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on August 26, 2011
I was getting fed up with my PS3 running out of space, so I looked it over online and found out this HD is a perfect fit your your PS3 (I don't have a slim, but I think they are the same HD size). The drive installed fast, the PS3 had a back up service that let me throw everything on a USB stick and I was up and running in under 30 minutes. I've downloaded tons of games onto it over the PSN and still have more space than I have used. Quick drive, great price, no issues so far!
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on August 27, 2017
Replacement for my HP Pavillion laptop after I dropped it and the original hard disk was damaged. Installed easily and works great. For only $47 I was able to keep using my old laptop as a backup computer instead of just throwing it away.
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on May 20, 2014
Western Digital is one of the brands for hard drive I trust more than most companies. It ties with Seagate for the amount of trust I have in these hard drives. While I wouldn't trust Samsung or Toshiba with my Bearded Dragon, I would trust Western Digital or Seagate to boot my computer, properly, every single time without fail.

When my ex's hard drive crashed and I dug a Toshiba out of their laptop that gave me the "click of death", I already knew what my first choice in hard drive would be. It's the exact same as the hard drive in my current laptop, so I can do a dual review.

My laptop currently has 700.5 days of uptime with this hard drive and was purchased around 3 years ago as part of my laptop. It has been dropped multiple times from heights of 5 feet and has dealt with plenty of vibration from traveling and me moving across the US. To this day, it works as beautiful as the day I bought it with next to do degradation. Given that most hard drives give out after being dropped from 3 feet, OFF, I am impressed that this one managed to make it after being dropped from 5 feet, STILL SPINNING, MULTIPLE times.

My ex's laptop has around 45 days uptime. (Approximation here since I cannot just drive over and ask to dig around their laptop.) When I was still living at their house, it also suffered some minor drops. Again, no issues with this hard drive since I installed it.

There's not much more I can say about this hard drive. It takes abuse and still keeps spinning.

A note for those non-tech-savy reading this;
If you buy this expecting a large amount of space, think again. When you have this hard drive installed to your computer, space is taken away for Windows to use for your file system. Think of it like a cabinet. You buy a 10 by 12 by 8 foot cabinet. You will take up 960 cubic feet of space, however, around a 120 or so will be taken up so that you have drawers, doors, dividers, and such. Think of Windows doing that, but to your hard drive. You will get 500 feet of space, but lose 80-90 for drawers, doors, and dividers. In the end, you will have 410-420. Keep this in mind.
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on January 7, 2013
I own and operate a computer repair store and purchased this drive from seller TopGear through Amazon for a customer. I purchased it in November 2012. The customer came into my store today and we determined that the hard drive was dead. I said "No Problem, it's covered under warranty." Much to my surprise I check on the warranty status of his less-than-3-month-old hard drive to see that is has absolutely no warranty. Not only does it look bad that the hard drive has failed for a customer less than 3 months after getting it installed, but it looks like I sold my customer a USED HARD DRIVE.

So what am I saying? Maybe they sell used hard drives. Maybe this was a mistake. If you buy a hard drive from "TopGear" I would put the serial number in the Western Digital (or whoever makes the drive) web site to make sure that you have a new drive with an active warranty.

Amazon is great though, so they are offering me a full refund, but beware with the Seller.
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on October 10, 2011
Arrived on time, in its packaging, and my PS3 accepted it perfectly. So for all of you who zipped to this product after reading the PS3 harddrive replacement instructions, this is what you are looking for.

Update: This hard drive is still working perfectly and I bought it over two years ago.
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on April 17, 2013
Like many here, I bought this to upgrade my hard drive space for my PS3. It works, so why a 3-star rating?

Read the product description heading "WD-certified packaging". It states "you can rest assured that your WD hard drive will arrive safely, fully protected". I posted a picture and you can see how my hard drive arrived.

My sensitive hard drive was rattling in the box by the time it arrived. The black plastic holders failed to hold the hard drive in place. I should have bought the retail box version.

I have used it for 4 months and so far, knock on wood, metal and clouds, I have not had any problem with it. But I will continuously be worried about the abuse it took getting to me.

Lesson learned - do not buy sensitive electronics shipped in Amazon frustration free packaging!

Of course I have seen Amazon under pack other sensitive electronic retail box purchases too so that is probably not going to help with future sensitive electronic purchases (recession or not, if something requires 5 air pillows, putting only 1 pillow in won't do much).
review image
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on October 14, 2015
Purchased May 2013 and installed on a Toshiba Satellite L655 laptop.

Died on August 2015. I thought Western Digital might answer for their shoddy product. They would, but I had to produce the original receipt in order to make a claim under their warrant. I asked if it was reasonable to ask for a receipt from two years ago and they said yes. Later I spoke to one of their techs who admitted to me, he never keeps any receipt.

That's the law of the jilted consumer: when you need to use their warranty, they make you jump through hoops that their own employees couldn't manage.
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on October 29, 2013
This drive is the perfect option if you want to upgrade your PS3's hard drive. 500gb ends up being about 465 and a bit less after the PS3 firmware is installed but it's still a hell of a lot of space. I've moved away from discs and doing digital downloads now, which is awesome! My shelves are mad but who cares...they are shelves. Get this!
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on February 25, 2013
Bought this great little HDD to replace the failing unit in my Sony VAIO. Physical installation was a snap. Then the problems began. I didn't realize that the HDD industry had changed from the 512 bytes per sector to the 4,096 bytes per sector used in current advanced format hard drives. So what? The recovery disks I had made would not reinstall Win7 due to the new HDD format size. Fortunately, I had an image off the old HDD that I mapped back on. However, weird Win7 problems began to happen and Win7 finally became unstable. System file checker found but could not fix the problem. Win7 repair disk could also not repair. Recovery disks failed at 95% trying to reinstall windows. Sony sells a replacement 512k byte sector HDD for over $250 ... ridiculous. Could buy a new copy of Windows and start from scratch but that just made my blood boil because I'd already paid for Win7 with the laptop. Long story short ... ended-up wiping the HDD and installing a nice little version of Linux on it. Runs sweet as can be.
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on December 29, 2012
I replaced an old 110G drive in a Dell D830 lap[top with this drive. I downloaded the software from WD site and attempted to clone the old drive to this one in an external USB inclosure. The software would not install because it could not find a WD drive. WEB search found that WD software will only work if an INTERNAL WD drive is found (if you already are using a WD drive you are ok, but you cannot upgrade to a WD drive from a Seagate drive). I bought a removable hard drive caddy for the laptop -- this allowed me to mount the WD drive as a second internal hard drive and I was able to install the software and clone the old drive. WD needs to rethink their policy, perhaps allowing a one time clone or something like that.

This drive is slower than the old 7200 RPM drive, but my problem was capacity mostly. Plus this one should draw less power (extend run time) and run cooler than the old one, which are concerns to me for a laptop.
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