Customer Reviews: Outward Hound Kyjen 41001 Tail Teaser Dog Toys Squeak Toy Exercise Training Toy with Replacement Squeaker, Large, Colors may vary
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on June 9, 2011
Rufus, our 2yr old Boxer absolutely loves this toy. If Rufus doesn't have an outlet for his endless energy, he can be pretty crazy in the house. Give him 10mins with this toy, and he's a perfect little knocked out docile angel.

Yes-this is essentially a gigantic cat toy, but it's perfectly designed for doggies. They can chase it around in endless circles, or you can use it to get them to leap and jump (see the video of Rufus) till they've used up all of their energy.

Best money I've spent on a dog toy in a long time.
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on May 10, 2014
It's a teaser with a long cord, specially for small breeds, that's good becuase they run a lot.
I have an hiper dog... of those who cannot sleep at night... in 30 or 40 min of this, she's perfectly fine for sleeping.

Good points:
AMAZING idea, is really great to see something like this, it's simple but works and it does it greatly. The tail is cute, the replacement is insanely appreciated (because I live in another country and would hate wainting for 2 weeks for replacement). Funny characters full of fur, the squeaker is resistant and sounds loud enough, not too much just... perfectly.
The shaft is well done and love it!!!

Bad points:
It's constuction for the cord is poor, REALLY poor. It's a plastic cord which can easily be broken by any dog. I own a maltese who started broken it in just 1 or 2 mins by bitting it (yes, she ignored the tail a little). Would be great if Kyjen were back to using the cloth cord which was, probably, more resistant. You can find descriptive photos of this problem since I posted some.

For solving the problem of the cord, you can wrap it with a cloth cord... otherwise the original plastic cord would not last at all.
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on March 16, 2013
We recently adopted a high energy mixed breed working dog (border collie/aussie etc.) and have been struggling to give him enough exercise each day. I looked at this toy for about six weeks before ordering it because our little darling is a determined power chewer and can destroy "indestructible" toys in nothing flat. I'm SO glad I finally ordered it! Thanks to the Amazon community who -- once again -- helped me find a great product. We've been using this toy now for about a month and it's still in great shape -- aside from being regularly soaked in saliva! Our dog really, really, really loves this toy. My husband gave it a funny name and plays with it using a funny voice, and as soon as our dog hears the toy name or special voice, he just goes crazy with excitement! It's incredibly fun. NOTE: If you have a young energetic dog like we do, work him up gradually and be alert to safety. We recommend starting on grass or a soft carpet -- something a bit padded and with good traction. We made the mistake of playing a few times on a hard wood floor and our hyper excited young little dog landed once or twice on his back. After that he was afraid of the toy for a few days. We started again gently keeping the toy trajectory low to the ground and playing only on grass and carpet. We were also careful to avoid motions that would lead him to twist too much in the air before landing. After a few days he was back to happy hyper excitement and leaping high in the air again like a crazy little daredevil. After a month he is so skilled and coordinated that we don't worry about bad landings anymore. His eye-object-mouth coordination has improved, he is better at catching (and releasing!) frizbees and balls, and we can see him paying attention to how he lands. It has made a real difference in his coordination and balance. It's a great toy for little dog athletes-- as good a discovery as the wonderful Chuck-it Glowball. I can't say enough good things about it. And tough? No problems at all so far -- it's still in great shape. My husband has taken to using the replacement teaser toy by hand as a quick fun break indoors when he is at his computer and out dog is with him. One other tip: try using an old coat and gloves the first couple weeks if you play outside. Our dog got so excited he got a little careless with his teeth when were were taking it away from him, and he also wanted to bounce off of us at first as he lept up and down. Wonderful, wonderful toy to exhaust and entertain your dog while entertaining but not exhausting yourself!
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on January 11, 2011
My dog's favorite toy!! I have a German Boxer Puppy (9 months) and he needs to get his energy out otherwise he'll chew everything in sight.

This is a Social WriteUp.
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on August 29, 2012
My Labradoodle puppy absolutely LOVES this toy!! I can get rid of her puppy energy on a rainy day by exercising her with her new favorite tail teaser!! The only constructive comment would be not to allow them to chew at the toy directly. We keep it in a closet until play time. Oh, and watch out for your ceiling fans!! Lol I think it is the greatest toy we have found for our Doodle girl so far... :-)
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on April 26, 2014
LOVE the product. But not too happy that it broke after 2 play sessions. The handle came off the toy, I am going to try to use some gorilla glue to get it back on but you would think the company would of used a little bit stronger glue to keep the handle on in the first place... It was also red and black, not black as advertised. A real shame to since I love Kyjen products. I'm not going to bother trying to find a box to ship it back in, already recycled the box it same in. (Don't mind the whining in the video, my dog was using a lot of self control to "leave it"... lol)
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on April 25, 2013
This is Puppy's FAVORITE interactive game. Indoors and outdoors. He loves to fetch, but boy can he play with this tail teaser forever... It's very light/easy on the wrists and will have your dog's attention in no-time (especially if your dog loves to fetch or is high-drive)! I have full control of how hard or easy I make it for my dog to be successful in catching the lure. I don't let him chew on either the line, or tail toy (even though it's pretty resilient) so the product has surprising longevity. The lure toy also lasts long after the rattler or squeaky ball gets ripped out. Doggy will still love to chase the "silent tail." I do wash the tail toy every now and then because it can get pretty nasty from the dried slobber and everything it attracts to it.

The one gripe I have about this product/company is its quality control. I've purchased FOUR in total; two of which were slightly defective and had to be returned. The black, plastic weave covering/skin was unglued all along the pole so that the black tube protecting the tip (where the loose line begins) would slide down, causing the pole to rip through the skin. If this happens (which it very easily will if you have one with a very loose skin), the whole thing will very quickly become ruined/useless from the skin fraying then splitting halfway down the pole. Also, the handle on one toy came off after a few uses; so I had to search for some hard-core glue to fix it. Kyjen manufacturers clearly have a gluing or stitching issue. This led me to search for another toy of this type...

The "Flirt Pole with the Fleece Toss Lure" by Squishy Face caught my eye. I bought it hoping for durability, but although their material quality is excellent, the whole thing was heavier and more awkward to flick around as quickly as my Kyjen ones. Plus the slingshot like bungee cord material was a no-no for us, because our dog liked to tug once he caught the lure then let go (yikes). But within a day or two, the lure became untied to the bungee and it was impossible to tie back and have it stay tied! I'll stop here since my full review is already on their page.

Even with the quality control issues, I've given this Kyjen product 4 stars, still. The dog LOVES this toy and the fact that our 1st one was purchased over a year ago and has lasted this long with heavy use, merits it. I'd give 5 if they could just make sure their products are glued/stitched properly.


About a month or so ago, our first purchase finally bit it. I had forgotten to put the toy away and the dog chewed the rope off. But it lasted almost two years of heavy use! He still has his other one at the grandfolks' which I may now have to steal back for him...


Earlier this year we purchased two more of these and they seem to have fixed the "glue/stitch" problem. Both my dogs love this still! My only new gripe is that they changed the length of this thing. It's now a good six inches (at least) shorter than their original design. Someday I hope they offer an extra-long version.
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on December 18, 2013
I am a dog trainer who until recently raved about and recommended this toy to my clients. I just saw a completely different, cheaper version at a client's home. She had it out playing with her small puppy for less than an hour and the cheap plastic cord had separated from the handle (now attached in the middle whereas previously one-piece with strong cloth cord). I am embarrassed that I helped her waste $10! Kyjen, this toy is not worthy of your good name and I hope you will reconsider this flawed design. You will lose customers, harm your reputation, and in the end lose, not save, money!
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on November 14, 2012
This is a good toy for when I'm too lazy to run around with the dog, or else when I'm on my exercise bike. The mouse has a squeaker--or at least it did for 5 minutes, which is how long it takes my dog to destroy a squeaker in any soft toy. The only thing is that my dog keeps going for the rope, so it's getting frayed pretty quickly.

It's now months later. I use a horse lunge whip now. I like it better because it has a springy movement to it, which makes the toy bounce around more. I think it's more fun, and the lunge cord, to which I tie a toy, seems more durable (although my dog still does her damage). I'm going to try tying the end of the whip in a loop and using a separate rope to attach to the toy as a way of protecting the whip. The lunge whip was also less expensive.
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on July 13, 2011
My first review, but I had to mention how much our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mouse, loves this toy! He was a bit intimidated by it for the first three or four minutes, being as it was almost as big as him, but once he got going, there was no stopping him! I'm not sure how it would hold up with a bigger or more aggresive breed, but it does seem well-made, and even comes with an extra toy animal in case the first one wears out or you just want a change. On a side note, it arrived in a HUGE box! It was husband asked what the heck I had ordered, and when I said I could only remember ordering a dog toy, we both doubted that was what was in there. Sure enough, it was our Kyjen "fishing pole". I bought it intending it to be used only by hubby (he has a bad back that makes bending difficult sometimes), but if I'm a bit too stiff and sore to play, this is a God-send! I can sit in a chair, play with Mouse, and wait for him to tire himself out chasing it! I know the price seems high for a dog toy, but it's worth every penny!
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