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on June 21, 2010
I have been looking at all-in-ones casually for the last couple of years. After considerable research, I purchased the MX870. My old printer, a HP I purchased in 2000, still works well. With that in mind, here is what I was looking for in this purchase:

- Primarily, I was looking for a good scanner that could also replace my existing printer should it fail since it is so old.
- Easy to use scanning software
- Duplex scanning was desired
- Duplex printing was desired
- Separate ink for each color
- The ability to print in B&W even if a color ink is out
- Print speeds were not a concern - this is for home use
- Print quality was not much of a concern either - I haven't had a color cartridge for my current printer for 4 yrs
- I don't print photos, so printing on photo paper/borderless printing/etc. are not attributes I researched (in my opinion, it is just easier and cheaper to upload them to a service and have them sent to you. In the rare instances I need pictures sooner than that, I go to CVS, which I think is still cheaper than printing from home.)

So far the MX870 has lived up to my expectations.
- Set up was very easy. I would say it took 30 minutes, including unboxing and setting up the wireless (and I was taking my time).
- Scanning has been great. It scans really well from the feeder, and there are very easy to access options for color, dpi, etc. Last night I scanned a 25 pg document, front and back, and had no issues.
- The software does not seem to be a resource hog. You can select exactly what you want to install on the CD (just drivers, scanning software, photo software, etc). I think this is great. For my laptop and desktop, I needed the scanning software, but was able to opt out of installing the photo software for now. For my netbook, I can easily just install the drivers, and none of the other software.
- The scanning software is light on resources and easy to use. You scan something in, a window pops up so you can review it, rename it, etc. Couldn't be easier.
- Print quality is fine. I have it set to print fast duplex by default and this results in a product that works for me. In the 4 days I've had it, I haven't tried to print it on normal or best quality, so I cannot speak to those results, but judging by the quality of the fast, I would assume it would work for most home users.
- Copy is easy - no complaints.
- Print speed is a little slow. As I stated above, I've only printed on Fast, but this printer's fast is definitely not any faster than my old HP - even with duplex printing turned off. If speed is critical, this may not be your best bet. For most home users I would suspect it prints fast enough for general use.

I'll quickly mentioned the competition. Based on the criteria above, I was very seriously considering three other printers:
(1) The HP 6500 wired for $150 or wireless for $200
(2) The HP 8500 Pro wired for $200 wireless for $260
(3) The Brother MFC 6490CW - $200 on sale at Office Depot, regularly $300

(1) I decided against the HP 6500 wired because for $50 more you got wireless and duplex printing/scanning. I decided against the 6500 wireless because for $200, I could get the 8500 - from HPs better printer line - which even though it was wired, had more features and a higher quality scanner.

(2) I decided against the HP 8500 despite the fact that it is: (1) recommended by CNET, (2) discounted through my employer, (3) I have enjoyed my current HP for a decade. The reason I did this was simply because there are just too many bad reviews. I know there are a lot of reviews for it - almost double the amount there are for this printer - but they seem to be too recurring: bad printer heads, failing after a couple months, bad software, driver issues with Windows 7 and XP, and the list just went on. Before buying the HP, I would read not only the reviews on Amazon, but also the reviews on CNET and [...]. After an hour of reading "stay away" and "do not buy!" I imagine you'll be as scared as I was.

(3) I chose the Canon over the Brother because quite simply because it was cheaper on Amazon ($146) than the Brother on sale ($199, currently back to $299 it looks like) and it is much smaller. Both have great reviews all over the web, so without any reason to pick the more expensive Brother, I chose the Canon.

I hope this review helps and I'll update this review if I encounter issues (my expectation is a printer of this cost should last at least 5 years).

--- UPDATE ---
2 of the 3 color inks have now run out and it still prints black/grey with no problems. A definite feature in my book.

After a few months, I am happy to report I still have no issues with this purchase. The trial black ink is just about gone (comes with a small and large black ink tank) but overall, I would say it seems to use black ink efficiently. My history/comparison with color ink is limited so it's harder for me to say there.
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on March 5, 2010
Canon PIXMA MX870 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer (4206B002)

I set up my new Canon Pixma MX870 last night. Took me 30 minutes to setup the printer and install on both my iMac and MacBook. Both Mac's run Mac OS X 10.4.11. I did have a hard time selecting a brand. I normally buy only HP printers but after my last AIO deskjet 6200 decided to breakdown again and the wireless deskjet 6800 worked only 1/2 the time I wanted to try a Canon or Epson. I will admit, I haven't owned a Canon printer since my old bubblejet from 1994. But it lasted until new OS's would no longer support it. I decided to buy the MX870 instead of the MX860 since I have read on several different sites that the 870 solves plenty of issues plagued by Mac users and has a better print speed. I also read that the MX860 was slow to start. Well, my MX870 was pretty quick starting up and gives a quality print. The wireless is awesome. Much easier to install than my last HP. I haven't tried printing any photos just yet. I am happy to see that there are 5 separate print cartridges. This printer is a great value for the money. I will say that if printing high quality photos and CD/DVDs is important to you, you should go for the Epson Artisan 810 instead. However, if you want a quality AIO without breaking the bank, choose the Canon Pixma MX870.
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on April 26, 2010
A very nice All-In-One unit. In my first week with this printer: I faxed a few documents, scanned a few pictures, scanned a 30 page document into a pdf file, copied a 1-sided -> 2-sided document, copied a 2-sided -> 2-sided document, and printed 4x6 and 8x10 photos.

Initial setup was pretty easy. The most difficult part was installing the inks because the cartridge carrier is toward the back of the printer and the lid only opens to about 40 degrees. You need a lot of light to see what you are doing. Once you figure it out, though, snapping in the ink cart is very easy.

My printer is set up for wireless, so Wi-Fi configuration was next. This was also very easy, just picking your network and (in my case) entering your WEP key. The last part was to set up my computer (WinXP) to talk to the printer. Again, very easy because the setup is all driven from a CD program, auto-detecting the printer and installing the drivers. Rinse and repeat the CD for additional computers.

Scanning documents and photos was easiest through the Canon application that gets installed during setup. The app guides you through the various options of scanning single sheets, using the document feeder in single-sided or double-sided mode, and destination file. I scanned photos, single-sided docs, and 2-sided docs with no problems.

Copying documents was even easier, as that can all be done from the printer front panel. Using the panel, I was able to copy a 1-sided document into a 2-sided copy by changing the Standard Copy print options. I was also able to copy a 2-sided doc into a 2-sided copy by changing the Copy Menu from Standard Copy to Two-Sided Copy. It was a little confusing at first, but I got the hang of it.

On my first few dozen document pages, I had an intermittent black smear at the bottom of the pages. That eventually went away and I have not seen it since. I'm not sure if it was because my paper was slightly wrinkled or if the ink had smeared during installation, but it's gone now.

For printing photos, I again used the installed app. It allows very basic photo editing and positioning functions, but nothing fancy. You'll want to use your own application for photo editing, if you are so inclined. You definitely want to change the settings for highest photo quality, as the default settings can produce artifacts.

I've never owned a fax machine, but I've used them many times before. The fax operations seem pretty standard, although they have a nice option to share the phone line by assuming that all calls are voice calls until it hears the fax protocol. This avoids having to switch any settings to allow faxes to come through. I received one fax and it worked just fine. Maybe this line sharing is a standard feature in all fax machines these days, but it was new to me.

Print speed is a little on the slow side, but tolerable. Also, I wish that the paper tray had a higher capacity, but again tolerable. As with many inkjet printers, printing a single-sided document will result in the pages in reverse order in the output tray (but using the Auto-Document Feeder, the original is still in correct order). Interestingly, printing/copying with 2-sided output will result in the document in correct order because each sheet of paper has been flipped over. Regarding the Auto-Document Feeder: make sure that your document is lined up precisely within the page guides, as the feeder can pull in the sheets slightly crooked if you are not careful.

I bought this printer at full price and thought it was a steal. At its current price, it's pretty awesome.
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on May 10, 2010
This is my third all-in-one since the category was introduced in the 1990's. My previous two were both HP. With the purchase of this Canon machine I was replacing an HP C6180 which was 3 years old. The HP machines I've had were both slow and very noisy and the scanning software was buggy. So I was generally dissatisfied with the HP equipment, but the issue that brought about the replacement was a clogged print head. After several support calls with HP, I finally got to a technician who knew enough to conclude the print head was clogged and needed replacement. When I asked for a referral to a repair facility, or the number for an HP repair depot, I was told "These machines are not designed to be repaired, they are designed to be replaced and recycled." I asked to speak to a manager, and when he called back a day later I was told the same thing. So I called the office of the CEO of HP in California, and was referred to another organization who said the same thing. Then I called a local independent printer repair shop and was told "the print heads in the HP all-in-ones are not replaceable, and that I should consider buying a new machine. For want of a $0.10 print head, the entire device had to be scrapped. Now Eco-friendly is that ?!?!?!?

Since I was generally dissatisfied with the HP all-in-one's I had owned I decided to temper my brand bias and research the field and make an informed decision based on other user reviews. This lead me to Epson and Canon. The newer HP equivalent replacement model I tried at an Office Depot and it was as slow and noisy as my previous two HP machines. While there, I looked at the Epson models, and while I liked their photo printing capability, I was more interested in low-duty-cycle printing and not having to scrap the machine when the ink dried out when I was traveling. The Epson machine does not have a replaceable print head, and I had read a review here on Amazon that the Canon machine did have a replaceable print head. So sight unseen, I ordered the Canon.

The reviews are correct when they give high praise to the Canon Pixma line. I have been delighted with the performance and it's significantly less noisy than all the others. What really has impressed me is the scanning with the automatic document feeder - it's flawless. The HP could never scan more than 3 pages with the ADF without the software crashing or the wireless connection faltering and creating errors. With the Canon, it has worked like a dream and in less than an hour I've scanned in twenty years of income tax returns - something that would have taken a day to accomplish with the HP.

Setup was easy and the wireless connection worked from the first try. I've used the machine now to fax, scan, copy and print and I'm very satisfied. During installation I discovered that the print head is indeed separate - you have to install it as part of the ink cartridge installation, and it's offered as a spare part that the user can easily replace. Printing is about twice the speed as the HP machine I tried in the store that's in the same price bracket.

I have not tried using this printer for photo finishing. I have a high end Epson I use for that which handles 11x17 inch media. My guess is the Epson is better for photos because it has more ink colors and they are generally known as the photo printing leader. But the ink cartridges are more expensive to replace since there are more colors involved.

I would also comment that the software for the Canon machine comes with the device and needs installation. I'm using a Mac and support for the Epson and HP machines is part of Snow Leopard operating system. But the software installation was easy and the Apple OS discovered that there was an update for it and downloaded it and installed it automatically without a hitch. The only thing I would like to see added or improved would be an ability to fax directly from the computer (HP supports this, Epson and Canon don't). But this is a minor issue compared with having a machine that in all daily use categories exceeded my expectations by a large margin. It's still is astounding to me that such a useful and functional piece of equipment as this is under $200. After this experience, my brand preference for inkjet office printers/scanners is now Canon.
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We bought this printer November 2010 to use as our everyday printer. It has WIFI and we can connect to it from any of the computers on our network, although the iPad doesn't recognize it from some applications. I think there are applications to make the iPad think it is an air printer, but I haven't followed up on that.

The print quality on plain paper is acceptable. I print images of jewelry making tutorials and the quality is usable. I'm not aware of any printers that do better on plain paper.

The scanner/copier function has been useful. It is easy to scan an image or document to directly print a copy or to save a copy to a computer.

The WIFI connection has been reliable. Ink usage is not excessive. And the printer is still working after five years. It's all good.
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on August 7, 2013
The major selling point for me was the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) on this thing. Load in a stack of papers and this thing will automatically scan them in once you say go. It'll even do duplex scanning (scan the front and back of a sheet). I prefer organizing all of my notes, receipts, whatever as PDFs on my computer and doing away with paper, so this was a HUGE feature for me. The ADF does choke from time to time, pulling in more than one sheet, but the time it has saved when it works flawlessly has been great.

It is also a great printer. I use it mainly for printing documents and not photos and it has excelled in this regard. I printed a few photos on regular office paper and it worked out pretty well. I suspect if I threw in some photo paper I could get some pretty good results.

I haven't had a landline for ages, so I can not attest to its abilities as a fax machine.

The wireless printing feature is very, very nice. I got it up and running on our home network in no time.

The included scanning software (MP Navigator) is clunky and a little cumbersome to use. Yet, it gets the job done.

When this thing bites the dust, I'll replace it with whatever the latest version Canon has of it. Highly recommend.
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on November 17, 2012
Bought in September 2010. Still working fine after over two years. Bought another for the other end of the house.

I have very few complaints, but some caveats: I use only the wired network connection. I print a fair amount, scan some, and only rarely fax. Printing is mostly text with some color, occasional illustrations on plain paper, and rarely photographs. I always drive scans from the computer, never standalone or initiated from the device. I can't really comment on other variations.

I like that nothing sticks out when you've got it all closed up.

I really like that the door opens automatically when you print.

Outgoing fax software functionality is minimal - no cover sheet, for instance.

It would be nice if the top was completely covered when you're not using the ADF, so that it would be safe (well, safer) to put stuff on top of it.

It would be nice if there was a "draw from rear tray if there's anything there, else draw from the cartridge" mode, so that I could leave it set that way all the time and then just put in specialty paper when I need it.

It's awkward and unobvious how to set up the software to allow use of two of these printers.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy or recommend the current version of the product.

[ Jan 2015 ]
Both are still OK. My biggest complaint is that Costco seems to have stopped carrying the appropriate ink cartridges.

[ Sep 2017 ]
One has started to have problems with magenta. (On the head test print, one of the magenta bars is simply missing.) I need to take it in for service. Alas, newer versions do not have the rear feed tray or I would just buy a new one - these are >5 years old.

The other is still running well.

Costco *does* still carry the ink, and will refill it.
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on June 19, 2014
Bought this in 2011. It just died, 6/2014 and it is probably the power source. Overall, I liked the look of it and the functions offered. Never used it wireless and maybe scanned a couple times. So what did I use, mostly document printing. Just home use amounts, not that much, maybe 50 copies/month. That leads to my biggest complaint; ink usage. Before you knew it, the "ink low" alert would pop up. Plus, there is all that grunting and whirling and waiting to print out a "fast" greyscale one page document; it takes minutes. Ridiculous. There should be a way to turn off all this maintenance that all current printers are doing before they even print out one page.

There wasn't a great interface when faxing, never could find out how to make a cover page on the computer and add it. The old HP OfficeJet had a central icon where you could pick out anyone of several functions (think it was called HP Director) and that was easy.

Anyway, I miss the footprint and looks but not the actual cost of ink and time of printing. (Once it started actually printing it was quick.) After research went with another HP Officejet Pro 8610. Supposed to be the best in the ink department. So far, so good. Fast and easy setup (went wireless this time) and already have done remote printing.
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on May 14, 2010
(note: I copied this review (my review) from when i reviewed it on canon's actual site. No point in making a new review, just don't want someone to think i'm a marketer or canon employee if they see this elsewhere)

This is my first and only All in one photo ink jet printer so its hard for me to compare to anything else. However, regardless whether or not I have something to compare it to, I can say that I am more than happy with my product.

I've had it for only a few days now, but i've already put it through you know what trying to test out numerous features and settings as well as using different products (trying different photo papers, etc.). So far, I can not find even one complaint. It prints brilliant photos ( I have noticed, photo paper brand makes a very noticeable difference as well), performs excellent scans and copying / faxing functions as well as it could.

I love the design of the mx870. When your not using it, everything closes up making a nice neat little package, unlike some other models where trays are popping out left and right. I also LOVE the "gun metal" color. It looks very sleek.

The wireless connectivity is just awesome and setting up the wireless connection was EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Took less than 5 minutes.

Another important note is that so far, the ink really seems to last. I've already printed NUMEROUS photos, all at max quality (most ink used), including many 8.5 x 11" photos (which use a lot of ink due to sheer size), and the ink levels still say they are full!!!! Maybe too good to be true, hope its not a faulty ink level indicator lol (I doubt it).

Quality seems great. They made it very functional. When you open the printer to access the print head and ink etc, a handy little kickstand pops out and keeps it open for you to free up your hands. There are handy little red lights that light up when you install ink correctly. I guess I do have one complaint in this area though (if I HAD to nitpick); when your done placing something to scan and you go to close the bed, at first glance there seem to be some nifty "gas shocks"(?) that gently let the bed fall back down. This is a great and convenient idea, HOWEVER, not implemented entirely well because they work great right up until the last inch or so of closing at which point they "give out" and the bed slams shut. It's possible mine could just be defective. Either way, its really a small complaint because I just gently assist the closing with my hands anyway, no big deal.

The on screen display is well suited, and easy to use. As gimmicky as it sounds, I even like the blue light up WIFI logo when you're wirelessly connected, just sort of looks cool.

Finally, the included software is really good considering its simplicity. I have photoshop CS4 extended which will obviously blow any other photo tools out of the water. HOWEVER, i still constantly find myself using the included software instead! This is because it has really SIMPLE/QUICK but at the same time EFFECTIVE tools such as face smoothing. Just click a button, and the program automatically finds faces and helps smooth out wrinkles, or other imperfections. It's quite a noticeable improvement, sort of how Nancy Pelosi was airbrushed for that magazine cover and she looked 20 years younger. It may sound cheesy, but once you use it and see how simple it is, I can't imagine printing photos without it.

Now this isn't a complaint, just something I can hope for in the future. Having a wireless printer is handy, but it would be even more AMAZING if Canon could come up with a way to make the fax wireless. I don't see how this could be hard. Maybe wirelessly send the fax to the computer and have the computer dial out using the internet? Another option would be, considering most people have digital phone service nowadays through their modem, the printer could again wirelessly send the fax to the router which is already connected to the modem containing the phone line for digital phone service. With today's technology, having the fax be wireless as well should be AN EASY problem to solve. This would make their printer TRULY WIRELESS and would be a class leader (though, I must say I would buy a whole new printer just to have such a feature, which is bad for my bank account).

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to be as descriptive as possible and cover all angles for any people considering this printer.

One final note. Before I settled on this printer, I must have researched and compared other all in ones for 3 days or more. In the end all that research pointed to this printer, and now that I have received it and tested it, I can confirm it. Other potential printers included "somethingpro 8500" (not allowed to say actual name, but you get the idea). That thing is more than 2.5 times more expensive and lacks many of the mx870's features. Point is, not only is this printer great, its VERY WELL PRICED. I would have paid twice as much as or more after testing this thing out. Can't believe I picked this thing up for only (not allowed to say here, but i assure you its a really great price when compared to similar products) with free shipping (shop around and you'll find it, substantially lower than MSRP).


(as overly positive as this review seems, I PROMISE YOU I am NOT working for canon. I normally don't even review items, but when I'm this pleased I want to spread the word. ENJOY!)

PROTIP: From my experience so far, get the printworks gloss photo paper over HP's 5 star version. Its cheaper, and identical images come out noticeably better on printworks. Can't speak for other finishes i.e. matte or semi-gloss, but the gloss is much better. I also have not tried canons line of products, but intend to next.
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on February 24, 2011
This is an 'out of box experience' review - I'll update it later with some more details as I learn more about this printer.

There have been some complaints about the network install process. It worked exactly as documented and was very easy. The manual is slightly ambiguous at some steps but a little re-reading helps. It attached to my ATT Uverse 2wire wireless network like a champ - it found the access points and entering the all numeric network key was a snap. The software install to about 15 minutes but it quickly found the printed on the network and I was printing with no problem.

I have a Canon S820. The ink tanks on that printer are easily twice as large as they are on this printer. And that printer also uses 5 ink tanks. So some of the issues on ink usage maybe due to the small tanks. I also set the default printing to 'fast', meaning using the least amount of ink possible. If I need higher quality printing, I set that when I print the document. Oh well.. life in the inkjet printer lane.

First page print times are reasonable - a few seconds at best. Noise levels are typical for inkjet printers - I've had noisier ones.

My expectation was to have a wirelessly networked printer (and scanner/copier) of good quality shared among the 5 laptops in the house. So far, that expectation has been met.

Hope this helps.
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