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on January 30, 2012
This is my 3rd Raindrop Fountain - not because they haven't worked, but because I couldn't settle on the style I/my kittens liked best. I started with the black ceramic, but it made finding bits of kibble difficult so I gave it away when the stainless steel version arrived. That version was light weight, but the hard water in Dallas left white deposits that I couldn't get to come off - for me, it needed to look shiny and new - for my little boy kitten, it needed to withstand his putting his metal springs in it... the top portion turned out to be too light and I woke up one morning to a water incident that left the fountain almost out of water, the top part akimbo, and a nice lagoon under the fountain and food bowl. Thankfully I had just switched the may to one that absorbed, so the drama was minimized. I decided I needed to go back to the weight of the ceramic... and stumbled across the white version. SUCCESS! It stays clean looking - I can quickly spot swimming kibble - and spring play does not result in a floor soaking. It is considerably heavier than the stainless version - but if you need a sturdy fountain this could be the one for you!
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on April 3, 2012
I'll keep the review part of this short to make room for the modification... Basically this works great. My cats both drank out of it right away although the older one was a little timid for a few days. Now they both drink quite a bit more water which was the goal. We always feed dry food, canned only comes out once a month or less unless they're sick and need coaxing to eat. With a dry diet they need to have access to lots of water and be encouraged to drink, this product does that.
The Cons: Some water noise and a very small amount of splash over the edge. Enough that I'd put it on a plastic tray if I didn't do the below modification.
The Mod: This mod will cost about $3 and fix both the noise and the splashing. Order this fountain and then go out and buy some Sabra hummus, eat and enjoy, retain lid. (google image search Sabra Hummus) Once you're done take some scissors and cut the lid along the "wave" in the label, discarding the part of the lid with the label. Now trim off about 2/3 of the red rim on the remaining section of lid leaving a tab or hook in the middle. Slip this between the "waterfall" part and the bowl and you're done! For me this solved both the noise and the splash with about two minutes work. (PS, try the Buffalo Wing hummus!)

Four stars because they could have included a part like this in the design and I don't think it should need modification in order to not splash water. Maybe they should include a coupon for hummus?
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on March 22, 2010
This is the first time I've bought a fountain for my cat, and I've done quite a bit of research on them. Though there isnt much information about this fountain online compared to the drinkwell and petmate fountains, I went for this one after seeing what the insides of the other fountains looked like. I wanted to write this review in amazon so others can get a bit more information so they can make an informed choice.

The main advantages that this fountain has over others are:
1. It's CERAMIC. No scratches in the plastic leading to bacteria. No allergies to the plastic, which some cats get.
2. QUIET PUMP. The pump is absolutely silent. There are three settings on the pump and the first one gives no sounds whatsoever. I have it set on the second setting to get the sound of trickling water. The pump is still quet.
3. EASY TO CLEAN. This was the main reason I got this one. The Drinkwell and petmate fountains requires disassembly and cleaning with special brushes. This fountain is only THREE PARTS. The top part where the water flows down, the main bowl, and the pump. Since it's ceramic, I basically set it at the hottest water setting to scrub it down and sanitize. No special brushes, no bleeding knuckles.
4. NO LEAKS. Just because of the way this fountain is designed (top ceramic dish sits on top of the main bowl), there is no way it can possibly leak. Unless you crack the ceramic dishes, of course!
5. It's pretty.

The only thing I wonder about the other fountains is whether or not my cat would like the waterfall-type fountains. My cat seems to like to drink out of the part where the water comes out of the pump more than out of the bowl. Nevertheless, he gets fresh water and seems to enjoy it.

So far, I'm satisfied with the fountain, and my cat seems to like it, too. As for the pump, I'll have to see how long it lasts.
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This is the second drinking fountain we have purchased for our two cats, and have been very pleased. The first fountain gave out on us after a year, but it was completely our fault since we did not maintain it properly. The filters are not too expensive, but do seem to be functioning well. The cats definitely seem to prefer drinking out of this fountain since it keeps the water moving.

My only complaints would be the finicky nature of the pumping mechanism as it is difficult to align the spout directly underneath the opening on the upper piece to get the water to flow correctly. The noise can also be a little annoying, since once the water drops below a certain level you will start to hear the trickling.
review image
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on April 23, 2017
The motor died after under 50 hours of use, and the fountain itself is trash: designed to spill. The instructions specified keeping the water no more than 0.5" below the lip of the bowl - the exact level at or above which the fountain overflows, soaking even the bath mat I had put it on within moments. On top of this obvious issue, the whole thing is poorly designed: hard to put together, with a motor that barely fits in its casing because it was obviously designed by a third party company, a coed insert that makes moving it take 50% longer than necessary, and generic instructions that apply to all of Pioneer Pets products but give little to no information as to the functioning of this one. I regret this purchase more deeply than almost any I have made.
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on January 1, 2011
Let me first start with the fact that pet fountains in general are much healthier for your pets than standing water. If you are like me and don't change out your pets water daily, fountains are a must since they help constantly filter water and minimize bacteria and mold from the water. Plus, I hate the taste of tap water, why shouldn't I expect my cats to also find it less than desirable.

I have owned several different types of pet fountains pretty much since they came out over 10 years ago. And anyone who owns pet fountains knows one of the biggest pains is cleaning them. The major two leaders in the market the Drinkwell and Petmate Fresh Flow seem to dominate the market making finding filters easy. They are great, personally I found the Petmate's quieter than the Drinkwell, that and the cats seem to prefer drinking the water pouring down the slope design of the Petmate than the water tricking down the spout of the Drinkwell. The Drinkwell also didn't last as long as my two Petmates (both the large and regular size still work after some 3-5 year respectively). I also own the Hagen CatIt Fresh & Clear, which has water trickling down the sides of a dome bubble, which one of my cats loves. (Don't recommend attaching the side food bowl to the CatIt, it increase the amount of food that ended up in the water than just leaving it unattached and setting it a few inches off to the side).

So you are probably wondering why I recently ordered the Pioneer Pet Fountain when I own three other usable fountains. The answer is maintenance. The plastic water fountains must be cleaned completely by hand. They cannot be put in the dishwasher, because dishwashing detergent (doesn't matter the kind) leaves a residue on plastic, which is porous, that can be unhealthy for pets after extended use and cause water to taste like the cleaning product. Plus it is very difficult to get water scale build-up off of plastic. Yes, the water in pet fountains constantly is being recirculated, but if you think about your bathtub or toilet which gets fresh water there still builds up a ring at the top of the water level. Well I've found our water has the same problem with the pet water filter. And attempting to get it off the plastic can be difficult since again detergents you might normally use to help will leave a residue. So, I bought (received as a present from my wish list) this Ceramic Pet Fountain. Both the stainless steel variation and the ceramic one can safely be put in the dishwasher and are safe enough to run sanitizing option without concern to the plastic breakdown or melting near the heating unit. Thus making cleaning the unit easier. However, I must note that you will still need to clean the pump and pump housing by hand since they are plastic, but a small fist size item is much easier to clean than the whole unit.

* Easier to clean

* Heavy so it makes it much harder to tip over

* Cleaner design, allows pets who want to drink from moving water to do so without having stretch neck the water standing water reservoir (think of it from a cat's view rather than a larger dog)

* Fresh constantly filtered water for pets, without having to change out the water daily

* Ceramic one is black and there is a stainless steel one which may match someone's kitchen appliance themes (yes I realize some people care about this kind of stuff).

* Reminds me of a small toilet bowl with a cover for water to run down (sounds exactly like one when you hit the two ceramic pieces together)

* Much louder than the Petmate, about the same loudness of the trickling water as the Drinkwell (can be irritating to some people if their fountain is anywhere near their main living areas listening to water dripping constantly, it will be peaceful to others)

* In my opinion I would not find it suitable for medium or large dogs, the fountain only holds about 36 ounces of water, and if your dog doesn't like drinking the bubbling water the area to drink from the other water is only about 6-7 inches wide. So your larger dog would constantly be licking the top piece as they drank.

* No reservoir add-on available. Unlike the Petmate, you cannot just simply slide on an attachment which holds more water.

* The ceramic one is black, which can make it difficult for people to see the water level to know if they put too much water in, or need to add water (easier to listen to the sound of the water).

* Still have to wash some of the pieces (pump and pump housing) by hand so not completely dishwasher safe

* Same as any pet water filter, the cost of the filters can add up. And unlike fish filters you cannot just add carbon and fiber to a snap together unit. I suppose one could try, but the filter housings in this unit are fused together.

* The ceramic unit will be much easier to break if you drop it while cleaning it (Trust me I've dropped the others a few times when hands have gotten wet)

* Unlike the Petmate variation, there is no adjustment to how fast the water is pumped (ie. Bubbles on the top). There is only one speed which is fast, this has caused one of my cats to have a harder time adjusting to the unit (he's the one that loved the PetIt which has a slower and quieter trickling over the dome than any of the units I've tried)


While I've only owned it for a short time over all I'm happy with the unit so far despite the cons I've listed above. I just wanted to be honest to the shortcomings, since I know they can be big issues for some people. And as we know companies are far less likely to mention them. Wouldn't you rather know what some people have experienced before spending over $40. I hope this review helps.

Update: We have now owned this fountain for almost 11 years and I'm still happy with it. In all this time we have only had to replace the filters. I'm still using the original dish, pump, and casing. So in all this time what have I experienced & learned?
* There have been NO cracks nor other damage to the fountain. I treat them as I would any other dish such as my Corningwear or Pyrex, neither excessively forceful nor gentle.
* The softer rubber tubing gasket that connects the pump casing to the top ceramic piece is still in good condition with no sign of drying out or breaking down. I recommend that for those buying this fountain or the larger one to invest in a baby bottle brush with the nipple brush to help clean this rubber tubing as well as the pump. This can help clean out any additional slime or food buildup from items.
* Recommend not placing food dish directly next to water bowl, this goes with any fountain, but I've noticed that my cats even though their food dish is on the other side of the kitchen still manage to drop uneaten dry food into their water dish. This helps lead to the need for more frequent cleanings.
* Make sure your cat has access to either the top flowing part or the main dish, one of my cats only drinks from the top bubbling part of the fountain whereas the other prefers the main storage area.
* Several people have complained about leakage, they are over filling their bowls. The way the fountain is designed there is an access tube that allows for the power cord to the pump to exit the dish from underneath the top part of the dish making it difficult to judge if you have put too much water in so that the water also exits this tube especially once the water starts flowing. I recommend using the bottom lip of the top piece as a guide. Fill the main part of the dish until the water level is about ¼ of an inch under this lip. If you are concerned about leaking, put a puppy pad or dish drying mat under the fountains to save your floors just in case.
* Oh, and one of the cons I published previously, I was corrected and have since found the adjustment slide on the front of the pump to adjust the water flow. You can open it all the way and allow for stronger flow of water (note more noise), or slide the lever over to lower the amount of water the pump will take in at a time and thus lowering how fast the water flows and noise level.
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on January 31, 2017
This thing is a godsend. We have three cats, one of which is old and demands that we continually run water in one of the sinks for him. It took a month, but he finally tried it. Now all three queue up to drink from it. Something about moving water just makes cats happy, and drinking plenty of water helps keep them healthy. They alternate drinking from different parts of it, sometimes preferring the pool but usually the stream and sometimes the fountain up flow part. It did take the old cat about a month to drink from it, but now he loves it. Our semi-outdoor cat took to it immediately, and our inside-only younger cat (he was attacked by a dog and is too dain bramaged to be allowed outside) took about a week. Sometimes two or even all three line up for their turns drinking.

The fountain itself is beautiful and makes a very pleasing sound. I found it easy to properly assemble and dissemble for cleaning, and in two months it has never gotten skewed, made unpleasant noises, or otherwise caused any problems. Visitors comment on it. All in all it's fifty bucks very well spent, and if it were ever damaged we would replace it with exactly the same model.
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on March 20, 2017
Extremely labor intensive. This fountain needs to be cleaned weekly and I mean cleaned! The charcoal fllter elements mix with animal hair to create a sludge that contaminates the fountain bowl, pump housing and pump itself. Taking everything apart including the pump on a weekly basis is not for the busy pet owner, Nor is popping apart plastic electric pump casings and parts to remove muck from a tiny impeller .The filters need to be changed every 2-3 weeks which also makes it a pricey proposition. This fountain looks and operates nicely, but be prepared for a LOT of work.
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on July 9, 2017
Comparing this to the PetMate I've used for years, there are many pros, and only one con so far.

There is almost no motor noise, we've been using it for about 3-4 weeks now. It needs to be filled more often due to not having a reservoir but it is so much easier to fill, that I'm much happier with this method than with the large reservoir on the PetMate. Now, instead of having to take pieces apart and unscrew tops, all I have to do is take a large cup of water across the room and pour it in.

It somehow is smaller than I expected it to be, but I'm really bad at estimating size in my head, so I'm sure it matches whatever it says that the size is in the description.

It is easy to clean, very smooth lines.

The only con in my opinion is that the water makes noise. I could always adjust the rate of water flow from the PetMate to get it to hit the base in a way that it wouldn't splash. I'd have to readjust occasionally, but I could always find the sweet spot. This fountain makes noise like a desktop fountain would. Some people find this soothing. My husband and I do not, that is the only reason it dropped from 5 stars to 4. I guess another con (if I hadn't planned for it) is that it splashes a bit onto the floor around it. However, I planned for this in advance and bought a silicon mat for it to sit on, so the water doesn't actually hit the floor, just the mat that was intended for this purpose.

One of my four cats was immediately interested, and he has tried out the fountain from all different angles, drinking from the spout, as well as the pool, and this fountain is definitely using water faster than the PetMate now, so I believe it is preferred among my felines over the PetMate.

All in all, I'm happy, I just wish I could get it to stop the trickling noise.
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on February 17, 2017
Cats immediately took to this fountain. I love that it has a high lip (rarely seeing food dropped in it) and that the water effect is quiet. There is no pump noise which is incredible.

I like that both the pump and the filers can be bought separately!

I was a LITTLE bummed when no filter was delivered when I bought the fountain though. so. be aware. Buy a filter when you buy this fountain!
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