty good as well. So the issue of not being able to turn them off when in a bag without a switch is still a big issue for their design, though I do have to say that I've left the mouse on for considerable amounts of time (months) and the batteries were still good.

Still a pretty good product and worth having and if you aren't as stringent as me and don't travel with the board and mouse then the lack of power switches wont be an issue for you.
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on February 24, 2010
Size: Standard|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Previously on amazon vine I evaluated the Microsoft wireless desktop (keyboard/mouse) system with their 3000 series keyboard, which is priced as a kit to within 10 dollars [update 9/2010 price disparity has grown, and I have found the microsoft keyboard has the farthest distance of transmission] of the Verbatim desktop. I chose to give them both 5 stars, however I will discuss the specifics of the Verbatim unit here and compare it with Microsoft's. If we could award 1/10 stars, Verbatim would rate a 4.7 which rounds up to 5 due to the microsoft blue mouse features that surpasses the Verbatim mouse. The two are both excellent products but designed around different concepts so I'm choosing to review the differences which gives the buyer as much detail on the two excellent products enabling an educated purchase of the system that best suits their needs.

There are 3 parts (the CD and instructions were not needed on a win7 desktop): USB receiver, keyboard, and mouse to evaluate

The receivers are pretty basic - just a stub that plugs into any usb port and looks like a keyboard/mouse on the system. Since few bios's recognize bluetooth today, we are stuck with USB receivers that mimic a real keyboard and mouse. A true bluetooth wireless system can't be guaranteed to work until the o/s is up and running which limits it to number pads on laptops with builtin BT. Microsoft has a unique feature that when you are not using the mouse for an extended period you can remove the receiver and snap it into the bottom of the mouse which powers off the mouse light to save batteries. The Verbatim has a manul 'connect' button which in most cases is not required. Neither product has had a problem here - they are plug and play out of the box with no need to use any connect function.

The keyboards are a bit different. Be sure to take a careful look at the photos - they are the exact same width however the Microsoft board features one additional row of feature keys at the top, and has an ergonomic key rest making it significantly larger - by omitting the extra function keys and palmrest Verbatim was able to make a smaller keyboard - so small in fact it uses AAA batteries while Microsoft uses more common AA size cells. The verbatim keyboard is smaller and lighter. As a buyer you need to consider the value of the size difference and the ergonomic features Microsoft designed into their unit for tabletop use. I like to often use the keyboard on my desktop momentarily as a laptop, then set it aside while video processing is in progress and discovered the smaller size of the Verbatim made this much easier, plus it uses a laptop style Fn key to bring up second functions that replace the extra keys on the much larger microsoft keyboard.

The two companies designed entirely different mice. While microsoft gives you 5 buttons plus a wheel with no detents that rolls freely, Verbatim uses a 3 button mouse with a wheel that has detents on rotation. Small details like this may seem trivial but to a cad user who needs the middle button (which is the wheel in both mice) can not press it without rotating it on Microsoft's design, while the detents in the Verbatim mouse allow its button action to work independently of rotation. Both mice use AA batteries for longer runtime, but Microsoft's technological advantage is in the blue LED illumination which for people who use their mouse on any surface works exceptionally well for a battery powered product. The Verbatim mouse uses a red LED and performs well unless used on a featureless surface. Mouse technology merged with video imaging where they use their LED to take a picture of the surface they rest on quite rapidly with low resolution cmos imagers. The mouse's internal logic uses these sequential photos to determine from one picture to the next where they moved. So long as your surface has some features both mice will work equally well, but on a sheet of featureless white paper, the shorter wavelength of the blue LED in Microsoft's design gives it an edge in finding the smallest detail possible, down to the fibers in paper if necessary. Once again, depending on how you will use the product this could be a big deal or nothing at all - all mousepads have sufficient contrast that all optical mice can find something to work with. I found the Verbatim mouse tracked on almost every surface I tested it with and also noticed it required less movement than the Microsoft mouse to go the same distance on the screen which is an advantage if you are tight for space.

So comparing the two units boils down to this: Both products do what they promise. Microsoft gives you a physically bigger keyboard and mouse while Verbatim shrinks the size of both pieces with very little sacrifice. I wrote this review using the Verbatim keyboard and found it comfortable and able to deal with high speed input. I will update the review with battery life once that data is available. Personally I like the Verbatim form factor for portability and Microsoft for desktop use where you want to cut the cords. Hopefully the information in the reviews gives the buyer enough feel for the product to decide which suits their taste in the end.
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on October 4, 2011

Nice, compact and connects automatically even during BIOS setup.


1) No LEDs on keyboard for Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock LEDs; optional software creates taskbar indicator row.

2) Always boots with Num Lock ON which will cause logins to fail - there is no indication LED on keyboard.

Quick fix : toggle Num Lock off at each login by pressing Fn-NumLk

Permanent fix : edit registry --- set the HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators value to 0

Shop around ... price ranges from $35 to 60$ on Amazon.

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on August 14, 2013
First the good: the keyboard has a nice feel and is easy for a touch typist. The keyboard is a nice size - small footprint but keys are large enough.

Now the bad:

First, the keyboard eats two AAA batteries every couple of weeks. You will know it's time to change batteries because it starts missing keystrokes or randomly repeating a key you pressed. The computer with the wireless dongle supplied with the keyboard is only three feet max away from the keyboard and it still misses a lot of keystrokes when the batteries start to go.

Second, the mouse is useless. It transmits very poorly to the dongle receiver so you get a very jerky motion of your mouse cursor. It is essentially unusable. I tried fresh batteries but it does not help. The mouse eats batteries even quicker than the keyboard. I am back to using a 10 year old Microsoft wireless mouse.

Don't buy this keyboard and mouse.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 28, 2010
Size: Standard|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am a constant computer user, but not a tech professional. When I acquire technical equipment, I want easy installation and set-up with my main concern a more efficient work site. Set-up was easy - just plug in the USB dongle and, at least with my computers, the drivers automatically loaded. I installed it first on a PC running Windows Vista and then moved it to one running Windows 7. Both loaded the same way and each took less than a minute. I didn't need to use the included install disc.

Batteries are included for both the keyboard and mouse. I had trouble getting the batteries into the mouse because the pull-out tab to remove the batteries kept getting in the way. And, a small thing, but the battery covers seemed a little flimsy. The shiny black finish requires a bit more maintenance, but is easy to keep up by periodically wiping with a microfiber cloth.

On the keyboard, I appreciate the automatic keys that pop up a calculator, My Computer, and Media Player with additional keys to allow control of playlist movement and volume. The keyboard is lightweight and it has a good tactile feel. I immediately felt comfortable typing on it right out of the box.

The mouse has substance and feels comfortable in the hand even after prolonged use. The mouse wheel moves in one-click increments which gives an added level of control, but it does not work on glass, so if using a glass desk, a mouse pad will be necessary.

I am someone who likes to twist into a pretzel, so to be able to lay on the floor and type or slouch away from the screen with the keyboard in my lap, is a freedom I greatly appreciate. These are tools I can absolutely get behind and recommend.
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on January 20, 2015
At first seemed like a great idea. Two weeks after purchase, mouse was still working but keyboard was no longer responding. Called Verbatim and they too concluded the product needed replacement after testing the usual reset/replace battery routine...The new combo was delivered pretty timely...but after about 2 too was a piece of crap...So there I call verbatim again...just asking for a refund...since clearly they can't get their act together...only this time they've giving me the runaround...using stalling techniques..."we need to look into this and will call you back"...they never called i call again..."oh we found the duracel batteries don't really work well with the product, try different batteries and call again" (btw they sell the product with duracell batteries included)...3rd time...i just quit...i'm busy at work and don't have time for this sh*t. just took the loss and dumped the keyboard and mouse into a trash can...I buy a lot on amazon...this is my first negative more verbatim ever for me...I actually was trying to give them a zero but looks like there needs a be at least 1 star for the txt box to be available.
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on February 28, 2012
I've purchased and returned four mini-keyboards in the past month. I work online full time, 7 days a week, and this is perfect. The touch is light enough to type over 100wpm and the keys are full size keyboard size. The mouse is responsive and a bit smaller than most most, so more comfortable for daily use. I haven't found any negatives yet. It's also perfect size to slip in my laptop case to carry along wherever I go. This one's a keeper.
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Size: Mini|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was looking for a mini wireless keyboard to use with my PS3, as well as for when I hook up my laptop to my HDTV. There was no mention of whether or not it was compatible with a PS3 when I received it through the Amazon Vine program, but it looked like exactly what I wanted.

The mouse and keyboard are a glossy, piano black and are sleek and stylish. The optical mouse is slightly smaller than a standard desktop mouse, but still comfortable for my large hands. The keyboard is 12.5" x 5.25" - just large enough to make for comfortable typing, but small enough to be easily portable. Both take 2 AAA batteries, which were even included!

The keyboard has a solid feel, despite it's light weight. It has chicklet-style keys, but without the open space underneath them like many others (Acer in particular). This is good as the open space chicklet keys allows crumbs, etc., to get beneath the keys easily and requires frequent cleaning. There is a slight tactile and audible click to the keys, which I also like. Like the other reviewers, I find it slightly annoying that the keyboard defaults to num lock on, forcing me to remember to turn it off every time using the blue, Fn key toggle and the num lock key.

The wireless usb receiver is the newer, tiny format so it doesn't protrude very much. I really like this because I have broken the older, longer ones accidentally. The receiver comes stored within the mouse, between the two battery slots. Because there is no mention of this in the quick start insert, combined with the tiny size of the receiver, you can easily overlook it. I wish there was a place to store the receiver on the keyboard, though, as its small size makes it easy to lose.

My PS3 instantly picked up the keyboard and so did my laptop running Windows 7. There is an included CD with additional mouse tools and some cool music management tools, too, so it is more versatile than some of the mini keyboards available for the PS3. I'm definitely pleased with it.

If you are looking for a portable keyboard, this mini wireless keyboard/mouse combo by Verbatim performs very well at an exceptionally attractive price.
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Size: Standard|Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a programmer and I spend most of my day on the computer typing. Because of that, I've gotten used to fairly nice keyboards and mice since they tend to perform better and also last longer.

When I got this Verbatim keyboard and mouse, I knew immediately that I wasn't going to use it on any of my dev systems. But, I figured it would work great on a laptop that my wife uses from time to time in a docking station. Honestly, I have to say that the keyboard was surprisingly impressive for the price. I like the feel and I really love that all the delete, insert, and arrow keys are in the traditional placement! This keyboard fits the bill perfectly for a light-use wireless unit.

The mouse, on the other hand, was not as impressive. It is an optical mouse, which puts it at a major disadvantage against comparable laser mice when it comes to tracking. You may feel like an optical mouse tracks just fine - but using a laser mouse for a while will change that opinion. It also only has 3 buttons (I really missed the forward/back buttons) and it felt kind of cheap anyway.

Maybe I'm being a bit hard on the mouse since I'm comparing it to units that probably costs 5 times more - but I guess you get what you pay for.

Overall, I would recommend this kit for someone who is a light computer user and hasn't had problems with the tracking on optical mice. The keyboard is impressive for the price and the mouse works OK.
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