Customer Reviews: Skybar WP0550 ONE 1-Chamber Wine Preservation System
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on April 3, 2011
For a unit that is otherwise so well-designed, well thought-out, and well-executed, it is inconceivable to me that the team of executives bringing it to market would allow it to be done with such an OUTRAGEOUSLY NOISY single 80mm fan cooling the heatsink in the back of the unit. It is as loud as one of those handheld vacuum units most of us buy to clean up small messes in our homes - and I'm not exaggerating. Any time I enter the kitchen or the living room adjacent, or when I first come home and open the door, I am FLOORED by how loud this thing is. This unfortunate and ridiculous construction flaw makes it unacceptable for use in most people's homes, unless they are deaf or hosting parties with loud music to drown it out. Or perhaps, as the 2nd reviewer stated below, have it in a side room.

What I am about to write cannot be condoned by either Amazon or the manufacturer, and we must of course agree to hold them harmless (and me too, for that matter): if, like me, you want to have the functions that this unit provides but find a workaround for the tornado blower fan ----- AND PROVIDED YOU'RE WILLING TO KISS YOUR WARRANTY GOOD-BYE ----- then do what I did today: unplug it, remove the rear case panel, remove the fan, cut its wires, and attach your own purchased, third-party, aftermarket 80mm fan that is much quieter. I personally installed a Noctua NF-R8, which is nearly silent bliss. Of course, it moves less air, and it takes a long time for the Skybar now to cool a bottle down to the ordered temperature, and I'm sure what I did will shorten the unit's useful life ----- but now I can live with it without wanting to yell and knock it off the counter.

Otherwise, just don't buy it. Wait until they make one with three 120mm silent fans instead, or something like that.
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on January 27, 2014
Got the 3-chamber unit (three 1-chamber units in a single cabinet) as a Christmas gift 2013. By 12-31-13, two of the three units stop working. Call Skybar for product support, I found out the 3-chamber unit was no longer supported (WHAT? I JUST GOT IT!). Replace parts were not available either. They asked me to fax a copy of my Amazon receipt, which I did immediately, and they would see what they could do. 10 days, no return phone call, email, letter, nothing. I called them back and after several minutes on hold, the rep comes back to tell me that I can return my 3-chamber unit for 2-new 1-chamber units. So their answers was for me to accept 2-chambers instead of 3. To make matters even worse -- the 3-chamber unit cost $813, they would be "happy" to exchange it for the 2-chambers worth $600 total (priced on their site - $330 total on Amazon). Why should I lose value, because of their poor product quality? Why not just offer an even exchange, 3-chambers unit for three 1-chamber units, I don't know. They didn't either!

It is amazing to me how many companies are like Skybar and put their convenience first at the expense of the customer. It is not surprising they don't last. During this time, I have had 2 holiday parties and a birthday party. Instead of me telling my guests how wonderful the product is or tell them how quick and rewarding Skybar's bar customer service is, they were exposed to a defective product, humming noisily away. Now at my Super Bowl party when my guest ask me what happened to the "cool" wine unit, they will get the hear not only how bad the product was/is, but also about my terrible experience with the company. Companies like Skybar forget that one customer can equal hundreds. So, I will returned it today and will spend my money elsewhere. I recommend you do the same.

So, from someone with over 800-bottles of wine and entertains frequently, for reds,try a nitro gas system, which is a better preserver -- less ease of use. For whites, cork it and put it in the fridge. The "coolest" of the Skybar system is not worth the risk dealing with a company that misses the point on customer satisfaction.
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on February 26, 2014
This machine lasted less than 2 years - no wonder they only offer a 1 year warranty! Their customer service is horrible and there is no consideration or offer of a discount coupon or anything to replace the unit. The machine was well maintained and the filter cleaned as required. It was not abused in any way. Worked great when it worked. Then is started shooting a lot of air out. Finally it simply would not power up after cleaning after less than 2 years. I would expect a costly unit like this to last much longer - at least not to die after less than 2 years.

I would recommend a less expensive wine saving kit available on the Internet and in many stores. Save your money. Sure it looks cool, but do you want to be out all the money when it breaks and have to replace it with it's short life span. Oh, and the customer support is very poor. They could care less and just repeat a script. DO NOT BUY THIS! Very POOR quality!
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on January 2, 2013
This is a great machine for home use. Chilling a bottle of wine does not take long at all. One should be prepared for the semi-loud noise it makes when it breaks the vacuum seal and when resealing. The noise is tolerable and short lived. Overall I am very pleased with mine. It is also quiet impressive to guests.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was trying to explain this product to my 77 year old mother over the phone. I told her that if someone opened some wine and didn't finish it this thing would keep it cold and ready to drink for days. She responded by saying 'Why don't they just put the box back in the fridge?" Obviously, the Skybar is not for her (plus, I'm pretty sure that she was pulling my leg.) If you don't get why someone would spend this much on what is basically a one-bottle refrigerator, then you probably don't need this either. However, if you take wine so seriously that your favorite vintage costs more per bottle than your first car did, then I don't need to explain it to you.

You don't have to be rich to be an oenophile (though it helps.) I had a wine cellar in the past and I had it filled with relativity modestly prices wines. No '45 Chateau Mouton Rothschild or '78 Montrachet in my cellar. Instead I had mostly domestic wines that I had either collected on my travels or had purchased based on recommendations from my favorite local wine merchant. Most of them were in the 30-100 dollar price range when I purchased them and almost all of my bottles needed to be aged for quite a few years before they reached their prime. At that point they were usually worth quite a bit more on the open market than I had spent on them, but to me they were priceless. I had invested not only money but time, patience, and my ever growing expectations. When the time finally came to enjoy a bottle the real question was, how do I do this? Drink it by myself, invite a couple of fellow wine enthusiasts over, break it out at a dinner party? I tried all of there strategies with mixed results. Now with the Skybar One, I have the answer.

First, how well does it work? This is subjective but I wanted to get more than just my opinion on the Skybar so I invited over two friends with similar tastes as mine to check it out. One friend was kind enough to donate a bottle of 2007 Opus One. We opened it and each had a small (3oz.) glass of this wonderful wine. Although we all agreed that it could benefit from a little more aging, it was incredible. Putting a bottle into the Skybar ONE for the first time was more than a little comical. Once we got it figured out, we set the correct temperature, closed it up and just looked at it. For a long time. No one wanted to leave. One week later we gathered again to sample the wine. I was really impressed, to me it tasted the same as when it was first opened, maybe even a little better. One friend said that he noticed just a little oxidation but the general consensus was that the Sky ONE did what it claimed to do. If I had this ten years or fifteen years ago, well... at least I am very glad to have it now. The noise was not a problem for me and it really looks cool. I thought that I would like the bigger, 3 bottle model, but this one takes up enough space as it is. All-in-all, this is a great product.
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on December 16, 2014
I buy one of these every 3 years and I keep another one (new in the box) as an emergency back-up. Yes, three years - that's how long they last. I've purchased 5 over the last 6 years (we use two at a time - 1 red & 1 white). At first I was irritated by that 3 year lifespan but, If you divide the cost (roughly $200) by the 1,095 days it runs continuously without breaking down... that's just 19 cents per day. Frankly, many of the bottles it's preserving cost more than the machine itself. So, Why Not? It's wonderful being able to enjoy a fine bottle of wine over a week or two without worry of it going bad.
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on February 8, 2011
I received the Skybar One single bottle wine dispenser for Christmas, and after six weeks of use I am extremely happy with it. First, I have not had any issues with the unit being too noisy. I have it sitting on a sidebar, just off the kitchen. People see it and pass it often in the house (usually to stop and refresh their glass!) and nobody has complained about the unit being noisy. It does have some fan noise, because it's a refrigerator after all, but unless I had it next to my bed (unlikely my wife would allow this) the noise is completely acceptable.

The operation is very straightforward. You select your wine type, or you can manually set the temperature. The dispenser attaches to the neck of the bottle. Not all bottle sizes will fit, but I have found that 95% do. It doesn't take long to figure out which oversized bottles are too tall for the machine. Once the bottle is inserted into the machine you close the door and the air is pumped out, preserving the wine. Dispensing is very quick, and people enjoy the experience. In my testing I have found that most wines will last 5-7 days before showing any signs of turning sour. White wines will do better on average.

When changing bottles I run the dispenser under the tap and also allow a bottle of clean, warm water to run through the system. I have not noticed any "cross contamination" or unusual taste in the wine. Definitely no "plastic" taste some have talked about.

The LED lights do a nice job of showing off the label, and all my guests have been impressed with the unit. Hopefully it will continue to operate for many years to come with no issues.
review image
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on March 2, 2013
I love the wine bar!! I bought it bc I was tired of having wine go bad and I like mine served at colder than room temp. Ever house guest has comment on it. I recommend highly recommend and will probably be buying another one for my white wines too!
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on June 23, 2014
Amazing product that servers a function and looks great on a bar. The light and the fact that the bottle is held up gives it a very modern look of a floating wine bottle. Everyone is very impressed with it when they see it. Those saying that it is to loud are wrong. I guess if you are in a library that also serves wine then maybe. However the fridge noise is not loud at all and cant be heard when there is light conversation or music playing. The only part that is loud is when you put a new bottle in because it needs to vacuum it. This lasts for about 10 seconds.

The only reason i take away one star is because the vacuum process is sometimes finicky. Even if you attach the bottle correctly sometimes the machine doesn't like it and has you redo it. I would say it only happens every 5 to 10 bottles and you only have to redo it once which takes about 5 seconds. It is sort of annoying though. The other thing I wasn't crazy about is the price but it seems like it will last a very long time.

Cleaning is very easy as well. All you have to do is fill an empty wine bottle with water and then run it through the spout and it cleans everything well. Not sure that everyone has figured that out but it is such an easy way to do it.

Overall if you like modern look, drink wine and dont want to finish a whole bottle, having a party, or want your wines served at the correct temperature this is a great buy.
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on August 23, 2014
We had this for a little over a year. We used it frequently and it continually needed cleaning and even a recent replacement of the piping system at about a $20 cost. Once we replaced that about a week later we turned the unit off and it never turned on again. We contacted the manufacturer and were told that it was out of warranty and there wasn't anyone that could fix it either. Now we are left with a couple hundred dollar paperweight. Very disappointed in the company for not standing behind their products more!
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