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on March 1, 2017
If you really take this game serious, and put forth an honest effort, then this game can really be quite beneficial in helping to shed some serious poundage. Our family of 3 has used this extensively with great results. The sensor bands fit well and are pretty darned accurate to boot.

There are 70 plus exercises and activities you can do, such as squats, lunges, and bicep curls and mountain boarding, basketball, and boxing. bike riding etc... The strap on sensors are definitely needed to use this game as the game is useless without them. The sensors feature a heart rate monitor that provides constant on-screen monitoring. You will be able to track and share your workout data online. This game was designed by certified trainers and incorporates a very specific 2 to 9-week program which provides a total body conditioning using progressive exercise. This game will seriously get you sweating.

** NOTE ** as of 3/01/2017 It appears that after trying to go online with this - ALL ONLINE FEATURES HAVE BEEN DISABLED and this game may no longer be supported by EA sports??? Maybe it was just temporary though.
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on March 14, 2013
I bought the Wii version just after it came out. And I tried it recently and it seemed to work. But the PS3 appears to be dead and EA could care less. My right arm sensor will no longer work. I've tried to get help from support, but I don't feel like waiting online for over an hour. The sad thing is this was a great game. The PS3 version, especially, had great graphics. It all appeared to fall apart when EA disabled the online website for the game. Now they could care less. Do not buy this version. You might have better luck with the Wii. I own both the Active 2 and NFL versions, too. And then, the original Active still works fine, too. But boo on EA for showing so little concern for its customers.
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on January 24, 2014
after playing all of the scheduled workouts the game makes for you , it is clear that this is a bad workout regiment . I have been to gyms and done programed workouts , and this sucks compared to anything iv done before . It is NOT a total body workout at all . I would say 90% of your workout is going to be squats....... no other leg workout just squats , 8% cardio , and 2% upper body . Very poorly done . If i wanted a total leg work out i would have bought a leg workout . No wonder EA sports discontinued this game and all like it . Bad all the way around ! Don't waste your money on this discontinued piece of crap !
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on December 3, 2010
First some background: I am in my mid-30s and in OK shape. I play ice hockey recreationally, skating 3-5 times a week depending on time of year. I try to keep a balanced diet, not necessarily eschewing fast food or junk food but making sure my portions are moderate in general and get my whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

I went through a period in my 20s where I was a gym rat in terms of lifting weights to gain some size but w/o doing the supplements and protein shakes so I know the proper techniques, the difference between lifting to get cut versus pure power versus size, the importance of rest, so on and so forth.

Outside of that though, I don't have a real athletic background. I'm a decent sprinter b/c I'm lean but my cardio is somewhere south of terrible. It's something I've always wanted to improve but the problem is I hate running and biking as I find them monotonous.

Recently, I had been thinking about getting back to the gym or joining a fitness program in order to improve my cardio as I was tending to fade at the end of my hockey games and it was hurting my performance IMO.

I was doing some shopping and was looking at buying a Wii when I stumbled across EA Sports Active completely by accident. I wasn't necessarily looking for a fitness tool on a video game console but I was intrigued. I almost pulled the trigger right away until the read the reviews for Sports Active on the Wii were somewhat mixed and also saw that version 2.0 was coming out on the PS3 which I already have.

I waited until it came out and read a couple of reviews. It seemed like the PS3 version had the most favorable reviews at the time since you didn't have to buy any extra peripherals, it was hands free, and seemed to garner the best results in terms of response. After that, I went ahead and bought it.

Out of the box, you get the following:
* Game disc (duh)
* Resistance band w/ 2 handles (you must assemble this yourself - it's a matter of tieing the band to the handles)
* A sensor/heart rate monitor meant to be strapped to the left forearm
* A sensor for the right forearm
* A sensor for the right leg
* USB w/ a sensor
* 6 AAA batteries

The sensors are battery driven, each requiring 2. The USB plugs into one of the USB ports of the PS3 like any other controller/peripheral. I believe the way the game works is that the sensors on your body "communicate" with the sensor in the USB to feed into the game, serving as the controller to speak.

Once I popped it in, the initial walkthrough was straightforward and easy to understand.

Figuring I wasn't completely sedentary and had some athletic base, I decided to start off on the Medium 9 week program (choices are either a 3 week intro program or a full 9 week program and within the two, you can select Easy, Medium, Hard). Initially, I wasn't going to write a review until I had completed it but after 2 weeks, I think I have enough to provide useful feedback and can update later as necessary.

I picked the 4 days I wanted to workout (my guess is other programs may have more or less days where you workout) and it was off to the races.

The idea of the game is that you are represented on screen by your avatar (whose appearance you can customize) and as the trainer directs you to move, your movements are captured by the sensors and your avatar on screen performs the same.

I had some problems with my initial set of sensors and it turns out the problem was with the leg sensor. It deteriorated over the month to the point where it was unusable (kept losing the sync). I contacted Amazon and got a new set (they just shipped me an entire new package w/ everything else included as well) and everything works much better. Seems as if there is a potential QA problem w/ the sensors but if things aren't working for you outright, I recommend trying to work with Amazon to exchange for a new set and see if that doesn't work better. Everything is -much- better with a good working set of sensors (although there are still some instances where it seems to have problems registering your movement).

For the workouts themselves, I am in phase 3 of 9 week program. To those folks who started on Hard and said it wasn't challenging and/or there was too much time between exercises, I tip my hat to you. It's at the point where I cannot push myself 100% without artificially pausing between exercises or even during exercises.

So far it seems like the workouts are cardio/plyometric based. Everything so far looks to be geared towards general endurance and lower body explosiveness.

If you lift for size or are focused more on upper body workouts, this probably won't do it for you. You can customize your workouts with respect to what you want to improve and while I haven't played with it, without doing free weights, I don't see how you can significantly improve your bench press for example.

A side benefit I want to mention is that since the exercises are more plyo-based (short and explosive), it seems to serve as a pretty good dynamic warmup. On the nights where I have a hockey game after I workout, I am not too tired to play and in fact, I feel pretty good from a looseness standpoint. Next day is definitely a full recovery day though. Not sure how well it would work for other sports though.

Other useful features:

* A journal where you can log things like, hours slept, glasses of water consumed, other activity you may be involved in. This is more for your personal benefit as the game doesn't really provide any feedback based on trending of the data (at least not that I've seen). It'll give general advice as you make your entry but that's it.
* Ability to configure the music playlists. Most useful if you have ripped and downloaded tracks to your PS3 but I haven't tried it yet though)
* Sync with EA Sports Active website to share results.

In conclusion, I definitely see the utility of this. I think it's a great innovation and hope that EA continues to build and improve on this product line.
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on March 19, 2013
Electronic Arts is now notorious for trading innovation and ingenuity for programmed obsolescence. I would encourage Amazon to insert a disclaimer on this product to indicate that it is no longer supported by EA and as of the date of this review ALL ONLINE FEATURES HAVE BEEN DISABLED. I suppose this should be the rule of thumb for any software at this point. However, if EA had the customer in mind they would allow peer-to-peer connections for workout groups.

As far as the workouts go it is not bad. Be sure you have a steady supply of AAA batteries for the sensors. It is important that your TV and console are in a large room and if you are 6 foot tool or greater has higher than 8' ceilings with no ceiling fan. Be prepared for a lot of running in place. If the weather and air quality is good, I would much rather do the exercises outside.

Youtube has tons of workout videos that are just as useful as this product. If I were to start all over I would purchase the Wii fit system. Much more fun and motivating. Then again, not having one I have no idea how well it is supported at this time.
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on February 29, 2012
I love that you don't need a MOVE controller for this game. The straps fit comfortably on your arms/ leg and track all youre movements and your heartrate to make a great fitness program. You can set up a 3, 7 or 9 week training program to fit your needs and while the graphics arent impressive... that isn't why you buy it anyways. There are a great variety of exercises to choose from and it is fun! I enjoyed this a lot more than other fitness games but it also has a lot of problems.

Heres why Not to buy it,

1. The sensors are an amazing idea but they need a lot of work. No matter how good your form and positioning is, the game will read you incorrectly and force you to hold a lunge for 10 seconds extra before it makes a correction. It seems to always do this in mid lunge , squat, or some other uncomfortable position.
2. Constantly skips counts on fast paced exercises like skipping, foot fires, running causing you to do much more than planned.
3. Focuses WAYYYYYY too much on lower body. Even the upper body days will give an advanced user leg/calf cramps from excessive repetition of skips, foot fires,running, biking, boarding. I have been mountain biking for years and considered my legs to be very fit yet I constantly had to skip days due to calf cramps even 2 months into my program. **And yes i did stretch and drink plenty of water**

I find myself constantly changing batteries hoping to make up for the sensor/gyro shortcomings and am always cursing and screaming at the damn trainer because it says im not doing something right or giving extremely low heart rate during peak exercises. It's an amazing platform and I love how its designed but the damn sensor errors make me angry daily.
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on January 11, 2013
I decided to wait until I was sure this worked before I rated it, ergo a while since I purchased it.
First let me say, I added this to a daily routine that had no real exercise (walking the dog, and going to work was about it) and doing 4 workouts a week through the plan (between 35-45 minutes/workout) I was able to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. This game really does get your heart pumping and it tries to work every part of the body.

Once you're done with the two workout programs you can create your own workouts from a selection of 70 exercises and tailor your workouts to your needs.

As other reviewers have said, the warm-ups don't really do much to warm you up rather than just stretching your muscles, simple solution is to jog in place during the loading screens (in between exercises). My other beef with this game is that the sensors can get frustrating from time to time. When it has you do lunges or squats, it can take a while to register... Regarding the heart rate sensor it's fairly accurate when your arms are straight, but I've found that the heart rate drops when you run or do hammer curls or other activities where your arms are bent.

I don't remember if Amazon said this when I bought the game but the online features for this game no longer work. For some reason EA decided they needed to "shut down the servers" for this game after only a year and a half of the game being released... In this case, if you're paying half price for the game like I did then good, full price probably not worth it since you lose half the functionality the game was supposed to be sold with.

My final complaint with the game is a small one in that you can't rename workout once you've made it. So either make a whole new workout or deal with it...

In the end, I'm glad that I got this game because I have lost a good deal of weight and by it keeping track of your progress and goals it makes you keep with your exercising rather than just giving up. If you find it hard to stay on track and motivate yourself to workout this game is for you. Short of a personal trainer I think this is the answer.
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on August 27, 2013
Made the decision to get EA Active 2 after doing a couple days of research and so far I've been very pleased. I was a baseball player in college and I was always in pretty good shape, but herniated discs in my back have always held me back from enjoying or even really succeeding with heavy weight lifting. I've been trying various workout methods, shifting more to bodyweight exercises since graduation, with decent success but to be honest I was pretty bored.

If you like the idea of being able to work out in your own home and don't mind a somewhat childish interface and setup, you should really consider this game. I've started with the three-week cardio blast and the results so far have been great. I'm enjoying my workouts and getting through them pain free. I'll list out my big pros and cons below.

- EA Active 2 for PS3 operates without having to purchase the MOVE system. You simply strap the sensors that come with the game around your arms and right leg and plug the USB into a controller port. Gives you much more freedom of motion.
- Easy, Medium and Hard workout levels.
- A nice variety of exercise moves
- This is a big one for me -- you can workout with your own dumbbells. The game comes with a resistance band but upon beginning your program you can tell the game that you're working out with dumbbells and it automatically adjusts.
- Cost is obviously less than buying a membership to most gyms.
- Mountain boarding/biking are both very fun.

- Sensors sometimes are very finicky about your form. You really need to be in a specific position for certain exercises. In some ways this is also a pro (because it helps your form) but some will surely be annoyed by what they perceive as a "glitch".
- You can pick a personal trainer to "motivate" you but after one workout I decided to mute him and play my own music through speakers. This is not unexpected though and it certainly doesn't affect the quality of my workout.
- The game builds in water breaks, but unless you physically pause the game yourself it's not enough rest time.
- Not a con of the game, but something to consider -- make sure you have enough space both horizontally and vertically before making this purchase. There is a fair amount of jumping and reaching so you really need some room. My ceilings are pretty low but I make it work.

Overall I definitely recommend this game if you need a change in your fitness plan. I've picked at a few very minor things, which is the reason for a four. But if you're realistic about what a video game can do you will definitely enjoy this product.
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on April 7, 2014
I love this fitness routine! You have so many options and time goes by quickly when you're doing these routines. This does work you hard and i really like how they mix it up. You aren't doing any one single thing for more than a minute or two. Noticed results in my butt right away! The only thing I don't love is that it doesn't always pick up all my reps, especially when using the resistance band. In these cases, I just complete the reps and then "skip" the exercise even though I completed it. This being the case, you don't get credit for doing that part of the workout and it doesn't count toward calories burned. Ultimately, though, it doesn't really matter how many calories they say you burned on the will get the results you want if you stick with the program.

You can select to do a 9-week program or you can go on your own and tell them what kind of routine you want to do. Either way, you win. It really is a fun way to work out, especially when you are trying to stay in shape over a long cold winter!
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on June 29, 2013
I've tried many fitness programs, DVDs, etc., and I have to say this looks like something I can stick to. You can customize your workout from a menu of what seems like a huge amount of choices from warm-ups, upper body, lower body, cool downs, cardio, and core. You can put in your own music playlists (at least on PS3, don't know about X-Box) and the sensors show a version of you on the screen so you can follow what your virtual trainer is doing. I like that the sensors track your heart rate and there is a calorie counter on the screen so that you can see your progress. You can use the included resistance band for weight exercises or you can use your own weights, and adjust the settings accordingly.

There are some issues though. When I first started using this, sometimes my character on the screen would not match my movements, leading to a chiding from my "trainer" about how I must be having trouble. I had to play with the positions of the sensors before I got that resolved. I'm also disappointed that EA took down the server with no explanation. I don't know what was on there since I didn't get this until after. I would also like my avatar to be more sensitive to my movements because I feel sometimes I am not getting "credit" for movements that I do.

Overall this will definitely give you a good workout, though I'm not 100% sure it's a total substitute for the gym and proper strength training.

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