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on August 5, 2014
The nylabone durachew line of hard chew toys are the only toys I trust leaving in my dog's kennel with him. Everything else, including an extreme kong, will get destroyed. Plus he loves them! This ring usually lasts about 6 months before it just looks gross and I replace it - however, it is still completely intact, just worn down, after those 6 months.
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on November 30, 2016
Honestly, this is one of about 5 of 50 "aggressive chewer" toys that I have purchased for my King Shepherd that actually has lasted. She packs it around like a pacifier on days when it's too wet to take a vigorous walk or the two days per week that I have long work hours and she is kenneled. It has no odor that we have ever noticed, leaves no stain, goo or residue on surfaces and she's had it for over 6 months. The only thing that is MILDLY irritating is after months of chewing, it has scratchy edges all over it, so if it's on a carpet or soft bed, or she brings it to me when I have shorts on, it may scratch a little, not enough to be a problem on hardwood or soft flooring, more like Velcro ribs, however, this is a valuable compromise!!!! It's deal with this minor issue or have a dog chew through their kennel or eat your shoes, what's the better deal????
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on August 23, 2016
My 50-55lb dog is a big fan of the Nylabone Ring. She enjoyed it immediately and has continued to chew this toy for a couple years. I just purchased a replacement - about 1 year after the last one. The first one of these she inherited from another dog and did manage to chew through the ring and then started chewing bits off, so it needed to be taken away. That took quite a long time, and I just replace them before it gets to that point now. Small pieces will come off while they chew the bone. Some of these they will swallow (but she's never had any issues passing the small bits) and others will just fall on the floor. My one complaint about this bone is that it gets VERY sharp edges, and when they leave it all over the floor, stepping on it or running into it can be painful. Also, if you have a dog that pushes toys on your lap, this can scrape the skin, or delicate fabrics. Despite that, this toy remains a favorite and I don't see any way to prevent the edges becoming sharp, so I stand by 5 stars. One of the best benefits of this toy was being able to teach my dog that this is for chewing and her plushies are for gentler play. The bone is already fairly inexpensive for how long it lasts and has saved us a lot of money on plush toys since she no longer destroys them in minutes (this does require training and guidance - the toy doesn't work miracles :) )
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on December 11, 2015
This thing is amazing. I got it one evening after sewing yet another toy that my very active chewer had destroyed. This thing gas lasted a month now, and after a ton of chewing he can still easily go another month with it. As you can see in the photos that he enjoys it very much, and offers it to me on a regular basis. He can play tug of war, hit you in the head with it, even flip it backwards on his face then whip it around hitting everything in sight. My personal favorite is the "bull nose ring" that hangs from his mouth as he offers it to you only to drag you across the room.

UPDATE: APR/17/2016:

I cant believe it, this thing is still going strong. He has lost some interest in it, but I think maybe some of the flavor is gone, or he is just frustrated that he cant kill it. He still chews on it nearly every day.... he has had this for nearly 150 days (5 months)... still plenty of mileage left! I'll be buying him another one just for him to have something new, not because it needs to be replaced.
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on January 11, 2017
I have a 9 month old husky who literally eats EVERYTHING. The only toys that have survived her wrath are the black KONG ball and bone. A friend suggested I give the Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Ring a try. I must say, I am impressed with the durability. She has worn it down in a few places, but this sucker will last a long while. The only reason I am not giving a full 5 stars is because my poor floors and toes have suffered from her dropping/tossing it as she is playing. Be careful for that. This thing can break a foot if it hits you hard enough
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on December 15, 2014
Calling the princess a tough chewer is an understatement. My 55 pound Pitt/Thai Ridgeback mix proved her inability to have toys shortly after the first day I brought her home. Nylabones are about the only trusted bone in the house now, and this Nyla ring is her absolute favorite! I have to replace it roughly every 8 months but you can't really put a price on the level of enjoyment she gets from it. And yes, that is a headless Nyla dinosaur in front of her in the photo
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I have two large breed dogs that run through toys labeled as indestructible. Sometimes I'll buy them toys and have to throw the toys in the trash on the same day that I bought them. My dogs both chew on this Nylabone Ring and we've had it now for months. The ring is only scratched up from the rough chewing. No broken off pieces at all. This ring seems to keep their teeth cleaner too which is great. I'd buy this again for my dogs if I ever have to. If this review was at all helpful to you please let me know by clicking on helpful. Thanks!!!
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on November 21, 2016
Our seriously powerful chewer LOVES this toy. It's our second one because even though she has not completely destroyed the first, it's getting deep grooves in it that attract hairs and fibers and yucky things. I put it in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean, though not everything always comes out. My caution is that this is extremely hard, so be careful with hardwood floors. At our house, this is exclusively a crate toy. For added interest, we rub a drop of salmon oil into the deeper grooves. Puppy loves it!

BTW this is as hard a chew as we allow in our house. Our canine dentist (yes we have one - feel free to insert eye rolls like I did at first...) said to never use a chew that you couldn't at least mark with a fingernail, as they're great at breaking teeth. So antlers and hard bones are out. This is a great replacement.
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on September 25, 2016
I actually ordered this large Nylabone for my bigger more aggressive chewer. He's 6 months old and between 30-40lbs. Turns out, my little one loves it. Even though it's half her size, this works perfectly to keep her busy. Granted, we are only an hour into chew time but she seems so happy and there's not a single chew mark on it. She normally eats hair or fuzz off the much so that she just recovered from a $1500 surgery to remove all the objects from her belly. I am so grateful to have this in our home! I will update my review if anything changes in quality...but it really seems like the perfect fit so far.
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on March 29, 2010
this is one of the very few chew toys that can withstand my dog. (everything else usually winds up in little pieces within a span of about 10 minutes to a few days). these Nylabone rings can usually manage to stick around for at least a month, and during that month, it's always her favorite toy. she carries it from room to room, sometimes flipping it over her head so it looks like some kind of crazy harness bit.

other nylabone products don't last nearly as long - anything weaker than the DuraChew types, she just straight up eats and it's gone within a few minutes. the bone-shaped DuraChews, she powers through in about a week.

anyway i love it and more importantly, the dog ADORES it.. we've bought 2 and will keep buying more as she chews through them.

cautions: (1) once your dog starts to really get into it, the ring gets little barbs on it that (besides being gross), pick up fur, hair, lint, and other grossness, which your dog ends up eating. (2) once your dog breaks through the ring and it forms a really long crescent instead, watch out as when your dog flips it up, the end may catch her in the eye.
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