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on September 7, 2010
Most of the reviews I read before I purchased my first mandoline were positive for ones that I would have to purchase on-line. I wanted a slicer within a day or two, so my first purchase was from Bed Bath and Beyond. All of the attachments were attached to the slicer and at first I thought it was neat. Then, I went to use it and realized that every time I used the slicer, all of the attachments would get dirty. I returned it without even using it. I read a LOT of reviews before I bought my second mandoline. The second slicer I purchased was from Ace Hardware. I usually wouldn't purchase something like this from Ace; however, the slicer they carry had some good reviews. I retured it after one use. The blade was so dull that it wouldn't slice through a tomato. Then I purchased the Swissmar Borner V-7000 and I am very happy with it. It is simple and easy to use. With the push of a button I can change the thickness of a slice. It has a setting where the board is pushed right up to the blade for storage so you don't get cut when shuffling the mandoline around. It is light and easy to use with rubber feet so it doesn't slide when slicing. All I have to do to use it is grab it off the counter, push the button for desired thickness and start slicing. A quick rinse as soon as I am done using it and it is clean. It is so easy to use and clean that I use it even for the smallest jobs like making a quick sandwich just for myself. I highly recommend this slicer
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on April 17, 2011
The V-7000 takes a bit of getting use to. The button on the side that is suppose to lock the selected plate in, isn't very substantial and doesn't really lock it in completely. It's sort of a gimmick, if you ask me. But the slicer is good. It will slice wonderfully and fast. I had wondered if it would slice cabbage etc very thin. It definitely will do that well. It would be nice if they would make a stand or a bowl that will fit under the mandoline so that you don't have to hold it up in order to slice more than a few times (as it tends to get clogged up and jam if you don't lift it up to give it the space for the cut items). I also wish that the safety food pusher had some prongs that were closer together so that you can cut carrots that are longer narrower. It doesn't quite attach to, and hold secure the narrower carrots. You need at least 2 prongs in the carrot to attach securely. To remedy this: I hold the big end of the carrot and do my slicing (without the safety pusher) until I get down toward the fatter end. Then I attach the pusher to the carrot. Be careful, don't wait too long before you attach the pusher to the carrot. For carrots, I also don't go direct into the "V" part of the blade, as it tends to jam up more there. And I definetly hold the mandoline up so that the cut carrots don't pile up underneath and then begin to jam up while cutting. All and all, I do like it and will use it. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten the older models without the "lock" button on the side.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 24, 2017
I bought the V-1001 model in March of 2009, and still have it since I also bough the waffle cutting blade for it. I bought this V-7000 model because of the available thickness options. The V-1001 has the same blades as this one, but only one thickness is available for each of the julienne blades, and 2 thickness are available for slicing by turning the plate one way or the other.

On the V-7000 model, you can choose between 4 thicknesses for slicing and the julienne blades. I bought this mandoline In July of 2012 five years ago, and so far, I have had no problems with it. Yes, you do have to make sure that it is clicked into the thickness you choose, but this hasn't been a problem for me. I tend to use this mandoline more than the V-1001 because of the thickness choices. After 5 years of use, the blades are as sharp as they were when it was new, and I have not had any parts break off of it. I also like that the part that stays in it for slicing closes up so that you can't get cut on the blade.

I do only hand wash it which is simply slishing it in soapy water and rinsing it. I towel dry the blades and as much of the base as I can, and then let the rest air dry. Granted, I don't use it for all cutting jobs since just using a knife makes more sense and takes less time depending on the job. I usually use the mandoline when I have a lot to slice or process. This is a very useful tool that will last you a lifetime unless you decide to buy a new model with more options.
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on March 14, 2017
If a kitchen tool can be loved, I love this one! With an optional oval-shaped plastic bowl, it is the salad-maker supreme - not just effective and speedy but exhilarating to use. The bold red color helps, but performance is what I’m talking about.
Convenience is great too. This design combines the advantages of on-board and separate housing of tools by having the tool case attach to the underside of the body. Then everything just fits in the bowl.
True, this unit can’t manage crinkle or waffle cuts because the V-blade isn’t interchangeable, but I didn’t mind buying another small Borner mandoline for that special purpose - not expensive and really just as convenient as changing blades.
Strange to say, my main machine has a production flaw. Molded-in graphics indicate that the thick-slicing julienne blade can make square dices. Unlike the thin-slicing julienne blade, however, the thick-slicer won’t adjust to the indicated dicing position (so, no dice!). I have heard of Borner introducing an updated model that won’t disappoint in that way but still have all the old virtues. Mine is from 2013.
Oh, well. Lots of little machines can dice vegetables!

UPDATE: How amazing! - after four years of thinking that my large-julienne cutter wouldn’t and couldn’t make diced vegetables, I have stumbled on how to make it work. In case anyone else needs help, here’s how: you know that you want to move the julienne assembly upward and inward toward the V-blades, according to the molded index point for dicing. But you must start (counter-intuitively) by pushing firmly DOWNWARD on its opposite end (nearest the handle, farthest from the blades); this allows a small, hidden plastic pin to move down and underneath a barrier and onto a plastic ramp that guides the whole assembly exactly to where it needs to go. What results is the promised dicing action.
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on June 14, 2015
I love V slicers. I have been using the basic (V-1001) Borner white slicer for many years and was due for another replacement, as the plastic was falling apart after almost daily use for over 5 years. This time, I thought I'd upgrade to this model, to give it a try. I have learned that you can't always improve on a good thing. This unit works on the same concept as the original, but changed a few things.

First, the inserts for making small and large strips are the same as previous models, which you slip and and away you go. The straight slicer, however, has changed. Before you had one insert, and inserting it one way provided very thin slices, and flip it over, and you get thicker slices. This model, you slip it in one way, and there is a button on the side of the unit that you push and adjust the depth where insert sits, thus adjusting the slice thickness accordingly. It sounds god on paper, since now you have more options for thickness. The problem is the button mechanism is hard to work, frustrating to set, and when struggling with it, there is a real danger that you'll slice your finger. Once the slicer is set up, you need to make practice slices to see how they come out and then adjust. The V-1001, you know what your getting before you start. I find it very difficult to use and takes up more time than it's worth.

The V-1001 is quick, easy to use, set-up and clean. ThisV-7000 is hard to set-up, is not consistent, hard to pack back up again. (and is more expensive). It is also larger, which makes it somewhat more difficult to store.
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on July 14, 2010
This slicer has been excellent in speeding up prep work. Ive used it to slice jicama, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries. I use it to dice onions very quickly and consistently. The blades are very sharp, but thats kinda the point of a blade.

You definitely need to take care when using it, it will cut you if you disrespect it. If you are trying to slice something large and hard like a large potato or jicama, it has a tendency to jam which is a big problem. Reducing the size of the piece being sliced resolved this for me in every case, though it does mean no 6 inch fries will be coming out of it.

I do wish that it had a larger cubing blade and a larger fry blade. The strips are pretty much limited to small shoestring size. It will however slice from about 7/16 to wafer thin.

. . .

It has now been two years and I still use this slicer regularly. I have purchased two others in that same period largely to deal with the shortcomings I mentioned above, but none have done better and ultimately I return to using this slicer. It still cannot do potatoes for fries well and the largest strips are just two thin for fries or vegetable sticks, but it does so very well slicing anything not quite as hard as a potato and will even slice potatoes for au gratin or such, just not quite fries. I wont slice tomatoes, onions, or strawberries without it the results are just too good.

Oct 2013

Another year and it is still serving me well. The blades are not as sharp as the used to be, but still much more than adequate, it still slices everything very well. I have been dieting and eating a lot more vegetables lately. The slicer has been very useful in that regard. I love match-sticking carrots for my salad, so much better than the grocery match sticks, no dry white edges. The other slicers have dulled to the point they are useless, the V Slicer just continues to work. I will replace it with another when it fails or becomes too dull.
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on May 12, 2016
We purchased this mandoline for my guys mom - She makes feasts for a large group on a regular occasion... Always making cucumber salad or cheesey potatoes... You name it! I stopped to see her at the office yesterday & she raved about how much EASIER the mandoline made dinner prep! It was great because I didn't even have to ask about it! When I decided on this specific one, I'd read reviews on MANY brands, styles etc and kept coming back to this one. WHY? German engineering. Consistency in quality and ease of use. I typically have two/three brands that are my "go to" in the kitchen & I'm very pleased I stepped outside of the norm and went with the Swissmar. We'll be adding one to our home soon! I've got to add - the price is much lesser than what I'd expected to invest but worth every penny and more!
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on March 2, 2017
This is the ultimate in Mandolines, and I haven't cut myself once on it which is either divine intervention or excellent device design. You decide.
We cut veggies on it nearly every day. All of the slices are uniform. The guard clicks in place firmly.
The only downside is that this isn't meant for the dishwasher. It's recommended that it's simply rinsed which we've found to be the case.
All of the accessories click in place for storage which is extremely convenient and puts other setups to shame.

Ultimately, it does what it's advertised to do and doesn't disappoint.
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on October 9, 2015
Got this about 5 months ago. I had another (much less expensive) mandoline but it was literally impossible to clean in all the nooks and crannies. The Swissmar Borner COMES APART, so is very easy to keep clean. And I love the "holder." It does a bang-up job of slicing things very quickly, is easy to adjust for thickness and because it's made of nice, heavy duty plastic it doesn't flex, so your slices are consistent in size. It's just absolutely perfect (well, I wish I'd sprung for the stainless one). I heartily recommend this!
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on October 11, 2016
There are three reasons why I regret purchasing this mandoline and would not recommend it.
1. It slices unevenly. The blade attachment actually goes in slightly askew, producing uneven slices. See the picture of the sweet potato.
2. It is very low quality in both materials and construction. The various blade attachments do not lock in. At times while using the product they would just change position (in terms of the depth of the cut) or fall out. The plastic is thin and flexible.
3. The hand protector has sharp ridges right where my wrist rest while slicing. I had to put a small towel over the ridges to use it.
review image
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