Customer Reviews: DeLonghi DD45P 45-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier with Patented Pump
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on September 12, 2010
This DeLonghi DD45P Dehumidifier is so far advanced over other dehumidifiers I have owned over the past 15 to 20 years, it is like a newly invented appliance for 2010.
It's the pump stupid! Why haven't all dehumidifiers been designed with automatic pumps from the get-go? Did appliance designers think that a homeowner would gladly trade a dry basement for the chore of emptying a bucket of water every day?

The initial set-up was relatively easy after I read the instructions twice. The controls are understandable and fairly intuitive.
This is a smart dehumidifier compared to the older manual dumbbells I have owned. The display reads your room temperature. The unit can be set on auto, to run until it brings the humidity level in percent numbers down to a level you decide. It can be set to run for a selected time period or just run continuously at one of its two different speeds, high and not quite as high. It has delayed start and delayed stop if desired. If you choose to not pump the condensate to a nearby drain or out the window, don't turn on the pump, and it will fill its built-in bucket instead. All this and energy star rated to boot.

The pump works well. The supplied condensate hose, which is 3/8" OD clear vinyl, runs up a corner wall in my basement about 8ft, then about 8ft more along the ceiling of my adjoining laundry room, and 4ft down into a laundry tub. I did have to add 8ft more hose to make the distance, but the pump handles it all very nicely. I bought this model for the pump and I consider this purchase as one of my better moves. It has been running 24/7 for about 6 weeks, and I just forget its there. My fingers are crossed.

The only negative features (in my opinion) are that the hose for the pump comes out the front of the unit near the base and the tiny wheels don't lift the unit high enough up off the floor to run the condensate hose under the unit towards the back so its not so visible.
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on August 8, 2010
My current DeLonghi (40 pt) has gone on the fritz so I bought the newest model DD45P. The sensors on the old one (6 years old) have gone wacko, and the defroster (heater coil) seems constantly engaged, thereby pumping out super heated air... not good during the summer months here in the Northeast where 90 degrees+ has become the norm. The new DeLonghi arrived last week and has a more compact design than the old one, seems to be performing well, however, the 2 speed fan is problematic to me. DeLonghi should have stayed with the 3 speed fan as on the older models; that would REALLY have improved the "quiet" factor. Also the 24 hour timer feature is laughable... please, for this price, let me program more than one block of time. I love the pump, however, as an owner of a previous model who has taken the old one apart, be warned that what is growing inside the older unit has got to be unhealthy!!!! Yuk! If only replacement parts were made available at a reasonable price, my old one could be kept working! I need 2 for my large basement area, so I think I will be buying an additional one of a different brand to see if it performs any more efficiently and lasts longer!
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on October 18, 2010
The unit itself works great, except...
When I was researching dehumidifiers, the description of the DD45P said it has a 24-hour timer. I was under the assumption that I could program it, for example, to run for 8 hours, stop for 8 hours, run for 8, stop for 8, etc. In other words once I programmed it would maintain that cycle continuously until I turned off or changed the timer. My previous LG dehumidifier worked that way; I could program a continuous cycle. But not the DD45P. The program works for just once cycle; you have to reprogram it at the end of the cycle if you want it on timer again. And that's not the worst. You program it to start when the unit is in off mode; enter the number of hours after which you want the unit to turn on. However, to enter the number of hours after which you want it to turn off, you must wait until the unit turns on. You can only enter minimum increments of 1/2 hour for both on and off. So here's the scenario: Go down to the basement (where most people keep their dehumidifier), program it to start in 1/2 hour, go back upstairs, go back downstairs 1/2 hour later to program the turn off time. Repeat this daily or multiple times during the day if that's what you want. Of course you can run it without a timer; it then runs 24/7. But for energy-saving purposes a continuous timer would be nice.
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on January 24, 2012
This dehumidifier worked fine at drying out our damp basement for two months starting in early September 2011. It does have some awkward design features, especially the fact that the timer only works for 24 hours and then has to be reset manually for the next 24 hours. Also the fan is always on, even when the compressor is off. The combination of these two features means that, unless you want to do daily resetting of the timer, the unit will be rather loud 24 hours a day and will use a lot of electricity (the wattage is not stated in the manual or on the nameplate, but based on the amps listed there, it's about 650 watts maximum, which jives with the jump in our electricity bill when I installed it).

Unfortunately, the electronics started going haywire in the second month of use, starting with the fan speed getting stuck at low speed. Ultimately, by late October, it misread the humidity at 30% (a high-quality, recently calibrated hygrometer showed about 55%), and so the compressor stayed off. I had to pack it up and ship the 40 lb. package at my own expense to a repair place (costing me "only" $20, because fortunately an authorized repair place is not too far away from where I live). They got it in early November, but nothing happened for six weeks, because the needed replacement part (a computer control board) was on backorder; it had to go from China to Italy and then to the repair place. The part came in just over a month ago, but I still don't have the unit back.

A friend has the same unit and hers has worked fine for over a year. If you get one that works, then it's effective at removing moisture and the pump is extremely handy. But if it develops trouble, even under warranty, you could have a hassle.
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on May 1, 2012
DEHUMIDIFYING ABILITY: Absolutely fantastic. It has lowered the humidity in my downstairs (roughly 1000 sq. ft) from 65% to 45% in roughly an hour at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

NOISE: It has a low and high speed. On low, it sounds like a pedestal oscillating fan on high. On high, it sounds like a typical window air conditioning unit on high. I know these are inexact measurements, but what I am trying to convey is the noise does not bother my wife and I at all.

EASE OF USE: I am a technically inclined person, but I can't see anyone having any difficulty operating this unit. There is a power button, timer button (for delayed start and shutoff), Pump (for toggling between tank and pump modes), Humidity + and -, and display button. Pretty self explanatory what all of these buttons should do.

FEATURES: The built in pump works fantastic, and the ability to use it in tank (manually empty tank) and free drain mode makes it universal for all consumers. My biggest (only really) complaint about this unit, is the timing function which I will discuss below:

TIMER FUNCTION: This feature is pretty terrible. You can only set the unit to shut itself off on a delay when it is currently running or have it delay starting when it is currently off. There is NO scheduling an on and off time and certainly no days of the week settings. This will be a deal breaker for a lot of customers, however I am able to simply turn it on several times per week manually.

CONCLUSION: If the unit had even had a basic 1 day on/off scheduling timer, I would give it 5 stars. Overall, the price for what you get it good especially when you consider it has a built in pump.
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on February 8, 2012
I had a DeLonghi dehumidifier with the pump system before I purchased this new one. My old one, which worked great had it's electronics fried when our electric power company gave us a nice power surge when restoring our lost power. In hindsight, I should have unplugged the dehumidifier and the dryer, which was also fried. This replacement unit is very similar with an added (what I assume is an) improvement, but I liked the old one better. This one has a fan that runs constantly, wheather or not the dehumidifier function is actively working. The fan is not quiet. I use it in the basement, so I will be able to put up with the noise, and I suppose it's a good thing to filter the basement air, but I would prefer not to have it running all the time. Also since the fan runs like it does, I need to be sure to regularly check the air filter. I would have sent it back for another model or type, but I really like the pump system which drains right into the sump pump reservoir, so I will get use to the fan noise. Without the fan issue, I would have rated this unit with 5 stars.
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on December 5, 2010
The unit is very effective at removing moisture from the air. But the fan continues to run after the desired humidity is achieved. This in my mind is not very energy efficient. Also,the unit has a timer which you can only program the run time i.e. (turn the unit on. program the length of time you would like it to run and then it shuts off.It will not turn on again until you manually turn it on). I think a clock that you could program the on/off times would be a better feature.
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on September 7, 2011
This is the first dehumidifier that I have ever had that does not shut off after the target humidity level is reached. The fan stays on and runs until you physically turn off the unit. It also throws off a tremendous amount of heat when it is running. It will warm a room!

I sent an email note to Delonghi asking them about the perpetual fan and they said that is how they designed it.
With this being the case, you can throw out the Energy Star or whatever environmental-friendly label they've thrown on it. You can also add a lot to your electric bill thanks to the idiots who designed this thing.


As for the purchase and delivery, that went off without a hitch.
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on April 20, 2011
Our old dehumidifier finally gave out and I selected this unit based on it's features. It seems quite powerful and quickly reduces the humidity level however there were a few features that were not quite clear from the online documentation. The old dehumidifier would get down to the selected level of humidity and then shut off but come back on as needed whenever the humidity level rose. This unit will run the fan the entire time which I find to be noisy and a waste of electric. The only way around this is to use the timer function which allows you to set a the amount of time the unit will run (i.e. 2 hours). This doesn't really seem ideal either since the humidity level could still be quite high when time runs out. Given the drawbacks, I still like the unit in that it really pulls out the humidity and I also like the pump feature which eliminates the need to manually empty the holding tank.
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on September 5, 2010
I have used this product in my basement for about a month with no issues. My basement space is not an extremely high humidity area; but this unit works perfectly well for my situation. One of the reasons for purchase was the built in pump. I run the supplied hose into the sewer line in the basement ceiling, about a 9 foot rise, at a distance of about 16 feet. I have only one design issue. The hose attaches in the front of the unit, would prefer a side or rear hookup. The dehumidifier does raise the temp in the room 2 or 3 degrees and it would be a little loud in a bedroom; but not a problem in my game room. Overall I am completely satisified and would make the same purchase again.
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