Customer Reviews: Swissmar Borner V Power Mandoline, V-7000, White
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on September 7, 2010
Most of the reviews I read before I purchased my first mandoline were positive for ones that I would have to purchase on-line. I wanted a slicer within a day or two, so my first purchase was from Bed Bath and Beyond. All of the attachments were attached to the slicer and at first I thought it was neat. Then, I went to use it and realized that every time I used the slicer, all of the attachments would get dirty. I returned it without even using it. I read a LOT of reviews before I bought my second mandoline. The second slicer I purchased was from Ace Hardware. I usually wouldn't purchase something like this from Ace; however, the slicer they carry had some good reviews. I retured it after one use. The blade was so dull that it wouldn't slice through a tomato. Then I purchased the Swissmar Borner V-7000 and I am very happy with it. It is simple and easy to use. With the push of a button I can change the thickness of a slice. It has a setting where the board is pushed right up to the blade for storage so you don't get cut when shuffling the mandoline around. It is light and easy to use with rubber feet so it doesn't slide when slicing. All I have to do to use it is grab it off the counter, push the button for desired thickness and start slicing. A quick rinse as soon as I am done using it and it is clean. It is so easy to use and clean that I use it even for the smallest jobs like making a quick sandwich just for myself. I highly recommend this slicer
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on July 14, 2010
This slicer has been excellent in speeding up prep work. Ive used it to slice jicama, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries. I use it to dice onions very quickly and consistently. The blades are very sharp, but thats kinda the point of a blade.

You definitely need to take care when using it, it will cut you if you disrespect it. If you are trying to slice something large and hard like a large potato or jicama, it has a tendency to jam which is a big problem. Reducing the size of the piece being sliced resolved this for me in every case, though it does mean no 6 inch fries will be coming out of it.

I do wish that it had a larger cubing blade and a larger fry blade. The strips are pretty much limited to small shoestring size. It will however slice from about 7/16 to wafer thin.

. . .

It has now been two years and I still use this slicer regularly. I have purchased two others in that same period largely to deal with the shortcomings I mentioned above, but none have done better and ultimately I return to using this slicer. It still cannot do potatoes for fries well and the largest strips are just two thin for fries or vegetable sticks, but it does so very well slicing anything not quite as hard as a potato and will even slice potatoes for au gratin or such, just not quite fries. I wont slice tomatoes, onions, or strawberries without it the results are just too good.

Oct 2013

Another year and it is still serving me well. The blades are not as sharp as the used to be, but still much more than adequate, it still slices everything very well. I have been dieting and eating a lot more vegetables lately. The slicer has been very useful in that regard. I love match-sticking carrots for my salad, so much better than the grocery match sticks, no dry white edges. The other slicers have dulled to the point they are useless, the V Slicer just continues to work. I will replace it with another when it fails or becomes too dull.
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on January 26, 2015
Can I give this 6 Stars. Love this. Makes perfect skinny fries and thin chips. Haven't really used it to slice tomatoes for anything like that, but it's our go to for sweet potato, Japanese sweet potato and hanna potato French fries we bake in the oven. We have also used it for parnips and jicama sticks. It cuts our beef jerky meat a good thickness. At first we were making it too thin, changed the blade setting next time and perfect. I have also made my own Taro chips. Well made and strong. I bought one for my sister for her birthday. Would definitely recommend this band. See the photo of my cat eyeing those French fries - made with the mandoline
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on September 22, 2010
Let me start with saying that this is my first mandoline ever, so it's possible that the few complaints I have may exist in other slicers as well. I looked around a lot before buying, and the other Borner slicer had amazing reviews, so I decided to go with this slightly updated version, figuring it too must be great, and for the most part was pleasantly surprised.

The slicer blade itself is VERY sharp. It makes easy work of most vegetables (and fingers if you don't use the safety holder). It has 4 settings for thickness for each insert, allowing for very thin slices, and is easily changed. The inserts allow you to do strips of either very fine or small sizes, but even the largest is a bit smaller than I prefer for fries or veggie sticks (but the ones it does make are very nice). It is quick and easy to clean, change inserts, etc., and overall does its job quite well. The color options are a nice touch, as we like to have colorful kitchen gadgets/appliances to compliment their functionality. Everything washed nicely in the dishwasher (top rack), and is very easy to pop together / apart.

The safety handle grips things quite well, but as the instructions say, make sure to cut the item to be sliced down to fit in the holder, or it is not going to be easy to use, and will catch (especially with harder to slice vegetables like the previously mentioned potatoes). One downside is that there is no rail for the handle to slide along, so it shifts a little bit with use, and if someone (read in-laws) go to use it without being careful, they can scrape up the handle by running it the wrong way (thin direction) along the inserts. If it had a rail that the handle slid along, it would make the slicing easier and alleviate this problem. I did see that the handle is sold separately though, so I could replace that if the scratches really bothered me.

The other downside (maybe) is that there is only one cutting blade which does not seem replaceable. This means that when it dulls, you'll need a new mandoline, instead of only replacing the blade. According to previous reviews of other versions though, these blades last a long time, so unless you're using this daily for extended periods, it should last you a very long time. I haven't gotten there yet, so can't say for sure

Otherwise, the blade is very sharp, cuts beautifully, the inserts have a nice storage caddy, it cleans well, looks nice, and feels like it should last a while. Even with the couple of problems, it's still a pretty good product and I'm overall happy with my purchase. It saves a LOT of prep time, and keeps me from nicking my fingers as much with a knife.
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on April 17, 2011
The V-7000 takes a bit of getting use to. The button on the side that is suppose to lock the selected plate in, isn't very substantial and doesn't really lock it in completely. It's sort of a gimmick, if you ask me. But the slicer is good. It will slice wonderfully and fast. I had wondered if it would slice cabbage etc very thin. It definitely will do that well. It would be nice if they would make a stand or a bowl that will fit under the mandoline so that you don't have to hold it up in order to slice more than a few times (as it tends to get clogged up and jam if you don't lift it up to give it the space for the cut items). I also wish that the safety food pusher had some prongs that were closer together so that you can cut carrots that are longer narrower. It doesn't quite attach to, and hold secure the narrower carrots. You need at least 2 prongs in the carrot to attach securely. To remedy this: I hold the big end of the carrot and do my slicing (without the safety pusher) until I get down toward the fatter end. Then I attach the pusher to the carrot. Be careful, don't wait too long before you attach the pusher to the carrot. For carrots, I also don't go direct into the "V" part of the blade, as it tends to jam up more there. And I definetly hold the mandoline up so that the cut carrots don't pile up underneath and then begin to jam up while cutting. All and all, I do like it and will use it. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten the older models without the "lock" button on the side.
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on August 19, 2014
I actually loved it when I first got it and started using it. I even have recommended it to others. However, just a couple of months after purchasing this mandolin, it has fallen apart! I've never machine washed it, only hand washed it. I'm careful when I change out the blades and only use it a few times a week. When I picked it up off my drying towel last night, the part that helps the blades slide in and out had completely fallen off, and there's no way to put it back on and fit.

I went with this mandolin, though it was quite a bit cheaper than my current mandolin, because of it's great reviews. The only thing I can think is that the reviews re coming in quickly after the purchase and not after months of use. I am very disappointed and will purchase a quality mandolin from the bad experience.
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on September 26, 2010
Have owned 2 previous V-Slicers (Mandoline) for probably 10 years. Used one at home and another in my motorhome. They were great particularly in slicing really thin slices of tomato and onion. This newer model is adjustable, but it's difficult to change the types of blades for wide or narrow cut vegetables. Also it doesn't seem to slice as smoothly as the older model. On the plus side the blades and knob used to hold the item being sliced store very compacty. I give it three stars. Still slices better than most of the mandolines on the market.
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on October 23, 2015
After watching America's Test Kitchen video comparing different models of mandoline slicers, I went with the recommended Swissmar Borner. I should have ordered the Swissmar Borner V-1000 but I ordered the V-7000 thinking it would be a step up with more thickness options. Sadly, I found it large, very cumbersome, and awkward to use. The v shaped insert flexes and shifts when sliding the object down towards the blade and is probably why the slices were not uniform, they all had a curve with slight ridge down the center of the slice. When making adjustments for the slice width, the insert didn't feel like it went into a specific notch and seemed sloppy. The adjustment selected would not stay in place while using it. Because I found it big and awkward to slice on the counter I tried it over a bowl, it does not have definitive enough notches to hold it in place on the bowl, it slides around making it difficult to use and dangerous. Also, I don't think I like the extreme angled v-blade after trying this. I really wanted to like this and tried it on many fruits and veggies but I couldn't get it to produce a slice that I was happy with. I didn't like the way the inserts flexed and shifted. It's possible the V- 7000 is quite different than what was used in America's Test Kitchen (they didn't specify the model # they used). Maybe I would have liked the model they used. I did return the V-7000 and picked up a cheap slicer that has a straight blade and am very pleased with it.
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on December 6, 2014
I've only used this slicer a couple of days and would rate it a 5 star product if it would slice all of the item being sliced. It leaves at least 1/4" of leftover, over time, a lot of food will go to waist, unless you go to the trouble to pull the knife out to finish the work.

One more star than the lowest rating because it does slice quite nicely, but I will be returning this item and looking for one that doesn't waist food.

I added a photo showing the gap where food gets waisted.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2015
I’m a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York. I say that so you know that I’m not “new” to the world of food and cooking. I’ve used stainless steel mandolins many times. . . and, for the most part, I’ve felt “safe” using them. Not so with this one. Not so at all. This product is SCARY!

First of all, the makers need to have a “REAL” instructional video on the proper and safe way to use this mandolin. They have a long video on YouTube, but it’s far from being an “instructional video”. It’s a “sales pitch” video. There’s no talking. . . just “cheesy” music. The man in the video is obviously talking, but you can’t hear what he’s saying (and it’s probably in German). He’s going. . . . zip. . . Zip. . . ZIP . . . TA-DA. . . sliced carrots!! He’s going as fast as he can. . . showing how you can slice all types of things. DON’T DO THAT! I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT try to zip through as fast as you can. One slight turn, and you’ll take a slice out of your hand.

Not everything is going to fit in the “holder”. Eggplant, for example. You’re going to have to hold it with your hand. Again. . . scary. Slow-and-steady is the way to go. Don’t try to zip through it as fast as you can, like it shows on the videos. On the other hand, don’t “stop-and-start”. You need to have a smooth and even speed.

Is there “waste”? Yes there is. . . but not a lot. It all depends upon what you’re cutting. For example, last night I shredded cabbage to make sauerkraut (one of the main reasons I purchased this item). I cut the head of cabbage into quarters, and removed the core. I started slicing the cabbage using my hand to hold it, as it was too large for the “holder”. But as soon as it would fit in the holder, I used the holder to finish. The very last little bit, on each quarter, would not go through. So I simply hand-cut that bit. No big deal. The same for other items such as carrots and elephant garlic.

The holder works. . . as long as whatever you’re slicing will fit into it, and can be held by the metal “needles” inside it. When I was watching the video, it showed that you could put several small items in at the same time . . . .radishes, for example. Yes and no. I think it all depends upon what it is you’re slicing. I tried it with carrots with mixed results. You just have to see what works best for you.

This is a VERY expensive item for a lot of plastic and a few bits of metal. I know it’s Made in Germany, and not China. . . but. . . I still think it’s expensive.

The “blade holder” that you put on the back isn’t great. . but I guess it works. You’re supposed to be able to put round veg holder on the top somehow, but I don’t have a lot of luck with it staying put, and so I just store it separate.

PLEASE make sure you “close” the slicer (pressing the guide all the way forward from the back) so that you, or someone else, won’t get cut by simply handling the mandolin while not in use and moving it.

Does this item work? Yes it does. Will I be using it on a daily basis? No way. I have “knife skills” where I really don’t need to use this item very often. I purchased it mainly for shredding cabbage and other items I want to ferment. I’m sure I’ll cringe each time I use it.
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