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on January 18, 2012
I've been wanting to get one of these units for a few years. In doing my research, I found that most units were described as flimsy, loud, and just not effective.

I wanted to use it for a month or so before I posted a review.

1. It is REALLY quiet! I live in an apartment building, and I really didn't want to hear complaints about some crazy clunking and whirring sounds coming from my place.

2. The fill and drain hoses are combined - joining at the faucet hookup. The water drains into the sink from under the faucet hookup. This avoids the problem of a drain hose possibly flopping around and spraying all over.

3. The dishes come out sparkly clean! I generally use the NORMAL setting (85 mins.), and it works just fine. I use the SPEED setting (45 mins.) if I'm just washing a lot of glassware and utensils.

4. The maximum amount of water it uses per load is about 4.2 gallons.

It did a great job on baked on food, as well as glasses and silverware. I've been using the Palmolive Eco liquid dishwasher detergent. At first, I was completely filling the receptacle, but there were suds in the bottom when the cycle was completed. No big deal, just use less detergent! Haven't experimented with any of the gel paks yet.

I agree with the other poster that it would be nice to have an indicator as to where the machine is in the cycle, but it really isn't that big of a deal to me.

I received the dishwasher in excellent condition, no problems with damage or missing parts. It is super easy to hook up - you just attach the hoses to the back of the unit, and screw on the faucet adapter. It's nice looking - no clunky dials, etc.

I HATE washing dishes, so this is my favorite thing right now!! No more dishes in the sink! I use it every 2 days or so. The Minea is definitely a pricey unit, but so far I think it's well worth it!!
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on February 23, 2012
We have owned a Premia countertop dishwasher almost two years. It is the right size for a couple who wish to run it once a day or for a small family who may have enough dishes to run it twice.

It gets the dishes clean and is fairly quiet. We can load the dishes for the day along with a frying pan and a small pot or two, then run the machine in the evening while we relax.

Some notes about the machine:

Clean the bottom filter after every two or three loads.

My largest soup pots and saute' pans do fit inside, just not at the same time as the large plates. The Premia has a longer cycle for cookware that gets them very clean.

Our large plates must lean towards the silverware container in order to fit in the machine. This is not a big concern, but it is not addressed in the manual and caused me some consternation at first.

Also, I removed the salad plate rack because it was too heavy when loaded. The bottom of the machine sagged and stopped the sprayer arm. It was quite unnecessary anyway. I place the small mixing bowls, pitchers and pots in that space to be washed.

Take care when you place the cooking utensils so they do not slip beneath the rack. If any part is below the rack, it will stop the spray arm. There is a shelf that may be used for the long handled items. Or the shelf may hold tea cups, prep bowls and jar lids.

Listen for the swoosh, swoosh of the rotating spray arm before you walk away from the machine. If a corner of a square item or a utensil has slipped below the rack and stopped the spray arm, the sound will be continuous, as the sound of a running faucet.

Occasionally, a smaller item, such as a peanut butter jar will be shielded from the spray in the corner by a plate and needs to be washed a second time.

BTW, I use my old Danby silverware basket because it is smaller and the extra space allows me to add one or two more items.

Our Premia six place setting unit replaced a Danby four place setting model that lasted about three years. The Premia cleans dishes much better than the Danby.
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on September 20, 2012
Normally I don't write reviews, but I do read them. After using the Premia (Minea) Countertop Compact Dishwasher, I was compelled to write one. This is NOT a "canned" review.

1. The dishwasher was packed very well. Actually double boxed, with plenty of "cushion" to keep the appliance dent free, and useable right out of the box.
2. This dishwasher is very easy to set up. Be careful adding the water intake/outtake hoses to the unit. At first impression, they seem a bit flimsy, being a nylon type screw closure. I attached them without using any tools, just hand tightening. I screwed them on until they were tight feeling, then added about ¼ to ½ turn more. Be careful to not over-tighten them. They seem like they may crack. So far, I have not had any leaking. They are stronger than they look, but still be careful. I also love that both the intake and outgoing water hoses are attached to the faucet connector. This way the pressure from the water leaving the dishwasher will not cause the hose to "jump" out of the sink.
3. This unit is VERY QUIET! I have never been around a dishwasher that is quieter than this dishwasher. Even built-in units are not as quiet. A definite plus for apartment dwellers.
4. It cleans great! I tested it on dishes and glasses that I did not rinse off first, as well as rinsed dishes, glassware, and cutlery. I found that glasses placed in the corners do not get cleaned well. It is best to place them anywhere other than the corners. Make sure the water coming out of the faucet is hot prior to hooking up the hoses.
5. My dishes are normal size, and the dinner plates do not fit in the straight upright position like the picture shows. They need to lean towards the center and you will not have any problems. Do not allow the dishes to touch. I also found the upper fold-down cup holder does not fit most coffee cups. I use it to put longer utensils on. I seem to keep it folded up most of the time.
6. I love that you can use a rinse agent, the amount used is adjustable as well, and there is a warning light when low. My dishes and glassware come out sparkling clean. No spots or streaks whatsoever. I have used Cascade liquid and Finish tabs, both working great.
7. The filtering system is very good. It is easy to clean, remove and replace.
8. Everything comes out dry. I did not find anything saying there is a "drying cycle," but there seems to be one. It does help to open the door and "vent" the dishwasher after the cycle is over since everything is hot.
9. The dishwasher does "beep" 8 times when the cycle is done. I would not, and do not run a cycle when I am leaving the home. Because there is pressure in the hoses, I prefer to stay in the vicinity while the cycle is running, just in case there is a leak, to avoid flooding. I use a timer to remind me when the cycle is over.

Overall, this dishwasher is worth the price. I did not give it 5 stars just because I feel the hose connectors could be stronger, and normal sized dishes do not fit like the picture shows. This should not make you stray from this dishwasher; it is worth buying.
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on December 10, 2011
I have been moving around apartments for years and as luck would have it, none of the apartments I have found had dishwashers in them. Portable was the only way to go if I didn't want a mountain of dirty dishes constantly in my sink. Two other brands of portable dishwashers lasted a year each and did a middling job cleaning dishes. This one on the other hand has already lasted longer than the other two. It also takes up the same amount of space, but because of its layout, can fit more dishes inside. It even cleans the dishes better than the previous ones I had.

The best feature however is in the base. There is a plastic housing designed to catch food and repeatedly spray it with water to pulverize it down. Food that can be pulverized is sent down the drain, while larger pieces that don't break down are caught more efficently than the simple strainers found in other portable dishwashers.

This was just a well thought out design for a portable dishwasher.
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on March 21, 2012
I purchased this and have had it installed for about a week now, we purchased it to wash our baby bottles and all of the pieces that go in to them and a few glasses and dishes every night. I was so sick of washing the bottles by hand I decided to purchase this after I found out that such a thing as a countertop dishwasher existed.

There are three of us now so we don't make a ton of dishes. This wouldn't be suitable for someone with a large family, or even a family with twins unless you want to dedicate it to bottle washing only, or you don't mind doing multiple loads of dishes.

You have to be careful when setting up the dishwasher. The drain hose and intake hose are connected and fit on to a special adapter that hooks up to your sink faucet so you can attach and detatch it easily. The two hoses then connect to the dishwasher, this is the tricky part, the two connections on the dishwasher are made out of plastic, and while the connections are solid and don't leak, I can see the possibility of these connectors being cracked by accident very easily. I was extremely careful when connecting the hoses to the dishwasher because of this, don't over tighten the hose connection - and - make sure to test the connection by doing a dry run to test for leaks before putting this in to full use. I also put in a gfi outlet in case of any leaks.

As for the performance of the dishwasher, it exceeds all of my expectations. Everything comes out clean and dry, it doesn't mention anything in the literature about a drying cycle but it does dry the dishes on a normal cycle. I'll keep an eye on it, but for now it's been a great purchase and I'm hoping it'll last for a long time.

The only con about the dishwasher so far would be the amount of time it takes to finish, it takes 77 minutes on normal setting, although it does have other settings like a rinse setting which is faster (but basically useless)

It also has a screen filtration system in it which needs to be emptied from time to time.
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on August 5, 2012
We received the Minea 6 Place Setting Counter Top Dishwasher on Friday August 27, and took it out of the box. It was easy to set up, and simple to handle. It fit perfectly where we intended to have the unit. But the unit failed to work on the first run.
An error message appeared immediately, and we then turned to contact Customer Support for Technical Support.
There was very little information that was sent with the unit, and the Operators Manual listed no contact numbers for Support. The ONLY number that was supplied was on the Warranty Sheet, and when i called for assistance, i was informed that this number is for Service Tech's. They did, however, give me another number to call.
I have since called 3 times, and left voice messages for a response from Minea, but after 7 days there has been no response.
For a company that was receiving high praise from previous owners of their products, i wonder if these reviews were canned messages. Minea has been unprofessional, and i am looking to return this product. It has been a week and i have yet to get any feedback.
If you are looking to buy, i suggest a competitor brand.
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on July 30, 2016
Unless you are going to permanently install this, do not buy it. Moving it back and forth and hooking it up and unhooking it is so annoying that I used it twice. Left it behind when I moved. You can barely fit anything into this dishwasher, also. I lived alone when I owned this and most of my dishes would not fit in it. I don't mean it would get full and then I couldn't fit stuff in it, I mean would never fit, ever, period.
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on October 22, 2012
We have owned this for about one month now - could not be more pleased.

It was very well packed, arriving intact. Shipping was expedient. Assembly was a breeze.

It runs quieter than expected. We bought a rolling shelf unit w/ locking wheels on it for placement - our apartment kitchen is too small (living in Brooklyn) for other options. Each use requires us to 1) plug the unit to power outlet 2) hook-up the hose - easy and quick.

There are only two of us so this is a good size for us. By the time we put all the day's dishes (breakfast and dinner) into it, there is not room for pots/pans - but it is not a problem to do just a few items each evening. It is great always having a kitchen area clean and everything put away.

This purchase so far has been very good. I bought it expecting to be disappointed - that has not happened. It has lived up to its billing. If it lasts for a couple of years, then it could be one of my best purchases.
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on September 16, 2012
I have only had this dishwasher for about a month, so I cannot say how it will hold up over time. So far, however, the machine cleans dishes well and does not leak. I suppose that's all one can hope for. The machine also connects easily to the sink (once you figure out the instructions). Of course, the hoses could and should be a lot longer. I have looked up online how to rig up extensions and will probably do that soon. Keep in mind that this machine will take up *a lot* of counter space. There is no heat drying capability, but the dishes will be fairly dry if you leave the machine closed for 20 minutes or so after it finishes. Obviously, you can then turn the machine into a drying rack by opening the door and letting nature take its course.
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on October 6, 2012
Fully functional, well constructed and easy to use. My unit has blue detailing and is labeled Minea brand. It's otherwise identical.

1) rinse off most food, use rinse agent and the medium to heavy programs
2) the left hand side of the rack is tall, limits install options
3) like most dishwashers, it doesn't do well against cheese
4) less food on dishes equals cleaning the filters less often

If it was a full size dishwasher I'd give it four stars, but for a countertop unit it's fully excellent.
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