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on October 4, 2011

Nice, compact and connects automatically even during BIOS setup.


1) No LEDs on keyboard for Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock LEDs; optional software creates taskbar indicator row.

2) Always boots with Num Lock ON which will cause logins to fail - there is no indication LED on keyboard.

Quick fix : toggle Num Lock off at each login by pressing Fn-NumLk

Permanent fix : edit registry --- set the HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators value to 0

Shop around ... price ranges from $35 to 60$ on Amazon.

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on August 14, 2013
First the good: the keyboard has a nice feel and is easy for a touch typist. The keyboard is a nice size - small footprint but keys are large enough.

Now the bad:

First, the keyboard eats two AAA batteries every couple of weeks. You will know it's time to change batteries because it starts missing keystrokes or randomly repeating a key you pressed. The computer with the wireless dongle supplied with the keyboard is only three feet max away from the keyboard and it still misses a lot of keystrokes when the batteries start to go.

Second, the mouse is useless. It transmits very poorly to the dongle receiver so you get a very jerky motion of your mouse cursor. It is essentially unusable. I tried fresh batteries but it does not help. The mouse eats batteries even quicker than the keyboard. I am back to using a 10 year old Microsoft wireless mouse.

Don't buy this keyboard and mouse.
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on September 22, 2015
I have been using this keyboard for two years now and I love it (I don't use the included mouse, so this review is just for the keyboard)! I work from home so I use this keyboard all day, every day. All of the keys are still in perfect working condition and the keyboard has never given me any trouble.

This keyboard has a nice compact size, like a mobile Bluetooth keyboard, but the keys are nicely sized so you don't feel cramped. Most uniquely among compact keyboards, this keyboard has all the standard keys and they're in their standard positions (or pretty close). Other compact keyboards tend to leave out some of the auxiliary keys, or move them to non-standard positions, or combine pairs of them on a single key. Watch out for that when buying a compact keyboard!

After two years of heavy daily use I'm still on the original batteries! I have the USB receiver positioned just two feet from the keyboard, which I believe helps ensure the keyboard's reliability and long battery life (a close receiver can better pick up a weak signal). You can buy inexpensive USB extension cords that allow you position the receiver as close as you wish.

The only drawback I have found is the lack of a Caps Lock light. I solved that issue by downloading a free utility called "TrayStatus" (you can find it easily with Google). TrayStatus adds an icon to your Windows system tray (right side of the Taskbar). The icon changes appearance to indicate when the Caps Lock key is toggled. I have TrayStatus set to start automatically on reboot so I never have to think about it.
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on February 28, 2012
I've purchased and returned four mini-keyboards in the past month. I work online full time, 7 days a week, and this is perfect. The touch is light enough to type over 100wpm and the keys are full size keyboard size. The mouse is responsive and a bit smaller than most most, so more comfortable for daily use. I haven't found any negatives yet. It's also perfect size to slip in my laptop case to carry along wherever I go. This one's a keeper.
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on June 19, 2011
I just felt like reporting on how pleasantly surprised I have been with this, since I didn't know Verbatim was famous for input devices, and since I originally chose this purely on price.

This is the only wireless keyboard I've owned recently, so I don't have any comparative data. But here are my observations:

- Battery life: Great! I'm still on its first set, and it's been over a year. Admittedly, it's not connected on a "work" machine where I use it many hours a day. But the optical mouse still has to make a reading periodically even when it is "off", to wake up the PC when it is touched at ANY time, and it has lasted over a year so far.

- Wireless communication distance good enough for a living room PC setup. I have the USB transceiver plugged in to a front port on my PC, and with that it has worked perfectly using the mouse and keyboard from a couch about 8' away, and I've tested it much further back in the room and couldn't find where it would stop working.

And the keyboard has a sleek design - a pure bonus since I originally picked it on price.
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on February 10, 2016
I visit my family for 3+ weeks at a time several times in any given year. The desk I use while I'm here has a keyboard shelf with enough room for the relatively compact wired keyboard I was using, but with barely enough left over to move a compact mouse half an inch in each direction. I found this keyboard and mouse combo.

It fits the bill almost perfectly. There is plenty of room for it and the mouse on my desk, and I have adequate room for mouse movement.

I am an 80ish WPM touch typist, so I'm sensitive to layout and tactile response. Dropping the keypad, which I would never have used anyway, allowed them to keep a nicely spaced layout that keeps the keys where I expect. I'm never hitting the wrong one. Also, the key response when pressed, while perhaps not perfect, is satisfying enough that it does not interfere with my normal typing. I do have to look for the "extra" keys at times (home, end, page up, page down), but different keyboards often have different placements for those, so it's hard to complain about that for this one specifically.

Setup was easy as well - popped in the dongle, turned on the keyboard and mouse and did the connect. I'm using it in no frills, no extra software mode, and it's working fine. I don't have the "fn" key behavior (for keypad mode as well as the extra functions along the fn key row), so I think that would require installation of their software, but so far at least, I'm not missing it.

Also, I do find it does "that thing" I saw mentioned in another review - at computer boot, it's stuck in the fn key mode, so any letters of my password on the fn keypad (e.g., l, i) are being detected as the associated number rather than the letter. Installing the software might also help with that. My fix for the moment is to just bring up the onscreen keyboard at that point and enter my password there.
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on January 20, 2015
At first seemed like a great idea. Two weeks after purchase, mouse was still working but keyboard was no longer responding. Called Verbatim and they too concluded the product needed replacement after testing the usual reset/replace battery routine...The new combo was delivered pretty timely...but after about 2 too was a piece of crap...So there I call verbatim again...just asking for a refund...since clearly they can't get their act together...only this time they've giving me the runaround...using stalling techniques..."we need to look into this and will call you back"...they never called i call again..."oh we found the duracel batteries don't really work well with the product, try different batteries and call again" (btw they sell the product with duracell batteries included)...3rd time...i just quit...i'm busy at work and don't have time for this sh*t. just took the loss and dumped the keyboard and mouse into a trash can...I buy a lot on amazon...this is my first negative more verbatim ever for me...I actually was trying to give them a zero but looks like there needs a be at least 1 star for the txt box to be available.
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on January 3, 2017
Nice compromise between a keyboard and a mouse if you don't want to use 2 USB slots. The keyboard is crisp with well-separated keys. It fits neatly on top of my 13 inch convertible when it is plugged into my monitor without hanging over the edges. It remains solid and doesn't dance when you type. I love Logitech keyboards, but I passed on them because this Verbatim has dedicated Home, PageUp, PageDown and End keys. The Logitechs make you use two hands for these -- one to hold down the Function key and the other to hit the intended keystroke.

The mouse has an on/off switch, but the keyboard does not. Both use two AAA batteries which are included.
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on July 7, 2016
It took me almost 5 hours to get the keyboard to work with my PC (Windows 7, 16GB memory, 700GB hard drive). The mouse worked fairly quickly, within 3 or 4 tries (i.e., connect and reboot). But this keyboard drove me nuts. Even now, every time I shut down, the keyboard has to be guided through the connection process again - it does not work at all until I use the "On Screen keyboard" that's available on Windows to log into my PC. Then, I have to press the 'connect' button on the keyboard and it will eventually start working.
I've have other wireless keyboards (Microsoft and Logitech) that do not have this issue -- they just simply work as they should when I boot up the PC. The only reason I got this keyboard was due to the smaller size that I needed.
Like I said, the mouse is OK. But I wouldn't recommend this product due to the keyboard issues.
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on September 19, 2012
Did not work. I replaced the batteries, held the button down for 20 seconds, tried a different computer. Nothing would recognize the mouse. It is also a very small mouse which can be good for travel. But it had such a cheap look and feel to it, I doubt it would hold up very long. I also had a hard time of getting the USB connector out. There is very little space to grab hold of the USB connector when batteries are in the mouse.

It worked out of the box; however, it was like the Fn key was being held down. If I pressed the Fn key, I could type normally but when the Fn key wasn't pressed it would use the keyboard shortkeys. I was looking for a small keyboard that could withstand traveling, but this keyboard felt as cheap as the mouse.

Customer Support:
I contacted customer support to find out what I could do to fix things. For the mouse, they told me to repeat the steps that I had already gone through by myself, but still didn't work a second time. For the keyboard, they told me to disable the Fn numpad, but that still didn't fix my issues with the Fn key being locked. All the other Fn keys were still active, and now in order to use the numpad, I would have to turn it back on.

Needless to say, I returned the product and upgraded to a Logitech. This combo is not worth it. My advice is to spend an extra $10 and upgrade to a Logitech.
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