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VINE VOICEon June 30, 2006
Dr. Who is Forty (actually he's 900, but like the Doctor, the show had been around in one form or another since 1964). The BBC celebrated in 2005 by bringing the show back to television for its 27th season (or as it is more consistently called: SEASON ONE)in a glossy, fast-paced enough to satisfy contemporary audiences, while still conscious of its roots. This SET contains all 13 season one episodes from the rebirth of the longest running sci-fi series in TV history. The producers clearly have a respect and understanding of the UK icon. Obviously, fans, the creators do things with the show we would do ourselves.


SET features the companion series DR. WHO CONFIDENTIAL, a behind the scenes show that ran concurrently providing an episode for all 13 shows supplying fun chart toping tunes to film footage, interviews and more. Set also includes commentaries by cast and crew actually worth listening to!!

Doctor Who has always has a voice defined by the decade each in tune with its era and this holds true to the new Doctor Who. This Doctor is almost child-like in his enthusiasm and wonder. Featuring the Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston (Shallow Grave, Gone in 60 Seconds), infusing the character with great intensity and humanity, while remaining mysterious and alien, along with his companion Rose played by Billie Piper, growing from an awed slacker to a seasoned space adventurer. However, the format of the show has changed to 45 min. parts, some 2 parters ending with cliffhangers, some without. Like any "new" series there are good episodes and not-so-good ones, the upside here is MOST of these are great episodes! The 40 year history of the series isn't squeezed into one pilot, through-out the year we get a trickle of back-story, some old, like his time/space machine looks like a police-call-box, and some new back-story, like the fact that his race, the TIMELORDS have been wiped out in a TIME WAR.

The PILOT story: "ROSE" introduces his new companion Rose Tyler who is attacked by mannequins (or AUTONS) in the department store where she works. She meets the Doctor and the pair end up fighting to save the world. The pacing of this one, like most of the 13 new episodes, is like lightning, and the Autons have never been scarier. The TARDIS (interior) has never looked better or bigger.

Next in "THE END of the WORLD" The Doctor offers Rose a chance to go anyplace, anytime, they end up 5 Billion years in the future above the Earth just before it ends. But someone has sabotaged the very observation satellite they're on. Not a bad episode, it shoots very high with a "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" motif and cinematically accomplishes it, also reveals that the Doctor is the "Last of the Timelords."

In the episodes 4 & 5 "ALIENS of LONDON" & "WORLD WAR III." The Doctor takes Rose home (mistakenly) 12 months later. We FINALLY learn what happens back home when a companion up and leaves with the Doctor. The pair deal with Rose's Mum, who thought she was dead, and the ex-boyfriend who has been the main suspect. But when a spaceship crashes in the Thames in an "stunning" sequence which sets new standards for TV effects, the whole world goes on Red Alert, and the Doctor is noticed by the Government. Contains a nice mix of CGI and latex. Also features Toshiko Sato, returning character for Dr. Who spin-off TORCHWOOD due to broadcast for late '06.

In Episode 6, "DALEK" Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, the billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an alien race and the one living exhibit in the museum is know what. This one makes the Daleks scary (again)! One Dalek, outgunned, outnumbered, boy is mankind in trouble. This one was nominated for a 2006 HUGO Science Fiction Achievement Award for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form category (Battlestar Galactica won it last year for the episode "33")

In episode 8, FATHER'S DAY, The Doctor takes Rose back in time to meet her long-dead Father, but the Tylers finds themselves battling the Reapers. A truly heart-wrenching episode, loads of disturbing imagery. The interaction between the Doctor and Rose is very real, in spite of the increasing unreality of the situation(a 2006 HUGO, SCI-FI Achievement Award NOMINATION).

In the 9th episode, THE EMPTY CHILD. Its London, 1941, the Blitz. A mysterious child terrorizes Homeless children in this 2 part storyline.The Empty Child story continues in The DOCTOR DANCES. The Child's plague is spreading throughout wartime London, and so is its zombie army. "TORCHWOOD's" main spin-off character Capt. Jack Harkness is introduced...

ROSE: You used to be a Time Agent, now you're some kind

of freelancer.

JACK: That's a little harsh- I prefer to think of myself

as a criminal.

The "Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" maybe one of the greatest stories in the entire history Dr. Who.(2006 HUGO, SCI-FI Achievement Award NOMINATION)

In the 12th episode, BAD WOLF, the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station, in the season finale, THE PARTING of the WAYS, Rose Tyler has seen danger and wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test and the Doctor says goodbye...sort of. This 2 parter features "Big Brother," & "Weakest link" gags as the Doctor becomes a "flatmate" and Rose a contestant. Also features the "Final Battle" of the "Time War," the return of an old enemy in a battle sequence that couldn't be beat even if Dr. Who goes to the big screen!


The 2005 series won the 2006 BROADCAST AWARD for BEST DRAMA SERIES adding to the series' successes at the National Television Awards (voted Most Popular Drama), TV Moments, and the BBC 2005 Drama Awards! The show's two stars (Eccleston and Piper) scooped the most popular actor and actress honors in the awards voted by the public. Dr. Who (2005)was also nominated for not only the 2006 HUGO Award (announcing winners on Aug 26), but on May 7th it WON 5 of the most prestigious award British Television has to offer: the BAFTAS Awards (British Academy of FILM and TELEVISION ARTS) out of the 14 categories it was nominated. Winning for BEST DRAMA SERIES, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST MAKE-UP, BEST COSTUME, BEST DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY and the PIONEER AUDIENCE AWARD which was voted for by the British public (kind of like the US People's Choice Award).

WHEN it aired on SCI-FI FRIDAYS @8 PM CENTRAL there were some lines and moments cut from the original BBC versions, these are the complete episodes.

Hopefully SCI-FI will pick up SEASON 2, starting with the post-regeneration CHRISTMAS INVASION because believe it or not the next 13 even better!!
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on September 10, 2016
They say you can never forget your first Doctor. If any of the many actors who have played The Doctor since Dr. Who's premier in 1963 deserves the honour of being your first it is absolutely Christopher Eccleston, a gifted actor whose work you probably know already even if you never connected his name to his diverse roles.

Eccleston only played The Doctor for this single season; he did not renew his contract. But his work here sets the ground work for every Dr. Who episode created since. Gone is the absent-minded professor type of the first eight Doctors. Eccleston's Doctor is thoughtful, direct, and action-focused. This is a Time Lord with a plan who doesn't hesitate to do whatever needs to be done and has both the knowledge and experience to solve problems that would confuse others.

He is also a haunted man, regenerating out of the War Doctor (see "Day of the Doctor" from the 50th anniversary specials), the sole survivor of the Great Time War, his conscience thick with the horrors of that war and his role in it, a conscience that makes him more determined than ever to help others -- starting with Rose Tyler in the first episode, "Rose."

This journey with the Ninth Doctor is far too short, our time with him feeling like the blink of an eye. But we are better for meeting Christopher Eccleston's Doctor on this journey of discover that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer.
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on September 26, 2016
This is a quality continuation of the Doctor Who Series that I have been watching since the Early Black & White Days on PBS when I was attending UCCS, 40 minutes a week. Long before digital recording was available. No I buy the DVD's in Blu-Ray, and yet, I STILL love the Doctor on Amazon! High quality and definition is looks awesome on my 4K ultra HD TV. This iteration of The Doctor is no stranger to me. With the Doctor, you always get an awesome, interesting plot and humor mixed with a bit of Horror. All my children are Whovians, as are my Grandchildren. The special effects have become state of the art and always compliment the scripted tale and actions. My days of being shipped overseas and missing my diet of the Doctor are over. At 70, I await each new iteration of The Doctor with the knowledge that He will be an awesome incarnation of the Doctors before him...
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on July 21, 2016
Just started rewatching the series and as I watched this first season I am charmed all over again. I'm a New Dr Who fan. I started watching just a few years ago so I'm not as familiar with the older Drs. For me it started with 9. I would love to watch some of the older episodes one day . My little girl who is eleven loves them. This is a child who considers an 80s movie an " old movie "

But anyway back to this season, it was my first taste of Dr. Who and I fell in love. Yes I believe the series has gotten better, better stories, better special effects , but these first ones still hold a very special is place in my heart. It's our first glimpse of Rose. Our first glimpse of Captain Jack. Christopher Ecclestons Doctor is different then the ones that come after him. He is haunted by the the time war. He hadn't loved Rose yet. He is hurting. As I'm rewatching this after watching all the other seasons, I appreciate it more and more.

If you are coming here to see what all the hype is about, I wish you well on your journey. Once you are sucked into the Dr Who universe, it's hard to escape. A lot of people (I'm told) skip this season. DONT. It is really worth your time!
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on July 21, 2016
Finally! Doctor Who on Blu Ray! I have been waiting for them to release the individual series on Blu Ray ever sincefor the 50th anniversary when they released all of the new Doctor Who series on Blu Ray together. So finally while Doctor Who is in a stint, they've released it and now I can finally add it to my collection. Just be aware that even though these are Blu Ray, they will not be the same quality as Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi era Blu Rays, because of how they were filmed, but there will still be a definite improvement in quality and picture. It comes with a slip cover and has 3 Blu Ray discs that include all the episodes from series 1 (3 Blu Ray discs in total), plus bonus features like Doctor Who Confidential, commentaries, intervies, behind the scenes, and other added features. As far as I can tell, there are no bonus extra features, but they are the same ones from the original DVD release. A must have for Whovians, I am so glad I can finally add this to my collection even though I already own the DVD version for many years (And yes I can never throw that one away even though I now have this one as it is too precious to me!).
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on July 24, 2016
I'm a hard SF fan who doesn't like fantasy. I've never seen anything to do with Dr. Who but have been hearing about it for years - it seems to have a big following. I watched this entire first season to see what it's all about. It's a British fantasy series that has nothing to do with hard SF. I didn't like it and will not watch any more. Three stars only because there seems to be a lot of people out there who have turned this into a cult sorta thing.
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on June 8, 2016
I was reluctant to give Doctor Who a chance since I'm not into British-heavy productions. But as a lifelong fan of SciFi, I thought I should finally check it out. Sometimes it's pretty cheesy, but I think it's supposed to be; and not so much as to keep me from coming back to Doctor Who. The character development is good. At least now I'll understand the references among Doctor Who fans. And, who doesn't wish for their very own Tardis?
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on January 18, 2017
My kids and I love Sci Fi so everyone kept telling us to check out Doctor Who. Like this lead guy in Season 101- cheeky and cute. But my oldest is a huge Trekie and says it's a rip off. Poor special effects, reminds me of 1990s not 2005 but it is tv not movie production. We'll keep watching a bit to see if it grows on us but I am not impressed so far with as much as people have raved about it. Maybe older versions??
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on March 23, 2017
Why doesn't BBC ever reair this season anymore? This was the season that brought back Doctor Who after a decade and I love it! Christopher Eccelston' s 9th Doctor is criminally underappreciated, he brings a sly and witty tone to this time traveling alien and a genuine heart as well, or should I say 2 hearts haha. Season 1also has some pretty great stories as well: Charles Dickens facing alien ghosts, the farting Slitheen, the introduction of Captain Jack Harkness, and of course the return of the Daleks. Season 1 of Doctor Who is defiantly a must- watch for any Whofan, and with Amazon Prime you don't need a TARDIS to watch it again!
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on January 23, 2017
I enjoy scifi stuff. I really do. To be fair with my current review, I've never watched any Doctor Who prior to rating this show and I only started watching it in January of 2017. So, my standards for show quality, depth, and effects are based on today's standards. I have a feeling if I had started watching this show when it first came out, my rating would be higher. I thought it was okay and, based on all the hype about the show, I'm hopeful that it picks up after the first season.
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