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on July 19, 2017
I didn't think I could love a power supply. They are often the piece many people put the least thought into

But my current build was going to be something special and I'm so glad that I invested in a good power supply as the foundation

It's adaptable in many ways. Not just the cords but also the noise level. This thing has been whisper quiet and almost never needs to turn it's own fan on. This things a quiet reliable work horse under the hood.

Also note: I never appreciated just how much the certifications would effect my electric bill until this power supply. Having mostly used bronze in the past, this is a platinum.

I use my main computer over 12 hours a day, having switched to my new build with this computer compared to a bronze, my electric bill has gone down about $20 a month. Meaning this power supply paid for itself easily just in cost savings over time.

I will never again build with less than a platinum rating, and I'm very glad to have purchased a Corsair.
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on May 27, 2013
I really do love these PSUs. I have another of the "i" series which is king-of-the-hill, but this is the best value. Tremendously stable and efficient. Fan rarely runs. Just remember to re-check your modular connectors are plugged into the appropriate place, as they will fit in the wrong place. Also,check that they have not pulled out after mucking around with your cables!!!
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on September 23, 2017
I purchased the AX 860 for a brand new gaming PC build and it has been just awesome! Super quiet as the fan almost never has to come on (in hybrid mode). You can even set it up so the fan is always on if you're so inclined but really no reason to. This was my first modular PS and it was just an absolute pleasure to work with in the build. No extra cables to stuff or hide - you use just what you need. Not sure where all these 'coil' noise rumors come from but have had no noise issues whatsoever with it. I'm running an ASUS Crosshair VI Hero MB with AMD Ryzen 5 1600x CPU, an ASUS Strix RX 580 ROG OC8 Graphics card, two 5.25" DVD (Blu-Ray) drives, one SDD drive, one Western Digital HDD and still have plenty of power to spare. Can install it fan up or fan down. I highly recommend it. As one reviewer noted, the power supply is sometimes the least researched part of your build but it's oh so important. This choice is certainly a winner!
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on March 5, 2016
I used to use a Corsair TX750 but gave it to another computer after its PSU gave out. Got the AX760 for the modular cabling, efficiency, and quiet operation however that didn't happen to be the case.

The fan is very quiet, and often times it isn't even running while in the hybrid mode.
Yet the coil whine is so loud it overpowers 6 computer fans running on high. It's so obnoxious and people in my house are becoming annoyed at this as well.

Started an RMA and lets see how Corsair handles this. I would avoid this product.
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on May 9, 2014
I chose the Corsair AX760 PSU for my third build and find its' an excellent performer. There is a post in the 2-star rating about a "Coil Whine noise" with this unit. I wrote Corsair Tech Support about this issue, and here's what they wrote back: "The noise is not normal to the unit. It's very difficult to test units for audible noise in reality, because Corsair's test environment has a very clean power source. Many times, the noises come from the PFC filter circuitry or components used in the AC-DC conversion process, and these components all can react differently based on how clean the power source is. A unit that performs silently here in the lab may buzz or click in a house with older wiring, or using a failing battery-powered UPS, or any number of other things." I have not experienced this abnormal problem, but it makes sense that a highly efficient PSU might depend on having a clean power source coming from the wall plug. I highly recommend the AX760 and give it 5 stars. Corsair's tech response was within 24 hours and they fully answered my question.

My 1 month update: I am so very pleased with this Corsair PSU. It's working great, there's no coil whine issue, and it's been a wonderful addition to my quiet-designed gaming pc. I'm using an Asus GTX 770 GPU and my system has all the clean and quiet power it needs.
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on August 3, 2013
Gets top scores from review sites that have a proper PSU tester (e.g. Jonnyguru).
Very quiet
Looks awesome
Tons of power
High quality power cord
Fully modular
Good cable lengths and variety
Gold efficiency

Powered my computer flawlessly for a year and a half:
Intel Core i7-2600k @ 4.8 GHz
2x MSI 7970 Lightning @ 1200/1800 MHz
ASRock z68 extreme7 gen3
16GB DDR3-2133
4x HDD, 2x SSD

This system under extreme load (prime95+furmark) pulled about 1150W from the wall, and this power supply didn't even get hot during 30 minutes of such stress.

It's probably overkill for most builds... 1200W really is only needed for triple GPU setups.
It's no longer the very best 1200W unit, either - the new AX1200i has probably taken that honor.

Overall - a very highly recommended PSU for high end builds that need a lot of power!
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on August 2, 2016
I got this rock solid power supply for a research computer. One of my goals with the computer was to reduce noise within the system so I wanted to give it the cleanest, most reliable power I could. I read up on the AX series from Corsair and thought this one would be a good fit for my power needs. Being fully modular is a truly wonderful thing and makes installation a lot nicer. I get VERY stable voltages, great temperatures and silent operation.

Lot of people will tell you that you don't need to spend too much on a power supply as long as you get something "good enough" but keep in mind that whatever power supply you get becomes a single-point of failure for the whole pc. Add that to the fact noise and power spikes over time can slowly but surely degrade and kill other components.

For this build, I want to have a bunch of parts that I know I can rely on so I never have to think about them. This is that power supply.
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on May 20, 2016
First unit came to me DOA - but after a quick replacement by Amazon this thing performed like every other Corsair PSU I've had, rock solid. It's nice and quiet, looks good, and provides plenty of power. Plus, it's a nice bonus that it matches the color scheme of my build.

Seems these newer Corsair PSU's are coming out with even better QC as the ones I purchased a few years ago were more susceptible to things like coil whine (currently still having to deal with listening to an AX1200i which I was unable to RMA due to time that sounds like a damn banshee). I've deducted one star just because it's the first time I had a PSU just die like the first one I received did. The replacement one I received however has been absolutely flawless and I believe maybe some rough handling from the courier may have been to blame for the first ones untimely demise. Would definitely use these in future builds and recommend them to anyone with a new build in mind.
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on April 12, 2015
- Very Silent, using the hybrid mode and the fan doesn't rotate but the PSU may become warm.
With hybrid mode disabled and the fan running, it is still quiet.
- No coil whine so far. But I still have to use it with a Video Card.
- This PSU is small, so it fit a small case like the Cooler Master N200.
- More than enough for your "standard" gaming rig. It can probably handle a SLI/CF config.

- The mesh of the modular power cable 24 pins came defective. The black thing that holds it wasn't very tight and the mesh came out, but I managed to fix it myself.
- The 24 pins cable isn't flat. Would be great to have a flat 24 pins cable, just like the HX750i. Corsair should let us buy it separately.
- All the modular SATA power cables that come have the same distance between each plug. Having one with more would be great. It is a little short compared to the Cooler Master V550, so I had to use two modular SATA cables instead of just one.
- A little pricey, but that's what you pay for 80 platinum.

This is a really good PSU made by Seasonic. I was a little afraid that perhaps this PSU had some Coil Whine, this is from a previous experience with the Seasonic 520w S2II, but so far no coil whine.
I switched the CM V550 to this one all because it had some ball bearing noise from the fan. This has none.

I just didn't give it 5 stars, because the 24 pins cable came with some quality issues.

Overall Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon January 11, 2016
I purchased this to drive an i7 5390k system, and it's doing a great job keeping my ASRock ATX DDR4 Motherboard X99 EXTREME4 with a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Overclocked 4GB GDDR5 PCiE Video Card Graphics Cards GV-N980WF3OC-4GD running stable with a modest OC on both. The PSU came highly recommended from many reviews and comes in a smartly packaged presentation featuring bags for the PSU itself (not sure where people take them in their bags--maybe it's like the bags that Kate Spade purses come in?) as well as a very useful one for the various cables. Oh you'll need it, as you get a ton of cables! My biggest beef is with the cables and it's in how the modular plugs work on certain cables (such as either the 4 pin or 8 pin 12v cable for the motherboard), as the two halves don't always play nice to make it into a 8 pin cable. Yeah that's pretty minor!

It's incredibly quiet, not enormously big, and simply works. I couldn't ask for more!
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