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on August 27, 2016
Both cats liked the bowl and drank out of the fountain part as well as around the top edges of the bowl. Cleaning the unit is simple; it's easy to take apart and clean the housing and the motor itself, which we did on a monthly basis. But the two stars comes from the way the wire is wrapped up inside the housing; it puts a hard 90 deg bend in the wire directly at the motor housing. This leads to the wire insulation eventually breaking and exposing the wire itself. While we should've caught this wire damage well before it got this bad, the wire shouldn't be in such a bind as to cause the damage in the first place. We have two bowls we switch out monthly, and both motors have exposed wires after 2 years or use. Our cats enjoy the bowls so we'll replace the pumps (and schedule yearly replacement), anyone purchasing just needs to be aware that this could happen and be sure to inspect the motor and wire during cleaning.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 25, 2016
This was an actual life saver. Our cat was admitted to the Emergency Wing for having a bladder block. He was treated a few days, nearly released, then blocked again. He then needed surgery and was released home last week wearing a double EC/Cone of shame with many stitches and meds. He has to be crated at night to keep him safe from jumping, running, etc that would tear his stitches out.

Drinking and eating well is very important and we've barely been able to get him to drink at all and he's been lethargic and dehydrated. I received this today, assembled and cleaned it carefully, and placed it in a new spot never imagining he'd drink (he's normally fussy even when healthy). To our surprise, he immediately went to the fountain and drank... more than he's drank in the past week.

I cannot get over how silent this fountain is. Whomever reviewed it as "noisy" must have assembled it wrong. I set the pump on the second lowest setting and made sure to align the pump, casing, and top as well as press gently to "seal" it all securely. The bowl is right next to our living room and neither splashes water/no trickling sound nor makes any pump sounds.

I have to mute the tv and put my ear right up to it to "hear" the pump. For a skittish cat that, a cat that's ill, or a cat that merely doesn't drink enough, this has already been a lifesaver on day one! I can't think of a batter design that allows "Basin or Trickle" drinking options, such a quiet motor, and such a pretty design! My nervous Nelly finally drinks more than enough water because of this product!

*Side note: I opted to use bottled water to reduce stress on the pump and filters because we have very hard water. I don't know if it's necessary, but I'm hoping it will help keep filters and pump clean a bit longer. *

Update after several months of use June 08, 2016 - Now that we've used this fountain's even more of an investment that we love and appreciate. At one point, we DID have some "motor sound" and found that merely taking apart the motor and cleaning the fountain and making sure to put everything back together properly took care of the sound. That's the only problem I can report and it's just a matter of staying on top of emptying the fountain and doing a quick 30 second cleaning of the motor as instructed. I did purchase a back up motor (which Amazon sells for a very low price) just for an emergency...but I doubt I'll need it. It's running well, the filters last a long time, and my cat loves it. It's been nothing but a great investment as time goes on.
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on June 7, 2010
I purchased this fountain for my cat, Willie, who is going to be 20 years old this month. He is unbelievably healthy for his age but does have CRF. Because he should drink as much water as he can and loves it from the faucet, I thought this would be the perfect solution. Well . . . it still could be. It's been operational for 10 days and I've seen him actually enjoy a refreshing drink from it twice. Since I'm not watching him every minute, a few kitty licks could go unnoticed.

It took some time for him to figure out that the object on the floor was for him, that it was a source of water, and that there is more than one way to capture his drink. He seems to prefer the water at the source where it bubbles up or as it runs down the little ramp toward the bowl.

The fountain runs very quietly. Willie does not hear well anymore but if he did, I don't think the pump noise would concern him. There is one suggestion I do have, however, when you're preparing this fountain for your kitty. After you've gotten all the parts washed and have filled the fountain with water, let it run a short while, then empty that batch of water. Refill with fresh water and run it a while longer. Now comes the funny part--get down on your hands and knees and sniff the fountain where the water bubbles out. When I did this, it was no longer a mystery why Willie was not immediately drawn to drink from his new fountain. There is a rubber grommet where the water flows out and it smells so strongly of rubber that's it awful! No one would want a drink from something that stinky, especially not a kitty with a sensitive nose. Keep running fresh water through the fountain until you're convinced that YOU would be willing to take a little drink from your kitty's new fountain. When there is no more smell, your kitty will eventually be tempted to investigate and hopefully taste the water that flows from his new gift.

Good Luck!



I have updated my rating of this fountain from 3 stars to 5. Willie is really enjoying his new source of water! He's tried drinking from the bubbling source, the ramp, and the still pool at the bottom. He likes having a choice. Just in case this didn't make the cut with him, I left his "old-fashioned" regular bowl of water setting next to the fountain and he walks right passed it in favor of his new gift.

Also, you should know the cleaning of this fountain couldn't be easier. After I've washed the human dishes on Saturday, I simply unplug, disassemble, and hand wash the entire fountain. I put it back together and we're good to go for another week. My plan is to disassemble the motor and clean it when I change the filter--which is going to be the middle of July. I think 45 days will be appropriate for both activities.

Well, once again, good luck if you purchase this pet fountain. I hope your experience is as favorable as ours. Two paws up from Willie, the 20-year-old cat.
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on August 14, 2015
This is a great little fountain for a kitten. Mine was very curious and played then drank from every surface. Now she is just contentedly sitting next to it admiring it (or her reflection!). I put it together easily, but it didn't work right away. After I pulled it apart and looked at the pump, there is a little switch--maybe high-low flow??? The directions do not mention this switch, but it worked after I flipped this switch--hence four stars instead of five. Still, I've only had it a few hours...

Well it is a few weeks later and our kitty still loves her fountain. She loves to drink from where it bubbles out, and she drinks a lot of water. The vet told us she is well hydrated. I've cleaned it several times and changed the filter. Great product!
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on June 12, 2010
I searched around for a stainless steel pet fountain for our two cats and puppy. The cats had been drinking a lot from our bathroom faucet, so they really like flowing water. The Pioneer Pet Rain Drop Pet Fountain is sized reasonably, the water flows down the ramp and into the "still water" area, and is very quiet. Our cats drink from both the sill area as well as the top of the water flow. Our puppy loves to drink the water as it falls down the ramp.

A huge positive in my opinion is that I have been re-using the filter by refilling it myself. The filter casing is plastic and is in two halves that fit together. You can carefully separate the filter top and bottom(it has small plastic posts on one side that fit into holes on the other side of the filter casing)and dump out the old filter floss and activated carbon. Then go to a pet supply store and buy a bag of floss and activated carbon, I fill up one side with the carbon, then put some filter floss on top and rejoin the top and bottom halves. The result is a fresh new filter. A big bag of filter floss is $5 at the pet store, and a big jar of activated carbon is also about $5. So for about $10 I have over a year supply of the materials for new filters - which is much cheaper than buying new filters themselves. I've been changing the filter 1X per month, washing out the filter housing and pump, and running the pet fountain itself through the dishwasher. This pet fountain has ran reliably for over 6 months now. Our cats and puppy love it and we highly recommend it. It also looks stylish, which is a nice bonus.
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on November 18, 2017
Bought 2 of these shortly after both of my cats were diagnosed with FLUTD and have had repeated cases of inflammation in their bladders. The vet said I need to get them to drink more water and that water fountains are an excellent way to entice them. This fountain generally did the trick, but after almost exactly a year, BOTH of the pumps failed within the same week. It’s almost like clockwork that these fail after a year. I could have purchased replacement pumps, but decided to get a different fountain from a different manufacturer in hopes of having a better experience. My cats also lost interest after the first few months, but still drank from it more than they would’ve drank from a normal bowl. Here are some pros and cons:

-Cats drank more water
-Dishwasher safe (not sure if plastic pump and filter case is dishwasher safe, but I washed it in on a high temp dry cycle and had no issues with it melting or deforming).
-Relatively affordable. Replaced filters once monthly. My cats are generally clean and don’t slobber all over the fountain the way a dog might.

-Pump life is 1 year.
-Awkward shape when putting it in the dishwasher. Takes up a lot of space!
-Easily spills when moving a filled container
-Metal top/bottom pieces rattle a lot if the parts are not positioned perfectly. This gets bad enough to the point where it’s hard to sleep with it rattling in the next room over.
-Replacement filters can get pricey if you replace them often.
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on February 10, 2015
I never write reviews but I have to say that I am in love! My little guy is always crying and wrapping himself around my legs to persuade me to turn the faucet on for him. And as much as he loves drinking from the sink, he hates drinking from his bowl. Literally the second I turned this pretty little fountain on, Sox was intrigued. Within a few minutes he had determined it safe to approach and was happily lapping away. He has not left the fountain's side since! I haven't been able to move it to a permanent location yet! No joke.
Overall a great product, looks pretty and decorative, quiet, and not too big. Easy to assemble as well as disassemble for cleaning. The only concern will be energy usage but I think it will be less than the money spent on wasted water from a sink I forgot I turned on.
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on June 1, 2017
Cats love it. Unlike the previous plastic waterfall fountain, the water doesn't eventually splash out which required putting it into a small tub. Easily taken apart and thrown in the dish washer, as opposed to wrenching apart many plastic parts that feel like they may snap and break apart. Cat tongues are scratchy and will eventually wear out that plastic like fine sandpaper... not this fountain.

Hard to tell the water level so I dropped a ping-pong ball in the reservoir to gauge it at a glance.
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on November 16, 2017
My cats will not have standing drinking water in a bowl. Spoiled for life. They have had a plastic filtered bowl for years that they enjoy but the years took its toll and I decided to upgrade to this model. I can already tell the filter and pump system is far superior and simpler. The metal design will be a breeze to clean and wash. The cats took to it immediately, but I am concerned with the small metal "hole" the water falls into at the top. My youngest kitten keeps shoving his paws into it to play with the water. It is unlikely that it will harm itself since the top is gravity set and not trapped down, but regardless I feel the design could have been better to simply fall into the bowl instead of a curious "hole" for the cat to want to stick its paws. Don't let that deter you from wanting to buy it. It would be near impossible to harm any animal, just a bit of food for thought on the design.
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on March 14, 2016
This fountain is great! Of course my cat doesn't drink out of the actual fountain part, but I think she likes the water in the lower bowl that slowly moves. It's made my life a lot easier, since I don't have to refill her bowl as much or worry about cleaning it as often. That being said, it does require cleaning! I take it apart about every other week and wash everything. There is some slime that still builds up on it, just not nearly as often as water stagnate in a bowl. It's pretty simple to take apart and clean, just make sure to also clean near the motor! I've found cat hair and a couple pieces of cat food trapped in there that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

It's not very noisy at all, which was good--my cat was already leery of it at first and a loud motor would have made it even worse. It's very quiet, and if I can really hear it it usually means the water has gotten too low and I need to refill it.

The overall look of this water fountain is very nice. The stainless steel is a nice touch, and it's not huge and obtrusive like some other fountains. The plug in the wall leading to it is a bit distracting, but of course the plug is unavoidable in any pet fountain.

I would definitely recommend this fountain to anyone; it's a pretty good price for a pretty good fountain!
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