Customer Reviews: Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, SD40030
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on July 28, 2011
I received my new Dirt Devil Multi-Cyclonic two days ago. Put it through its paces. It's better made (better build quality) than I thought a Dirt Devil would be. Very impressed. Cord is on the shorter side, but that's a small concession for a very reasonably priced vacuum. The brush bar in the Power Nozzle has some good, and one not so good quality issues.
For the good: the belt cannot break (geared belt) with a reset button if it jams. The height adjustment works perfectly, and I'm delighted there's a headlight (although a light on the front is not a deal breaker for me - it is for others). The brush roller is narrow in diameter - so you'll find yourself cleaning hair from it more so than if it was larger in diameter. The opening on the bottom of the Power Nozzle is also narrow - that's to optimize the pick up on bare floors, which it does superbly. I never saw any other power nozzle (with brush in OFF position) pick up as well on bare floors. However, on carpets, it's great for low pile and medium plush - forget about it on high pile (shag and frieze) carpets. The narrow suction opening sucks so hard into a high pile rug, makes it hard to push. On medium plush and low pile berber, it's fantastic. Emptying is easy, I like the cup design to contain the fine dust when emptying, it doesn't 'drop' hard into the trash can - you pour it in without a cloud of dust rising in your face. The crevice tool falls off the body of the cleaner when you clean stairs (and the machine is sitting upright) - but for normal use it's secure. If you clean stairs, you're probably using the crevice tool anyway - so it's not a big deal. HATE the dusting brush - stiff bristles are great for scrubbing, but you cannot ever use it on your big screen TV or delicate drapes to dust. It WILL pick up pet hair from the sofa - but the there's no upholstery tool so you have to use the dusting brush. The filters as washable for the life of the cleaner (excellent) and the 8 cyclones (Root 8 Cyclone technology) do their jobs efficiently. No Loss of Suction is common today now that Dyson's patents are expired, and this cleaner makes use of those patents in a quiet (surprisingly quiet) and efficient way. The front swivel wheels (2 of them, not one like most) make the cleaner roll beautifully, and it's surprisingly light weight for a cyclonic vacuum. All in all, an excellent buy. BUT - if you still have a favorite duting brush from an old vacuum (like an Electrolux for instance) - save it. You'll want to use it with your new Dirt Devil (and since the D.D. uses standard 1 1/4 inch fittings - it's easy to use other attachments with the D.D.) LOVE the steel telescopic wand. Since Dirt Devil and Hoover are owned by the same company, and I have the Hoover "multi-cyclonic" version of this vacuum already - it was easy to compare. The Dirt Devil is the better machine - since the cord is one foot longer AND the hose swivels at the handle end - plus the power nozzle has a headlight AND a longer brush roller. You'll get your money's worth - and then some - from the new Dirt Devil Power Reach.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Growing up my parents had a very expensive canister vac, and as a young girl I thought it was fun to vacuum, now it's NOT so much fun - and this will take some getting used to before I decide if I like this canister after using uprights for years. I have a 2 year old Dirt Devil upright and it has some similar features as this, such as the one-touch-to-empty dirt cup which I love. In general, uprights are easier to use because you don't have the canister tagging along behind you, getting caught on corners of furniture, and even the walls. However, the uprights are also heavier to push and can't go in every nook and cranny like a canister can.

This vacuum was easy to assemble - I didn't bother looking at the instructions to hook-up the handle/wand to the hose, and to the canister, it was easy to figure out just by looking at the various parts and snapping them together. However, as to vacuum use, I did read the manual and I wish they had made it a little easier such as larger drawings, and English instructions being all grouped together, Spanish and French all grouped together, but it was not. All 3 languages were jumbled together in each section of the manual.

Things I Like:
> Suction power is strong - especially when using the 2 attachments (dust brush & crevice tool), which by the way, are stored on the canister so they are always with you when you need them. This is my FAVORITE "Like" - better suction than any upright I have ever owned.
> Canister section is small (measures 15" long by 9" across), easy to pull, and the 2 front wheels are actually swivel casters so it's easy to maneuver around corners.
> Dust brush accessory did a good job of picking up cat hair from the furniture - but the bristles are not soft and may scratch
> Being a canister style, the motorized brush section fits in places an upright cannot, such as under TV stands, and under the bed.
> Quiet for a vacuum cleaner, but the cats still hide under the bed

Things I Don't Like But I Can Tolerate:
> The power cord is too short, I got out the tape measure and it's 14 feet to the yellow tape marking, which is as far as you are supposed to pull it out.
> Currently the hose is very stiff and wants to curl around in a different direction than I want to go, maybe that will loosen up after awhile, or maybe not. Edited to add: It has not loosened up after 6 uses, it's like a garden hose with kinks making it hard to wind up (reminds me of this, but there are no kinks in the vacuum hose).

One Thing I REALLY Don't Like - AND the Deal Breaker for Me!!!
> The description here says the "reach" is 9.5 feet. The problem with this is they are counting the length of your arm in the total calculation. I have 11 foot vaulted ceilings in my living room, dining room and kitchen, and with the extension wand all the way extended, I can't reach the highest point of my ceilings to reach the cobwebs, not even on my tip-toes. From the handle to the end of the crevice tool is 47" long. I'm 5'3" tall so maybe Dirt Devil is assuming everyone is 6 or 7 feet tall. At any rate, all the stretching/reaching to do ceilings with this is tiresome, considering the weight of both the large black plastic handle and the metal extension wand - both are heavier than what I anticipated they'd be. I guess I need to start lifting weights to bulk up.
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on August 19, 2011
Well this is a product from Dirt Devil and the details have been published on DirtDevil's site only 2-3 days back.

Its well made, seems strong. The hose swivels at nearly every connection. The lock to leave the power brush upright seems fragile and will probably be the first thing to break.

The light does not come on if the brush roll is not on. The vacuum is sufficiently wide, so the suction is not even on the entire width. This will be the problem for vacuums will no powered brushroll. Even on hard surfaces it is better to keep the brush roll on since it helps in picking up something struck beneath furniture..

The canister is very easy to clean, cord seems very short and noise level is less than my old bissell bagless. Suction power is quite good. Even though my old bissell also did not loose any suction, it's just a matter of keeping the bagless ones clean.

The only cons which I see are
1. The attachments are not long enough to reach the roof for cobwebs. If somebody knows of extensions which can be used for sure with this, please provide me the link.
2. Since I have been used to uprights, storage of this seems clumsy, I have to deattach it before storing and it takes more space.
3. The hose does not detach from the heavy handle so if you just want to do with a light weight attachment on it.. you will still have to lug the heavy handle.
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on May 18, 2012
I clean houses for a living so I use this vacuum multipule times a day on several different types of surfaces. I really don't have any complaints about this vacuum other than, I do wish that the hose was a little more flexible. Otherwise, this vacuum is very reasonably priced, easy to use, clean, transport & it really doesn't loose suction. One thing I really like about this vacuum compared to others is how light the canister is and even the shape of it makes it easy to carry around to vacuum stairs and so forth. Also, the attachments come off and it extends and retracts so easy I can get things done super quick!

I do recommend buying a wide hard floor brush attachment along with it, it really gets EVERYTHING off the floors and a lot quicker than the only tiny little brush it comes with! (other than the carpet attachment)

In the end, I am very happy with my purchase and I will be using this vacuum for a very long time!
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on October 16, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before we start griping about who makes the best $800 vacuum, I'll preface this review with a couple remarks. Subjective or objective - however you want to believe. First, expensive vacuums don't have more suction action than other quality vacuums. They may have more gimmicks, attachments, a pretty case, and/or (hopefully) higher quality parts inside. But when you get down to it, you just want a fan to spin that'll create suction in a tube that'll suck up some debris.

With that in mind, I've always purchased Panasonic vacuums. More accurately, about 10 years about I purchased a single Panasonic vacuum on a referral from someone that had also owned one - for 12 years. They're high quality (except their little headlight - those never work very long), they last forever, and they just keep sucking.

When presented with this Dirt Devil canister vacuum, I was a little hesitant because, quite frankly, if it ain't broke...why bother? Well, a couple reasons in this case: My old Panasonic vacuum is an upright while this is a canister. I recently moved to a house with vaulted ceilings, and this "pistol trigger" type suction tube works quite well for getting cob webs (or spiders themselves) out from the corners of the ceiling. And, being a canister with a long tube, it's flexible in that you can vacuum various areas easily... and it vacuumed out my car VERY well. Probably better than my old Panasonic, but it wasn't quite fair, since I have long since lost the attachments to the Panasonic. does this one compare to Old Reliable? Very well. My home is part carpet (no shag...carpet, that is) and part wood flooring, and this handles the job in both cases. It beats my old upright when its full - this one keeps sucking at full strength, though I'm not entirely sure where the debris would actually go if it were completely full. Fill up the tube, maybe? And for portability, this Dirt Devil wins easily.

I've since chosen to use this Dirt Devil over my the old Panasonic on multiple occasions, so to me, that's the sign of a clear winner. Would recommend!
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on February 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ok have been using this unit weekly since i received it for reviewing -
I give it 4 stars overall because the issues that I have with it I can deal with compared to others I have had.
The suction is very good. I used another vacuum before the first use of this one and the amount the other left behind surprised me. This one like others I have had is not totally dirt free when you are cleaning it out which is a downside to any on the market that is not a bag vacuum.
I do like you can wash filter but be sure to let it dry fully for a day or longer before using again.
The power cord should be longer.

ok will address this feature = Powered Floor Nozzle - provides the ability to switch brushes on and off as you clean a variety of surfaces from carpeting and upholstry to hard surfaces.
this is NOT EASY at all to do!
Every time I need to use the nozzle I am constantly afraid I am going to break it since I have to pull it off with such force and am really afraid that at some point from too much taking off and putting back on it will snap the little latch off so that i can no longer use it other than with the nozzle but i really like how powerful the nozzle is for the little cracks around corners in our house and i have used it in vents as well since it is so powerful.

The hose sometimes twists up in the opposite way of where i am trying to go so i have to twist it back around

Honestly I am not sure I would pay full price for this unit
Usually i buy whatever Target has on clearance but have gone through about 4-5 in the past 12 years
so it will be interesting to see how long this one will last with our large family.

Oh one other thing i do really like - it is soooo easy to get a clog out of it compared to so many others i have used where i had to take it all apart this one just one screw to get to the spot where the hose connects and i can unclog it in minutes instead of taking an hour.
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on December 9, 2013
This is a very powerful little vacuum, and I find it easy to maneuver around the room. It's well engineered; all the connections have plugs for the power and little knobs to keep them firmly seated, but come loose again with a good press and pull. People with wrist trouble may find directing it a bit difficult, because the head swivels very freely on the handle, and you have to flex your wrist a lot to keep it going where you want it to. On the bright side, that makes it easier to reach odd corners.

It is harder to store than an upright, but I find that if I set the base on its end and let the hose slide in among the coats, it still fits well into my tiny front closet. All together, I find the minor difficulties more than balanced by the power and flexibility of the machine, and it's *infinitely* easier to haul up the stairs than my old upright. The powered carpet-beater brush in the head was definitely the winning feature, for me. I had to empty the canister twice while doing the living room, which says mildly disgusting things about the carpet but very good things about the action and suction on this thing.
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on March 12, 2012
I have a 10 year old Dyson (Jet engine) and I did not expect this vacuum to come close to it. But after vacuuming my 1200 square foot house half way through the vacuuming job, the beater brush motor stopped working. Pressing the reset button did not work (no there is nothing caught). Pro: very light weight and not as loud as the old Dyson. Cons: The vacuum canister is so light it keeps flipping over, I am 6'2" tall and have the wand fully extended which uses up a lot of the hose length (height wise). The cleaner part does not let you go all the way underneath furniture, just when you are getting to the wall, it lifts the front of the head up off the floor. Yes the cord is short, With my old Dyson I could plug into an outlet in the middle of the house and do the whole house. This vacuum I have to plug in 3 times to do the whole house. The motorized brush does not work that well. I find lint has to be run over 3 to 4 times for the beater brush to loosen it up. Now my 10 year old Dyson has a very worn beater brush, but it picks it up first run over. Overall I was just looking for a simpler vacuum but I will rebuild my Dyson.
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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
And, I say that because I am a senior gal with respiratory issues and I cannot use this vacuum without getting out of breath. It is heavy and awkward to move around and if a person has any physical impediments such as weakness, arthritis, etc., I would definitely NOT recommend this vacuum. It will get well used in our home, but my husband will be the one using it :). I will keep using our upright Dyson and the Eureka Pet Lover canister #3684.

The Dirt Devil works very well, once you figure out the adjustments from carpeting to bare floors. And, that just takes reading the user's manual, which I did not do before the first use. The tubing is heavy and well constructed. The hose is also, unlike the hose on the Eureka which tends to get too hot and crimps down which is a whole other issue.

I do like the retractable cord and the canister is very easy to remove for emptying. It is not as convenient to store as an upright and because the hose/tubing are so well made it does not 'scrunch' up to fit in a small space.

Works great in a pet home! We had no problem with it picking up cat fur. Great suction!

I would highly recommend this Dirt Devil, but the configuration is not for everyone and that's why the 4 stars instead of 5. If you are serious about getting one, I would suggest going to a retail store and trying one out to see how it works for you.
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on February 4, 2016
I love this little vacuum! I have 6 cats, so TONS of fur & fur balls. This vacuum picks up everything. I'm a senior citizen with back & health issues. The motorized power head is light weight but does the job well. It's easy for me to use and adjusts well to different heights of carpet & flooring. It's easy to clean the cup & filters. I've had many vacuums over the years, some very expensive, and find this to be one of the best. It may not be the sturdiest, but no problems yet. and sturdy = heavy, so this lightweight vacuum is better for my needs. Its even surprisingly quiet for a relatively inexpensive machine. The only problem is you have to avoid the fringe on area rugs as it trips the "breaker", but this is very easily reset, just push the little pin that sticks out & you're good to go again.
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