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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 28, 2016
Seasons Two and Three do a lot of exploring around the idea that people aren't who you think they are. Also, that who you are depends - a lot - on what has happened to you. A lot of what's literally true in Fringe is metaphorically true in our universe. What I love about this show is that it is every bit as silly as it is deep. Walter, that beautiful trippy savant, captures this perfectly several times an episode.

Another thing I love about this show is that Olivia, Astrid, and Nina are so smart and capable, and they talk about things other than men. And did I mention the writing? It is excellent.

Season Three, especially, poignantly fills in back story (which, although it doesn't always square with what we were led to believe in previous seasons, makes so much sense) while managing to move the plot forward organically.

Keep watching.
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on August 2, 2014
S'okay. Some DVDs are in my collection and I will watch them again such as the Terminator or Matrix series. I doubt I'll watch Fringe again (except that Jasika Nicole is sooo cute in it).

The problem with it is contrasted by 2 old scifi series. Star Trek consulted some aircraft engineers and it wrote up a rather complete technology and future science. Buck Rogers allowed each episode writer to change things at random. Fringe should have written up rules for time travel at least as a back story. To give another contrast consider Poul Anderson's Time Patrol stories in the early 1950s. In "Delenda Est" 2 Time Patrollers on leave decide to go to a party hearty era. One is a Dutch-Indonesian ethnic from Venus in the 23rd century and one is an American from the 1950s. He proposes that New York in 1955 is the greatest party city "if you know the right phone numbers and I know all of them." But when they arrive, another city is there. They are arrested and they try every language they know. Greek gets a response and the next day a socialite who knows Greek interrogates them. This is a history without the Roman Empire. One of the Time Patrollers brainstorming with the other states that time is self healing and only a major change can have an effect. Murdering someone named Roosevelt in medieval Holland would not keep a genetically identical FDR from becoming president, for instance.

There are always contradictions in a time travel story but the creator has to make some decisions: If a time traveler changes something that eliminates his own future, does he find it paradoxically impossible, does he disappear or does he become an orphan from an alternate history, does he have a memory or a partial memory of his alternate histories, does a time wave roll forward with the new history so the time travel establishment has some sort of second chance? Stuff like that. Decisions have to be made. No such decisions were made for Fringe and different episodes jarringly clashed.

Say, I've read a number of Poul Anderson books but just that one Time Patrol story. I'll check Amazon for the novels and collections of that and read more of a Sinatra-era cool cat battling through histories. Let's see:
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on July 21, 2015
This is my all-time favorite sci-fi tv series! A combination of Criminal Minds and X-files! I love it! Sci-fi who-done-it, murder mysteries, where "black-box" scientific experiments and an alternate, parallel universe (with their own versions of the "black-box" experiments) collide to produce bizarre, but
scientifically explainable murders and deaths happen. The murders are often the result of experiments gone wrong or which are in the process of refinement so that some extra ability can be created and used without fatal side effects. It is the responsibility of the fringe team to figure out what happened and hunt down the experimenter(s).
In this season the Fringe Team in this universe find the devastating results of Walter's experiments have had upon the alternate universe and they understand why the Fringe Team in the alternate universe think this universe is at war at war with them. Walternet (Walter's name for his alter-self), is waging his own war against the our universe. Peter seems to be the key to everything.
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on August 13, 2015
This series is utterly addictive! The actors are top notch and perfectly cast and the story lines have no limit in outrageousness and imagination Just when you think that you're "bored" with the utterly unbelievability of the show, you get hooked again when a little corner is turned. I was thrilled when Jared Harris returned playing a character 180 degrees from his role in "Mad Men"( one you truly love to
"despise.") Anna Torv as the "heroine" is perfect and you never woul believe that her natural dialect is English. As a side note, I'm dismayed that three television series with strong female leading roles ( Alias, Covert Affairs, Fringe) have ended too quickly (as compared to "24" which lasted 10 seasons I believe!) hmmmmmmm :-o
Adding on to this perfect ensemble cast is John Noble ("Dr.Bishop"), who is so much fun to watch! He is a veteran of the theater, highly versatile and we are privileged to be able to watch his character evolve. Additionally, Joshua Jackson plays Peter Bishop as a complex and highly intelligent yet empathetic and sometimes transparent individual in a totally believable manner. There is so much great talent on this show that you just have to watch it, but be warned, it will grow on you.
I admit that I see some "Alias" themes bleeding through on this show, but after all, they were both "birthed" by the same uber talented
man: JJ Abrams! :)
I could go on and on about how much I LOVE THIS SHOW but it would take my allocated time away from watching the rest of Fringe!
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on April 15, 2015
Fringe lost me early into Season 2 when it's overarching mythology began to overwhelm my ability to watch it on a weekly basis. Leonard Nimoy's passing prompted a desire to explore any of his work which might still be fresh to me, which led me back to Fringe. While I might wish still for a higher ratio of 'monster of the week' to mythology episodes (the same creative decision which I think doomed X-Files and is dooming Person of Interest, albeit in slightly different genres), there is no arguing how compelling Fringe's overarching main story is...and in binge-digestible season box sets, where the demands of life cannot force a viewer to miss essential weekly installments, I am rediscovering how excellent--and almost unique for network episodic television--this was/is.

Both leads--Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson--find ways to be something more than the obvious with their characters, even if the writing (in the name of sustaining suspense or setting up a cliffhanger) asks them to behave less intelligently or logically than we've been led to believe they are. The best writing is saved for supporting characters--agency director Philip Broyles and damaged genius Walter Bishop, especially--and both performers are up to the challenges presented them repeatedly throughout Season 3. John Noble's Walter may be a top five all-time television character.

Where Fringe might go from the end-of-season 3 reveal remains a mystery to me (remember I gave up on it years ago in real time)--but I have already ordered Season 4, in hope it manages to pay off on the compelling, emotion-straining promise of Season 3.
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on March 5, 2012
Fringe is simply the best show on TV right now. Period. It's getting awfully close to one of the best shows (ever) for me. Yes, it's that good. And season 3 is arguably the best season.

What's to like? You get to see both universes. You get to see Anna Torv and John Noble play both their characters in our universe and their alternates in the other universe. And these aren't 'slight' variations of the characters, these are full-blown characters in their own right with different personalities from their dopplegangers in our universe. And it's not black and white, we can see the complexities and it's not simple to declare who the good guys and bad guys are although Walternate comes closest to being the bad guy. At least, until you see Season 4...

Simply put - this show is a tour-de-force and absolutely mind-blowing at times. It is a crime that more people aren't watching it.

You could make a case for season 1 (where things were still hidden) and season 2 (where the inter-dimensional war become fully out in the open and secrets were revealed) being better and I'd be hard pressed to argue. I doubt many would argue that the current season 4 is the best but then again with 8 episodes left who knows what the writers will pull on us. I still remember the season 1 finale when Olivia ended up in the alternate universe for the first time and we saw Kennedy was still alive and the World Trade Center towers were still standing...
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on March 15, 2016
Fringe is slow in developing 6 episodes into the first season, but then carefully crafts and painstakingly develops approachable and likeable characters from there on out, They also manage to creep you out, like a good horror movie, combined with solid detective work. Better than any CSI formulaic procedural, that keeps you on your toes with it's creative sci-fi crime investigations. Oh, it doesn't stop there..........throw in romance
and that's Fringe. Believe me, my review doesn't do it WILL get hooked, trust me on that. You too will become a Fringle (that's
what they call the fans). By the way, see if you can spot the Observer.
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on September 1, 2015
This is the second time I've watched this series. The first was when it was first aired on TV. I did not catch every episode back then. Here on Amazon, I can see every moment of the show and it comes across as a completely different story because I had tried to fill in the blanks I missed. And now I see I was not nearly as imaginative as the writers. As such I feel like I'm watching for the first time -- and that's not something that happens with many TV shows, even when I've never seen them before because so many series rehash the same characters, jokes and story lines. The concept for Fringe is out there and it delivers surprises constantly. The world they created is really thought through and makes sense, even when something off the wall happens, which is not a bad thing to have underpinning fiction that's kind of out there on the Fringe as it were. As an audience member, I get pulled in by the really brilliant characters plus the strangeness and mystery. They've crafted it to where I am exactly at the point of understanding that the characters are. When they discover something and are shocked or whatever, so am I. And so watching Fringe a second time is like going back to visit a favorite foreign city and seeing things I missed the first time out. It all just compounds the pleasure of the experience. Excellent Sci-Fi. Brilliant characters. Highly recommended.
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on November 25, 2015
"Fringe" is an amazing show. That being said, I can understand why it was brought to a close too soon. "Fringe" is a show that was never meant to be binge-watched. By doing so, you see all of the weaknesses of the show. The plot points that skate the absurd so narrowly and episodes that were obviously just made as filler.

If you can get past that nonsense (which is easier if you space the viewings apart), you are left with a wonderful sci-fi vehicle with excellent actors that turn in some great performances and actually brings forth a vibrant storyline. I feel that "Fringe's" greatest problem during it's actual run on the FOX Network was that they didn't know how to promote it. I initially passed on it because it seemed like a poor man's "X-Files". I'm glad I have the chance to see what I've missed and if you love deep-set, slightly off the wall, science fiction, you will too.
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on May 7, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyable. TV doesn't get much better than this. Writing, production, special-effects, and direction is as good as it gets. Watching all the seasons, one after the other, is turning out to be quite engaging. The continuity from episode to episode is remarkable. The show doesn't miss a beat. IMO one of the best shows ever conceived. The actors all do an excellent job in their roles. They are all uniquely gifted and interpret their roles with wit, charm, and elegance. The on-set chemistry is superb. Honestly... there are times when Walter's off-the-wall quirkiness makes me laugh as hard as I ever have. Olivia is easy to love and feel empathy for. Astrid is endearing, and Peter's strength of character seems to tie all the disparate energies together. The strong themes of unrequited love and camaraderie is very real and emotional. Hated to see this series end. Loved it!
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