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on October 26, 2010
This EP is pretty cool. Got it today and played it all afternoon and late into the evening. It offers quite a bit of interesting stuff. There are a couple of new career paths (i.e. Mixologist, Celebrity Actor, and Movie Director). LOTS of new objects, hair styles, young adult clothes. Hot tubs are back in this one. Indoor swimming pools. The ability for Sims to skinny dip. CAS has some new stuff too, including tattoos, and the ability to give more muscle definition as well as make women's chests bigger...not quite Dolly Pardon size but pretty big There is also sexy nightwear for the ladies, sexy shoes, and sexy casual and formal outfits for nights out in the city. The new world included in the EP is a city full of skyscrapers with condos, apartments, and penthouse style suites to buy. There are also houses on the outskirts of town and plenty of space to place lots. The venues are combined in the high rises with plenty of places for Sims to find dancing and dining out. Vampires are in this EP also. Celebrity Sims are everywhere, too, but to get noticed by them beyond an autograph takes some effort. Your own Sims can gain celebrity status as well by pursuing the actor career. Celebrity status gives them stars over their name and makes other Sims oooh and ahhh over them wherever they go. There are also new additional traits to give Sims in CAS, new skills for them to learn and master, and new lifetime goals for them to achieve.

No crashes whatsoever this time...woohoo! Game play has been smooth, fluid, with many corrections of EA's past mistakes. Very pleased regarding that.

Overall I think this EP was worth it. More so than Ambitions. This one has a lot of neat stuff in it, new interactions, living environments, lifestyles....and it even includes the ability to hire an Executive Butler to wait on your Sim hand and foot :) I love the butler! The nightclubs are fun with lots of special effects type objects to add interest, as well as Sims dancing on top of the bar..I thought that was a cute feature. Some nightclubs are difficult to get into unless your Sim either 'knows someone' or has celebrity status or has certain traits. The bouncer that guards the door won't let just anybody in. Some don't have bouncers at the door, but might have a dress code, be it formal, casual, or beachwear. Sims will also get invites to parties hosted by other, computer controlled Sims. Invites can either be accepted or rejected but accepting them and attending has benefits. There are also more musical instruments to learn and master, and Sims can jam together...piano, bass, cello.

I'm really liking this one and glad I got it.
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on February 21, 2013
I bought this game in the hopes that it would make the Sims 3 a lot more fun than it was previously. As soon as I installed, I started to play. I was able to get through about five sim days in Bridgeport before my game began to lag HORRIBLY! I exited the game, tried again. No change. I moved to another game I'd been playing in Sunset Valley. That began to lag horribly too. Frustrated, I searched for help online. It turns out that The Sims 3 Late Night brings tons of cars and stuck sims into your game, so I downloaded something that should stop that from happening. Ever since then, it's been smooth sailing!
I am liking the game. Haven't really experienced much of the vampires or the clubs, but I enjoy the celebrity status so far, and think I'm going to like it even more later on. However, I do wish I could play this game without having to install Mods to play it. That's why the game is getting 4 stars instead of 5. Otherwise, I would have no problem with it at all.
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on March 26, 2011
I purchased the sims 3 late night a few weeks ago, and it took me a few days to find my way around and get used to everything. I think it's a very fun game to play. Seeing that I haven't yet to play the other expansion packs that came with the sims 3, I can't compare them. There are lots of new things you can do in this EP, including going to clubs, bars, hanging out at Lounges and being a vampire. So far, I have figured out how to become a vampire, and have worked my way of having 5 stars of being a celebrity.
Here are some downsides: After a while, you get kind of tried to going to the same places, because nearly all the late night spots are the same setting. (Bar, dance floor, seating, bueatiful lights, etc) Plus, there's hardly any sims that go to the clubs during the night, because there all home.

Update on August 3rd 2011: I've played the sims 3 late night for several months now and just ordered generations and started playing it. Bridgeport is better then Sunsat vallay so I play my family's there. After playing late night for a while, I've come up with several things that they should have added in the game

1. Being famous: It is very easy to become famous, just befriend a celeberty and you will start gainning stars... -- They should have expanded this by having them eaither go school to be an actor, or singer, or director. They should not only befriend celeberties, but work with them. For example, if a sim is doing a movie or project for a director, your sim should offer to help out. Second, they should have added a red carpet lot where all the actors go to gain awards and stuff. ( You gain nothing but stars in the game)

2. Vampires: They should have added more options with this. For example, in the game you can become friends with vampires and they bite you. In my opinion, you shouldn't befriend a vampire.

Other then those two things, I loved the game.
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on February 10, 2016
Late night is a must have add on for the Sims 3. A lot of new hairstyles, furniture and of course downtown with skyscrapers and Appartements. Your Sim can be a bar keeper or just hang out in a local pub. You could be a star and super famous or a vampire and hunt in the night. There are unlimited new possibilities!
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on January 8, 2016
Works great. Loads great. Nice graphics, snazzy new clothes & hairstyles.
As far as packaging goes, there was a satisfyingly smooth clear plastic wrapping covering the case. Surrounding that was the delicate, smooth, air filled bubble wrap yellow package that kept this precious game safe on it's perilous journey to my home.
Oh, and shipping.
It came a day early.
Thank you.
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on January 18, 2011
I haven't played the game enough on all aspects including the vampire aspect because I don't care for playing as a vampire. But so far I would say the xpansion is very cool. Probably the thing I like most about the xpansion is the muscle detail sliders they added to the game. So many people over the years had to make mods for making the skins on the Sims look more toned and better shaped. Well now you can either keep your non-ripped appearance from old, or you can make sims who actually look like they work out in the gym with a cut/ripped look to them. I haven't played the actor job ladder a whole lot, so can't say much about it, but so far its pretty nice. Despite what people say about The Sims 3 Ambitions, I think that Ambitions is still better expansion in my own opinion though. But then again I haven't tried playing the vampire side on Late Night, so those who are into such things, might find this a better expansion.

I like the new buildings that you would find in a big city with your apartments and skyscrapers, so that adds more variety to the game. The elevators were a nice addition, but I found them to be quite annoying after a while, because of how long it took to get up and down them. Overall I still would recommened the xpansion, its much better than many expansions that came out for the The Sims 1 and the Sims 2 which were like incredibly small in what they added. Late Night adds ALOT to the game.
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on April 14, 2012
When I first received the game in the mail I wasted no time to install the content and start the game. I played for what seemed like hours before stopping.

*Neighborhood *
The layout of the new town is wonderful, although glitchy at times. I enjoy playing with one or two Sims at a time in order to completely dominate in the sim world, buy property, and have residual income haha
I guess you can say I enjoy making money.
The cool thing about the neighborhood is that now i get to live in a sky rise and move through the town at night socializing, clubbing, and performing gigs (for my musically Inclined sims).

* New Social Interactions *
Impressing celebrities, rocking out with the band, ordering a round of drinks, and dancing on tables makes it a whole lot easier to schmooze and let loose and have fun which is GREAT!

The flip side to all of the new awesome added features on this EP is that I find myself wanting to have a family less and having a stronger desire to be a celebrity. But hey, isn't that the point after all =)
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on February 14, 2014
This expansion pack is one of the best I've gotten so far.
For someone who loves cities and celebrities this is probably a good choice
you get to live in apartment, while they are small. You can become a celebrity as well as a new career option: Film which could turn into an acting career or a directing career.
Of course if you want to be famous you have to look the part as this expansion pack comes with new clothes and hairstyles that I absolutely love. Now you can also put necklaces on your sims (Female sims)
Lets not forget Vampires, if you aren't into them they don't really bother you much. If you are yes you can become one and purchase a coffin.
This is worth the cost, I love it.
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on February 16, 2016
I really like all the features this game has to offer. The new outfits and hairstyles for female sims were especially cute; and the coolest things about this expansion is that your sims get to start a band with different instruments besides that guitar, and they also have an option to become an actor/actress for movies. However, it came in a slightly damaged package. But, at least the game still works properly and that's the most important thing.
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on December 29, 2014
I ordered this game for my 12 year old daughter. I was skeptical because she has had issues successfully loading Sims games in the past. I also read the review of all the Sims games that she asked for. in total, she asked for 3 but the Late Night game had the best reviews and seemed compatible with the Windows 8.1 OS. So far my daughter is happy with the game although she did mention one minor issue which i can't recall offhand. whatever the issue is, it has not prevented her from playing with and enjoying the game. So glad, I didn't waste money as I have on other Sims game.
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