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on December 11, 2014
What can be said about this spectacular saga that hasn't been said before? One of the very
few series that competes with the best films in history for achievement in cinematic storytelling.
Like a great novel slowly unfolding, it's funny, heartbreaking, incredibly tense, deeply disturbing.

A nebbishy high-school science teacher finds he has lung cancer, so becomes a meth dealer to
make money for his family before his death. Often visually stunning, with a breathtaking
performance by Brian Cranston in the lead, and great work from all the supporting roles,
this portrait of a man's decent into hell couldn't be much better, and it just grows darker and
more disturbing each year.

In a way, thematically it recalls "The Godfather I and II" in how that epic charts Michael's journey
from innocence to darkness, along with the moral murkiness of the endless drive for money
and success - how we lose ourselves, so that succeeding and having ever more becomes an
end in itself for which we will pay any price, rather than a route to happiness, trapping us in a
game we can never win.

It may take a few episodes to get into, in this first season there was a lot of groundwork to lay,
but you owe it to yourself to try. This is powerful, important and utterly enthralling stuff.
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on August 24, 2014
This show is such a ground breaker. I don't watch too many TV shows, but this one drew me in right off the bat with one important quality- humor.
While this is a dark show about chemistry teacher Walter H. White breaking bad to cook meth to provide for his family since he has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, there are several funny moments you won't see coming. This kick off season puts the ball in motion and if you don't get hooked, I would be shocked. Even better is that the price of this product is so low as well. Most series want you to pay to even see if the series appeals to you or not but this one invites you right in and the ride never stops. Love this show and as a crime fiction writer, it is straight up my alley. The longer you don't watch this show, the more you are robbing yourself!
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on December 24, 2014
While I am enjoying the show, Sony apparently feels that its paying customers must endure a 5 minute bluray commercial EVERY TIME you try and play the thing. And disable the menu so you can't get right in and watch. The loading time is about 3 or 4 minutes even before the commercial starts. And I am using a recent sony player. Absolutely horrible. Buy a DVD and suffer a little less quality for more speed!
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on June 7, 2010
In the wasteland that is television and most "entertainment media" there are fewer and fewer really shining stars. We are left with two masterpieces of darkly comedic drama. Dexter is one and deserves its own review.

Breaking Bad is the apex of adrenaline-pumping cliff-hangers, with every real-life adventure possible built in. It outshines and pales anything else on TV, with the exception of Dexter.

Breaking Bad is built on a plausability-factor that works in the real world, if at its most extreme.

It laces the most perfect syncronicity into every plot and each and every plot realates to each and every previous as well, no doubt, as all plots to come.

I end every episode recovering my breath and uttering "My God, that was good!"

If they were to produce 26, or even 52 episodes per season, it wouldn't be enough. Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston and their wonderful cast tear my heart out, make me furious, and leave me feeling compassion for the most flawed group of characters imaginable with every episode...Though fewer, as the series intensifies, there are also incredible laughs to be found.

Breaking Bad is life lived on levels none of us can imagine for ourselves, but know, could happen to any of us with one wrong turn or one cruel twist of fate.

Bravo to a true masterpiece of entertainment! I am in awe of a perfect work in the making.

If you have not watched Breaking Bad from the beginning, it is the only place to start. Buy season one, and just keep going! You will have no regrets, and you will experience the very best any media has to offer in truly imaginative entertainment.
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on March 7, 2015
I never watched "Breaking Bad" until some time after it ended. And I ONLY checked it out because as its final episode drew to a close, so many people - from so many radically different walks of life - had ranted and raved about it They weren't just saying it was a great show, but that it was the greatest show ever written. I tuned in with all manner of objections, both morally and artistically (artistically because the evolution of Walter White just sounded so implausible). What reeled me in from the first episode was how strongly I felt Walter White. I didn't particularly life him and still thought his actions were stupid, but I related so strongly to his circumstances and emotional constitution that I was willing to follow his story anyway.

Watching Walter slowly break out of his mold was at times emotionally satisfying (like when he confronted the kids in a clothing store who were mocking his son) - if not somewhat pat - while at other times his transformation was truly unexpected and downright terrifying.

I think the coolest part for me of Season 1 is when Walter scared the stuffing out of the hard core drug lord Tuco Salamanca. "This is not meth" should go alongside famous Samuel L. Jackson quotes in "Pulp Fiction." I loved how Walter won the respect of Tuco and his crew and then went to his car and had a hissy fit trying to fight back his fear.

This was clearly a labor of live for the creator/producer/directior/screenwriter, as well as the actors who signed on. I am now hooked and look forward to the next season.

Go ahead and count me in for Season 2 - I'm hooked.
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on March 6, 2016
Viewing Season 1 of the show was very interesting and I was looking forward to streaming the other episodes but I was put off after seeing that although I'm a prime subscriber that the subsequent episodes are not free for streaming to prime members. I think that charging members who have already paid for prime subscription is absurd and while I'm anxious to and wanted very much to view the following episodes, I'm not going to pay for something that should be free not only me, but to other prime subscribers.

Breaking Bad I found to be very provocative and I can see why it was so popular and won so many awards. I'm very sorry that I won see the remaining episodes.
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on December 9, 2014
I loved the first episode but disappointed to know that Amazon censored some of the episodes. I bought the entire series but I refuse to watch it. I wished that Amazon had indicated somewhere during purchase that it was censored.
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on September 26, 2013
After watching Dexter and Homeland, I needed a replacement pacifier so I ordered Breaking Bad. Man, was I really glad I did!
Aaron and Bryon ( two main acting characters) are off the chart GREAT! This show has got to be one of the best real to life shows on the air
right now. I know the Hollywood writers keep us entertained a lot but this has got to be one of those shows that does a gear
shift in our thinking on what's going on in the world let alone tweak our morality a bit as to "why" we are watching, . . Breaking Bad. Hahaha.
It's really a good series. Our backs are against the wall, we get diagnosed with a disease and we love our family. So what
does a good loving husband do to counter a situation that seemingly will leave his spouse and cripple son in a bad spot? He
steps into Haedes and ruins his life and reputation. Kind of poses a question to us all with all the fees, taxes, health reform and
monetary calamity we see in our society these days. Breaking Bad is a "Very" good show.
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on October 11, 2013
I'm coming to this whole party a little bit late. I have a somewhat unusual situation to report: I was primary caregiver for a dad who passed from cancer.

Right around the time this show started back in '08 or so, was when it was all starting to come down for us. I think I watched a few of the first episodes actually together *with* my dad, and he felt it was hitting too close to home, too painful to watch. I had a lot of work to do taking care of him, so I basically didn't have much time for appointment television back then, and I eventually forgot about the show.

Well, here it is, the ending season of the show, and I've watched almost none of it. I really felt left out, hearing people talk about this on Twitter and FB, so I felt like now that I have the time, I'll go back and catch up.

Well, I'm really glad I did, and I think I'm in for the duration. This show deserves a place amongst the greatest shows in modern tv history, it's so well done.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2010
Teachers do the most interesting things these days and teaching doesn't seem to be one of them. Breaking Bad is an about a Chemistry Teacher who learns he has lung cancer. He wavers on treatment but doesn't waiver on learning a new line of work to help his family after he is gone. It's called drug dealing and he makes crystal meth. He even enlists a former student and high school dropout to help him in his new endeavor. The show is absorbing and very interesting. It is low key and not showy but doesn't hesitate to see humor in the man's predicament. His wife is pregnant with their second child. Their first child has cerebral palsy. His sister in law is a shop lifter married to a fervent DEA agent. The dropout he ignored in school now becomes his favorite pupil. So much for role models. Good show with a lot going for it.
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