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on May 18, 2010
Fantastic picture quality! Easy to set up and use. Shippers were great, unpacked the TV and made sure it worked before they left. The only complaint is I spent my 1st whole night wondering why all my shows looked the Soap Operas. Turns out this is caused by Samsung "Auto Motion Plus" feature that adds extra calculated frames to the video stream. Turning this off made the picture look as I expected (i.e. Law and Order's proper gritty/jerky camera motion when the detectives are on the street). When this mode is off the tv is still running at 240Hz, but shows the same frames unaltered over and over just like the movie theater does rather than trying to "make stuff up" in between frames. I now only turn on the "Auto Motion Plus" when watching hockey.
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on May 7, 2010
This isn't going to be a full videophile review; only a word of caution. After purchasing this TV, on the second day, the menu would pop up and try to change to component or another mode (like store demo mode) or it would change the viewing settings from "normal" to the "spanish soap opera" looking one while we were watching TV.
The bottom right of the screen has a red light that indicates that the remote is being used and it was constantly flashing during the times it was acting possessed or someone was inadvertently sitting on the remote. After taking out the batteries on the remote, it continued. In fact, it got so bad that we couldn't do anything with the TV, we couldn't even turn it off- we had to unplug it for a bit. Then it would be ok for a short while.
After calling Samsung, they directed us to a local TV repair place. We described the problem and they contacted Samsung. The TV repair place didn't even bother coming out, they wanted to order the part that was necessary to fix it.

Because of this issue and the flashlighting in the corners of the screen, we decided to return it. I honestly didn't want a TV that had to be worked on after the second day. The TV repair place was really pressing us to get it fixed, but Amazon said they would not take it back if it had any work done on it. So we returned it as is.

We have been waiting for the refund to get the UN46C8000, and I started looking at the reviews and the comments for that one. Apparently, others have been having this problem with the other model as well!

So just be careful. I don't know how well it works after being fixed, but it appears to be a very common problem with this years models.
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on June 12, 2010
I own several Samsung products and have been pleased with each one. I have also read of the horror stories of working with Samsung customer support and must say in my case all were proved false. I did my homework and was waffling between the UN46C7000 and the UN46C6300, thought for the extra money the 7000, 3D Blu-Ray Player and starter kit would be a fun addition to the house. The TV showed up as promised on the day I arranged, eagerly put it all together, inserted the 3D movie Monsters vs didn't work. Just got a blured image. What to do? My first thought was to return it to Amazon and start all over. But, decided to give Samsung a chance to correct the problem. The TV worked fine in 2D it just lacked the 3D and wow what a picture, it truly is crystal clear. The Blu-Ray disk player (BD-C6900) is awesome as well, a little pricey, but fast! Well the call to customer service went well, started with the standard card flipping problem solver who quickly passed me to technical support. He had me run through a battery of problem solving checks and decided a visit from a technician was necessary. Got the call the following day for a visit the next day and get this "When it was convenient for me"! I'm a teacher so it's not really easy to up and take a day for the usual "I'll be there between Noon and 7:00" appointment. He showed up at 5:00 ran through a series of tests, no not much different than the one's I ran through with the phone tech, but I guess he had to confirm the previous tests. Still no 3D. He needed to make contact with Samsung about his findings. Early the next week he returned, (yes, again when convenient) and found that I had at best a failed IR transciever or worse a failed main board. Got a call Monday of the next week that parts were ordered and an appointment was made for Thursday to make the repair. The tech showed up again and I now have 3D. So from beginning to end we waited a little more than 4 weeks to have the 3D but wow, it really is impressive. Yep, I know it's a gimmick and there are few movies to support the feature but Blu-Ray movies and HD television look spectacular and I would recommend the UN46C7000 on that alone. If I were to have one wish granted it would be to include built-in Wi-Fi instead of the add on stick, come on Samsung I paid a premium for this TV!

If I had it to do all over would I buy this television again? Yes, but I had a working 2D television with a broken 3D feature. If the TV had shown up totally broken I might had a more negative review. Oh and at the advice of the technician I extended the warranty 2 years, just to be on the safe side.
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on July 21, 2010
After a few weeks of research I finally settled on the Samsung UN46C7000. At the time it was about $250 cheaper on than in any local business that and for whatever reason Wal Mart, Best Buy, etc... did not carry the 46 inch TVs, it was either 40 or 55. Also at the time was running a promo to get a free 3D Blu Ray player and starter kit (worth around $700-800) with the purchase of the TV. I received the TV after about 10 days, there was a mix up with the local carrier that when I called to question the status of the delivery, they told me they were waiting for me to call them to schedule delivery.

The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is it is super thin and light. This TV is easily lighter than the older LCD 40 inch Samsung I had bought my parents. I could move and mount it by myself if needed, but I don't recommend that. Setup was easy, most of everything is just plug and play. However for everything that is not HDMI (VGA or CAT5 cables for example) the TV requires a special adapter for, which are all included. I assume this is to keep the slimness of the TV.

The picture quality is amazing. If you are watching a Blu Ray it will look as if you're looking through a window and not a TV. Some of my friends however have complained that it looks "too real" and it looks like you're watching "the making of" instead of the actual movie itself. It does take a bit to get used to, but once I adjusted to the "realness" I love it. The auto motion 240hz feature makes everything incredibly smooth, you can turn the feature on or off in case you don't like the "real life" look.

The 3D aspects of the TV are stunning. I have only viewed Monsters vs Aliens 3D and some of the Playstation 3's 3D demos. It really does look like things are reaching out at you. The TV also has a 2D to 3D conversion, this will not make things pop out at you, but it will add a lot of depth to what you are viewing, as if you could stick your hand into the TV. However, you need the glasses in order to view it. Everyone watching will need a pair because watching it without the glasses things are very blurry and it can strain your eyes.

The Sound on the TV I can't say much about, they're good for TV speakers but you can't get a TV like this and use the default speakers, some sort of surround sound set up is a must. I personally use the Samsung HT-Z522 Home Theater System and it makes for an awesome in home movie experience.

The TV stand is solid, I have used it and another mounting system. The TV is light enough I would be comfortable wall mounting it if I wanted too. I currently have the TV mounting on a swivel on the Bell'O TPC2127 Triple Play Universal Flat Panel Audio Video System with Swivel Mount. The remote is a very nice looking remote and and super easy to navigate. There is a button to back light all of the buttons, and it works as an on/off switch. (It will stay lit until you turn it off)
review image
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on April 18, 2010
Got this set a week ago, its the third Samsung LED in the house (but the first 3D). Hung it on the wall, and immediately noticed a red line stretching from the top of the picture to the bottom, regardless of which input you use. Obviously not pleased, but I understand these things can happen. I've read the horror stories about Samsung customer service. I just called to log my issue. So far, so good. Ignoring the red line for a moment, the picture quality is excellent. The set is incredibly thin and light. Assuming the outcome of the customer service experience is favorable, this rating will go up to 5.
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on April 9, 2011
Pros :
TV have lots of good things to offer which is worth spending money on this one. TV have been at his best when played different HD channels.

Cons : Entire selling guidelines did not mentioned that this TV is not Internet ready but its Internet Enabled. You have to buy Adapter to make it working or connect to internet. You have option of connecting to LAN cable and make it internet ready.
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on January 19, 2011
Very disappointed in Amazon's follow thru on expensive, large purchase orders and the shipping of this item. I have purchased this item on a Sat Jan 16th. Jan 20th i am getting excited about the TV being delivered soon and check the tracking of this product when i see "Carrier unable to contact recipient to arrange delivery. Please contact - Jan 18, 2011 4:18:00 PM". After checking the shipment info under tracking and calling the service department i have found that Amazon did not give my contact info to the delivery service. I have not been contacted since the update on the tracking package section 2 days later. I had to contact Amazon, who then contacted the delivery service to schedule a delivery. Now the delivery service will not be making my delivery until a week and a half after purchasing the product and well beyond the "estimated date of delivery" (by Jan 24th) per I have received a confirmation that i will receive the item on Jan 29th. To me this is poor customer service and Amazon's fault for not following up with the delivery service to give contact info so they are able to schedule the delivery. This is a very big purchase, not cheap on either and Amazon should make sure the delivery is handled properly even after they have received payment. I am very disappointed in the follow thru from Amazon. When purchasing large items from BE VERY WEARY OF SHIPPING, EXPECT 2 WEEKS OR MORE. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK BECAUSE AMAZON HAS YOUR MONEY AND WILL NOT MAKE THE EXTRA EFFORT TO VERIFY THE DELIVERY COMPANY HAS YOUR CONTACT INFO OR CONTACT YOU ONCE NOTICE OF PROBLEM!!!!!
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on August 2, 2010
Purchased this with the deal where you got the BD Blu Ray player and 3-D starter kit for free. Assuming the bluray is worth $300, I got this TV for $1480. This is excellent quality. The directTV installer told me after viewing the set this is the clearest HD tv he's ever seen, and this is all he does. The colors are phenomenal-- so vivid. We watched the earth wonders series and everyone was floored at the clear, crisp, and vibrant colors. The 3-D is great, too. We used the built in 3-D up converter to convert a 2d channel to quasi-3-D. This worked great, albeit not as good as something originally shot and aired in 3-D. The sound is good, but not surround sound, but then again you didn't get surround sound with this. I like how the TV integrates with the network, other PCs on the home network, and communicates with the BD player. Considering there are other LED Tvs for sale for a higher price -- without 3-D -- the 3D makes this an excellent value, especially when the BD player and glasses are thrown in. The front door service was also great. Highly recommend. Highly, highly.
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on December 10, 2010
I really like this TV but it could use some improvement. One reviewer said "severe backlight bleed", I notice it sometimes. However, I am not a videophile so maybe thats my problem, so the average consumer will probably not even notice it. I also wish it was easier to switch over to the Game Mode, they should have it right on the remote. I used to have a Plasma TV and it seems that my electricity bill has gone down slightly with this new TV. About those Internet Apps Meh! I am also sad to report that the TV now turns off and back on by itself every few hours. It appears there may be a problem with the capacitors that Samsung has been using. The problem seems to occur in many Samsung models. I will update my review after I get the TV services

So, I filled out an online form on the Samsung Support site and a a repairman was out a few days latter and replaced what look like a motherboard and voila, problem fixed.
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on May 10, 2010
Great product: excellent picture quality (in HD), great design, great apps (LOVE the Netflix app- quality is unsurpassed) and great remote. Only complaint really is that unless the black level is set so low that the tv is unviewable during the day, there is somewhat significant backlight bleedthrough on large black areas- and not only at the corners or edges. On black title screens there is an odd mottled effect from the uneven blockage of backlighting.

Other than this one problem, which I understand is corrected somehow in the current 8000 series, I couldn't be happier with my purhchase.
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