Customer Reviews: Skybar NBSKWA2300 Wine Glow Cover
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Skybar wine cover seems like the type of product that you give to a person who has everything. When you place a bottle of wine, preferably white, in the center and cover it, the base lights up to illuminate the wine bottle while the cover holds in the chill, making it unnecessary to plunge it into an ice bath which will chill the wine too much.

The base is a silver-colored plastic with a black plastic underside, and it is shaped like a flying saucer. The center disk of the base is spring-floating so that the weight of a wine bottle depresses it slightly to turn on the bluish LED lights. THEN, it really resembles a flying saucer. The double-walled clear plastic topper fits over the bottle to hold it the chill already in the wine for a couple of hours. If you dine outside, it's great to keep hungry wasps and flies out of the open bottle. It comes with four AA batteries that fit into the bottom of the base.

Although the Skybar works exactly as advertised, the question I found myself asking is "Why buy this?" The answer isn't entirely obvious, although it would make an unusual wedding or housewarming gift. In my case, I started resenting it a bit when I went to find a place to store it -- it takes up a fair amount of space. And then I had to ask myself whether I would take it out to display white wine during a party. The problem then becomes where to put the top when pouring wine. Besides, at a party, the wine goes so quickly that I'd be replacing the display bottle almost as soon as I opened it. To me, the Skybar is more useful on a night when my husband and I want to share a bottle of wine but anticipate spreading out our glasses over the course of a couple of hours -- any longer than that, and the wine would be room temperature.

While it works as advertised and while it makes a bottle of wine a nice focal point on a bar or table, its practical use is questionable.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on May 21, 2012
I got this via Amazon Warehouse deals and it was packaged like it was brnad new never opened. I am thrilled for $18 that I paid. had I paid the curretn sale price of $48 - not so much. This is just a nice gimmick for lighting up a botte of wine and keeping it cool, but not as coold as if it were in a wine bucket with ice. Looking forwad to using this at an upcoming dinner party to see what kind of reaction it gets from the guests.
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on September 13, 2011
I purchased this as a gift for my husband on our wedding anniversary. It has not only made a nice addition to the bar and kept the wine cool (just as it says it will) but has also been a conversation starter when we have guests over.

Recommended product! Oh and Amazon packs it really well and shipped it in way before the expected date I was to receive it.
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on November 7, 2013
I got mine from Warehouse Deals, and the light didn't work. I didn't shed any tears though, as it provided me with a valid excuse for returning it. It looked clunky and cheap. I knew it would just be a novelty, but I thought it might be fun for an anniversary dinner. It certainly did not convey a feeling of romance. And it would not have been convenient to store due to its size. Needless to say, I did not re-order another one at full price.
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on February 7, 2011
The Skybar Wine Glow Cover gets 5 stars because it does exactly what it's supposed to do. You install 4 AA batteries beneath the base. The base is a switch, so the lights only come on when a bottle is in position. The acrylic cover is double walled and keeps a bottle at a constant temperature for several hours. I use rechargeable batteries and it will run for around 48 hours on a charge. If you're having friends over it looks fantastic on the dining room table, or on the bar. White wines show best but reds look good too.

A fun purchase for wine lovers.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Skybar Wine Glow Cover is an insulated wine cover with a base that contains a ring of LED lights to illuminate your bottle of wine or champagne. The purpose of the cover is to add some style to the presentation of your wine, and to maintain the temperature of the bottle while it is on the table.

FORM - The base of the unit is fairly attractive, and the LED lights aren't too bright, so that it creates a soft glow. The bottom 1/3 and very top of the wine bottle ends up being illuminated by the LEDs. It's really only useful if you are using it in a very dark room, and after setting it up, I realized I would almost never get the full effect, because I don't eat in the dark. In fact, in the dark it is almost too bright and makes your wine bottle look presumptuous. I had a $15 bottle of champagne I put in it for New Year's Eve, and was quickly made fun of by my guests for its display, as if we were viewing an ancient relic at the Louvre. Meanwhile, its 5 brethren were relegated to the refrigerator since I only had one glow cover. I think the glow cover works a little better when the light is dimmed, in between candlelight and full room lighting, as it then just accents the bottle. However it still felt ridiculous having the lights on.

FUNCTION - the cover is not designed to actually chill your wine, but to maintain (as much as possible) an already-chilled bottle, like you would get from an ice bucket or neoprene travel sleeve. Skybar's site advertises it as being able to keep your wine cool "for hours." The top section is plastic, which probably insulates better than glass, but also makes it look a bit cheap. I left an open bottle of white under it for two hours and tested it against another bottle I left in an ice bucket. As far as function, the Skybar Wine Cover did seem to work, and I did prefer it to the bottle that was left soaking in what turned into ice water, although there was some temperature loss (which I expected). It did seem to work fairly well as an insulator.

While the Wine Glow Cover seems like an interesting idea at first glance, I doubt I will ever use it again. It's really only practical for using with 1-2 people, as I can't imagine any circumstance where I would have a bottle of wine sitting on my table for thirty minutes, much less two hours. The LED glow effect is a novelty and just ended up looking absurd. Unfortunately, the decent insulation is not enough to overcome the embarrassment of displaying my cheap wine on a literal pedestal.
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on August 30, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Skybar Wine Glow Cover essentially consists of two pieces. The base contains white LED lights that light up when you set a bottle of wine on the base. These lights can be overridden via an on/off switch located under the base. The lights are powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included.

The top piece is dual-walled clear acrylic. This piece sits on top of the base and over the wine bottle. It does not lock into place, but is held in place by gravity.

With a bottle on the base and the LED lights lit, it makes for a cool looking presentation. But does the product actually keep your wine cold?

In an effort to determine whether or not the product actually works, I tested it 3 ways:

1. Chilled a bottle of Champagne, placed it under the glow cover, and tried to see if it remained any colder than "normal". It didn't seem so, but before you rip my review, understand that I acknowledge this test was subjective and not exactly scientific.

Even though it wasn't very cold, I did kill the bottle of Champagne, which pretty much wiped me out for the evening. As the tiny bubbles tickled by brain, I thought, "Hey, that looks kinda cool! (hic).'

2. I took two identical glasses and filled them equally with water that had been chilled in the same bottle, which had been in the refrigerator for hours. I chose glasses with a thicker wall, to simulate the approximate thickness of a wine bottle. One of the chilled glasses of water sat out at room temperature, while the other rested under the "insulated" glow dome.

I measured the respective glasses' water temperature at 1 hour, 2 hours and at the 3 hour mark. There was essentially no difference in temperature between either glass.

3. In the final test, I placed 4 ice cubes in each of two identical glasses, one under the glow cover and the other simply resting on the coffee table. I observed each glass until the ice melted and I also noted the water level as it rose while the ice cubes melted. These glasses have lines on them which help me to precisely measure how much of the ice had melted and turned back into water. The ice did melt slightly slower under the Skybar Glow Cover, but the difference was relatively minor. Still, there appeared to be at least some advantage to the product in this test.

So, it looks cool, but it's pricey and doesn't work very well, in my opinion. I guess you could call it a 2 or 3 star product. I'm feeling generous tonight, so I'll call it 3 stars. This product is all show and no go. Looks nice, but other than that, I cannot recommend it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A couple of years ago I got what is probably the best teacup I've ever owned. It is made of a crystal-like glass with two layers and a thermal air layer in-between. Not only is it great looking but the thermal design keeps the tea or coffee warm for a very long time.

This wine cover uses a similar design, and in fact when I saw it photo I thought it was a crystal-type glass. In fact is is plastic. Practically speaking that is probably better for something this large, I think glass would be took likely to be prone to breakage.

The idea is that the double-walled cover sits on a little plate with your wine bottle inside, helping to keep it at temperature. It does that ok for the period of time of a dinner in normal room temperatures. While not a necessity, it's one of those things that adds a little touch of "I care" to a dinner party or cocktail gathering. When I look at it that way, the price may seem reasonable.

But I have a hard time looking at it that way. Reasonable to me for something like this would be $20 - $25, not $50+ which makes it quite overpriced.

Here is what makes me feel it is overpriced: it is plastic. Glass would have added some elegance to your table, but plastic is plastic, and it looks it, with a slight haze rather than being crystal clear. There is a little silvery insert in the top (where you would put a cork into a wine bottle). The glue used to hold it in looks sloppy and that makes it look cheap. The base is supposed to look like pewter but feels like the cheap plastic it is. The whole thing looks more like Walmart than The Ritz.

One of the selling points is that when you place the bottle on the base it is ringed with LED lights, which then illuminate the glow cover and the bottle within. It is actually pretty attractive, but it is NOT the blue hue that one of the photos shows, but rather a cold white LED glow. Personally I prefer that to blue because it keeps the true colors of the wine bottle label.

Hence a 3-star rating ... no where near worth the price, but somewhat functional and adds fun to your event.
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VINE VOICEon January 1, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
While it basically fulfills everything it's advertised as, this cover is, in a word, underwhelming.

The wine glow cover is one of those products that sounds kind of cool at first glance but once you have it you start wondering when you would ever use it and why you wanted it in the first place. After several months of storing it in the kitchen waiting for a chance to use it, we finally busted it out at a New Years Eve party (it works with champagne bottles as well as white wine). And though it definitely fulfilled its promise to be a conversation piece it received much more confused commentary than anything else.

The case is plastic (and though it's double-walled it didn't seem to keep the bottle cool for very long - maybe 30 minutes) and the base light is not as bright as you might think. If you're going through the trouble of putting your bottle under a glowing case, it seems like there should be more options for the light (different settings for color, pulsing, etc.), especially since it cost almost $60. It is kind of cool that the base glows while the bottle is on it and slowly fades out when you pick the bottle up.

If it was cheaper it would be a great novelty gift, but at this price it doesn't seem worth it for the conversation. Most people at the party thought it would fit in well in a Las Vegas hotel or to add an extra touch to bottle service at a club but not so much in a person's house.

It takes 4AA batteries (which are included) and is easy to get set-up.
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VINE VOICEon September 1, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Skybar sounded neat when I read the description but its actual usage is limited.

First, the positives.

- Double-walled acrylic cover
- Sleek looking design
- Weighted plastic base
- 4 AA batteries are supplied
- White LEDs

Next, the negatives

- Thermal insulation seems negligible
- No other colors besides white LEDs
- Pricey

I tested the Skybar with a bottle of white that I had kept in the fridge for several days. After just an hour inside the Skybar, the liquid was nearly room temperature. The claimed 2 hour insulating time seems unlikely. My opinion is that the acrylic cover had at most a marginal effect on maintaining the wine temperature. The Skybar glows (as described) from a ring of white LEDs mounted on a plastic base and your wine will look fabulous at night. The downside is that the glow color is primarily determined by the color of wine used with the Skybar; it would have been nicer if the LED displayed other colors. The base is weighted so that it is resistant to tipping over.

The Skybar is more about aesthetics than utility. If it'll make that special someone in your life happy over a romantic dinner then it might just be worthwhile. Otherwise, save yourself $50 and keep the wine in the fridge.
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