Customer Reviews: Smart Touch Mini USB TouchPad Keyboard
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on January 14, 2011
For a media computer, I wanted full keyboard and mouse functionality in the smallest space possible. That is exactly what this product delivers. This thing is TINY, so tiny you can easily tuck it behind the monitor when you aren't using it. It's tiny size also makes it awkward to type on. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of buying it.

This is NOT a good keyboard if you want to write a book or play a game. For that, you want something a lot bigger.

It IS a good keyboard if need a super-small controller for a computer that is mostly used for viewing media. For that, it is perfect.

Note: This is a Windows keyboard, but it works just fine on my Mac. It only takes a second to figure out which Windows keys correspond to which Mac keys.
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on January 31, 2012
They keys are small and cramped BUT it is a small keyboard so that is to be expected. However I don't like how my pinky finger is on the enter key when my hands are in the default position. But again, I'm not using this for everyday use. It is in my tool bag to be used in a pinch when I need a keyboard and a mouse, mainly in a server room. Because of it's small size it fits in my tool bag nicely without taking up much room. Keep in mind it is only 11" wide (about the length of a piece of paper.)

To accommodate all the keys, some keys are doubled up and accessed by a special function key. For example to access Home or End you have to press Fn-Left Arrow or Fn-Right Arrow, similar to some laptops. The F11 and F12 keys are also accessed by Fn-F1 and Fn-F2 for example.

The touch pad worked find and there are buttons above it for pause/play, volume up/down/mute. However since those keys don't help me much on a server, I'd have opted for the page-up/down and Home/End instead (so you didn't have to access via the function key).

Num-lock turns some of the keys into a number pad, similar to some laptops.

Again, for my needs as a tool kit keyboard and mouse it was exactly what I needed. I would not want to use this for every-day use.
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on July 21, 2012
I am using this for both a Windows 7 box and as the primary keyboard on a Raspberry Pi. It works very well for both and the media buttons work right out of the box on Windows 7. The key size may be an issue for people with large fingers.
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on July 6, 2013
Yes is it a small keyboard, smaller than I was expecting but I don't have a problem with that. It actually feels good to me for typing and I didn't have the problem with the NumLock key others have had.

I wrote this part before I found out more about what I was doing [I bought this to use with the latest Raspberry Pi and it works well as a keyboard (most of the time). The mouse (track pad) does not lend itself to use with LXDE, it is very jumpy and acts like it's trying to avoid going where you want it. That makes any operation lengthy and a little frustrating. What I can find about that problem, so far, is that it seems to be incompatible with the Raspberry and/or its operating system. How do I resolve that with the reports of others using for just that purpose? I can't.]

Well, I can resolve it much better now. What I was seeing was the effect caused by loading down the USB. This keyboard/touch pad is not back lit and I presumed it had no unusually high current draw. I find, as I use it now through a powered USB hub that there are no undesirable characteristics. The Pi is powered by a 2.1 amp charger but, apparently, is still very sensitive to loads on the USB connectors. The keyboard works beautifully, it's small, easily portable, and very workable.
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on April 24, 2013
I originally bought this for use with the Raspberry Pi, and it works very well. It is great to leave the other USB port free for other uses, and to never worry about a mouse next to the keyboard ever again, because there is a touchpad built right in to the keyboard! And it honestly gives things a portable-style feel. :)

In short, I can and do 'touch type' on both a desktop and mainly on notebook computers, but can work okay with a touch keyboard as well, and this one seems to be in between these two experiences. It is similar to using the really compact and... interesting chiclet keyboard style some netbooks used to ship with. It does take getting used to, such as accidentally pressing Del when Backspace was intended, the quotation key moved by the arrow keys, and an insert key placed awkwardly. Otherwise, with a few hours of getting used to working with it, it's acceptable to use. It just takes a little more time to get over accidents from being used to a 'real' keyboard, but it's nothing for this to lose stars over. It's to be expected in a keyboard this small!

Outside of the layout, the feel of the keyboard is rather good considering the great price this sells for, offering two great products in one minute piece! However, don't expect ThinkPad or Apple quality out of these keys... think more of a really basic keyboard that needs TLC to work well. :) The touchpad is not multi-touch, though you can do a two-finger click to right-click on it (and if I remember right, a middle-click) and it has the standard two buttons on the bottom. The pad does work well for a mouse, but movement is rigid and doesn't have much speed and flow to it, like one of the trackpads from the 90s. Overall, it's usable and again, this is no reason for it to lose a star, considering GearHead had to crunch this feature into a small package. The cable is a nice length for it's size, and while it's not the lightest object, it is not heavy either. There are three subtlely-lit green LEDs that show caps, num, and scroll lock above the touchpad on the right, and they are okay--though not bright. This can be a great thing if you don't like much light from these, but can be bad if you need to know these keys have been pressed. Finally, (and I almost did think about subtracting a star for this), there's no stands (i.e. feet) to the keyboard.

Overall, I think for the great price this is, due to the fact that it does type and work well with okay quality, and that it hooked up to Haiku, Gnu/Linux, and even Windows 8, this keyboard is not bad and earns a five-star rating in my opinion, and with a bit of TLC for it, I think it's a lovable keyboard you'll love to use in tight spaces or when you need it. :)
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on February 12, 2014
They keyboard itself isn't too bad, apart from missing a shift key on the right-side which is extremely annoying, and the small tab-key that's hard to hit. It does work on the Raspberry Pi. My problem with it is the TouchPad is useless or at least mine didn't work. It worked fine for horizontal side-to-side movement, but was next to impossible to get it to track up-and-down. For some reason, it had maybe 10 pixels of movement in the vertical axis, which made it useless to replace the mouse in the X-server of the Raspberry Pi. And no changes I made to settings had any affect on it -- seemed to be something in the keyboard itself.

I was hoping that it would work and replace both keyboard and mouse, but with the touch pad not working, the smaller size of the keyboard (particularly that missing shift key and tiny tab key) is annoying. They should have ditched the touch pad and made the keyboard bigger. That's what I ended up replacing it with -- a slightly bigger (though still mini) keyboard that has no touch pad...
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on October 8, 2013
Want a small keyboard with a mouse pad for your Pi? Look no further.
Simple plug & play, mouse pad is adequately sensitive. Buttons are miniscule, and suck if you have even slightly stubby fingers, but it's a small keyboard, so what would you expect. There is only one shift key (on the left), so trying to touch type can easily become a mess up gibberish. Keyboard feels like it's actually decently built. It even has a decent weight & feel that makes me hope it'll last a while.
-Bonus feature: play/pause + volume controls work on RPi without any mapping required.

-update, 2 days later...
still *mostly* happy with this keyboard. Have noticed that it is moody & temperamental at times. Not sure what the glitch is yet, but for some reason it occasionally refuses to enter the (@) symbol, instead replacing it with a ('). Simple to get around, but slightly annoying. When i reset my RPi, the problem generally resolves itself.
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on May 28, 2016
I originally purchased this item almost 4 years ago (sorry for the tardy review). I used the Smart Touch for several years for my job and it was a real life saver. I work on ATM kiosks and it was a relief to have a mouse pad integrated into the keyboard which saved my brain from remembering the windows shortcut keys. After retiring the keyboard from work, I used it to connect to Raspberry Pi for the exact same reasons above. Plus the raspberry pi is limited on USB connections so this let me with a free port for wifi. Currently it's whereabouts are unknown and I believe that a coworker "borrowed" it and hopefully is still in action somewhere. Overall, compact and functional!
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on November 15, 2012
I bought this keyboard to use with my home server that lives in the basement. It is pretty good for the job, since it fits in a small space on the shelf (or on top of the server) without blocking the tower's top vent fan. The keys are all pretty small, so I wouldn't want to use it for much more than booting and navigating BIOS, but it does work well for that. My husband really does not like the keyboard because the keys are so small. The apostrophe and quote keys are in a really odd place at the bottom of the keyboard, and the tab key is tiny. The touchpad mouse works well, and has tap-to-click. It does not have scrolling ability, though, which I found myself missing when I went to download a package off the internet.

I wrote this review from one of my servers with this keyboard...I do hit the wrong keys a little more often on this keyboard, but it's not too bad, just a bit cramped.
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on April 4, 2016
This is a great little keyboard. My tablet has one USB port for a tablet or whatever you choose. I chose this because I wanted a mouse and a keyboard. This solves the problem. It works great and never misses any strokes like I have noticed with Bluetooth keyboards. I thought that once I connected the keyboard that the touch screen would no longer work but it does and that is another plus! Now I am able to right click on my tablet. Something that you don't realize how much you use until you are without it.
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