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on March 29, 2011
I have tried a variety of headsets and this one is by far the best that I have used. While the sound cancellation isn't up to the Jawbone, it is very close, and more than makes up for it by the way it fits. I work most of the time outdoors on construction sites and it works great under those conditions. I can hear, and be heard, under most conditions. The headset is also so comfortable that it doesn't hardly feel like it is there. I highly recommend this headset.
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on October 27, 2013
Over the years I have used a variety of BT sets in the market and this one is my personal favorite to date. The fact this set does not stream music is a nonissue for me--I have far better Klipsch gear for that task. A single charge usually gets me through the entire workday; I do keep a charger in my car, office and home for those just in case situations. It wears quite comfortably (even when wearing sun/glasses) on the outside and in my ear canal. The unit can get warm when taxed but not to a point where it creates perspiration. Speaker quality is pretty good for a mono piece and the silicone buds create a decent seal. I have never been in an environment (e.g. stadiums, arenas, fairs, rush hour in a big city walk, airports, parks, beach, lengthy road cycling, etc.) where the externalities voided sound output or degenerated sound input. Honestly, I have never said or heard, "What?!?" during the three-years I have committed myself to this model. Overall, build quality is pretty good and battery life expectancy is about 14-months. I've broken two units--usually from back/front pocket stressors--yet I will not assail its design because of my actions. I use my iPhone for volume control, so there's no need for me to comment on the unit's buttons. On/off and the button on the boom is extremely responsive.
My iPhone is my primary phone (I forward my office and home to my cell) and I have never been asked, "Are we on speaker?" and this is why I keep coming back to this unit.
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on April 25, 2011
I cannot speak about the sound quality of this headset in comparison to others, but I've owned many models including Aliph Jawbone Prime (horrible fit for me, kept falling out of my ear) & Jabra BT250, Motorola H12 & H790, Samsung WEP200, Sound ID 300. This review will be about the general experience in set up and usage and I'm intending this review to be helpful for the non-techy person who just wants to know "does it work well?" I'm going to say yes, and that I'm happy for the following reasons...Super comfortable and stable. It's so light and comfortable that if it wasn't hooked behind my ear I would worry more about it falling out of my ear. It was slightly noticeable at first with sunglasses on but easy to adjust to. Set up was super fast and easy as it seems to be in pairing mode when I turn it on (if it doesn't recognize a trusted device). Past headphones were tricky to get into pairing mode. Also, the voice prompts tell me if/when the headset is connected to a phone and what the battery level is. With bluetooth headphones I'm always worried about battery level so this feature is nice that is automatically reports. Separate buttons for call receiving than from the volume controls which are marked by dots that you can feel. No more searching around for buttons wondering what you are pushing. For those of you that need it a separate mute button altogether! This can be useful in crunch times. For those that appreciate good looks and good function, the unit has a nice quality to the build and the arm and earpiece rotate so that the unit folds flat into a square shape. Very easy for putting into a pocket or small case. Good for right or left ears. So far no complaints on sound quality for both sides. The volume in the earpiece gets loud enough so that I can hear the other end if I'm in a noisy environment. Not all of my past headsets got loud enough (or maybe the fit wasn't good enough). Overall and especially for the price I would definitely recommend this headset to a friend or family member. It's simple, it lets you know the status of the headset and it works. I hope you find this review helpful to you.
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on February 11, 2012
It's really good, and comfortable, and easy to wear.
I work in environment where I have to pick my phone a lot and it's boring keep holding the phone, so I've tried different Bluetooth headset such as Motorola h12 and Motorola finiti and this is the best.
As for voice quality the hearing quality is excellent and for the other end hearing you no one complained.
It doesn't cause a pain in the ear ad it fits nice and the smart design behind the ear.
Battery life is good.
I have Motorola finiti and h12 and this is the best, Motorola finit hearts my ear and the hearing quality is bad I feel like I'm hearing the call through speaker though I'm wearing it I've tried different adjustments but nothing worked.
The only drawback of the oasis is the lack of A2DP, some of you might not see it an important feature but I do especially if I want to use Skype.
Over all it's very good if you are looking for comfort and excellent hearing quality.
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on October 2, 2013
I bought this Motorola Oasis to replace my ProPlantronics Voyager, which was jammed by a friend by charging. I loved my Plantronics Voyager but wanted to try the Motorola Oasis. What a mistake. It was the hardest piece to try and get into my ear. How they came out with the design to make it more square than round is beyond me so that made it hard to try to fit on. The earpiece to go in your ear was extremely hard to get in because it keeps turning. Once I finally got it in place, dare I touch it or the slightest touch it fell out of my ear!

People said they heard me fine but I couldn't hear them well at all. It felt like I was in space and had a constant cracking noice, whether in the house or in the car trying it! To top it off, everytime I turned it on to use it, I had to reinstall it to my cell phone! It kept saying Bluetooth not activated and turning on activation wasn't enough... it had to reinstalled!

All in all I'd say that this is a big waste of money and trust me, if you get it, time and frustration! The ProPlantronics Voyager had the best sound quality I ever had in a bluetooth, especially with the wind resistant feature. Although a little bulky in the part that goes around your ear, you hardly notice it at all and forget you're wearing it and you can wear sunglasses/glasses with it easily! For the extra money, I'd put it on that earpiece instead of this one.
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on July 12, 2014
Very, very comfortable and clear both speaking and listening. It also doesn't need to be jammed into your ear canal--it just rests comfortablly net to it. I limited by review to 4 stars only because the controls are a little cumbersome to operate while wearing it (volume and mute) and there are other, very fine Motorola Bluetooth products as I describe here.. It's a lot more than I've spent on a Bluetooth Headset before but I'm not sorry I did for this one. I've had several Motorola H720s and H730s before (I have a way of keep losing them!) and dollar-for-dollar, I find the Motorola H720 and H730 less than half the price, easier to operate and the quality of sound for both listening and speaking just as good as the Oasis. I just had to try this one though because it looked so cool! You won't go wrong with this but you are able to spend less than half as much and be just as much or more satisfied.
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on September 5, 2012
My boy bought me the Motorola Oasis headset after seeing the wonderful reviews -- and it really is the comfiest one I've ever tried. I'm petite and wear glasses, but the headset loops perfectly over my ear, and I do often forget it's there. I've also tried the Plantronix Voyager Pro+ ([...]). I tested both of these with my Samsung Droid Charge.

+ vs. - for both headsets:

Motorola Oasis:
+ Physical switch to turn on and off the headset, with a tiny blue light to indicate that it's active.
+ Intuitive side button to answer calls -- when you long press this button, it automatically redials the last number you called.
+ Pressing the volume buttons at the same time will tell you how long your battery life is.
+ Clear sound quality, according to people I called. They couldn't tell whether I was on the bluetooth or talking directly into the phone.
+ Very compact -- the mouthpiece folds into a little notch that tucks away nicely. I put this in a small pocket of my purse and don't even use a case.
- Does not double as a headphone -- therefore, to hear radio apps (e.g., TuneIn Radio), you'll have to hold the phone itself to your ear.
- My boy had one, and it actually broke along the top -- you do have to be careful when squeezing the volume buttons. Do not brace your fingers against the slim non-battery portion; instead, take the headset off and press directly against the battery.

Plantronix Voyager Pro+
+ Doubles as a single headphone -- so you can take calls AND listen to radio apps like Tune-In radio.
+ Clear sound quality, according to people I called. They couldn't tell whether I was on the bluetooth or talking directly into the phone.
- A bit laggy -- will often pick up the sound that notifies me of new email, but comes in half-way through the notification. When you pick up a call, it takes about a second to transfer the call signal from the phone to the bluetooth.
- You have to press the back button to turn the headset on, so sometimes it's not really clear whether it's on or off.
- The boom microphone is a little awkward; when I was storing the headset, I was a little worried that it would get damaged. It hasn't been, but probably better to keep it secure.
- Wearing the headset is not very comfortable with glasses (or maybe it's my smaller ears?) -- I kept having to rotate the headset around my ear so that it would sit comfortably.

Anyway, I hope this is somewhat useful! :)
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on June 5, 2013
The first Oasis worked well. It came with a really small earbud gel that really put it comfortably in my ear and I could hear well with it. I decided to try another gel the next day, and the maid threw away the box with the smaller gel still in it. It was hard to hear with the larger gel and I had to push it closer to my ear to hear well. Motorola sent me another ear gel package for free, but it did not contain the smaller one I needed, so I made do with that one for a couple of years until it got run over by an office chair and was damaged. It continued to work for another month or two and then the wires got broken as a result of the damage. The battery on that one would last about two days with normal use, or one day on heavy use ( talking for 4 hours or more ). I was happy, and ordered another.

Having owned two, I can see why there are mixed reviews. The second worked well and i could hear it with it held slightly away from my ear, but the battery would not make it through the day if I was using it really heavily, and it woul always be ready for a charge at night. I switched phones from an Atrix 4g to a Samsung S4, and the sound quality improved to excellent. I like this trade-off of volume versus battery life.

Then, after 5 months, the second unit just started showing a steady red light constantly. If I let it sit on a shelf and totally run down, the light will go off, but it will come back on again when it is charging, and will stay on constantly until discharged.

I believe I can get it replaced by Motorola, but having to do so knocks them down one star, and the other is due to having a battery life versus volume trade-off in the units I have owned.

Also, I believe this unit will not play music, which is not important for me for music, but I use an app called "readittome" that reads incoming texts, so I do not have to look at the phone. It will not read the emails over the oasis, though. No stars off for that, but I wish it would have allowed the app to read my texts through the Oasis rather than just the speaker.
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on December 18, 2013
I have owned this model for 2 years. The first 2 didn't work but were really comfy - Amazon replaced them. Then after a year of use it stopped working and was replaced under warranty by Motorola. A year after that it started getting really quiet and I couldn't hear well.
I purchased a few other models and the other motorola model and I wasn't happy with the fit or the sound reports. I bought this one again.
This one is working well so far. It's loud and I get good sound reports from others - most can't tell I'm using a headset. It wears well with my glasses. It pairs well with my iPhone 5 and it seems like the battery lasts forever on a charge.
When this one dies I'll probably buy another one, again.

5/20/2016 Update: This headset is still going strong after 2.5 years of 5 to 8 hours of use every day. Charges are still kept about to twice per week. It also pairs very well to my Galaxy S6. Sometimes I think "Ok Google" has trouble figuring out what I say but I've been unable to determine that it is an audio issue with the headset, me, or the software.
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on December 12, 2012
I got this headset because my office was just moved. We don't have connectivity so no desk phones. I spend alot of time having long conversation with people while working. So holding an iPhone to my head is really not going to work. I decided to get this bluetooth headset. I used to have a Jabra that vibrate when a call comes in. I actually had 3, the two last one broke shortly after I got it. Since then, I got cars with bluetooth so really there is no need for a headset. So the other thing you have to know is that I have unusually small ears that does not hold anything, not even a pencil. For the Jabra, I used the smallest get ear piece, that's only one that would stay in. So I tried the small one with the Oasis first, the unit keeps falling off. Yesterday, I switch to the large one that is slightly oval and it stay in there much better. The only thing is that the large gel piece does not stay on the earpiece. So when I remove it out of my ear, the gel piece comes off and is stuck in my ear. I panic and pry it out of my ear before it find its way into my brain :O). So it felt on the floor and now it is lost!!

beside the above here's the good stuff- sound quality is great (incoming and outgoing), easy to pair, lightweight and compact design.

The problem I am having may be because of my birth defective ear and does not apply to anyone else. I just contact Motorola and they are sending me new gel pads for free. It is a $5 value plus shipping, tax, etc. Hopefully the replacement get caps fits better.
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