Customer Reviews: Merrick Whole Earth Farms Adult Dry Dog Food, 35-Pound Bag
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on November 18, 2011
I have 3 dogs ranging in size and age: 8 year old Husky Medium/Large, >1 year old SharLab midsize, and a Rot/Pit/Shepard/Lab 4 years old thats a beast (huge)!

Anyway, these 3 dogs are now on the Merrick Whole Earth foods and loving it! Prior to this food I have tried everything, including prescription food which was dog dependent so it got REALLY exspensive fast. Merrick food is very reasonably priced and the ingridients were well chosen (designed well for overall health).

The husky: Very VERY picky eater. She refuses almost anything you put in front of her, many times she would skip 3 or 4 meals just because it did not appeal to her. She does not eat this food with gusto (as her favorite meal is salmon and cornbread stolen from a plate) but she does eat this food with little hesitation and she seems to be doing well (unfortunately we need to put her on senior diet as shes pudging up a bit)

The SharLab: Shes a new adition so her dietary habbits are that of a puppy, eat everything and anything. However recent vet visits have found her in tip-top health.

The Rot/Pit/Shepard/Lab: This poor dog... lets just say anything that could have gone wrong to him did before he was adopted. He has extreme allergic reactions (hair loss, skin rashes, skin breaks and drying), digestive issues (gas, vomits mostly), behavioral issues linked to inncident before being adopted :[ (anger management, compulsive doggy disorder, extreme doggy depression when his humans arent around) and then some... anyway from this laundry list of defects it seems that his diet controlled many of the "flare ups" that he had. Lets say I've tried him on at least 10 foods, merrick has been the best so far. Since this food his gas has reduced, he no longer is having allergic puff ups or hair loss, he is maintaining a healthy weight, he no longer vomits everywhere, urinary infections have ceased to exist, his energy level has normalized he no longer runs around like he is on caffeine nor does he mope around. He seems to be doing really well with this food.

Food is the owners choice, this one works for all three dogs and has helped my problem dog immensley! If you are going to try it buy the smaller bag first and see how your pooch responds to it (remember to transition slowly to any new food!) I like this food and will stick with it!
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on September 3, 2012
I ordered the Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food from Amazon because I live in a small rural town where there are not many healthy dog food options. I have 8 big dogs -all rescues. I had been feeding the Diamond Large Breed All Natural for quite a while. My dogs, who tend to be good, non-picky eaters, started being fussy about eating it. Since I bought 10 bags at a time and dumped them into big cans for storage, I never had numbers to check for Diamond's frequent recalls. I gave up on Diamond.

I ordered Merrick Whole Earth Farms based on comments from other reviewers which were essentially all positive. There are no questionable ingredients according to My dogs seem to like it. They are 7 Standard Poodles and a Bluetick Hound/Dalmatian mix, age 2-14. I have 22 acres fenced and a room with a doggie door, so they play outside most of the day while I am at work. They eat about 2 cups each twice a day.

I will buy Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food again and I highly recommend it to other dog owners.
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on February 11, 2012
We've been feeding this to our 2 year old Golden for about a year now and she's doing very well with it. As a puppy coming from a shelter, she was used to eating junk as in Pedigree Puppy food, and at first was not liking Merrick's main brands. We decided to try Whole Earth.... she loves it and is healthy and full of energy. On top of that, its cheaper than Merrick's other brands.
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on May 2, 2013
We have two dogs and our one who is a 75lb 13yr old boxer is very happy with this food, along with our 45lb 10yr old boxer. I was worried when I got this food to try that it would have little pieces in it that are sort of like soft food that you find in kibble & bites food because my dogs like to pick that out first before they eat the hard dog food. So I was very pleased it was all just hard dog food no extra flavored pieces in it.

Now my dogs before were eating Pedigree for adults. They like this food so when I decided to switch to this it was because I want to help with their bad breath and the coats. Our 13yr had horrible bad breath like words just can not describe how bad. So after being on this food for 2 1/2 weeks I can tell a huge difference in his breath. So I will definitively stick with this food.

When I was looking for new dog food to try I was comparing many other brands and for example the one that was closest in comparison was Blue Buffalo. I compared the ingredients of Blue Buffalo Adult and Merrick Whole Earth Farm Adult Dry Dog Food which Merrick actually had better major ingredients over Blue Buffalo and as a bonus Merrick had 35.5lb for $42.98 food compared to the 33lb that is $51.00 at Petsmart so no matter what the price is on Amazon I would still get Merrick because the product is better for my dogs and the price is better that Blue Buffalo (Which I was surprised to find considering all the adds I see about Blue Buffalo)

So I would highly recommend this dog food to anyone. P.S the food still lasts my dogs about 3 to 4 weeks which was about the same amount of time as the Pedigree I was getting. So all and all I was paying just a little on the food but it still lasts me about the same time as the dog food prior to Merrick
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on August 24, 2012
My dog has had so many different skin problems throughout her life. Since she started eating this food, I swear they disappeared! No more flaky, red, itchy skin. She loves the food and it's good for my other dog too :-) Win Win!
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on April 18, 2013
My German Shepherd, having just barely passed being two and a half years old, had been a bit late on transitioning to adult dog food (I guess I wanted her to stay a puppy forever). I noticed over a three month period (with her old food) that she was becoming increasingly gassy and having loose stools. I did some googling and discovered that she was considered an adult and needed adult formulated food! I switched her to this Merrick food and she absolutely LOVED it. She literally begged for more! (she sometimes carries her bowl out of the kitchen to my desk when she wants some more, insanely adorable) I highly recommend this food to anyone with an adult dog. When I adopted her she was unbelievably underweight and malnourished and, scarcely two weeks on this new food, she finally filled out to her optimal weight and is full of energy! Again, I highly recommend this food to anyone with an adult dog, your dog will have more energy, a shinier coat and be ever the more thankful to you for feeding them this new food.
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on August 13, 2013
I don't know how else to say it, but this dog food is great. My dog was having issues with a sensitivity to something in his dog food, and it was causing his hair to fall out along with him constantly itching. This food has solved that, and after a month on this food, his hair is growing back in.

I previously was purchasing Diamond Naturals for him (no corn, wheat, or soy) and he did a lot better (all 3 of my dogs did) on that than with the cheap dog foods. I can now buy this Whole Earth Farms dog food for a little more than the Diamond Naturals, but it works better for his skin condition than the others did. If you read the ingredient list on this dog food, it is quite a bit better for your dogs.

I have tried a few different brands, and this is one of my (and my dogs!) favorites.
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on July 11, 2012
During the last recall (not the 1st for them) I bought this and like it better then CSFDLS. Dogs like it and I feel better with a product that has not been recalled. Quality Control and Poor Custome service during the recall lost me and this dog food fits the bill and is about same price..THANKS!
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on January 2, 2013
This is best deal for high quality dog food. The bag is 35 lbs and typically can be found for between $35-$40. My dog has a sensitive stomach and most foods, even the high quality ones, will make her sick after a couple months. She has been eating this one for about a year now with no problems.
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on February 17, 2013
My dogs have grain issues and this is by far the best food they have eaten. They love the taste and actually eat less because they get full faster than with the other dog foods with cereals and heaven know's what else added.

Buy this food and your pups will love it. My lab and my poodle say Ruuuff Yum!!
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