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on August 10, 2015
At a glance: this keyboard is pretty great. It's really sturdy, the same size as a normal keyboard (besides some of the buttons), and the only real downside about it is some unusual key placement (which you get used to quickly). It's an amazing deal at this price point.

Pretty solid little keyboard. It's a normal size keyboard without the numpad and arrow keys.

The build quality is absolutely astounding for the price of the keyboard. It is very sturdy and the keys are feel very solid. The keys are relatively quiet but not entirely silent, and they are a little shorter than normal desktop keys. I'm currently using this keyboard in place of a laptop keyboard since HP makes absolutely terrible keyboards (at least for the model of laptop that I purchased). Attached are some pictures since the original few left me wanting more... there's a surprising amount of screws on the back and there are in fact little feet to hold the keyboard up at an angle. They also seem rather sturdy.

This keyboard does have some flaws which is the placement of the keys. It's not significant enough for me to take off a star or to complain about it, but it could be an issue for others. For example, the unm key is positioned next to the num key, and for some reason there is an additional \ + | key (the one usually under the backspace and to the right of the } key) between the num lock and space bar. Also, there is a function key in the bottom left of the keyboard instead of a control button, which can get annoying at times if you're used to-Ctrl+T-ing through tabs or something similar. Did I mention that the backspace is small and square?

There is also a line of "directional buttons" such as the page up, page down, home, and end buttons squished over in the right side of the keyboard. They also managed to squish in the arrow keys below that, which feel a little small if I were to use them a lot (I guess if you were playing an arrow key based game or something). I doubt I'm going to be using them that much so I'm not too worried about it (I also have large fingers, so your mileage may vary).
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on March 2, 2017
This is a terrible keyboard! In fact, I was only back here to find a replacement for this one that I bought a couple of years ago - and have been cursing every day since. Striking the keys is an exercise in statistical analysis because you never know if it's actually going to register the strike. As a poor typist I have to watch my fingers more than I should and when I look up at the screen I'm usually missing a letter or two in every other word. Doesn't happen on my other keyboards. Maybe I got a lemon. Or maybe people strike keys a lot harder than I do. In any case, I definitely can't recommend this keyboard.
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on December 6, 2015
This keyboard may not be the best for office productivity but I love it's size. It has a steel plate in the bottom so it is sturdy. The mechanical keys give feedback but it is still fairly quiet. I might wish the cable were 6 inches longer for my desk application OR 2 feet shorter for use OTG with my tablet. As is the USB cable is about 4 Ft. I did have a bad moment when I first plugged the keyboard in as the keys on the right hand side of the keyboard were set on number lock! The KB came this way on mine and also on my brother's and he bought his from a retail store, not online as I did. I suppose they leave the factory that way. Easy fix and I still love this keyboard. A Manual on use might be a good addition, even if it were just on the manufacturers website. My hands are not the largest but they are by no means dainty and the keys on this board are spread wide enough and are large enough that I can use it comfortably. I have heard that the letters may wear off in a few months of use and the best fix I have heard for this is applying a thick coat of clear fingernail polish only to the keys you use most, look at your old keyboard. Recommended.
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on February 25, 2015
I have a two monitor setup for my computer, with one monitor being 42 inches, meaning I can easily see it from my bed, while using the smaller (24 inch) monitor mainly when I'm at my desk. I bought this keyboard (along with a long USB extension cable, a mouse and a 4-port USB hub) to keep near the bed. I'm very satisfied with this, especially compared to my previous solution (a wireless keyboard and mouse), which both had connection problems from that distance.

You will notice right away that this keyboard feels heavier than you would expect it to be. It also appears to be built like a tank. I can accept the extra weight if it truly means that this keyboard is as sturdy and tough as it appears.

Pressing the Num Lock key causes several of the letters on the keyboard to be replaced by the number pad. While it can be slightly annoying to accidentally start typing numbers because the Num Lock key is activated, I like that more than having to hold the Fn key every time I want to use the number pad, like on most laptops. Overall, this feature is welcomed.

I don't like the lack of a volume control, but this is fixed with software like AutoHotkey or TyperTask (both of which I already had installed on my computer). Since the point of this device is to be as small as possible while still being a functional keyboard, I can accept this omission.

I very quickly got used to the position of the left Ctrl key. It won't be an issue unless you have trouble adapting to things in general. Perhaps I adjusted so quickly because the laptops I set up for people at work have the left Ctrl key in the same place (with the Fn key to its left). I don't use them, but I guess seeing it often enough prepared me for it! Because of the Num Lock feature, I have never actually touched the Fn key, so maybe they could have omitted it and saved themselves from the many people who complain about its position!

Overall, this keyboard is very versatile, and highly recommended.
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on April 1, 2016
I purchased this keyboard to use on a crowded desk, so small size was paramount. This keyboard is small, but it's larger than the keyboard in the old 10 inch Asus Eee PC netbooks, and somehow it feels much worse to type on.

If you're thinking about buying one of these, check out a picture and pay close attention to the bottom row:
- Fn in the lower left instead of Ctrl
- Backslash to the left of the spacebar
- Num Lock to the left of that weird Backslash
- Delete to the left of the Left Arrow

and the two rightmost columns of keys:
- Home to the right of skinny shrunken Backspace
- Page Up to the right of skinny shrunken Backslash
- Page Down to the right of skinny shrunken Enter
- End to the right of the Up Arrow

The bottom row makes Ctrl and Alt based keyboard shortcuts a pain, and the configuration of the rightmost columns makes it easy to hit the wrong key when rapidly editing text. Pressing Home, End, Pg Up, or Pg Dn can move the cursor a substantial distance, so errors may be introduced far from where your eye is looking at the document.

Other thoughts:
The keys seem very stiff for rubber domes (if that's what they are). It's much harder to get the down stroke started than on my Cherry MX Browns, for instance. I started stacking coins on one of the letter keys and at 89 grams it finally activated. I had a few dimes at the bottom, so the stack was definitely only supported by one key. The feet (two rubber and two plastic) don't do a very good job of keeping the keyboard from sliding on the desk.

If you are a hunt-and-peck typist with fingers that aren't too big, or you're just excellent at adapting your touch typing to new layouts and small keys, this keyboard may satisfy you. I am not an incredibly precise touch typist, so I prefer to have generously sized and sensibly positioned Backspace and Delete keys. I use Home, End, and the arrow keys a lot when programming, so I want those keys to work well also. I'd rather not buy another costly TKL mechanical keyboard for this purpose, but it seems like that's where things are heading.
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on January 7, 2016
When I received this keyboard, the first bad sign was that it was very wobbly. I had to use pliers to rip out the little plastic stands at corners, which was the only way to make it stop wobbling.

Next, I found out that where the control key should be, they have placed the fn key, with an unusually small control key stuck on its right. I kept pressing fn thinking the control key would be there, and this got so annoying that I used a screwdriver to take the fn key out, so that I would know that it is not the control key. But this doesn't really solve the problem, not having the control key in the right place feels like having a big itch that I cannot scratch. It is just so frustrating.

Then there is the matter of the delete key, which is stuck at the bottom of the keyboard next to the arrow keys. There is no way I could press it without looking for it first, which is a huge drain on my typing speed.

There is also the very annoying matter of the keyboard always starting with the numlock LED on, so that the number keys do not function properly until you press numlock once to turn numlock off. Absolutely ridiculous.

Additionally, the keys are very loud. I was hoping this would be on the quieter side, but it makes as much noise as any cheap hard plastic keyboard. If you want something quiet, look somewhere else.

I was also hoping the keys would be lower, more like a usual laptop keyboard. But they are not, they are quite high compared to an Apple keyboard.
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on August 28, 2016
This is exactly the keyboard I was looking for. I wanted a TenKeyless kbd, but with a USB connection, bec I'd had trouble with the wireless Microsoft Arc burning through batteries too fast (dying in the middle of a sentence) and sometimes mis-communicating with the computer.

It is sturdy, wired, worked fine....but I ended up returning it. For one thing, since it is a mini keyboard, it is slightly undersized, and I just couldn't get used to the slightly shifted key placement. Some of the keys were in entirely new places for me, and I had to hunt for them every time. The key travel was too long for my taste, and I prefer a quieter keyboard; this one was quite clattery.

This might be the perfect keyboard for somebody, but I wanted to let other shoppers know the reasons it didn't work for me.
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on November 6, 2015
I'm so happy to find a keyboard that works with my surface AND has function keys. The ability to turn on a ten key pad within the standard keyboard is an added bonus that I didn't realize I was getting and LOVE!! I VPN to my work computer and our software at work uses the function keys very heavily. The standard keyboard that you get to go with the surface requires you to push the function key and the F key necessary to use them. When I have a command that requires me to hit shift F5, and I also have to hit a third key, I get quite frustrated.

I also like that there are actual keys, not a flat keyboard where it's hard to tell which keys you're using. This is a traditional keyboard which just the right amount of click. (I do like the clicking, so as long as it's not disturbing people nearby, I like the audible feed back that I'm actually hitting a key, vs no sound so I never know for sure that I actually typed a letter.)

The UBS plug is a little tight to fit into the surface, but that just feels more secure to me.
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on March 10, 2014
The world is full of island-style chicklet keyboards with gigantic oversized keys designed for the hunt-and-peck, give-me-everything-right-now, facebook swilling, overstimulated, iPhone toting, self important, thinks-he's-wearing-a-fedora-but-it's-actually-a-trilby, impatient, Skrillex-listening consumeristas.

Almost every other keyboard is designed for people who have no concept of key travel, reflex, spacing or ergonomic sculpting. They're designed for people who use their keyboard like a pocket calculator.

But this keyboard is different. It has actual keys. Real, functional, normally spaced, sculpted keys with sustained, predictable reflex.

These are keys that will last a while. You'll probably still be using this keyboard in five years after it's been thrown around, stepped on, dropped, stuffed into your backpack and face planted on after long nights of coding and chugging Code Red (they still sell that, right? What? They don't? Really? How about Surge? Oh god I'm old.).

I got one of these to use with my Panasonic Toughbook and found it to be exceptional. I then bought 5 more just in case, and because I'm a reclusive hoarder.

Leave me alone, I can browse the web on my C64 using Lynx via a BSD shell.
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on March 16, 2016
I poured half a cup of sweetened coffee on the right side of my Kinesis Freestyle 2. Since the keyboard was edging up to being worn out, replacement time is here. I purchased this as a temp replacement and I truly hate it. The keys are cramped together and aren't all in the most convenient place which is very irritating. My wrists hurt if I have to do much typing. I'm using mapping software to disable or reassign the most annoying key placements. My new Freestyle 2 will be here tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. I'll stick this in a box and whip it out if someone needs an aux keyboard for their laptop. Small and straight with a cramped layout, it truly sucks for gaming and is even worse for just typing. This keyboard is worth what I paid for it and if I weren't trying to game on it I still wouldn't want to use it unless forced.
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