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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on June 22, 2017
As a fan of Miss Swift, I've been anticipating this album for months. I pre-ordered Speak Now through Amazon, and received it this morning. Immediately it found it's way to my computer's disc drive, and it hasn't left since, four hours later. This is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse albums I've ever heard, and it clearly shows Taylor's progression as a writer and artist. To say I'm impressed would be a gross understatement. The substance and maturity of the songs on this album is what strikes me more than anything. My favorite tracks, if I had to select a few, would be "Enchanted", "Sparks Fly", and "Innocent", the infamous song written about Kanye West, however let me stress that there are absolutely no filler tracks on this album, every single track is radio friendly, and more than enjoyable to hear on a consistent basis. Thank you so much Taylor for the gift of Speak Now, you speak now from you heart, and we hear you loud and clear!
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on December 30, 2010
"Speak Now" is Taylor Swift's recent musical creation that is very original, creative, upbeat, and left me feeling very peaceful and content. You can really feel her happiness and enthusiasm through her singing in this collection such as in the musical numbers of "Mine" and "Enchanted". Most of the songs are very upbeat, but even the more solemn songs make you think such as "Haunted". Watching the music video to "Mine" compelled me to buy this collection because the song is both serious and happy at the same time. The seriousness side is regarding the song's meaning where her and the person she falls in love with navigates the practical realities of life (where she sings about living together, and singing about paying the bills). The happy part is how the challenges of navigating this only brought them closer together (there is a part in the song where she sings about a fight at 230am, and just when she thought the relationship was over, he (the person she fell in love with) reassures her that he plans to stay with her even in spite of the challenges. This is why I say that "Mine" is a song that has a serious undertone, but is also happy and beautiful at the same time. Most of the songs on the cd are very good. The only song that I have to admit that I must give more of a chance is "Last Kiss". "Last Kiss" is ok, but is definitely a song that I would have to play more to enjoy (although there may be others reading this who are going to love "Last Kiss"). My favorite songs in this collection are "Enchanted", "Better Than Revenge", and "Sparks Fly". "Enchanted" is a very beautiful song about her developing intense feelings for someone that she connects to on a deep level who captivates her (hence her saying I was enchanted to meet you). "Better Than Revenge" is a creative musical number about how people can be much more powerful and stronger than what they appear to be on the surface. Truthfully, Taylor does sing about taking revenge on another female that may have been unaware of her power and more from an intent to give her a taste of her own medicine, (not from a physical or dangerous perspective). "Better Than Revenge" is a great musical pop, country, and rock hybrid (the guitar sounds used in the song are very enjoyable). However, my overall favorite song in this collection is the very happy, uplifting, and fun "Sparks Fly". "Sparks Fly" is a fantastic song about how someone gives her the butterflies and a feeling of romantic excitement just from smiling at her. She sings this song so joyfully and passionately that you really get the sense of a happy soul singing about a person that makes her feel alive. I say to definitely consider getting this collection if you like any of the following songs: "Teardrops on my Guitar", "Lovestory", and/or "Mine". Fortunately, she is going to perform in the area that I live the summer of 2011. I definitely intend to go to her concert
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on October 5, 2011
Before I start talking about the album, I should note that this review is for the double vinyl LP of Taylor Swift's "Speak Now". The vinyl is heavy weight (I wouldn't be surprised if this was 180 gram vinyl) and the packaging consists of a high quality gatefold jacket, covered with bright pictures and song lyrics. However, the sound of the music on the vinyl itself is very poor. The first song on side A, "Mine," sounds acceptable, however, not perfect. As the album wears on, the imperfections laying in the vinyl transfer become more and more apparent. Distorted and hissy, the songs play back with a little less life than on the CD or even MP3. The vinyl was released just a month after the actual CD came out, leading me (at least) to believe that the production on this was rushed, in an effort to cash in on the growing vinyl trend. While it feels good to have Taylor on vinyl, it is quite unsatisfying when it just sounds so bad. In summary, great package, poor sound quality. Let's just hope that Big Machine takes notice of these problems and will keep them out of the pressing of Taylor's next record, or even her previous records. I, for one, would love to own "Fearless" on vinyl.

The music itself is worth discussing. Taylor Swift, the pop-country princess that we all met on her self-titled debut back in 2006, has grown up. The list of boys that she has been involved with has gotten larger, and so has her musical ambition. While many complain of the lyrical themes that she chooses to include in her songs, many of the motifs here have been subdued. Taylor Swift has always been introspective. Flashes of other people's interaction with her inspire what she writes about, but it is still introspective. Yes, even with the first song, she brings up that 2(:30) AM concept that she writes about all the time, but at the same time, what if Springsteen stopped singing about cars and radios? Things like that establish the artist as to who they are and what they romanticize. Taylor wrote these songs, not those critics in the audience. Talk to her after you've co-written a song as successful as "You Belong with Me."

With "Speak Now," the 21 year-old allows herself to stretch out and lets the music grow along with it. There are more strings, more instrumentation, more elaborate song structures... One listen of the song "Haunted," and it becomes clear that Swift is taking risks and challenging her listeners. This isn't a bad thing, but it's definitely different. The simple pop jangle (as heard in past songs like "Our Song" and "Tell Me Why") is harder to find on this album. It's shrouded in Swift's stabs at musical maturity, which works more times than not, such as "Mean" and arguably the album's best song, "Enchanted." There are still flashes of youth, from mid-song giggles and a song ending with Swift declaring, "The end," but it is hard to decide, even after a whole year of listening to the album, whether or not this change in Taylor Swift is welcome. "Never Grow Up," one of the album's less engaging tracks, begins as a one-way conversation to a young child, and evolves into a full-fledged letter to Taylor herself, reminding herself to hold onto the things that made her feel young. However the songs on "Speak Now" suggest that her coming of age has been a bit uncomfortable, as she skyrocketed into fame and maintained a long string of very public relationships, and to an extent, her coming of age feels contrived. You feel that Taylor is stuck in between what she knows and what would WOW her audience. While that's definitely not a bad thing, this album serves as a fine testament to where she is in her career. Taylor really lets her voice shine on this album, something that sort of falls by the wayside on other releases. Her leap into maturity is a good first step, but she has yet to find the perfect balance being ambitious, while also being good at what she knows she's good at--genuine, simple pop songs about love. If this is her transitional album from the simple and familiar into the more complex and elaborate, then I cannot wait for what Taylor Swift will come up with next.
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on May 1, 2017
great album one of her best great packaging arrived on time played well no skips or scratches.....bought it used came as described no problems with this company...highly recommend them in the future
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on March 31, 2011
You can see in previous Taylor Swift reviews, that I thought her lyrics were a little on the childish side and that I hoped they would evolve with her. With this CD, I got my wish. Her lyrics appear to honestly reflect who she is. And if that's true, she's not always a good person. But emotionally, she's very deep. And she's not ashamed for people to know what's in her heart.

I've had this CD since it became available on Amazon. I was listening to it on the way home today, trying to figure out what about it was different from any other CD I've ever listened to, and it hit me: Every song is like a painting. This CD is a masterpiece, and it firmly cements Taylor Swift's place in the world as a true artist.

With this CD, Taylor puts her heart on her sleeve, and stands there in tears, candidly presenting herself without holding back, and without affectation. In The Girl in the Dress (and in Dear John) she shamelessly presents her pain, without judgment or anger, to a past lover. In Back to December, she talks about her mistakes and blames herself for the heartbreak she has caused. In Speak Now she's a young woman who shamelessly, selfishly and publicly stops a wedding to run off with the groom, because she knows she's a better match than the jilted bride. In Mean, she taunts a bully. A bully who called her a bad singer, no less.

Taylor's lyrics are more literal and direct than most artists', in my opinion. That's especially true with this CD. I don't see much symbolism - the songs mean what they mean. But that doesn't keep my imagination from getting involved. To the contrary, the CD weaves a beautiful, aching, emotional tapestry of loves had, loves lost, revenge and humor. It's just too wonderful to describe. This collection makes me feel good. And sometimes sad, though still in a good way.

She's still young, and she has a long career ahead of her. But this CD is so good, I fear it could be her best work ever. I hope she doesn't get lazy like a lot of singers and start buying her lyrics from other songwriters. Because her wonderful voice and her unique, honest lyrics belong together. With "Speak Now," she proves herself to be not just a great singer, but one of the greatest artists of our time.

Before this CD, I was sort of fan. Now I'm completely hooked. If you only have one Taylor Swift album, this is it.
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on April 15, 2013
Album Highlights:

#1 "Mine" -- This radio hit has every dad shaking his head at the chorus. "You made a rebel of a careful man's careless daughter. You are the best thing that's ever been mine."

#3 "Back To December" -- Half of a conversation put to powerful slow music. She threw his love away, and she is wishing that she could go back in time and undo that damage.

#6 "Mean" -- She'll be somebody important and out of your reach someday, and "all you'll ever be is mean." A traditional foot-stomping country beat.

#7 "The Story of Us" -- Their relationship is falling part. "Is it killing you like it's killing me. The story of us looks allot like a tragedy now. Next chapter." Crossover/rock influenced.

#10 "Better Than Revenge" -- If you are having a bad day... If somebody stole your guy... If you are just plain mad... Use this song for the "fun" factor (even if it is juvinal).

#14 "Long Live" -- This will be a long-lived graduation and celebration song for years to come. It is packed with vivid imagery and feeling.

This 14-track album of 2010 showed the artist's influence by and attraction to the crossover/pop market. She writes most of her own songs. I'm a latecomer to the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift. I began avidly listening in 2011 and purchasing in 2012, which has given me a chance to view a grouping of her work at one time. She exhibits the anger in the less country pieces well, but I still prefer her voice in the straight down-home southern songs. This album provides both.

Other Taylor Swift albums:


Taylor Swift
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on September 28, 2015
My favorite TSwift album to date, along with Fearless! I honestly believe that Taylor was at her best in these two albums, I don't love Red or 1989, I feel like they conform too much to what's popular on the radio. I hope Taylor one day goes back to a sound similar to Speak Now or Fearless.
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on April 26, 2017
For anyone who enjoys Taylor Swift's music, this is a must have CD. It has a lot of
her songs on it and makes for a lengthy "sit back and enjoy" musical interlude.
Another very good CD for a good price.
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on November 28, 2010

Mine- amazing, as most Taylor Swift song are. 5/5

Sparks Fly- aammaazziinngg! really sweet. 5/5

Back To December- a really beautiful song with rumors going around that she wrote it about Taylor Lautner. I believe those rumors because in the song, she sings "I miss your tan skin." totally Taylor L. he played Jacob in the Twilight movies. Jacob is tan. She is apologizing to him for breaking up with him.4/5

Speak Now- Amazing! a great song about barging in on a wedding to tell the guy that he is marrying the wrong girl and he realizes that and says hes glad she came. 5/5

Dear John- This one is just okay.........Joe Jonas got off easy! I usually skip this track, it's almost 7 minutes long! 3/5

The Story Of Us- A break-up rock song. I love this track! 5/5

Never Grow Up- Great, but it's a little slow for me. i usually listen to it, but I'm a little to impatient for the next track.............4/5

Enchanted- I LOVE THIS SONG! It' s about meeting the guy and falling for him, even though you don't know when you're going to see him again. really sweet. 5/5

Better Than Revenge- Who doesn't want a little revenge in life? A great song about wanting revenge on the girl that stole your boyfriend and telling him how the girl isn't good for anyone.

Innocent- The song written to Kanye West after he interrupted her speech about how happy she felt after winning an award. He had said that he wanted Beyonce to win. She is singing about how she forgives him and how he's "32 and still growing up." 5/5

Haunted- THIS SONG SHOULD WIN AN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's saying how the guy she likes turned on her and is gone but she won't let go. she claims how "something keeps me holding on to nothing." 5/5

Last Kiss- I feel the same way about this one as I do with Never Grow Up. I just can't wait for the next track.................3/5

Long Live- This one it the 14th track on the disk and is an amazing finish, like Change on her Fearless album, great ending song! It's About this guy she used to like but she can't see him again and she's remembering all the fun they had pretending to fight dragons and how the pretended that they were the king and queen.

p.s.- Taylor Swift wrote all 14 song on this album without any co-writers
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on March 30, 2017
Bought this as a gift for a birthday for my granddaughter. She loves it!! If she loves it, then it's perfect.
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