Customer Reviews: Gear Head 89-Key Mini USB Windows Keyboard
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on August 10, 2015
At a glance: this keyboard is pretty great. It's really sturdy, the same size as a normal keyboard (besides some of the buttons), and the only real downside about it is some unusual key placement (which you get used to quickly). It's an amazing deal at this price point.

Pretty solid little keyboard. It's a normal size keyboard without the numpad and arrow keys.

The build quality is absolutely astounding for the price of the keyboard. It is very sturdy and the keys are feel very solid. The keys are relatively quiet but not entirely silent, and they are a little shorter than normal desktop keys. I'm currently using this keyboard in place of a laptop keyboard since HP makes absolutely terrible keyboards (at least for the model of laptop that I purchased). Attached are some pictures since the original few left me wanting more... there's a surprising amount of screws on the back and there are in fact little feet to hold the keyboard up at an angle. They also seem rather sturdy.

This keyboard does have some flaws which is the placement of the keys. It's not significant enough for me to take off a star or to complain about it, but it could be an issue for others. For example, the unm key is positioned next to the num key, and for some reason there is an additional \ + | key (the one usually under the backspace and to the right of the } key) between the num lock and space bar. Also, there is a function key in the bottom left of the keyboard instead of a control button, which can get annoying at times if you're used to-Ctrl+T-ing through tabs or something similar. Did I mention that the backspace is small and square?

There is also a line of "directional buttons" such as the page up, page down, home, and end buttons squished over in the right side of the keyboard. They also managed to squish in the arrow keys below that, which feel a little small if I were to use them a lot (I guess if you were playing an arrow key based game or something). I doubt I'm going to be using them that much so I'm not too worried about it (I also have large fingers, so your mileage may vary).
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on December 1, 2010
This is a pretty good product for about 10 bucks. It meets my basic needs to have a portable keyboard and turns my tablet pc (Exopc) into a mini portable work station whenever I want to get some serious work done. The material used for the keyboard is just very basic plastic but hey what do you expect for 10 bucks. The keyboard size is perfect and measures about 11.5" x 5.25" x 0.5". Goes nicely with my 11.6" slate.

The one issue I have with the keyboard is that the Fn key and the Ctrl key are reversed from my Sony Vaio and so this tends to confuse me every now and then so I knocked off one star. But for the price, I am happy.
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on October 29, 2010
Th keyboard is small enough to travel with and sturdy enough to type as the main keyboard. Good deal. The product is sturdy and everything I could hope for.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 9, 2014
This isn't just a cheap keyboard... No, it's more ergonomic and built better than $100+ keyboards. I am a very, VERY fast touch-typist on this keyboard. Anything else slows me down, and I hope these are still available for sale for decades to come, when mine wear-out and I need more again.

DURABLE: The back is a solid and thick plate of steel, not plastic. It's held together with FIFTY screws. I've owned three of these keyboards over the past decade (they were PS2 actually), I've used them as my primary keyboard for all my extensive typing, and I'm only just now ordering new ones because a cat chewed through the cord, and it's cheap enough to just buy a replacement. The one I'm throwing out had highly polished keys from YEARS of use, and several key labels entirely worn off, but it was still working great.

ERGONOMIC: The small size (no num-pad) means it's a much shorter distance to reach the mouse... something you do constantly. That smaller distance makes a huge speed-up and relief on your shoulder. I bought it because it was the only keyboard I could find at the time with 0.5" height all the way across. That's just the right height for palms wresting on the table, and fingers arched out over the keyboard. With an incline, you have to constrict your fingers much more, and the added stress adds-up... This is why "ergonomic" keyboards are sometimes ergonomically much worse than the cheapest keyboards (these were $25 when I bought them, not the cheapest back then!) The keyboard is closer to silent than anything else I've used... Your own typing doesn't interfere with what you're trying to listen to, bother people trying to watch TV, and only has minimal sound that might bother those trying to sleep nearby,

These are easy to clean (or to rearrange the keycaps). You can safely just pull on one side of the key, and it'll pop right off safely, and go back on just as easily, with no small pieces falling off. Only the larger keys like space and enter have extra fasteners that need just a bit more consideration. From there it's easy to pull out any hair and lint accumulated and restore the keys.

Only limitation for rearranging the keys (for Dvorak typists) is that the right-hand side (punctuation keys) are maybe 1/16th inch smaller than the rest of the keys. A bit of sand paper can reduce regular sized keys to the smaller key slots, no trouble at all. In fact I've never noticed the slightly smaller keys in that area to negatively affect my touch-typing at all. I still wish they'd fix this, if possible.

I only wish I could buy a small laptop (netbook) with a keyboard anywhere near this good... They're always so awful, and size isn't an excuse when this one is smaller than many of them, and ergonomically is absolutely great!
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on December 14, 2010
Was expecting an average quality, plasticky, moderately useable keyboard for the price, but pleasantly surprised. It has a firm metal base and a solid feel despite being light weight. Keys are comfortable, though the layout may require some getting used to (as with most small keyboards, and some of the function keys on the bottom row might be too narrow for accurate touch typing). May not be ideal for word processing, programming, or gaming (where accuracy and speed are important) but as a keyboard for a nettop (I bought mine for a Zotac zbox running xbmc), it's great. Easy to stow away in a small corner when not in use. Will make a good travel keyboard.
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on February 19, 2011
I like this space saving keyboard. It has lots of functions and shortcuts. It is not as sturdy as a Dell or Apple keyboard but the VALUE is worth it.
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on February 18, 2015
I bought this for use with my Raspberry Pi project and it works very well with it. It is very portable, and has an amazing build quality to my surprise. The keys take a bit of force to actuate, but for $12 USD, it is amazing. If you're looking for a nice, compact, Windows-style keyboard, this is the one for you!
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on December 6, 2015
This keyboard may not be the best for office productivity but I love it's size. It has a steel plate in the bottom so it is sturdy. The mechanical keys give feedback but it is still fairly quiet. I might wish the cable were 6 inches longer for my desk application OR 2 feet shorter for use OTG with my tablet. As is the USB cable is about 4 Ft. I did have a bad moment when I first plugged the keyboard in as the keys on the right hand side of the keyboard were set on number lock! The KB came this way on mine and also on my brother's and he bought his from a retail store, not online as I did. I suppose they leave the factory that way. Easy fix and I still love this keyboard. A Manual on use might be a good addition, even if it were just on the manufacturers website. My hands are not the largest but they are by no means dainty and the keys on this board are spread wide enough and are large enough that I can use it comfortably. I have heard that the letters may wear off in a few months of use and the best fix I have heard for this is applying a thick coat of clear fingernail polish only to the keys you use most, look at your old keyboard. Recommended.
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on February 25, 2015
I have a two monitor setup for my computer, with one monitor being 42 inches, meaning I can easily see it from my bed, while using the smaller (24 inch) monitor mainly when I'm at my desk. I bought this keyboard (along with a long USB extension cable, a mouse and a 4-port USB hub) to keep near the bed. I'm very satisfied with this, especially compared to my previous solution (a wireless keyboard and mouse), which both had connection problems from that distance.

You will notice right away that this keyboard feels heavier than you would expect it to be. It also appears to be built like a tank. I can accept the extra weight if it truly means that this keyboard is as sturdy and tough as it appears.

Pressing the Num Lock key causes several of the letters on the keyboard to be replaced by the number pad. While it can be slightly annoying to accidentally start typing numbers because the Num Lock key is activated, I like that more than having to hold the Fn key every time I want to use the number pad, like on most laptops. Overall, this feature is welcomed.

I don't like the lack of a volume control, but this is fixed with software like AutoHotkey or TyperTask (both of which I already had installed on my computer). Since the point of this device is to be as small as possible while still being a functional keyboard, I can accept this omission.

I very quickly got used to the position of the left Ctrl key. It won't be an issue unless you have trouble adapting to things in general. Perhaps I adjusted so quickly because the laptops I set up for people at work have the left Ctrl key in the same place (with the Fn key to its left). I don't use them, but I guess seeing it often enough prepared me for it! Because of the Num Lock feature, I have never actually touched the Fn key, so maybe they could have omitted it and saved themselves from the many people who complain about its position!

Overall, this keyboard is very versatile, and highly recommended.
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on November 18, 2015
Does a fantastic job for me while traveling. Light and compact, it fits within my travel laptop bag with other paperwork, but also fits in my small backpack as a carry on for flights. The keys are smaller and closer together, so it takes a little getting used to, but works like a charm once you get the hang of it. Some keys are in different places to get the full keyboard in such a small area, but again it gets easier over time. Would recommend for any traveler that needs a good, quality, compact and affordable keyboard.
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