Customer Reviews: Fringe: Season 3
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on May 3, 2011
Fringe is simply the best show on TV right now. I'm an over-65 retired female, not exactly the demographic that a show like Fringe is playing to, but I like my shows complex, dramatic -- yes, even some sci-fi -- a little wacky, and a huge part intelligent writing and excellent acting. Abrams and his crew of talented writers and producers have done it again, Lost being another of a line of winning series (anyone missing Felicity would be well-advised to take a look at one woman's four years in college).

Fringe has continued to entertain, amuse, shock and totally take viewers on a roller coaster ride from one week to the next, and each season is better than the last. John Noble is so excellent as the absolutely diabolical but lovable mad scientist Walter that I can't for the life of me understand why Emmy Awards haven't been thrust at him every year. Anna Torv is that rare female actress who appeals equally to men and women, and quite possibly the only female lead on television who dresses appropriately for her job as an FBI agent. Her Olivia is a polished jewel, both beautiful and smart! Joshua Jackson was such a surprise to me because I didn't expect him to be up to the caliber of his castmates, but I was so wrong -- he is brilliant as the super-smart once bad boy Peter. The threesome is surrounded by interesting and quirky characters to fill out the ensemble, especially Lance Reddick as the head of the FBI's Fringe Division, and Jasika Nicole as the utterly delightful Agent and Walter-sitter Astrid, whose name he never seems to remember correctly but always speaks with adoring admiration.

If you haven't watched Fringe yet, I recommend watching it from the very beginning. There has been a long, enjoyable and steady build-up from the first episodes of Season 1 to where we are now at the end of Season 3, and I promise you will enjoy the ride!
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on November 23, 2010
Season 3 really just started and I hear now that Fox is moving Fringe to Friday nights starting in January. I had high hopes for a Seaon 4 or maybe even a Season 5 but I think that will depend oh how viewers respond to the move to Fridays. I am a fanatic for FRINGE and usually don't gush that much over a show (not since the first 2 seasons of LOST) but I would like to see this show go to it's potential conclusion and also deliver us some nice story within a story moments on the way. Catch up with FringePilot [HD] and know what I know....that FRINGE is the most overlooked and underappreciated show on network TV. Trust me.

A SIDE NOTE: I was truly amazed and excited to hear that the FRINGE fans helped save our beloved show when FOX announced the renewal even before Season 3 had concluded.

I know that this space should have a better review of Season 3 of Fringe. I was hopeful that enough of the die hard fans could use this page as a way to acknowledge the show and encourage as many folks to start viewing Fringe live on Fridays. I would ask that everyone read down the list for more in depth criticism of the show. I would be more biased to say that FRINGE is the only show worth my time and even more so, LIVE on a Friday night. Please watch.
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The writers of FRINGE could never be accused of being like everyone else. If one is waiting for a predictable plot line with this bunch, forget it. I cannot say anything of this season's end other than I did not see this cliff hanger coming at all. And I am now waiting anxiously to see what happens in season 4 to resolve it. However, this show is having a viewing problem since it changed to Friday nights, i.e. it has lost viewers, so we might be stuck with incredible cliff hangers overall if the ratings don't increase. That would be a shame because this show is destined to be a big overall keeper for years to come, much like STAR TREK and the THE X-FILES.

Where this show has gone is to increasingly juxtaposition two worlds against one another. We have to look no further than old SUPERMAN comics to remember the idea that there is more than one universe, that there are alternate universes, with other versions of ourselves on similar paths but their choices cause significant diversions. A big part of this third season is that Peter romances the Olivia's of BOTH worlds. This is important because Peter is the pivot around which the two worlds swing since he was stolen from one world to live in the other.

Walter Bishop, Peter's father, is a complete creep in one world as its leader and an eccentric, lovable genius in the other. The latter role remains my favorite in the whole show. This is where the humor in the show comes in which is much needed as comic relief.

If you haven't watched FRINGE yet, I recommend you watch it straight through on DVD or streaming, the three full seasons in order. This series will be almost impossible to watch out of order as the central story line advances in strict linear fashion. Each series also ends with an incredible cliff hanger which will also work against your seeing it out of order.

Visit my blog with link given on my profile page here or use this phonetically given URL (livingasseniors dot blogspot dot com). Friday's entry will always be weekend entertainment recs from my 5 star Amazon reviews in film, tv, books and music. These are very heavy on buried treasures and hidden gems. My blogspot is published on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
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on November 21, 2010
im just going to throw my review out there-a review of the show so far and not of the product(box set)-i think that this is the greates show i have ever seen. all charcters has powerful performances behind them, and every character is loveable.
i did not start watching this as my lost subsititute. this is my LOST because in my mind fringe is way better than lost.
i have enjoyed every episode of this wonderful show (minus the glee spinoff) and cant wait for it every week, there is only one thing i am sad about though.

Thats the fact that this very well may be the last season. i really wish it wasnt, but i have a strong feeling that season 4 will never come. it makes me so sad that so many people wont give this show a shot, it really needs more viewers than its already got.
please watch fringe because this is possibly the greatest show ever created. it needs awards, and more advertising. but sadly it doesnt get that because FOX is full of morons.
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on September 12, 2011
I got into Fringe halfway through the first season and since then I have been hooked. I've read some great reviews and don't intend to write the same things that others have so I'll just explain why this show is so appealing to me. I rarely watch tv anymore because everything is so predictable. Most shows have a crime that needs to be solved and within the next 30-45 minutes it is solved. Wash, rinse, repeat. Fringe is a new kind of show that has some of the best writing and story elements of any show out there. It's fun to go back to the first season and find all the things you miss the first time around. Some episodes are great as a stand alone story but most of the episodes move the story forward inch by inch. Just when you think you have the answer, they change the question. The characters are very likable. Fringe is the only show that I feel as if by watching it I actually get smarter. Brilliant show! The Blu-ray looks great and has enough extras to keep the disk in your Blu-ray player after all the episodes are done. If you're reading this you are most likely a fan of Fringe already as it has a very loyal fan base. I hope that enough people watch the next season. This is a show that should end on its own, not by the "Observers" at Fox.
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on November 11, 2010
The good thing about fringe is.... it's not Lost, it does not lead you somewhere and then let you down... they talk about the other side, and then go there, they show both sides of things as "real people" although I would like personally the over there to be a bit more villainous, they do take their time on reveals like is Peter from over there.. yes it took them awhile after the viewers knew it to reveal it to the characters. Same with Alt-Olivia we know she is from over there but it takes awhile to show that to the people that count. The show had lost it's momentum in the second season with the creature episodes but found a home with mythology heavy shows and has kept it up... Good job Adams for not killing fringe like Lost.
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on February 28, 2011
My husband and I have been discussing String Theory for years. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the previews for Fringe as I was concerned that it would be "hokey"....Although there are times when it is too far reaching, they do keep to the traditional concepts of the latest scientific theories in regards to time travel (research into black holes). If you sit back and enjoy the deadpan humor and take it for what it is: A well thought out, highly intelligent, well acted 60 minutes, then you have not wasted your time. Kudos to Fringe for moving into the area where many could not.
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on November 21, 2010
I'm really surprised that the show does not have a larger following. It is definitely at the top of my listing for television programs to watch. Its very original in its content and has a great cast of characters played by a talented group of actors.
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on September 5, 2011
I'd just like to start off by saying that Fringe is the most unbelievably imaginative show I have ever watched and sadly also one that goes mostly unseen. This season was so wonderful and the acting was just mind blowing. I love the story lines and the cast and all the creative aspects of the show. For a show that may not have the biggest or most expensive budget they really make a little go a long way. I just wish people would be more open minded and give the show a chance but what can you expect with a world run rampant with Jersey Shore and 90210. Anyways I think this season was the most compelling and left me with so many questions I can't wait to see answered in the next season (Where is Peter?). This show is one of the few that has developed characters and the relationships between them really shine on the screen and the emotional depth that is shared between them just make it all the more believable. This show is really in it for their fans and not just for the mainstream which is really rare and something you don't really see at all in other shows. I will be ordering two of season 3 (One for my sister and one for me) I can't wait to re watch this amazing series (and to see the awesome special features)and I hope one day the rest of the world (or the Emmy's) will recognize this show and these actor's and all the great acting and writing and emotion that goes into making this show.
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on March 15, 2016
Fringe is slow in developing 6 episodes into the first season, but then carefully crafts and painstakingly develops approachable and likeable characters from there on out, They also manage to creep you out, like a good horror movie, combined with solid detective work. Better than any CSI formulaic procedural, that keeps you on your toes with it's creative sci-fi crime investigations. Oh, it doesn't stop there..........throw in romance
and that's Fringe. Believe me, my review doesn't do it WILL get hooked, trust me on that. You too will become a Fringle (that's
what they call the fans). By the way, see if you can spot the Observer.
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