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on December 9, 2012
I will rate this item first for the Eye TV software and then for the Hybrid device.

The Software is very good and works intuitively. It takes about ten seconds to figure any one process out. For those who never want to miss a specific program (for example I like The Big Bang Theory) it records and stores TV programs, once set up, without hassle. It will convert recorded programs to formats that one would need for their paritcular set-up (iPad for instance) and will record live programs allowing the viewer to skip back, to catch that particular phrase, or forward, through the commercial you have already seen twenty times. The software gets four out of five stars.

The Hybrid device is a bit of a disappointment. It does convert digital or analog signals and send them to a computer as described but, it does not do a good job with HD signals. HD signals are often pixilated and recorded so that the prgram skips continually. It does not do this all the time, but when it does, the program is not watchable. I give the device two out of five stars.
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on April 4, 2013
This product does seem to operate at a rather high temperature. It is very, very warm to the touch. Almost hot!!

Many cable companies have rebuilt their cable systems to 870 MHz (EIA Channel 135). The newest cable systems are more than likely constructed to 1000 MHz (EIA Channel 158). This product only scans for Clear QAM services to EIA Channel 125. If your cable operator has Clear QAM channels above EIA 125 you will not be to pick them up with this product. The product description does state this but I did miss it when I ordered it. 1000 MHz cable systems have been built since roughly the year 2005 so this product does seem a little out of date.

The cable company that I work for has Clear QAM channels in the EIA 126 to 130 range so I can not pick them up.

Other than that, this product does seem to work very well on my MacBook Pro and everything else works great! I did email the support group at Elgato about this channel limitation so I will see what happens.

I gave it (3) stars because of this video limitation and the fact that the product does operate at a high temperature. Once again, the description does state the Clear QAM tuner range, which I missed, but this does seem outdated.
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on June 7, 2014
It's not quite all it could be in intuitive ease of use if you compare it to, for instance, the type of experience Apple tries to generate when it brings a product to market. That said, it is better than most of what is out there, especially if you are trying to avoid the monthly fees that TiVo and everyone else wants to slap on you. Good functionality, quality recording, dependable. The little gizmo gets surprisingly warm, but has not caused any trouble as a result. I particularly like that I can record on a Mac downstairs and watch on a Mac upstairs over the WiFi network (one that is unconnected to cable service). However, setting that up required moving the tuner up to the second computer temporarily, which is a bit of a pain. (Why is that necessary? I think the software could be designed to avoid this hassle.) All in all I am pleased with the product.
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on August 12, 2013
Our cable provider was in the process of switching all channels to digital format. Our 10 year old DVR/DVD player just couldn't handle it, so I went looking for an alternative. The problem is that unless you want to rent something from the cable company, or pay a lot of money for a subscription to another well known DVR service, you are now out of luck. Enter EyeTV.

I hooked this into a 2010 Mac Mini. It was easy to set up following the set up assistant. However, using the basic channel search failed to find all the new channels. This required that I do the "extensive" search, which took over 2 hours to complete. In the end it was worth it. It found every channel and the picture is very sharp. No lag.

The ability to record shows is so much easier than my old DVR. It's easy to do a search by name or station to find what you want to record and to set up the programing. This has been wonderful. However, there is a downside. There is only one tuner so if you are recording you aren't watching something else. In the past I could just change from my DVR over to the TV and watch, but there is no "cable pass through" with this device, so the only cable input is to EyeTV."

You do need to pay $20/year for the TV Guide channel guide after the first year, but that's a lot cheaper than other services.

We've been using this for 1.5 months now without a problem.
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on November 25, 2015
We cut the cord years ago using this and the included DVR software. Put an antenna in the attic and we were good to go. We pay for the TVGuide data and can schedule recording by clicking on a show in the grid. Generates pretty big files as broadcasts are mostly HD around here. Just have a Mac Mini hooked to the TV which is also our DVD player and game machine.
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on August 18, 2013
Basic cable from Comcast and internet at $72 a month was too much for us so we invested in a Mohu antenna and this little USB device. I read most of the reviews and it seems every product has those who dislike it. Frankly, those are the ones I read.

As it turned out the first Elgato I received was made in 2006, according to the CD software that came with it. It didn't work at all, but Elgato, through Amazon, immediately returned my money and said keep it. Why not, it doesn't work.

One review I read said it worked for a month and then stopped. Those are the ones that concern me, but in the context of Comcast I tried again.

As others have written, installation is easy. My only issue was positioning the Mohu antenna, but I finally got it right it and I really think some stations come in better than they did with Comcast.

The Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV is pretty simple if I can use it (cell phones drive me crazy) and in no time I was making recording schedules for while we were away house-pet sitting, but after a week it stopped. I removed the device from one usb port and tried it in another and it came back to life. (BTW, mine gets very hot) It has worked fine since. (I got mine from Amazon in July) My wife tossed the box so I hope it keeps working.

Others, far more sophisticated than me, have delved into its functions. I am just happy to watch our local channels, record when we are away and even edit parts of recordings to H264 files. My only concern is for it to keep working the way it is now.

I was surprised to see that even if my computer is off it will turn itself on to record a scheduled program. If only it turned itself off afterwards that would be perfect, but I have no complaints and thus the 5 star rating.
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on February 11, 2013
This little gadget is a tv tuner - go figure. Plug it into your iMac and connect it to rabbit ears, outdoor digital antenna, or cable/satellite and you can watch live tv and record as you would with a TiVo. I receive 34 over the air channels using a digital antenna and it's all free. The other cool aspect is I can watch what I have recorded anywhere around my home using my LAN (local area wifi network) on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I like it and I save a lot of money.
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on April 2, 2013
I don't like spending money - why pay for 200 channels so I can have the legitimate pleasure of not watching 90% of them and having ads screaming at me BUY THIS BUY THIS BUY THIS! $100+ a month for that privilege? No thank you. But, my family does watching certain shows. Now, we're in a conundrum. So I bought an Apple TV and this little device and a Leaf Antenna. I hooked up the antenna to this, plugged this in to my Mac, told my Mac to record my favorite shows and put the files in iTunes. Now when I want to watch my favorite shows, I turn on my Apple TV and load them up wirelessly from my Mac - I know this sounds confusing but it is amazingly simple. I can now skip through the ads and have crystal clear FREE HD. Well worth it in my opinion.
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on February 13, 2013
When Eye TV Hybrid is working, it is a great product. I am using it with an antenna, and it was able to find all local channels. However, it OFTEN stops receiving for no apparent reason, and the message 'No Signal' appears on the screen. I know it is not due to a weak signal, and requires at least unplugging and replugging the Hybrid into the computer, sometimes restarting the software, and sometimes rebooting the computer seems to help. The problem is not knowing whether leaving it for an evening of recording will result in a positive result or not.

It is really unfortunate it isn't more stable, because I like how easy it is to record. The software has worked without a problem. I have decided to keep it since I've been able to work through some of its quirks, but I wish I had a way to guarantee good performance.
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on April 22, 2013
I was considering buying another TV for my office and then it occurred to me I have a 27" iMac surely there must be some software that will allow me to watch on this beautiful monitor. Well Elgato Eye TV is the hot ticket. Super easy to install AND it allows you to records shows.

I have successfully cut the cable to my house. Both my regular HDTV's and my Mac use the Mohu Leaf Plus digital inside antenna and the signal, once you locate the sweet spot, is crazy good. I have a Roku in the living room and use my iPad in my bedroom and have subscriptions for Nextflix, Hulu Plus and Vudu. My monthly scrips are about $14.00. I save $100 per month turning off Direct TV. After the initial investment in the Antennas and Software I will realize savings in three months time. $1200 per year that's enough for a decent vacation.

Don't be afraid to do this. You can have Direct TV "turn-off" the signal to your house for six months for no charge while you try cable free. That way if you aren't satisfied you can always have it turned back on. You can find most of the shows you watch on cable or satellite with one of the three services I listed above. If doesn't matter to you when you see a program this plan works great!
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