Customer Reviews: Logitech MK710 Desktop Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo, Logitech Wireless Mouse USB
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on January 17, 2011
I get to use a lot of keyboards at various customer sites and also with my own computers. I certainly like the feel of this keyboard more than any other I've experienced. I'm sure there's a lot that will vary person to person and preferences will differ, but my typing on this seems to be accurate, quiet, fast, comfortable and easy. My old (yet very nice and still very functional and modern looking) keyboard now feels like it is VERY clunky with loud and noisy keys!

However, there are two things I'm still undecided on that MIGHT give me some regrets about this keyboard. First is that because of the large palm-rest cushion, the keyboard's keys are actually positioned an inch or two further back on my desk than my previous keyboard. This leaves me reaching with my arms further forward, and I can feel extra stress in my upper arms. If it does turn out to bother me, I think I'll simply add a couple of rubber feet so I can operate this keyboard with its front two rubber feet hanging off the edge of the desk - which seems to be still quite stable even with my palms pushing on the overhanging palm rest. Now, I have to say, I don't think this would bother someone that sits straight up in their chair in what used to be considered the ergonomically correct position (research now shows that slouching back in your chair is the best for your back, and I've always been a complete sloucher!).

I also have to say that the palm rest feels great. I wasn't expecting that, didn't think I would like or need it.

The second concern might not affect most users, but I frequently develop software and use the function keys for controlling execution of the program while it runs in a debugger (function keys are use for stepping through the lines of the code, setting breakpoints, stepping over functions, etc). This keyboard's function keys are both small, and more recessed than any I've used before. They take considerable force to press compared to the main keys. Normally as I'm debugging my eyes are on the code and the debug windows, and use of the keys is very automatic. Now I think I may have to look more carefully to select the correct function key, time will tell.

It's nice to have the LCD display of CAPS lock etc, and the calculator key is one I will be using frequently. The CD eject button is also useful.

Also, I read reviews that said the range is very short. Well, mine seems to work everyehere I go in the whole house! It may be that users are plugging the unifying USB into the back of a metal PC which is blocking the signal. The desktop set comes with an extension cable for the USB module which allows you to place it a few feet away from the metal box (or from other 2.4GHz devices, such as some phones).

Now to the mouse. I just also purchased the Logitech Performance MX mouse which is in many ways the big brother and current top of the Logitech range of of mice. They share similar buttons and the same scroll wheel, the only differences being size, shape, and the Performance has an additional "zoom" button that frankly I will probably never use. Comparing them side by side, I actually prefer this smaller mouse. The Performance MX makes me elevate my hand and the weight of my hand is supported by my wrist which is less comfortable. With this M705 the bone under the fleshy part of my palm just above the wrist rests very comfortably on the desk and supports the weight of my hand. The MX705 is considerably lighter also, but lacks the USB recharging ability. (The Performance MX allows you to plug in a USB cable and continue to use the mouse while it charges). But, with batteries that last a very long time, it matters little. And unlike the MX705, the Performance MX works very well on glass (I tested both).

The click action of the MX705's buttons is considerably FASTER. The scroll wheel common to both takes a few minutes to get used to, but after that I haven't looked back. The wheel is easy to control, and for fast continual scrolling you lightly flick it and set it spinning. Left to itself, it can spin for almost 20 seconds. A slight touch slows it or stops it. Its far more controllable, responsive and intuitive than anything I've used before and I don't understand some of the complaints many reviewers have had. I haven't needed to use the scroll mode button which adds friction stops to the wheel and makes it more like a traditional scroll wheel.

Bottom line, go for it! I think you will love this set.
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VINE VOICEon July 1, 2010
I first encountered this set at a local Staples store display. I tried the keys and the mouse, and after that I knew that I wanted one. The keyboard is very low profile, but not low enough to me too mushy. It has the solid tactile feedback typical of a Logitech set. I also love how quiet the keyboard and mouse were. On my two previous sets, one had a noisy keyboard and a quiet mouse, and the other had a quiet keyboard and a noisy mouse. On the MK710, both the keyboard and the mouse are wonderfully muted. The wrist pad on the keyboard is a very nice touch, although the point at which it is widest is a bit odd, because it leaves one wrist more slightly supported than the other. It still feels comfortable once you get used to it, but having both wrists supported equally would have been nice.

The keyboard has some nice function keys and a LCD display that shows the status of the battery, caps lock, num lock, and mute. The LCD is not backlit, so it can be difficult to see sometimes, however this is understandable to conserve battery life. It is still very small, however. There are not a lot of customizable keys on the keyboard, which is ok, but since the price is so high, I would expect to see more programmable functions to justify the sticker price. The keyboard comes with two sets of adjustable legs, but they are pretty thin and are not the sturdiest I have seen. Still they do provide two different heights for the keyboard.

The mouse is nice, although it is for right-handed people only. It has two side buttons near the top that default to the back and forward functions, and a third button placed oddly towards the bottom edge of the left side of the mouse. That is by default the application switcher button, which is useful, but in a very strange place. It takes a bit of a learning curve to press it reliably. The mouse tracks well and clicks very quietly, and is not too big. It has a metal scroll wheel that offers four way tilt scrolling and a neat feature called hyperscrolling. Basically, there is a button directly beneath the scroll wheel that you push to enable traditional "click" scrolling when you need precision or smooth hyperscrolling when you need speed. The mechanism is solid and works easily.

The only issue that I had with this device was the SetPoint software. The set can be used without installing drivers, however the customizable features of the set will only work with the SetPoint drivers. The drivers that come with the set are hopelessly out of date, especially if you are using Windows 7 64bit. Please do yourself a favor if you own this set and go straight to the Logitech website and download the latest drivers from there. Don't waste time installing the drivers from the CD, only to find they make some of your computer functions go haywire.

Other than that, this is another great desktop set from Logitech. One the correct drivers are installed, it works like a piece of cake. It is a little pricey, but has all the reliability and quality that one would expect from Logitech.
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on May 23, 2011
I had owned the predecessor model, the LX 710 Mouse Keyboard Combo for about 4 years, when my 2 year old kid lost the battery cover on the mouse. I contacted Logitech, about getting a replacement cover. They informed me there were no longer any spare parts for that model, but that if my product was purchased within the past 5 years they would replace it under warranty. I emailed them back and told them, "I would love to claim the warranty, but I don't think a kid losing the cover is included." To my amazement, the company emailed me back a prepaid UPS pickup label to send in my keyboard and mouse for a free replacement. I wondered if I should take the company up on this warranty claim, as I still didn't feel like I qualified. Then one day, as I was still trying to decide if sending it back was the right thing to do, I saw on my doorstep a brand new MK 710! I had not even sent mine back and they had sent me a new one. I am truly blown away by the customer service of this company, it is unstoppable! By the way, I love the MK 710. It is super comfortable, stylish, and works flawlessly. A+ Logitech for an excellent product and customer service beyond words!
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on May 14, 2015
I originally tried the Logitech Wave wireless combo for a $50 price point. I found it to be cheap, noisy, and of poor overall quality for the money. I decided to try a slightly more expensive solution from Logitech, the Logitech MK710 Wireless Desktop Mouse and Keyboard Combo. Price point on this is about $75. Please keep in mind, 10 years ago, if someone bought a $75-$100 wireless keyboard / mouse combo from Logitech (I had two) they knew they were getting a solid, quality product from arguably the industry leader in peripherals. Sadly, I can say now with all clarity in my mind that Logitech's quality for the price has really gone down the crapper while other companies have innovated and improved their designs while remaining around the same price point.

The MK710 felt very cheap as well. At least the keys on the 710 were very quiet. The keys on the Wave Combo MK550 were obnoxiously loud. However, most of the keys were slightly misaligned. It did not feel solid and felt almost as if a key could fly off any second or in 2 years. The mouse was my biggest complaint. While it was a laser mouse with forward / back programmable buttons and a cool option to switch the scroll whell between clicking and smooth, the weight of it was super light, and the top housing of the mouse (which comprises the left and right buttons) was not securely fasted to the mouse at all. If you've ever had a mouse like this before you know exactly what it sounds like when you click on the left mouse button and then release abruptly. Doooiiioiiiioooiiing. Very, very, annoying.

I am in the process of returning the $75 logitech wireless combo. I went to MicroCenter locally here in Kansas City and they price matched Amazon. I'm now happily typing and navigating on a seriously *SLICK* Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (L5V-00001). It is the most comfortable keyboard and mouse I have ever used. I've been in IT 20 years. It's $90-$95 currently here on Amazon... I recommend you not even waste your time with these now tragically cheap Logitech wireless combo "solutions."

Link to the Microsoft Sculpt:
review image review image review image review image
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on February 12, 2014
The BIGGEST problem I have with the keyboard is that the letters and numbers are thin decals on the keys and wear off very fast, less than 6 months. I am on my second keyboard and this one has the letters wearing off as well and I am not a heavy typist.
I called Logitech with my complaint and they replaced my first keyboard and in doing so told me they would not replace it again, even though I still have warranty left. On my first keyboard about 8 or 9 letters were wore completely off and it was replaced about 5 months ago and this one already has 3 letters wearing to the point I barely know what they are.
WHatever happened to the keyboards that had the letters etched? I have those type of keyboards (PS2 and USB) that well over 10 years old and show no letter wear.

I have had problems with the mouse not wanting to highlight, cut and paste etc.

I have been a Logitech user for probably 30 years and have had very good luck, I am a bit upset that they are taking shortcuts on their keyboards and if they went back to etched letters and numbers versus decals, I would be 100% loyal again
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on June 1, 2010
I've owned several of Logitech's products so when the time came to outfit a laptop with an external keyboard I went looking to see what the latest revision brings. The mouse if comfortable, if a bit light, although I still don't like the separate button to switch between 'free' and 'click' wheel. Layout of the keyboard is as expected and better than the one I use (Desktop Wave Pro) where the delete key is different than every version known to man. I like the LCD although I wonder if it will be of any real use. They keys have a nice feel and travel to them and the padded wrist rest is great.

Also two final notes - First, the size of the dongle is amazing and it makes it a real possibility that you won't take it out. Second, rather than bothering with the shipped CD take a few minutes and stop off at the support site to look for the latest drivers. In my case there was a detection ActiveX module you can load to make selection foolproof (will become more important later when I can't remember the exact name of the product) and installation was no biggie.
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on July 30, 2015
It's ok if you don't use it a lot. I type all day, every day. I've been using this for the past 5 months and the letters are starting to wear off. Kinda pricey for something disposable.
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on March 6, 2014
This is quite literally the worst keyboard that I've ever seen. The main problem is that the keys stick and they don't punch easily, making it very difficult to type. I grew up with mechanical keyboards and can type quite fast. This keyboard slows me down considerably, because I'm constantly having to punch keys twice and this usually requires erasing keys punched afterward, first. I don't know if I have a defective keyboard or if other people just don't type as fast, but I've never used a keyboard this bad in my life.

The mouse is also horrible. I've always preferred Logitech mice, because the quality was better. I had my last Logitech wireless mouse for 10 years before it quit working. The problem with this one is that the scroll functionality with the wheel button never worked and this causes the page to jump all over the place. Trying to navigate any lengthy page using the mouse is miserable, because you're constantly moving around several pages on accident and having to find your way back.

I would NEVER use this set for real work, because it would cause all sorts of potentially costly problems. But I have used it for some time on my home computer and it never gets any better. I simply haven't taken the time to replace it, yet, but I'll be buying a new Microsoft desktop combo to do that very soon. It's sad, because I've always preferred Logitech products and never minded spending more money for them, but this product is totally unacceptable and leaves me to believe that Logitech has really gone downhill recently. I've owned several dozen keyboards in my lifetime and rarely will I only give a product a single star, but this one deserves it.
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on May 31, 2012
After talking to Logitech I replaced a faulty mouse. The first mouse did not work very well. I like most men don't complain right away with a partially defective product and I called Amazon 6 months after I made this purchase they said they would PROrate it. I called Logitech almost a year after I got it and with a few questions and listening to my reasons they sent me a replacement mouse in a retail box. Call Logitech first if you have a real problem with this set.
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on November 15, 2010
I also own a lower-tier logitech combo and this is much better. I love 2/3 of this set. The keyboard is great, i like the traditional feel and look. The unifying receiver is terrific, the range on this tiny thing is awesome. But the mouse....I don't mind the size as most people complain about. For me it's the accuracy. I have used ball, optical, and laser mice and this one has been the hardest to use precision-wise. Other than that this set is great, especially for a multimedia or htpc setup. The batteries practically never die on these with normal pc usage.
Keyboard: 9 out of 10
Receiver: 10 out of 10
Mouse: 6 out of 10
Overall: 8 out of 10
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