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Dragon's Dogma - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$15.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 5, 2013
i wasn't expecting much from dragon's dogma given its lukewarm reception from critics, but i enjoyed the demo on LIVE (especially the shadow of the colossus-esque ability to climb on enemies) and decided to give it a shot--which is easy with it's budget pricing. the game exceeded my expectations on all counts.

in particular, i think that the game's pawn system (companions--one of whom you create personally and an optional other two that can be rented from other players' games) is incredibly innovative, though not as useful as it could be. an example of how this works is as follows: a random player rents my pawn, Khalia, and takes her on a few quests that i have yet to try. Khalia is still in my game--your main pawn is a constant companion--but the next time i sleep at an inn (synching the servers and downloading data), she informs me that she has new information and sometimes even items. she can then give me advice on how to complete those quests that she completed in the renter's game as well as strategies on how to defeat enemies that i may not have encountered yet. it's all very interesting, and my only complaint is that the utilization falls short of the concept.

the only real shortcoming of the game is its abhorrent save system, which allows you only one save file (meaning both the frequent autosaves and manual saves share the same file). while this helps with the immersion (ex.: if you wait too long, you'll have to live with the consequences of your choices and permanently miss quests), it hinders the degree with which you can experiment in the game. the inclusion of a new game+ mode (whereby all items and stats are carried through to a new play through) and the fact that new game+ is actually integrated into the storyline makes this a bit more forgivable, but still a glaring oversight considering how well the rest of the game plays.

+great action/combat
+innovative pawn system
+new game+ adds length and challenge to an already large game

-camera can be problematic, especially when climbing (which is arguably when it's the most necessary)
-some optional quests have time limits that are not explicitly stated
-terrible save system
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VINE VOICEon May 17, 2015
Dragon's Dogma is a pretty solid RPG. The controls are mostly similar to other games of this style and the graphics are decent if not always the most amazing thing to look at. This is one of those games that keeps you wanting to play and find out about the story as much as wanting to go off on side adventures. It is challenging in a good way at times and dark and creepy at others. Strategy is required to succeed, putting this beyond the hack 'n slash type of games out there. Even the fact that you get to send off your pawn and have almost unlimited options for pawns to swap out of your party is a change for the good. Really creative stuff going on in this game including the storyline. I did have an issue getting the game to install on my Xbox, but even so, it runs pretty well without that. If I had a major complaint it's that I end up running in circles a lot because, so far as I can tell, there is no fast travel option that I've become accustomed to in other games. Gets frustrating after a while when you have to keep going back to certain areas all the way across the in order to complete quests. Still, it's fun and will suck away hours of your life but you won't end up feeling too guilty about that. Dragon's Dogma is fun and darkly addictive.
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on May 30, 2013
I have been an avid gamer for more than 10 years. And I have played my fair share of RPGs, JRPGs, Strateggy RPGs, you name I've most likely played it. Also big on competitve shooters, Im an all around guy. But for 2012-2013, this is the game right here. A redefining RPG that should be heralded by RPG action fanatics. Event the creators of the game had been astounded how much love their game had garnered and were not ready to even make an expansion for it, and that is why they had to re-release the original game with expansion content. This games combat is just amazing, the realism really sets it apart, the physics are so well done they make the world come to life. From goblins to cyclops to dragons, all are impacted by the spells, or weapons you use against them. If you shoot a fireball at a cyclops's arm,it will catch on fire, and burn its flesh, if you hit the same cyclops in the chest it will stagger back, if you hit in in the eye with an arrow it will enrage. Words cant explain how awesome this game is. My crappy review cant give it justice. Being able to customize your own pawn, basically companion, and let others online hire him to gain AI intelligence with how to do quests or fight creatures is just awesome, other players pawns fight along side you, seeing what abilities and armor their masters equipped them and then hiring to your party so they can travel with you on quests. The world changing around you from the things you do, such as slaying a griffin unlocking a full griffin set of armor at shops, or helping a merchant clear out a cave, unlocks a brand new shop in that same cave that lets you travel fast between two areas. Ugh the game is seriously a must have for RPG action lovers. Cant say no more, going back to playing again. Also the classes are awesome and diverse, and you can set your own pawns classes, ok ok im done going back on DD:DA to slay a Griffin wooo!
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on December 31, 2013
Full Disclosure: I bought this game since it was supposed to be similar to Dark Souls. With that said....

Fairly diverse and engaging combat thanks to the multitude of classes available, which is complimented by the Pawn system, allowing you to build a mostly AI-controlled party to support your particular play-style. Furthermore, you can switch your character specialization easily for a fair in-game cost, allowing you to explore a lot of what the combat mechanics have to offer, even on your first play-thru.

The Pawn system is perhaps one of the most elegant features of the game. On the surface it's very simplistic, but there's enough customization available to provide a unique and engaging experience. It's sort of a combination of Goofy & Donald in Kingdom Hearts + your party in Dragon Age, but more streamlined and, in terms of AI, a heck of a lot more competent.

Despite an equipment upgrade system, armor and weapons still suffer from "Sword of 1000 Truths" syndrome, so expect to spend endgame-->NG+ acquiring BiS, especially if you're a min/max sort of gamer.

As far as atmosphere goes.....

Decent voice acting and a spectacular soundtrack. Story is predictable, but it suits the game, which succeeds in creating a classic "medieval" world. Fans of early Final Fantasy games and the Legend of Zelda series won't be disappointed. There are plenty of interesting landscapes to explore, adding a bit of mystery and lore to the world. One complaint, the cut-scenes do go overboard at times, nowhere near the level of games like MGS4, but it does interrupt game-play flow here and there.

All in all, if you're looking for a fun action RPG, DD goes above and beyond. Plenty of quests to keep you entertained, tons of items to explore, a great system for character customization, etc.

For you Dark Souls fans who ended up here: The game's controls are sharp, responsive, and consistent. Enemies don't require anywhere near the same level of the reactive play-style inherent to DaS, but combat is genuinely fun and engaging, and is especially enhanced by a classic "medieval" world and an exhilarating soundtrack that kicks in at just the right times (think Gwyn or Artorias theme). While the same level of challenge isn't necessarily intended (e.g. the game allows you Pawns, allows you to pause to heal, there is BiS gear, etc), you easily can adjust your playstyle/add restrictions to create a rewarding experience.
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on December 7, 2015
Fantastic but flawed, Dragon's Dogma offers a rich role-playing experience for those willing to overlook its nagging structure and underwhelming plot-line. Built around a spectacularly fun and interesting combat system, DD pushes the envelope for open-world RPGs with engaging boss battles and a setting rife for exploration. Unfortunately, the game falls prey to a tedious travel system that has you literally running from one corner of the huge game world to another and back again on a regular basis.

I played Morrowind back in the day, and absolutely loved traveling through the fantasy realm on foot, but here, a good decade or so later, the system hasn't aged well. This is only made worse by an unforgiving and clunky save-system that only allows one save-file per game: auto-saves are sparse, particularly in the open world, and quest failures are permanent. On top of that, your AI companions (AKA Pawns) are irritatingly outspoken, shouting about goblins and harpies endlessly while you try to take in serene views of the beautifully rendered land of Gransys. NPCs fare even worse, with abysmal voice-overs, dull visual design, and relentlessly recycled dialogue.

For all its faults, there's a really great game to be found in Dragon's Dogma. As I mentioned before, the game world is vast and diverse, and the combat system is nothing short of wonderful. Boss encounters are excellent, and often revolve around scaling the beasts for effective take-downs (à la Shadow of the Colossus), really adding to the game's immense sense of scale. DD also offers a wide variety of character classes and impressive skills that can be switched up at a whim for a more flexible gameplay experience catered toward your personal style.

Dark Arisen also delivers a terrific bonus for those who invest time and effort into the original campaign: the added setting of Brittleback Island is challenging and rewarding, with plenty of baddies and secrets to conquer as well. It's a great value packaged with in an already amply packed game: players willing to look past the more trying aspects of Dragon's Dogma will find a lot to love here. A rough but ultimately excellent experience worth checking out!
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on February 22, 2014
In the Western world, Dragon's Dogma received generally positive reviews. Aggregating review website Metacritic gave the Xbox 360 version 76/100 and the PlayStation 3 version 79/100.[29] Game Informer gave the game an 8.5 out of 10 and stated that "I left the game feeling that I made my mark on Gransys the way I chose to, instead of being escorted from plot point to plot point. When you're talking about an open-world game, I can't think of higher praise."[30] Eurogamer Italy said that "Dragon's Dogma is a great fantasy game, where the lack of a multiplayer experience is compensated from an impressive single player."[31] UK magazine PSM3 wrote, "Big, challenging and imaginative, but its hardcore nature won't appeal to everyone."[32] GameSpot gave the game a score of 8 out of 10. The review praised the "Fantastic combat encounters," one of "the best boss fights in any role-playing game," atmospheric touches, and "striking choices" that lead to "an unforgettable ending." The review notes that the game "takes chances, and it's that riskiness that makes this role-playing game so unique among its peers," concluding that, "Engrossing and frustrating, Dragon's Dogma is a flawed and unique gem."
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on July 29, 2013
First of all the fighting in this game is some of the most epic stuff ever! I don't think I've ever played a game that has such amazing boss battles! I mean the boss battles sometimes take like a half hour to defeat the enemy and it's awesome. I actually feel accomplished after defeating the powerful enemy, and then my pawns begin to talk... Pawns are very annoying in this game. They talk a ton and nothing they say is interesting, and they repeat it about a million times.

Then the capital: Gran Soren, is very dull too. All the people walk funny and talk funny too. The people you buy stuff from say the exact same annoying line every time you speak to them like "The masterworks all you can't go wrong." I can't even tell you how many times I've heard that line... Had to change the voice settings to japanese so I don't know what they're saying.

Probably the most annoying part of the game is the fact that you only have 1 save file. With a world this big and it being filled with so many enemies, having only one save file is quite a pain in the butt. And when you hit restart to last checkpoint it does not bring you back to when you first entered the city or in a building, instead it takes you back to the last time you saved on your own or slept. To me this was very annoying because the rest of my games I own do not do this.

Though this game is full of flaws it is also one of the funnest most frustrating games I've ever played. I'll rage for a minute and turn off the game because I died and forgot to save but then I'll jump right back to the game so I can fight some more ogres and cyclops. It's worth 30$ for sure but just be prepared to be quite frustrated throughout the game and remember to save often!

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on January 28, 2015
It's good but i found the combat to easy, i am a dark souls player and the first thing i did as a swordsman is run and fight a rune golem for 3 nights straight in the game and beat him, i was way under level, i like that about the game, but i then become the two handed hammer class and everything fell before me, the dragon boss is crap thou total "everyone is a winner" situation treating you like an idiot, vs the rest of the game which at least game you have some challenge. The story is sparse and i wish there was more, basically the game starts then you go to capital, then busy work for 20 hrs with mild side quest cut scenes. Also i had a patched version and ran into some bugs which screwed up my chance to complete my 100 quest complete ratio, which made me angry. The guy didn't show up in the garden and one of the bandits didn't show up to kill. I liked the game but it's slightly over long on the middle of the game and you don't even fight that many big monsters till after game in the hole, i would say you fight about 5 big creatures in the over world and then you kind of just fight those over and over again. Recommended if you don't mind a bit of filler in your action game.
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on April 5, 2015
Great game. Has issues with the travelling. With no mount or true fast travel you'll spend hours wandering around at a time. The classes are wonderful but I feel like the preferred classes are the Assassin and the Magic Archer. I play with a Mystic knight and I find myself in a rut sometimes. Cool enemies fun battle system hours of joy. The DLC itself feels like a sequel on how long it is. Great game. Have flaws but worth trying out. Don't miss it.
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on July 16, 2013
I can't give it five stars because frankly, I feel that Capcom cheated everyone by basically having everyone buy what is essentially the same game with an addition added on to it. It isn't the first game they've done this with either, so it was disappointing for me to say the least. I already had Dragon's Dogma and then I had to buy Dark Arisen just to be able to buy the game and at almost the same price. To me, that's rather impractical.
My other thought about the game was the insane difficulty level of Bitter Black Isle. While I know it was supposed to be a challenge in the vein of Demon's Souls for the players who like that type of game play, having it be ridiculously hard on easy mode really doesn't make sense.
However, being able to load my previous save was nice along with the rewards that came with (i.e. Eternal Ferrystone) it. I really couldn't notice the difference with the texture smoothing, but it looked fine to me. Difficulty aside, it was interesting exploring Bitter Black Isle and I did like the story behind it. Overall, Dragon's Dogma is a great game, I just don't think we gamers should have been charged the same price for what is essentially a re-release of a game because supposedly they couldn't make it a DLC.
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