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Size: iPhone 4 / 4s|Color: black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on December 12, 2010
Bought my iPhone 4 recently and was doing some research on cases for the iPhone. I did also personally check with one to many iPhone users who have used several other products and tried their cases on mine. The various products I tried either were flimsy, bulky, ugly looking and bad design. After some extensive research for such a small thing, I purchased this Incipio iPhone 4 case.

What really surprised me is the simplicity of the product and yet something that offers everything I needed.

1. Clean cover and finish (no finger prints)
2. Easy and precise access to all controls (all sides of the phone)
3. Solid Protection and cushioning
4. Firm grip to the phone
5. Scratch resistant (so far haven't had any, my usage is quite rough)

Cons (if you think that protecting your investment is more important, then this may not be a con for you)
1. Adds about 3-4 mm thickness to the phone, but not too much considering other products
2. Looses the side and the back beauty of the product as it is Matte Black
3. Does not offer front screen protection, you may need to protect it with some other screen protection product

Well, for the amount I paid, I think it offers more than what I needed. Its been only 2 weeks of usage so far and hope to test it some more time. Will post some updates after some rough use.

I will certainly recommend this product to users who need a simple and easy to use product to protect their iPhone.

Update - 12/21/2010

One drawback I noticed is that when I tried to plug in non conventional 3.5mm pins for audio out, the pin was not firmly inserted in. I guess the thickness of the material as well as the gap for the hole does not let the pin to be firmly placed. I had to remove the cover and plug the pin in. If you use non conventional audio out, you might want to think twice. Still recommend this product, as it provides great protection and cushion to the phone.

Update - 10/11/2011

My phone dropped off a few times on hard surfaces and not even a scratch. The drawback I previously pointed out is no longer a drawback. I use conventional 3.5 mm pins without having to remove the cover and sometimes blue tooth relay for the audio. Worthy investment of every penny.
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on June 26, 2011
I read multiple reviews before I selected this case and I chose this one because of how light and small people said it was yet protective. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so I'm not sure how well it would protect the phone, but it seems like it would do the job if a drop was fairly mild. I like that it doesn't slide out of my hand, it's light and thin, but not too thin, the edges are raised a little bit over the screen, which is another reason I chose this case. I don't carry the phone in my pocket, just in my purse, so I can't comment on how easily it slides out of the pocket, works fine with the purse. The screen protector bubbled a little, but it's probably just me not getting it right. And best of all, I love the color, it's almost like magenta more than purple, very cute

UPDATE 8.27.12: I've had this case for over a year now and unlike in my previuos review, dropped my phone many many times, including face down. I should say I haven't dropped it on concrete surface, but usually onto hardwood floor or office floor. The phone has not a single scratch on it. Would still highly recommend this case, mainly for rubbery feel for gripping and the extra border of protection around the face.
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on October 10, 2010
This little $20 case may be the best purchase I've ever made!! I wish I could give this product 10 stars!!

Let me tell you a brief story:

I previously never had a case on my iPhone 4 before, because I thought the phone was too beautiful to mar with a case. Well that was a huge mistake, because 2 weeks ago, I accidentally dropped my iPhone 4 on the sidewalk and the screen shattered into about a million pieces, the sides of the iPhone were completely crushed in, and it basically looked like my iPhone had been run over by a tank. All this from a minor 4 foot drop out of my hand onto the ground.

I had to purchase a brand new iPhone from the Apple Store to replace my damaged one, and I vowed to always use a case from that point forward.

I had always loved Incipio's cases for my old iPhone 3GS, so I snapped up this NGP case for my iPhone 4. Really nice rubbery material that doesn't stick to your pockets, and feels very solid in your hands.

But I didn't know how well it would protect.

Well, last night I had a chance to find out. I was eating dinner with some friends and I was showing them something in the iPhone. I sneezed, and ridiculously the iPhone went FLYING out of my hands, across the room, bouncing like an acrobat on the HARD TILE FLOOR about 10 times and twirling & flipping in the air in between each bounce. it was HORRIFYING! I was watching it happen in slow motion, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was about a hundred times worse than the minor drop which destroyed my old iPhone 2 weeks prior.

When my new iPhone finally came to a screeching halt about 20 feet away, I was expecting the worst. I was terrified to pick up my iPhone, which was facing down on the hard tile ground. I picked it up, and LO AND BEHOLD, this Incipio NGP case COMPLETELY PROTECTED AND SAVED MY iPhone!!

My iPhone was still in MINT CONDITION... not a SINGLE SCRATCH NOR DENT on the entire phone!! AMAZING!!!! And the case was still completely intact as well... not a single mark on the case either! This case protected my iPhone and was ready to start serving duty again immediately!!

This case is a miracle worker!! I am sold for life on the Incipio NGP cases!!

Thank you, Incipio, for making such an outstanding product!!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon April 29, 2013
I guess I should count myself lucky - in five years of owning smart phones, I have not had a single cracked screen or (on the iPhone 4) rear glass. I thought that nothing had changed, until last week when I removed my phone from a different case for some cleaning. Much to my astonishment, a clean crack was running from top to bottom on the rear glass of the phone! I remember dropping it once, but with a hard plastic shell I thought no damage had been done. Not so, apparently.

I immediately jumped on Amazon to look for a better case, and found this rubberized shell from Incipio. I have used their products before - I had a white case for a previous phone that simply got too dirty too quickly, but had since forgotten about their products. I wanted something that would be thick enough to protect the phone from any subsequent damage (silicone bumpers were out), but that would also not add too much bulk (Otterbox were also out). I liked the thicker look of the polymer used in this case, and decided to go for it.

In the box was the case (of course) as well as several accessories that I hadn't even noticed would be included. A microfiber cleaning cloth was in the box, as well as a protective film for the screen, as well as a plastic squeegee to remove air bubbles when applying. The screen protector is one of the nicer ones I have used - it does not affect quality or tactile response, and when applied to a clean screen will leave no bubbles whatsoever!

The case itself is a little thinner than I expected, but seems to offer superior protection. It is tougher than silicone but lacks the frictionless characteristics of rubber (try pulling a rubber phone case out of your skinny jeans....). That said, the polymer used is easy to grip, making it an ideal choice for people who tend to drop their phone, and yes, it is easily removed from said jeans! I was particularly pleased with the front of the case which has raised ridges above the screen. Measuring at around 0.1", they provide ample protection for the front of your phone without being too imposing. The raised covers on the buttons are easy to push, unlike other cases I have used.

Overall I am very pleased with this case! It offers a nice all-around protection without bulking up your phone, and although it commands a slight price premium compared to other slim cases, it is still miles cheaper than other Otterbox-type cases. I am very pleased, and highly recommend giving the Incipio NGP case a try!
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on January 3, 2015
When I got my first iPhone. I chose not to by a case in the store because I knew that a lot of cases in store are very overpriced. With this in mind, I went on amazon to look for a case. After looking at many different iPhone cases I found this one. After looking at many four and five star reviews, I got it. Glad I did. This case stood up to a lot. Being dropped at the table to fall on the ground, being dropped on the floor of the shower room at a dorm,, being dropped on cement a few times and yes, being throne out of my hand as I exeted a bus and falling on to the sidewalk below. My iPhone never got a scrach.
I had my iPhone for about a week without a case. This was the only case I put on it in the space of the 21 months I had the phone. The iPhone is in different hands now with a different case. The only reason the case is no longer on the phone was because the case was starting to show its age. The constent heat of my pocket and the summer heat got to it and it started to become loose.
This case served me well. This gets five stars all the way.
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on August 9, 2012
I literally spent an entire month searching for the perfect case. It turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be because every case seemed to have it's own flaw. It either was too bulky, didn't offer enough protection, was ugly, decreased camera quality, or was too rubbery (couldn't be taken out of a pocket easily and stretched over time).

I can honestly say that this Incipio case is the holy grail of all cases. I've recommended it to all of my friends and everyone loves it. Although it is not perfect, here's why this case is so amazing:

1. Very thin profile and adds minimal weight/thickness to the phone. I will never use one of those bulky, horrendous Otterbox cases.
2. No giant obnoxious logo on the back like Speck or some other cases. From a distance, you can't even see the logo.
2. Material is a fusion of some kind of rubber and plastic, so that it has the best of both worlds. Rubbery enough so when you drop it, it won't break or scratch because the rubber will absorb the shock.
3. However, not too rubbery so that it will not stretch and become loose over time. I've owned this case since April (5 months now), and the case still fits tight like a glove (even after taking the phone in and out of the case several times).
4. Material has a nice matte finish so there are finger prints and no scratches on the case. I've dropped my phone several times yet there are still no scratches on the case.
5. Easy to take out of your pocket, attracts ZERO lint whatsoever.
6. Has a nice grip in your hand, not going to slip out if you're gripping the phone loosely.
7. Does not affect camera quality, no flash shadow created by the case.
8. Case raises above screen so you can put it face down on at able without fear of scratching the screen.
9. Does not affect my screen protector. Didn't cause it to rise or form any bubbles.

1. You cannot see the apple logo on the back.
2. Plain. Some people may prefer more flashy cases with colors or designs, but this is a minimalist case, which is just what I'm looking for, so this is a pro for me.

Personal Experience:

I was at 24 hour fitness a couple weeks ago on the treadmill while listening to music and running. My phone was resting on the treadmill cup holder, when my hand caught on my earphone wire, causing the phone to fall from a height of 4 feet, bouncing off the treadmill twice and landing on the hard concrete floor, FACE DOWN. I turned off the treadmill, calmly picked up my phone, plugged my earphones back in, and continued listening to music/running like nothing even happened. I didn't even have to examine the phone for damages because I'm that confident about the case.


Without a doubt, phones will always look the best without a case; who wants to cover up the beautiful phone shape that Apple designers worked so hard to create? Unfortunately, we have to be realistic and realize that one day, without intending to, the phone will be dropped and without a case, cosmetic damage will result. Your beloved phone could suffer a knick in the side aluminum, get a scratch or crack on the screen or even worse, stop working all together. This case is the perfect balance between protecting your iphone while maintaining the slim beauty of it. It would be perfect if there was a hole in the back to show the apple logo, but hey, you can't have everything. This case is as close as you can get to perfection.
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on November 10, 2011
Essentially if you drop this phone with this case, it bounces on the sidewalk.

I normally don't write reviews, but this one is well deserved. It was late at night. I put the phone on the roof of my car and drove one mile before turning onto a semi-highway. As, I started to pick up speed, I heard a three loud clunks on my roof and nothing. My passenger said "did you grab your phone?" Nope...

Swung a u-turn at what seemed like the longest stretch before I could do so, circled back and u-turned again, creeping down the semi-highway with my hazards on. I saw a black face down rectangular (finally); cars are speeding around me because I'm crawling and I signal to the right and park on the shoulder, hoping she doesn't get run over.

When it was safe, I ran out to the middle lane and picked her up. She was completely unscatched save some scratches on the corners of the case as if she did some type of rolling, circulating bouncing til she came to a stop in the middle of the highway. I've dropped her a few other times, but this is the story that really shows what this case is about. Excellent and not too bulky.
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on February 18, 2011
I never enjoy shopping for cases, especially on-line, unless I can actually put my phone in it and give it the 'pocket check.' I took a chance on this one, though, based on pics and reviews. This cover looks great, feels great, and has just enough stick to it so it doesn't roll off the dash but still doesn't get hung up in my pocket. The holes are cut right, allowing for even some clunky third-party power adapters to fit in, and the switches are either totally available or work well under the cover. I never have to take it off for charging or to reach a switch. The lifetime screen protector I use is riding up a little more since I moved from the Apple Bumper to this cover, but it was having peeling issues before then. Best cover I've had yet for my iPhone 4 or any other cell phone!
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Originally I had Apple's inarguably over-priced, but well fitted and un-bulky bumper case on my iPhone 4. Over time the silicone peeled off the sides and, eventually, the plastic broke. Not willing to pay the premium for the bumper (got the original through the free case program), I purchased a cheap-o silicone case. And it was, well, cheap. Poorly fitted and constantly falling off, it became stretched out and unusable over time.

This case fits very tightly, I like the smooth, matte finish and it manages to offer protection without adding too much bulk. Obviously not as sleek as a case-free iPhone, I feel like, especially with a child who loves to play with (and drop) my phone, a case is a necessary evil and, at least in my limited use so far, this seems like a good one.
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on May 24, 2013
I have tried multiple cases for my iPhone included the popular Otterbox and Frogz. All of them have been successful at protecting the phone, but each had their disadvantages as well. I keep my phone in my pocket when not in use and the Otter Box picked up a tremendous amount of dust. I also did not like the protective coverings over the headset plug in and the charger - some people will like these - I just found them annoying. The Frogz case did not have covers for the volume and power switches. Not a big deal, but I prefer them covered.
So, on to the good of the Incipio. I love the simplicity of the design. It is a soft shell, but does not pibk up dust. It covers up the volume controls and the power button, but not the speakers, charger and headset plug in, which is perfect for my use. It is light weight and not slippery to hold. The price is great. I did drop the phone a few feet and did not get a scratch, but time will tell on how the case hold up with multiple drops. So far I highly recommend this case!
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