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on March 3, 2013
Contrary to other review here that indicate that this is a "great" replacement for the PS3 I will tell you why it is not. The PS3 being a system initially from 2006 is NOT capable of using a drive with native 4k clusters as this drive apparently is. This is guised behind the term "advanced format" drive. This drive emulates compatibility for the older 512b cluster standard but it does it terribly slowly while in the PS3.

Does it work? Yes. It allows you to install games and applications on it.

Does it work well? Not at all. I first noticed the horrible lag and stuttering in Ninja Gaiden Sigma and then again in MGS4 and Wipeout HD. I'd imagine any game that is going to make frequent reads from the hard drive is going to be noticeably slow and sluggish.

I feel dumb knowing that I stopped my research on replacement drives for the PS3 with the reviews on Amazon. Had I searched a little more I would have found that 4k cluster drives became mainstream in 2011 and finding a legacy 512b drive is a little tougher. I would have also found that the Ps3 doesn't play well with Western Digital 4k drives.

In the mean time I've ordered a WD 320GB Black series 7200rpm drive that is not stricken with the "advanced format" branding of the one I am reviewing here.
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on March 22, 2013
I bought this Hard Drive for my Brothers Toshiba Laptop, his daughter had dropped his laptop and the hard drive was not functioning properly anymore.
I bought this Hard drive, got it in 1 day from amazon, I took out the old hard drive and re installed windows 7 on the Toshiba Laptop and about an hour later it was back up and running like new, my brother is happy he did not go and spend $500 for a new laptop. I noticed this Hard drive is really really quiet with a speedy performance. 5 Stars!!
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on April 9, 2015
I have this install in an older Dell laptop I use for digital painting. This drive has done very well so far. Not much to say here - just what appears to be a basic - very sound drive.
Follow up: This drive has been - as expected - reliable if a tad sluggish. If you want to add some grunt to an older laptop - this drive will not do it. But if you are not in need of a speed increase - this is reliable. Below is some comparisons for people upgrading older systems.

I have a D620atg has the Kingston SSDnow, and a D620 has a HGST Travelstar 7200rpm sata3, and finally - a D820 has a Kingrich SSD sata2 (I use an after market media bay drive and put a 5400rpm sata2 drive in it - so the Kingrich has the OSs - one Windows, one Linux and all files are saved to the WD Blue 320. I also have an alt Linux distro and Windows set up on this drive and can boot to it as opposed to the OSs on the Kingrich - via bootgrub).
The Kingston is the fastest upgrade. Next up is the Kingrich 32gig SSD sata2 (which is dirt cheap) was a notch below (no surprise). The HGST HDD is a mild surprise. It replaced a 7200 sata1 drive and the difference was pretty amazing. It also seems not too far behind the Kingrich. Plus the 500gigs of space at a good price - makes it an excellent upgrade option for older systems. Note: The extra speed of the HGST comes at a cost. I manually set the cooling fan to high, and keep the laptop on a cooling pad as much as possible. The Dell D620 id fairly small and doesn't discipate heat all that well. So if you go with a 7200rpm drive - use an after market software - like I8kfanGUI, to manually crank up the internal fan and expect the laptop to get a bit warm compared to using a more modest 5400rpm drive.
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on March 9, 2013
the old hard drive was causing the screen to lock up almost everytime I used the computer. With the new hard drive installed, the computer is so fast. Size and speed of the new hard drive are the same as the old one.

Installation was difficult since the old laptop used Vista. Had to have the computer geeks at work help me with formatting the hard drive the same as the old one, "imaging", and downloading all the updates; took about 8 hours over two days. Required additional equipment one of the guys had which inserted the old hard drive and used a USB cord to the laptop with the new hard drive.
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on December 1, 2013
I got this item for my brother for his playstation. It's more because of the seller than the product as to why it's a one star. I ordered a brand new item, and paid extra for the 2 day shipping so I could receive it before thanksgiving. I was shipping it to my mom's house instead of mine, because I live 1 block away from a bad neighborhood, and there are secure locks in my apartment, and I didn't want the postal man to lay it outside on the front porch. It did get shipped to address I wanted just in time, and when my mom gave it to me, I opened it, and saw that it was a refurbished item. Having to pay extra for the 2-day shipping, and the condition supposedly "new" I was pretty upset to see that it was used. Now that I'm back home, 2 hours away from my mother's house, I have to resend it, and order a new one from a different company, and get it shipped to my apartment which will probably get stolen, then I will have to report it, and etc, etc.However, instead of going through all that, I am going to resent it, then I may have to buy it from a store, where I will have to spend an extra 30 bucks than what I would on here, but I have no choice.

The company decided to contact me and apologized about the issue and gave me my money back and said they would give me a full refund and ship me a new one. So I decided I would give them another chance and told them a different address to ship it to, which is in a different state than the first one, and they shipped it to the state that the first one was shipped to so I didn't even get it, and by this point I was flustered, I emailed them and told them to forget it. They said they would send me another one, so I was like fine. I ordered another hard drive from a different company and figured I would send the one I ordered back if this one "the third one" would actually be correct. Boy was I wrong! They finally sent me one to the correct address, and guess what ....It was a refurbished hard drive. 3 times I dealt with these people, 3 times unpleased with my order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! MARK PATEL IS A CHEAP SCAPE!!! I WOULD NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS PLACE SELLS THAT IS "NEW" BECAUSE IT IS NOT. THANK YOU MARK PATEL FOR THE USELESS HARD DRIVE I HAVE.
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on October 30, 2012
Best $51.13 investment for an older investment. This Harddrive is the predecessor to the WD3200BEVT I had in my Dell Inspiron 1545. It burned out in Feb. 2012, the very next week I bought a cheaper $400 HP 2000-427CL and threw my Dell in the closet. It took me 8 months to muscle up the gambling courage to buy another hard drive(actually my cousin reminded me by asking where's the Dell while using my HP). Did some research, I wanted to buy the same company + model, didn't want to take a chance upgrading to a 500GB. Though I should've took a chance on the 500GB, I already have 4 external hard drives(2 WDs - 500GB, 1.5TB; 2 Seagates - 1GB, 2GB). Videos, movies & music, I'm 31 go figure.

The best about dusting off the Dell is that it has Intel Core 2 Duo(2x 2GHz) as oppose to the AMD Radeon HD Dual Core(2x 1.64GHz) my HP has which means my:
1. HD PVR 2 records smooth with no pixel flashes nor screen jumps
2. Sony Movie Platinum 12's preview screen plays HD 1080p & 720p 14mb mp4s smooth
in "Preview Quality"(no proxy files needed!!)

It took a couple hours to re-install Windows Vista + all the necessary drivers. 1 Hour to upgrade free to Service Pack 2(it came with SP1, SP2 is needed for Sony Movie 12).Then another 3-4 hours to install the approx. 90 updates via Windows Update.

My newer HP, the cheap one, was so cheap from Sam's Club, it didn't come with any backup Re-installation Discs. I was too happy after purchase I didn't even care.

Finally, those with Windows 7 know that Windows Media Player 12 plays MP4s. Well Windows Vista WMP 11 DOESN'T and some of my folders are bunched up with both wmv & mp4. BUT I FOUND THE PERFECT FREEWARE PLAYER THAT DOES, it's DAPlayer([...]), plays all media including blu-ray & wmv. I say this because others like VLC, RealPlayer, Gom, etc. don't play 720p+ HD videos smooth on laptops.
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on May 9, 2017
This is not the hard drive in the photo. Don't be mislead by it.It shows a dual disc but it is a single.
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on July 20, 2014
I purchased this HDD to replace a dead drive in an old Toshiba laptop that is used primarily as a VPN and SMB file server running Debian stable (Debian Wheezy 7.4 as of the date of this review). It does its job well, storing my files with the best of them and has been reliable for roughly a year. These types of drives are basically commodities, and I can imagine that there are other drives that would be a perfect substitute, particularly in the 5400 RPM category; however this was (and still appears to be) one of the cheaper options and is from a reputable company.

Overall I would recommend this product, although not so much that I wouldn't recommend a similar Seagate model if it were even the slightest bit cheaper.
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on March 20, 2013
This hard drive was bought to replace an original (failed) HD in an HP Pavilion dm4-1160us machine.

I have all the restore discs on DVD as created when the machien was new, but HP, in its infinite wisdom appears to have "cloned' the full size of the original hard drive (500 gig) which then is spanned across the DVD restore discs. Thus, when attempting to do a system recovery, the HP said, "not enough room" on the new Hard drive to restore from the discs.

if you have an HP with restore discs, you'll need a drive as large or larger as the original for restoring, or...another edition of Windows that can be activated on a smaller drive. Just a "heads up"...

Drive itself is FINE...and is functioning easily during restore.
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on December 5, 2012
WD Blue 320 GB Mobile Hard Drive: 2.5 Inch, 5400 RPM, SATA II, 8 MB Cache - WD3200BPVT

Just wanted to chime in with my experience: if, like me, you have felt frustrated with the storage capacity of your PS3 drive, but aren't sure you are capable of upgrading it yourself: don't be intimidated by the process. Even a middle-aged woman Gamer like me can ace it. Couldn't be easier. Now I wish I'd done it years ago - would have saved a lot of cussing due to inadequate storage space.

I was a little nervous, never having done any hardware upgrades before, but in under 10 minutes I was all set. Of course, you'll want to search out detailed instructions online, but if you're able to turn a Phillips head screwdriver, you'll have no problems with the physical end of it.

Just remember to back up your saved games, etc on removable media before uninstalling the original drive, and be prepared to face some tedious downloading/installing once the new drive is in. Piece of cake.
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