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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 11, 2017
I love the LeapFrog TAG Reading System. I purchased two of these pens, a purple one for my daughter and a green one for my son. You can purchase a lot of extra book packages to use this pen so it's not just a couple books and then the pen sits pointlessly. Both of my kids love using this pen and love being able to learn to read "by themselves". It helps them comprehend the sounds that certain letters make and combine them into one word. It helps them learn their letters in a fun way. The pens are made very well and are durable. The pen reader holds up to 10 books at a time and is very easy to use. It's easy for them to hold and touch the words. These are great for children from the age of 3 to 6. The manufacturer says ages 4 to 8, but 7 and 8 is pushing it as they already know how to read. The reader takes 2 AAA batteries. If your child really likes this system, plan on spending at least $100 for extra book sets. I would recommend this system since my kids enjoyed it, it's great for car rides and keeps the child engaged.
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on December 12, 2012
I've just purchased this for my daughter, who is 3.7 years old and does not know how to read. She hasn't received it yet, so I cannot say whether or not the system will work to teach her to read - but I have one key observation after going through the demo book that was included with the pen.

It appears that LeapFrog blends phonics with whole word reading in their teaching method, and it takes a careful eye when picking out the books to realize what kind of teaching that book will incorporate. I don't remember learning about this while doing research into the product via the reviews, so I thought it would be beneficial to leave this in my review.

When going through the demo book, there is a page that has the word "tentacles". While some Tag books do not include "sound it" options (which helps a child to sound out a word) this particular page did. However, when I touched the word "tentacles" the book says the complete word, does not sound it out, and then explains that this is a difficult word and should simply be memorized and not phonically learned (that is not exactly what it says, but that's what it means). I've never been a fan of whole word teaching, as I feel that hinders a child's ability to learn new words WITHOUT having someone teach it to them. If I were to see the word "tentacles" I can sound it out as ten·ta·cle but "ta", "cle", and even "tacle" are not whole words so how is a child who has only learned via the whole word method supposed to learn that word without someone there to assist them?

Now Leapfrog DOES have a progressive approach to their books, so as long as you don't "leap" into purchasing books in the "read on your own" (Disney's Brave) or "learn through reading" (The Human Body) series when your child does in fact NOT know how to read already - this whole word vs. phonics approach may not be an issue for you and your child. However, keep in mind that the word "tentacles" in the demo book was from the "Finding Nemo" book which is in the "early reading series" which is the level of books that teaches reading to non-readers. So there's that. I've purchased on the side of caution and will start with the "Early Reader: Book Set 1 - Beginning Phonics" and hope that after going through these four volumes my daughter has enough phonics under her belt to not be hindered by the whole word approach in the other books.

This is my only complaint - so far - about the learning system. I was fully aware of the technical requirements (setup, downloading the books before hand, PC with internet needed) so I do not have anything to add. It is what it is - if you don't do your research before buying such an involved product - then I have a complaint about YOU :D
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on August 9, 2013
I got this for our 4 year old who we're trying to teach how to read. He absolutely loves it! We originally had the LeapFrog LeapReader Junior Book Pal - Scout, and it broke after about a year of use.

All the tag books have very fun and engaging games that gets them interested and excited. Each page you can have the tag read the whole book to you or you can read along word by word, which is the mode we usually use it in. The games it has help learn matching, rhymes, visual recognition. We've been using this for about 6 months now, and he can read many <4 letter words, by recognition and sounding out. He can also spell/write them just the same.

I truly believe this has been a very important part in my son learning to read, and it's also one of his favorite toys (because of the great books and activities they have).

I don't really care for the prizes and online/pc interaction it requires. We usually/currently skip over that part most of the time. However just to note, their software and hardware works well in a Windows VM in VMWare (we use Linux primarily).
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on December 5, 2012
Had I written this review a year ago, I wouldn't have given this product five stars. My son was not that interested in it, the books that were available, with few exceptions, weren't the kind of book you spend a lot of time with.

Within the past year or so, LeapFrog has made a committment to expanding the line of products available for the TAG reader to include more interactive products like a US or world map, a set of books to teach about writing and drawing, a "get ready for Kindergarten" book, a solar system set, and a human body set, among others. These products are more interactive than the past books available, and provide a better learning experience for children. My son is more interested in the newer products than he ever was before.

In short, if you plan to buy the TAG reader, my advice would be as follows:
1.) Avoid most of the character books unless they specifically say they are interactive puzzle books. These books were the shortest in our experience, and the least engaging, not really utilizing the TAG reader to it's potential.
2.) Look for the newer interactive products to work with your TAG reader, as mentioned above.
3.) From the original books, the Dr. Seuss books as well as the iSPY book are good choices.
4.) Plan on parental involvement for this product. Kids can play this independently, but the most value is when you utilize the product together.
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on January 2, 2011
We bought this as a Christmas gift for our 4 year-old who loves books and is learning to read. We also wanted something that was portable and would hopefully keep him occupied during the long car-trips we take to visit family. After reading reviews detailing the work it would take to make the pen ready, we decided to get it all set up before we wrapped it so he could use it straight out of the box. It only took a few minutes to do the setup and it was really simple (so says my husband who is relatively tech-savvy).

My son loved it from the moment he unwrapped it. We didn't even buy an extra book - he's only used the sample one that is included in the intro set. We showed him the button to turn it on and what happens when you slide the pen over the pages and that was it. He caught on quick and was entertained by it for a whole 2 hours during the car trip to the grandparents' house (have I mentioned there is very little that holds my son's attention for ANY length of time?). He used it for about an hour or so everyday for the week we were away and for another 2ish hours on the car trip home.

We put batteries in the pen before we wrapped it up and after all this use it is still going strong, so the pen doesn't seem to hog battery life which is more than I can say for most of his Christmas presents!

As for the content of the sample book, our 4 year old seems less interested in "reading" the stories and more interested in the games and discovering funny quips. I wish the sample book had included a more interesting story to draw readers' attention, but I'm sure I'll find something my kiddo will like - there seem to be lots to choose from.

This is a great combination of electronics and reading - If your kids are anything like mine, while they may love reading or looking at books, they REALLY love toys they can interact with... like this!

I'll have to update on the durability - my son's rough on everything, so we'll see how long it lasts.
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on January 9, 2012
With all of the "educational" games and toys out there, I was a bit skeptical of just how useful this would be but after using it several times with my pre-k and now kindergarten aged daughter, I saw there was real benefit to this product.

Tag provides many different activities each book, including reading the story to the child, helping them sound out or say words they are having trouble with, and providing games that promote problem solving and reading comprehension. Touching the pictures in each book really does make the book come to life. I am amazed that by simply downloading an audio file, this product knows exactly what page in any book you are touching. You can also choose to use Leapfrog Connect to keep track of your child's progress.

With 32MB of storage for audio downloads, you can store 6-7 full size (hardcover) books or almost double that in the learn to read (paperback) books. You can log in to the leapfrog connect application at anytime to download new audio files and swap the files that are saved on the tag as needed.

This purchase is actually a second Tag for my pre-school age daughter who is mimicking her big sister and is beginning to show interest in reading already. After using this product for some time, I can see why it is recommended by teachers. If you sit and use this product with your child, it really is a great educational product and it can give them additional support and confidence to begin grasping reading concepts and skills more independently as well.
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on December 28, 2010
I bought my son this when he was just turning 5. He had little interest. He played with it some, but it does involve parental help with early readers - you have to help them learn how to pace the pen over the words, or they sound clipped and it's hard to understand the sentences. It frustrated him back then.
However, he is a non-napper at school and we asked his teacher if he could use this on his cot - he brought in headphones and a bag of books. He loved it! As did his friends - at one point, all the non-nappers were playing the games in the books with him. His first Tag broke, so I replaced it. His little sister (almost age 3) was interested so I bought her one, and the baby (age 18mos) was interested in that so now she has her own Tag Junior. I have several times found all three quietly "playing" with books - anything that gets them that engrossed in books is a winner, in my opinion! They also like them for car trips.
In addition to the stories there are games in the books, which earn them rewards on the Leap site (usually little printouts like coloring sheets and mazes) and you can see how they are performing on their "learning path" - how they are answering questions, what they are learning, etc. Also, if they place the pens on the illustrations, usually there will be little extras like a character saying something.
The books are expensive, about $12/ea. But, if you find a good sale they aren't bad (get on Leap Frog's list, they will email you - I got an email before Christmas that a store was doing 2-for-1 on the books, so I stocked up). You can also add them to multiple readers, if your kids want to share. In the past year the Tag library has expanded a lot, and now there are also "game books" (little puzzles, etc) and very cool maps. In another I-can't-believe-this moment, I found my older two "playing" with maps - how cool is that? LOVE this toy.
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on May 24, 2013
The Tag wand system is incredible and opens a world of independent exploration for my young boys. I got one of these wands for each of them a couple of years ago, and they have spent hours enjoying them. When at the thrift shop, I always look for the green-spines Tag books to pick up. You download the wand's content from the Web, so a used book will work fine. My only two complaints would be (1) the wand's memory fills up after about five or so books, so after that, you have to remove content from one item before you can add another. Then your child will be disappointed that the wand no longer works with a book that had worked before. That book can always be re-added, but then another will need to be removed. I wish Leap Frog offered a wand with much more memory so I'd never have to remove anything. Complaint 2 is that downloading is a huge pain. It always wants me to install the Leap Frog program to make the download, even though I already have that program, then I go around and around trying to get it to work. Somehow it usually finally works, but I'm not sure why. I'd still recommend the product, though.
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on December 14, 2012
My grandfather bought this for my son for his second birthday, and he has been enjoying it for the past four months!

Let me start by saying that I've read several other reviews that recommend forgoing the Tag Jr. in lieu of the Tag for younger children, and I completely agree. My son has not had any trouble using the pen or manipulating the pages of the books - I can see how he would have outgrown the Tag Jr. very quickly. His cousin (who is older than him) did damage a page in one of the books, but they haven't sustained any other damage and he's not terribly gentle with his books.

He LOVES holding the pen. He's learned how to make the pen recite the entire story at once and he'll hold it up to his little ear and listen to it like its a telephone (he even talks back to it). He also really likes touching the characters on the pages over and over again to make them talk. It's a great toy for the car, for the doctor's office or just for quite time at home. It was a lifesaver on the long trip to Disney World!

He's still too young to really get the games they have interspersed throughout the books, but I think that will just be something new and exciting for him to discover as he gets older. Simply having the pen "read" to him, and make sound effects and noises, is enough for him at two. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again - in fact, my sister requested it for my niece since she enjoyed playing with my son's so much!


*Improves literacy through interactive fun.
*Excellent for long car rides - I like to use this product in lieu of watching movies, and it will keep my son entertained for several hours.
*Nice selection of books for both boys and girls, and there are other products as well (puzzles, maps, funny phrases)
*Has staying power - my son shows no sign of getting bored with it, even though he's only had the same two books to read for the past four months.


*The books are expensive, averaging around $13 each. In order to have a decent library, you have to spend quite a bit.
*The pen only holds ten books at a time. While this is an improvement over the previous version, it still fills up fast - particularly if your kids like to read.
*The pages pull out easily. Granted, they're just as fragile as any other book, but since you use these with a pen, there is a lot more interaction with the pages (and therefore, more of a chance that they will get torn or damaged).
*You must have a computer with Internet access to download the books onto the pen (this isn't really a con, but it is something important to note).

Overall, this was worth the money and then some. Great product!
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on May 2, 2013
We got this device to allow our boys to read books to themselves while driving in the car or flying and we aren't able to read to them for whatever the reason. The device is great at what it was designed for. A tap on the page provides a myriad of responses, from reading the page, to helping a child with a word pronunciation, to playing an in-game book.

Plugging the pen into your computer provides the parental setup/interface needed to make the device work. Our kids like to use it sometimes at home. We loaded it up with all the books we own and they enjoy sitting down on the couch at times and tapping through a book or pressing the auto play button to simply sit and listen to a loaded story.

If you have Pre-K, K, or 1st Graders that are learning to read, then buy this device for travel or those times when you're busy in the home making dinner or doing laundry or the like and they're playing by themself.
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