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on March 2, 2017
I got this for a trip because its slightly smaller than my regular keyboard, yet is still a full size keyboard. I tried it out for about 60 seconds and the keys worked and the mouse moved around on the screen. Before I even tried that though, I noticed two huge problems. First, there is nowhere to stick the USB dongle when not in use. It doesn't go in the mouse, it doesn't go in the keyboard (though there is some very obvious open space which could have been made into a compartment. Second, nothing has an off button. Its a short trip and I am not popping batteries, but its so weird having that red laser light on in my bag. I am not even sure that I'll take it with me now. Those two items are not insurmountable, but weighing them against the size of my regular keyboard... its a bit of a tossup. I'll update after the trip.

It was terrible. The thing is heavier than my larger keyboard and the batteries and usb dongle were a pain to deal with. I just got a Logitech K360 and it looks like that will fit my needs much much better. It seems to be smaller, lighter, have a place to store the USB dongle and the thing has an off switch. I'm lowering my rating from 3 *s to 1 because I'm more disappointing now than I was before actually working with it.
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on March 15, 2017
The keyboard is responsive and easy to use. There's no indicator light for the "CapsLoc" key. I'm used to having one on my keyboard, so have made a few typos by hitting the "CapsLoc" accidentally. Guess it will take some time getting used to. The mouse is easier for me to use because I've had carpel tunnel surgery and sometimes my hand get sore from holding other mouse designs.
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on February 4, 2015
This keyboard and mouse combo is my long-time favorite! I own two sets: I purchased my first set when I wanted a lower profile keyboard with a slim mouse. Great for my smaller hands. I fell in love with them and I still love them!
I use the keyboard and mouse combo every day at work at my desktop - intense typing. This combo was purchased at least 6 years ago, and is still performing excellently.
The keyboard is superb. Amazing feel. Slick, "piano black", with low profile. The mouse is perfect for my hand size, and perfect weight. Great feel. No extra play in the keys or the mouse, and especially important to me - they are quiet!
I loved my first set so much I purchased a second set for home. My whole family loves it! Second set purchased at least 5 years ago and still going strong.
The ONLY problem with long term use is the letters on the most used keys have worn/chipped off. Such a bummer - but I know what keys I'm using anyway.
There is a reason this combo has been out this long, and is not sold for cheap. It's a great product!
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on February 20, 2017
I enjoy using it. No frills, but there is enough noise and mechanical oomf for feedback. Cheap and wireless works well. I gamed with it (Overwatch), and there was no lag, that I could tell, keypress to keypress.

My one gripe about it, which I'm not even sure is fair, is that the keys aren't as tight as a Mac keyboards (you can wiggle them around a bit). For the price, I don't think I can't expect that. If it had that tightness, though, plus all of the other things that make this keyboard great (wireless, feedback, price), it would be exceptional. It's a great keyboard.
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on March 12, 2015
The mouse keeps freezing up and the only way to recover is a restart.

I looked at the other reviews, and, aside from the fact that all too many of them were for another product altogether (nice going Amazon), most were happy with the product. So, I didn't want to give it a 1-star rating - assuming my issue is somewhat isolated - especially since aside from the flaw, I really like the keyboard - feel and such is great, and I really like the mouse - low profile and large footprint fit my hand to a tee. So I bumped my 1-star up to a 3-star, so that it doesn't reflect poorly on the seller, TEKENVY, who gets 5-stars for their response.

If it worked, it would be great.
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on June 19, 2011
I just felt like reporting on how pleasantly surprised I have been with this, since I didn't know Verbatim was famous for input devices, and since I originally chose this purely on price.

This is the only wireless keyboard I've owned recently, so I don't have any comparative data. But here are my observations:

- Battery life: Great! I'm still on its first set, and it's been over a year. Admittedly, it's not connected on a "work" machine where I use it many hours a day. But the optical mouse still has to make a reading periodically even when it is "off", to wake up the PC when it is touched at ANY time, and it has lasted over a year so far.

- Wireless communication distance good enough for a living room PC setup. I have the USB transceiver plugged in to a front port on my PC, and with that it has worked perfectly using the mouse and keyboard from a couch about 8' away, and I've tested it much further back in the room and couldn't find where it would stop working.

And the keyboard has a sleek design - a pure bonus since I originally picked it on price.
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on March 3, 2013
This is a pretty nice looking and functioning keyboard/mouse wireless combo. It is plug and play easy set up. Works very well. No problems detected while typing or using the mouse. I do think that the mouse is too flat. It needs to be more rounded at the top, however, I am getting used to it. The box also contained a CD with software that shows caps lock, scroll lock, numbers lock, on screen as there are no lights on the keyboard for that. The software also displays battery state on both the keyboard and the mouse. After installing the software these items are displayed in a box on the right lower portion of the screen. The box containing this information is rather large and in my opinion is not worth the trouble to display it. I also had my computer lock up several times after installing the software, but once I removed the software everything was fine. So I would suggest not using the software, it is not required for normal operation. I was using a Microsoft 800 combo before this unit, and I like the size, looks, and action of this keyboard much more. I recommend this item....

3/5/13 - A problem has developed since I wrote this review. Sometimes the mouse or keyboard will not wake my desktop computer from "sleep". When this happens I am still able to wake the computer from sleep using the computer start button. This problem is happening about 10% of the time. I have used several other wireless keyboards and mice and have never had this problem. Not a deal breaker, but annoying......
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VINE VOICEon July 8, 2010
This pair replaces the keyboard that came standard with a Dell desktop, and a Logitech wireless mouse that was new in 2002 that eats batteries. Both are great improvements. The keys are standard sized and type crisply. The mouse is super-sensitive, as another reviewer mentioned, and I love it. I hope the battery gobbling days are gone. I cannot believe the quality for the modest price for the pair. Installation instructions were easy to follow, and the process took about ten minutes.
April 9, 2011--I have been using this since July, and have not had to replace the batteries in the mouse, yet. Problem solved!
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on December 20, 2013
I'm just entering the realm of couch-computing and wanted an affordable wireless keyboard/mouse combo. After un-boxing and testing this last night (12/20/13) for a few hours I've noted the following:

-Max range was less than 5 feet from my PC.
-The mouse was jumpy, even within 1' of the receiver.
-When speed typing, there was a slight lag which would result in a few missed letters.
-No indicators of Caps engaged, aside from the on-screen aid. (I was aware of this prior to buying, but didn't realize how much it would bug me.)

Now, I've got a few wireless devices operating in my house so I don't know if this contributed to the lag I experienced but that shouldn't have been a factor within a foot of the receiver. "You get what you pay for" which means I'll be returning this and dropping an extra $40 for something more quality. I wouldn't recommend this for any type of gaming. The only positives are it's minimalist design and key feel.
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on October 1, 2011
EDIT 7/17/15 WELL I AM BACK AGAIN GOING TO ORDER ANOTHER MINI VERBATIM KEYBOARD ..JUST LOVE THIS KEYBOARD!! I am ordering one for a new tower and printer set up in my room I have not used any other keyboard since i wrote this original review in 2011 and I see no reason to switch to another Brand ORIGINAL REVIEW I am a keyboard junkie..i buy them randomly all the time..but i wonder now why i dont just buy this one and forget the rest..i actually received mine from Santa 2 years i didnt even buy has become my favorite is so worn the letters are barely visible anymore bc i use it on my writing and work computer...the keys are the absoulutely easiest most comfortable keys i have ever experienced..and even more than has not broken down or had any flipped out keys no matter how much coffee or soda pop i have spilled on the keys..its like a miracle keyboard for me..i cannot comment on the mouse bc i always use a laptop mouse..but the mouse might be a great product as well...i am so impressed over the past couple years ..that i am actually going to buy a few of these keyboards for Christmas presents this year..try wont be disappointed i am sure!!!
EDIT 2/10/12 Just here to edit my original review and say i Double LOVE this keyboard!!! after this Christmas i put them on all my computers and am also using some with the mouse..and the mouse is Great! so here is the reason for my update edit..just yesterday i awoke to a keyboard disaster..i had accidently left almost a full glass of water next to my keyboard and gone to sleep..while sleeping of my naughty cats knocked over the water drenching my keyboard..i mean it was soaked..i dont know how long the water was on and in the keyboard..bc i was asleep when this happened..but the minute i saw it ..i took the keyboard..turned it over and shook out all the water i could..then i dried it as best i could with paper towels..then the Test..i googled naughty cats..and Wonder of Wonders..the keyboard worked just fine!!! no keys doing weird keys not just like brand new..i have been using it full time today and yesterday and no perfectly..and i have had spills before ..even coffee and cream spills but nothing this large..i mean it was soaked..and still it works like a the day i took it out of the box..i wish All products were this now i Double Love this keyboard!! couldnt pay me to switch to a diff kind after this incident!!!
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