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on November 7, 2012
I've always purchased western digital, and I've always had great experiences. This time, even though this is a big drive, I went with caviar black because I wanted to make sure I'd get reasonable read times for video editing etc. That's because I am moving my pictures/video/etc. here from my main hard drive where I wanted to ensure plenty of free space for windows/games/programs.

The price was definitely affordable for this much space and for the quality product, so I'd say the value was excellent.

The packaging was just fine, an outer box containing a small inner box that had the hard drive wrapped in static protecting bag and nestled in two plastic end pieces suspending the item in the center of the volume.

The condition was new as promised.

I installed it in my cooler master cosmos 1000 case without any hiccups, luckily I had an extra SATA cable lying around as I had forgotten to order one. Power cable and SATA cable snugly plugged in without a hitch. The hard drive itself obviously fits the standard form factor/typical screw locations as advertised. Powering from a Corsair CMPSU-850TX supply and hooking up to an MSI P55GD65 mobo.

I have noticed zero noise, though my case is extremely well insulated.

I have not opened it up to check on temperature, though without any overclocking or case crowding... I'm guessing there's no issue there.

Sadly I don't have SATA III so I can't speak to anything like a max transfer rate... But things seemed perfectly acceptable speed wise when I saved files onto the drive from the main hard drive. I wasn't paying enough attention to give any further detail. The other drive is a 500GB western digital caviar black drive (WD5001AALS).

All in all, I'd say this was an excellent buy and would heartily recommend to others-
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on May 21, 2014
This drive has worked great for me, but you really should "burn in" the drive. Not to make it last longer, but to get past the short period of high failures quickly, before you start relying on it. Drives have a sort of U-shaped graph of failure rate against age: they fail a lot in the first month, and then a lot 5 years later, but not much in between. If you make that first month happen faster, you can be sure it's a good drive.

To do this, copy random data to it for 8 hours, then copy zero bytes to it for 8 hours, and then format it. The 16 hours of hell you put the poor thing through are pretty much guaranteed to weed out any bad drives that were gonna fail after a week or two.

If it survives that, it'll probably last you a number of years, but you should still keep backups (always keep backups! you have no excuse, it's so cheap now with things like Amazon Glacier and backblaze...)
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on September 7, 2011
I picked up a pair of these to replace the nearly-full 500GB drives in my main system. I've been running them for about 2 weeks now, and they are fantastic! Super fast, relatively quiet and amazingly easy to install. One of my old drives, a Seagate, went belly-up and even though Seagate was cool about it and replaced it for free I'm still sort of mad at Seagate over the whole 7200.11 fiasco. Long story short, they let several million drives with a terrible firmware bug ship and I got one of them. Not cool, Seagate. Anyways, I went with WD this time and I'm so glad I did - this drive (and its identical twin) are wonderful in virtually every way possible!

The only downside that I've experienced is that my case apparently isn't dampened well enough. These drives are so beefy and powerful that even their small vibration gets translated throughout my case and causes the side access panel to buzz ever so slightly. I need to get in there with some foam and find which drive mount is loose. Again, this is NOT a flaw with these excellent hard drives but rather my computer case. If you're in the market for a new HDD (or several!) I can't recommend these highly enough. At $79 (at the time of purchase) it's an absolute steal. Amazon Prime = new drives humming away in 48 hours, and they come packed securely and safely. Quit waiting around and order some! You'll be glad you did.
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on May 31, 2017
I ordered two of these drives for my computer. I purchased these in 2015. The seller advertised 5 yr warranty on it. One is still working the other failed. I went to do a warranty on wd site and it says it ran out of warranty. i purchased it in 2015 confused i looked at the drive and its from 2011. now i am out of having a warranty wish the seller would hvae bene upfront with the warranty and not realizing the drive was already 4 years old.
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on March 7, 2016
It's a bit thicker than my other harddrives but it's quiet, fast and dependable. It recently got start up errors while I was upgrading my PC and of course windows couldn't fix them. I'm not sure how it happened but I ended up losing 500 gb of data and being unable to boot it up. After booting to another drive, I was able to reinstall Win10 on it and it has been running perfectly since then. I don't blame the drive for the incident, it is good quality.
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Don't be surprised to see you only get about 1.8TB out of the 2TB version of this drive. This is life in hard drives and memory modules.

I'm planning to use this one for my data, and keep the operating system and applications on the other drive I just bought along with this.

Hard drives either work or not upon receiving them. After that it is a question of how long they will last. I just received this one. It spun up and worked right away. Too bad my computer is only a SATA system so I'm not able to get the full speed available in this drive.

I bought this SATA 3 drive because they are cheaper than the older STAT drives. That often happens with electronics. I also priced DDR2 RAM which my computer takes, wow they are so expensive compared to the newer DDR3 RAM boards.

If this drive dies too soon I'll re-post here and change my rating if that is what it deserves.
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Enthusiast: Cyclingon November 29, 2013
These drives are well worth the price because of their great performance. I've had no issues moving large volumes of information, mostly games on and off this drive. While I do not benchmark the performance, I can perceive a difference and think that this drive is top notch for large data storage. I did notice it run a bit warm under extensive use, but that should be no issue in a moderately ventilated case. Also for whatever reason they are shipped in very little packing materiel, which I am lead to believe caused a drive failure in my first one. WD quickly resolved the issue however and I am happily using the replacement i received.
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on December 1, 2012
I purchased this harddrive to replace a suspect failing (Hitachi/IBM) harddrive of similar size used for file backup purposes. This was my first purchase of computer hardware components from Amazon. The WD Caviar Black HD was ordered from Amazon early Thursday afternoon and was delivered the following afternoon by UPS with no problems or complications. I paid around $20 extra for next day delivery, but the HD was around $10 cheaper than my usual "egg" source (those in the 'know' know who I am referring to). The HD was well packaged, wrapped in anti-static plastic and suspended by end caps within a sturdy box. Much better packaging than my usual online "egg" source for computer hardware. The HD installed immediately, with no complication or problems. I have purchased WD mechanical HD products exclusively for the last few years for their reliability. The Caviar Black product line of WD HDs have a 5-year warranty, and are very reasonably priced when compared to WD's entry level product. I recommend you spend the extra $10-$30 for the Caviar Black high performance line for the 5-year warranty alone. You should not go wrong with this choice. HOWEVER......

The WD HD model I purchased was an OEM version and I knew what I was getting. For those in the know, this is no problem. But for those who are new to desktop computer hardware or upgrades, OEM means something important! You new guys pay close attention! The directions below are for adding or replacing a secondary hard drive, NOT your primary boot drive. [If you are new to computer guts and are replacing your boot drive, I highly recommend doing some research first! And backup your data! Or you will be sorry! VERY sorry!]

*OEM harddrives ship with NO instructions, NO software, NO cables, NO screws, etc. Just the harddrive in an anti-static bag. If you are not prepared for this, I recommend you purchase a 'retail' version of the harddrive for a few dollars more and you will receive all of the above :). You can also find instructions on Western Digital's support website. Worth a visit. Download the FREE diagnostic software too! You never know....
* When you shut down your computer, mount the OEM harddrive in your computer harddrive bay (as a second harddrive in my case), connect the power cable and serial data cable, and reboot the computer, something unexpected may happen. Your brand new WD HD will not show up on your computer! Do not panic. This is normal :)
* After rebooting your computer, you will need to 'initialize' your new harddrive and perform a 'quick format' on the drive. This should be a relatively simple procedure but can be daunting for the uninitiated (no pun intended). New guys have a good reason to be nervous. You don't want to click stuff randomly during this process since you can really mess up your computer!
* For Windows 7, go to Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, Create and Format Hard Drive Partitions, and then Disk Management. You should see your primary boot drive, all other HDs on your computer, and your brand new WD HD should also be listed. If you see your new WD HD, you did good hooking it up. If you don't see your new hard drive and/or your boot drive, stop and find help. Something is wrong. (Don't screw with your boot drive or other drives, or you'll be sorry! Again, do NOT mess with your boot drive!) Right-click on your new WD HD and you should be asked to create a simple volume partition. Select this option and within seconds this should be completed. I generally select a single partition for the maximum partition size at first (you can always create additional partitions later). Afterwards, select 'quick format' and seconds later, this task should be completed. Back out all the way out, go to 'Computer' on your Start button and the new WD HD should be present. During the initialization/quick format procedure you should also have been given the opportunity to enter a name for your new WD HD. I simply used "WD Black Caviar 1 TB". You may call it whatever you wish! You can also rename your new HD later by clicking Start, Computer, select your new drive, right click, and select rename and enter a new drive name. With a single partition, the new WD HD should appear with over 900 MB of disk space and with no files stored. Go ahead and start transferring your data to the new drive, checking periodically to confirm data is being transferred as you intended. VOILA! You're done!

I have used WD HDs for the last few years at home and at work (I build and upgrade the work PC computers) and they have performed reliably for me. Your results may vary. The 5-year warranty is a very good selling point for me. Although I have not had a warranty return with WD, knowing the 5-year warranty is present gives me some comfort. Five years goes by quickly, guys!

Just a note, I personally use SSD hard drives (in a RAID 0 array) for my primary boot harddrive. SSDs are a bit new (and hence somewhat tricky for the new guys) and take a bit getting used to, but I HIGHLY recommend SSDs for your primary boot drive. You should explore this new HD technology ASAP. SSDs are so much faster than mechanical drives, you won't believe the performance increase. After a little research, I suggest your first SSD purchase be a retail package with included data transfer software (one or two companies offer this software as part of their retail package. This will prove to be extremely helpful! Good Luck! If you have any comments on this review (e.g. I forgot something or made a mistake) please add them to help your fellow computer brothers.

I have read a few of the reviews for this product which have mentioned the drives suddenly disappearing from their system and refusing to boot. I have this problem frequently, and it has nothing to do with the drives. If you use a RAID 0 array as a boot drive, and you update your BIOS, the SATA controller option in BIOS is changed from "RAID" to "AHCI" for some reason (at least on my ASUS motherboard). If this does happen, the machine will not boot since it is looking for a single drive in AHCI mode and not the RAID 0 array. This problem is easily fixed by accessing the BIOS and changing your AHCI setting to the RAID setting, saving the settings (!), and rebooting. Your system should come up just fine.

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I have used these WD Caviar Black drives in many client desktops and light-use servers in 2012 through 2013. The WD1002FAEX has performed flawlessly for those 3 or so years without a single failure from about 50 drives. Not everyone has this kind of luck with WD desktop drives, but I've been impressed.

Newer model Caviar Black drives have gotten faster (for mechanical drives) and more reliable, but mostly no more quiet than these somewhat noisy drives. If drive noise really bothers you another drive or SSD might be a better choice.

As SSD technology approaches physical hard drive price, reliability and capacity I think these drives may disappear eventually. If you want a conventional hard drive with proven tech it may be hard to do better than the current generation of WD Caviar Black drives.

Because of years of reliable service in my own and client systems I'm giving the WD WD1002FAEX Caviar Black drive 5 stars.

Hope this helps someone!
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on May 20, 2016
An excellent hard drive. The read and write speeds are fantastically fast as long as you remember to defrag once a month and keep an eye on the drive's health via S.M.A.R.T. I left this drive on day and night nearly 24/7, and never experienced problems. Through countless power outages and numerous cases of accidental AC power loss, the drive remained functional and lasted me 3 years and 4 months until it finally failed: not even a catastrophic failure, too. All my data was recovered with the disk reading 12kb in bad sectors when running CHKDSK. I have a feeling that if I treated this drive with a little more care (my setup tends to get banged up a bit, living in a dormitory), it would have lasted me a few more years.

Reliable, durable, and fast.

Loud and will fail early if you're not careful with it.
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