Customer Reviews: WD Blue 320 GB Mobile Hard Drive, 2.5 Inch, 5400 RPM, SATA II, 8 MB Cache (WD3200BPVT) (Old Model)
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on February 3, 2012
Just to let Amazon users know, I purchased one of these hard drives with the intention on upgrading my fat 40GB model PS3's hard drive. The hard drive fit into the PS3's bracket and hard drive bay perfectly and works like a charm. If anybody wants to upgrade those tiny PS3 hard drives, the Scorpio Blue 320GB HDD works great.
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on December 27, 2011
This hard drive was a replacement for the internal drive in a Dell 1525 laptop. The old drive was damaged and not functional. Installation was very simple: remove two screws, slide out old drive, remove the fascia screws and switch it onto the new drive. After sliding in the new drive and replacing the two screws, boot up from the CD using the Dell re-installation disk. The BIOS found the new hard drive without any intervention, and Windows Vista installed without a hitch. Dell's driver disk had all the needed drivers which were also simple to install. Everything works fine.
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on March 3, 2013
Contrary to other review here that indicate that this is a "great" replacement for the PS3 I will tell you why it is not. The PS3 being a system initially from 2006 is NOT capable of using a drive with native 4k clusters as this drive apparently is. This is guised behind the term "advanced format" drive. This drive emulates compatibility for the older 512b cluster standard but it does it terribly slowly while in the PS3.

Does it work? Yes. It allows you to install games and applications on it.

Does it work well? Not at all. I first noticed the horrible lag and stuttering in Ninja Gaiden Sigma and then again in MGS4 and Wipeout HD. I'd imagine any game that is going to make frequent reads from the hard drive is going to be noticeably slow and sluggish.

I feel dumb knowing that I stopped my research on replacement drives for the PS3 with the reviews on Amazon. Had I searched a little more I would have found that 4k cluster drives became mainstream in 2011 and finding a legacy 512b drive is a little tougher. I would have also found that the Ps3 doesn't play well with Western Digital 4k drives.

In the mean time I've ordered a WD 320GB Black series 7200rpm drive that is not stricken with the "advanced format" branding of the one I am reviewing here.
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on November 22, 2012
My son got the corrupt message on his PS3 so after doing a little research, went with the WD Blue. Installation was easy and it works flawlessly. Super quiet while running and the plus is the PS3 went from a 120gb to a 320gb memory for a tiny amount considering what Sony would charge to fix the console or upgrade it. I would recommend this HDD to anyone wanting to fix their PS3 or expand memory.
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on May 25, 2012
I bought this to upgrade my old PS3 (I have the old "fat" 60GB PS3). The whole installation takes maybe 5 minutes. A word to the wise - if you are using this to upgrade your PS3, make sure you have some needle nose pliers or a Gerber handy to get the screws off the hard drive casing. Regular screwdrivers won't do it. After you format the hard drive to work with the PS3, this HD works like a charm. Reasonable price, too.
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on June 2, 2013
Life Saver... Ok, no lives were in danger however this was the fix action for our late 2009 Macbook pro. Just stopped working and would not recognize the hard drive. Great value, at less than $50 with free shipping.
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on March 22, 2013
I bought this Hard Drive for my Brothers Toshiba Laptop, his daughter had dropped his laptop and the hard drive was not functioning properly anymore.
I bought this Hard drive, got it in 1 day from amazon, I took out the old hard drive and re installed windows 7 on the Toshiba Laptop and about an hour later it was back up and running like new, my brother is happy he did not go and spend $500 for a new laptop. I noticed this Hard drive is really really quiet with a speedy performance. 5 Stars!!
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on January 20, 2011
When the Samsung drive in my laptop started making the occasional death throes of the motor going out, I put this little guy on order. You can go bigger these days, but in my case this was a replacement issue... the upgrade was just from shopping for the best bang for the buck at the time (which with hard drives changes, so don't quote me on this tomorrow). In general Western Digital has been an excellent and reliable manufacturer of hard drives and after years of being a nerd both at home and professionally, it's the brand I trust. They have great diagnostic tools available for download to verify your drive's integrity upfront and clone your current drive if it's an upgrade or total backup situation. Every manufacturer of hard drives has their duds, that's life when dealing with high tech. As with any upgrade, back up your data first and regularly. If there are any problems WD has easy to use diagnostic tools that can sometimes fix minor issues and spit out RMA codes you can send to WD for replacement for major ones. The nice part is, with WD, the odds are low you'll ever have to worry about it. Drives have motors and sensitive material in them... they vary in wear and tear just like any other high tech devices of the same caliber. But for longevity I've had the best luck with WD. And their prices ain't bad either. I might sound biased, but after over a decade in the business, and drives of my own of various manufacturers dating back to the 80s... some which still work, I think I've earned my stripes to say so.
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on December 27, 2012
A while back my 360 broke down, and as I was replacing it, I had to make the tricky decision between the 4gb or the 320gb model at a dramatically higher price. Now, the idea of paying the same amount it'd cost to buy a 2tb drive for a 320gb drive seemed absurd, so I elected to go the DIY route instead.

There are two DIY option for 320gb drives. You can actually buy an unbranded drive for ~65 bucks.

Or you can buy this drive for ~48 bucks (at the time of this writing) and save a bit more, if you aren't afraid to get your hands a little dirty inside the guts of a PC making it 360 compatible. The steps for making it compatible may be found here: or you can just do a google search for something like "hack 320gb drive to work with xbox 360."

If you follow the instructions on that site to the letter (and your motherboard supports legacy SATA), and you are pretty comfortable with the simple parts of building your own PC, the whole process is incredibly simple and takes maybe 15 minutes. If the idea of flashing a USB thumb drive scares you or you don't feel comfortable hooking up a SATA drive, I'd probably just buy the unbranded drive. If you are a big ol' nerd like me though, this is clearly the way to go.

Note: a word about ban fears
This process DOES NOT allow you to somehow play pirated games or otherwise require an Xbox 360 modification. This is approximately the same thing as installing a huge usb drive. After an exhaustive review, it appears no one has ever been banned for doing this, and anyone who claims otherwise also did other things like running a hacked Xbox 360. I personally feel pretty comfortable about not getting banned, but if you are more concerned, I'd probably stick with the official Microsoft 320gb drive.
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on March 20, 2013
This hard drive was bought to replace an original (failed) HD in an HP Pavilion dm4-1160us machine.

I have all the restore discs on DVD as created when the machien was new, but HP, in its infinite wisdom appears to have "cloned' the full size of the original hard drive (500 gig) which then is spanned across the DVD restore discs. Thus, when attempting to do a system recovery, the HP said, "not enough room" on the new Hard drive to restore from the discs.

if you have an HP with restore discs, you'll need a drive as large or larger as the original for restoring, or...another edition of Windows that can be activated on a smaller drive. Just a "heads up"...

Drive itself is FINE...and is functioning easily during restore.
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