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Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy
Style: Textured ring|Change
Price:$7.05+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 5, 2014
The nylabone durachew line of hard chew toys are the only toys I trust leaving in my dog's kennel with him. Everything else, including an extreme kong, will get destroyed. Plus he loves them! This ring usually lasts about 6 months before it just looks gross and I replace it - however, it is still completely intact, just worn down, after those 6 months.
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on November 4, 2017
Product claims it's chicken flavored but I stupidly tested it myself and I tasted nothing. Thought I got a defect but the replacement was the same result. I bought this toy to teach a dog it can recreationally chew if it's bored. Being a street dog he is, he doesn't totally understand the concept of a toy or ball, but is very food motivated. He will chew beef feet cut into mid sections non-stop for up to an hour, but not this toy. I bought this toy in hopes he would learn the same concept, but maybe he is not a dog that needs it. He'll only chew this toy if he's hungry and he needs to mouth the toy until breakfast. I don't think it's a terrible product, but I bought it in hopes the flavoring would encourage my dog to chew, use his mouth, and also clean back of his teeth since feeding raw meaty bones doesn't always clean everything in the back.

Edit: A few weeks after this review, I successfully got my dog to chew the toy for 5-10 mins, but only when I play/roughhouse with him. He understands only physical play but not play with toys, although I'm not sure why he chews the toy like he knew before when he's in a playful state. Still won't chew it at any other time.
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on February 3, 2017
This is one of my dog's favorite toys; he's had several. He's an australian shepherd/collie mix and loves to chew and is a powerful chewer. Yet this toy lasts and lasts....probably each one about 8-9 months before he's able to bite off pieces big enough to be worrisome. Until that happens, this is always one of his favorite toys to pick out of his toy box. Maybe THE best part, however, is that he's not going to need any expensive dental cleaning from the vet because of this toy! It's invaluable at reducing/removing plaque and tartar and that alone is well worth the price.
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on February 2, 2015
My dog initially didn't particularly seem interested in this chew toy. We would try to entice him by spreading peanut butter on it or playing with him briefly before letting him take it. But for 2-3 months he just would ignore it.

I took the toy away for a few weeks before reintroducing it by just leaving it with his toys. After that, we noticed he would take it more often to chew up. Which is much more preferable to him trying to chew on our slippers, or our stupid window sill.

In about 3-4 weeks, the entire ring was pretty significantly chewed up. It's still a ring, but he put some serious damage in it. Edges are pretty sharp and prickly now by how much he's chewed into it. So if your dog is a power chewer, make sure you watch them carefully as they might be able to power through this chew toy much faster than you'd expect.
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on November 24, 2014
Our bratty 3 year old yellow lab likes to destroy EVERYTHING, so we were on the hunt for a toy to keep her occupied that would last longer than 5 minutes in a war against her teeth. Nylabone was the answer to our prayers! She can chew on any large Nylabone for hours every day and they still last for a few MONTHS - perfect! This round ring chew is probably our dogs favorite because she can easily carry it around in her mouth (looking like a door knocker), and she loves sticking her snout right in the middle when she's getting crazy aggressive with it. Chewing on it has created a bunch of sharp points on the toy which are supposed to be good for cleaning her teeth, but we always supervise her while chewing on it just in case. Nylabone is the ONLY toy that can stand up to our dog, so we'll always have at least one in this house!
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on August 12, 2014
My dog chewed his first one for months, and he's a big chewer, munched it down to less than 1/3 of a circle. He liked it so much I bought two more.

Due to how long they last and the low price, I really can't think of a better deal when it comes to chew toys. Do exercise caution and consider trimming the ring when bitten through as needed, to prevent the dog carrying the partial ring so it could stick in the eye.

One of the few chew toys that could work with dogs from 30 to 100 pounds, due to its design, the texture (not super-hard or flakey when bitten-- the nylabone "fiber" has a smooth surface, but breaks off into small pellets as advertised, and the chewed bits become attractively rough and good for teeth.) Good for hard and soft chewers alike. Not super-heavy, which is nice if your dog likes to drop toys near/ON your feet, too.

Would rate this 10 times over over the nylabone dinosaur toy, which is heavy, spikey, hard, and splintery. Sorry, Nylabone.
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on October 8, 2015
Dog's love this bone as much as other's I have bought at the store that cost a lot more. It is heavy, but they carry it around in their mouth with no problem it appears. The vet said their teeth and gums are in good shape and I feel this certainly has helped along with other chews I have used. They won't let me brush their teeth, so I had to figure out other ways to keep their teeth clean. Well worth the cost and much less expensive than the pet stores I normally buy them at. They last a long time also. They have chewed the other's down to smaller pieces, so I finally end up throwing them away before they get small enough that I'm concerned they will swallow them.
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on July 12, 2014
These are the BEST! I have two border collie mix babies (brother and sister) that I adopted from the shelter. These 2 are the sweetest little chewing machines. The good news is that they don't chew up things they shouldn't - only dog toys/bones (they're very smart), the bad news is that I bought and tried EVERY chew toy/bone for them, even the ones that said they were designed for chewing machines. None of them worked except for this one. I even bought 'indestructible' antlers which I was told could not be chewed up. My little darlings devoured them within 2 hours and it caused gum irritations. My dogs love to sit with the Nylabone ring and CHEW. They hold it upright with their front paws so they can chew it (I told you they were smart). They are able to gnaw at it and it gets all bumpy and they even are able to crunch the ring and flatten it a bit, but they don't ever break off pieces and it doesn't hurt their teeth or gums. I have bought many of these and replace them when they get too flattened and bumpy. I could have saved a bunch of money if I had found these first.
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on August 27, 2017
We've had a really hard time finding toys for our 8 month old 1/2 Husky rescue puppy ( over 55 lbs already) She's a very heavy chewer and destroys every toy we give her, including several Kong toys which are usually pretty durable. We can't give her rawhide chews or Bully Sticks. She eats them too quickly and gets hunks off that are way too large. We found these Nyabone toys and are thrilled! She loves them and hasn't been able to destroy them. We have 4 different ones and she chews them all happily. I highly recommend them if you have a strong chewer in your family.
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on October 16, 2016
I love Nylabones for my dogs; it keeps them busy and if they are chewing on them then they are not eating my blankets or furniture. My dogs are power chewers so they love these. There are little burrs that come off of them and unfortunately those tend to get all over the floor or where the dogs are chewing. And they can swallow these pieces - our dogs haven't had any issues with these - we even check their teeth occasionally to ensure no damage is being done. I would definitely recommend this if you have power chewers- and be sure to get the correct size.
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