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on April 3, 2011
I love this case. It was exactly what I was looking for. I do a lot of travel and I always kill the battery every day.
This fixes all of that.
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on February 23, 2011
This is easily one of the best accessories I've found for my iPhone in the last three years. The case itself is very comfortable in the hand. It doesn't add much weight or bulk to the phone at all. It has soft edges around the case so it's nice and comfortable when held against your ear. (Some other cases I have used had extremely sharp edges around the face of the phone.)

I love that the device will actually recharge my phone's battery or the phone and device batteries can be used together. I typically use the power button on the back to shut off the battery extender until my phone drops to a critical level and then activate the battery pack. When recharging, only one cable is needed instead of two separate cables.

The battery pack uses a Micro USB port to recharge. With the phone in the battery pack you can also recharge the phone with the same cable. Not only is the Micro USB port more common (almost all modern cell phones, such as Blackberry and Android, use this port). Most of the Micro USB cables I have found are considerably more robust than the iPod sync cables and they are cheaper to replace.

I mainly bought this battery pack for traveling. Now, I don't have to worry about my battery going dead because I spent too much time listening to music while at the airport. If I want to watch a video, I can now do so without concern that the battery will run out before the video ends. It's GREAT!

This device should shut the iPhone detractors up in a hurry when they whine about not being able to change batteries or swap the battery out for one with a longer charge.

I had to come back and add something else about this battery pack that I just discovered by accident. You can actually sync the phone, with the battery attached, using the included micro USB cable.
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on October 30, 2011
I won't repeat what everyone has said about how well it extends the battery, but I will comment on one thing that people have left out: how this case affects the camera.

When taking a picture with the flash, there is a distinct white "smoke" that covers most of your picture that is caused by the case being too close to the flash. Take the case off and take the exact same picture and this smoke is gone. This is extremely disappointing because the quality of the camera was one of the main reasons that I purchased the phone. I'm still not sure if I'll be returning it yet but I'm definitely considering it. Battery life is important to me but it isn't worth diminishing a core strength of the product because of it.

At first I didn't realize it because I pretty much instantly put the case on the phone, but when comparing pictures to my girlfriend's iPhone I noticed hers were distinctly better.

I'm not really sure if any other cases out there are any better because it seems like they are all pretty close to the same shape/design as the BOOST case. I'm pretty disappointed and might just be switching back to a regular case that isn't going to make all my photos look bad.
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on October 26, 2011
The Boost Case combines damage protection and battery back-up in a case that fits very nicely around the iPhone 4, or 4S. I have an Iphone 4S, and I am mostly satisfied with this product. But there are few things consumers should know before purchasing.

Amount of Charge:
There are two ways to use the Boost Case from my own experience. First method (this is the one that the manufacturer suggests) is to keep the Boost Case charging the Iphone constantly, until the Boost Case's battery runs out. In this manner, the Boost Case will keep the Iphone 4S at 100% charge for quite a while - often most of the day (about 7-8hrs). Only with evening approaching will I see that the Boost Case battery is drained (at which point the Iphone is relying on its own battery). So in that sense, yes, it does seem to double the life of the battery. The second way to use the Boost Case is to let the Iphone battery drain first (keeping the charger "off"). In this manner, I usually let the Iphone drain to about 20%, then I turn on the Boost Case's charger to fill it back up. Doing this fills the Iphone back to about 75%. Doing the math, that is roughly a 55% additional charge contained in the Boost Case. I've heard other Boost Case owners getting more charge, but those are the numbers in my case. (I will note, I am a modest Iphone user, I surf the web during lunch, and check email throughout the day.)

Act of Charging:
Instead of using the standard 30-pin connector, the Boost Case uses an included cable to recharge and connect to a PC/Mac. One end of the cable is a micro-USB connector that goes into the Boost Case itself, while the other end is a standard USB connector to connect to a computer. With this cable connected, synching and charging both the iPhone and the Boost Case happens simultaneously. In practice, my iPhone 4S usually ends up charging up first (from near dead). The Boost Case seems to take another 45min to charge (also from near dead).

The Boost Case nearly doubles the thickness and weight of the iPhone. The plastic case is thickest along the width of the phone. The corners are still a bit vulnerable though, but certainly more protected than "ultralight" cases like the Incipio Feather. The front of the case is totally open, so I would suggest getting a good screen protector. I use the Powersupport Anti-glare film -which works perfectly fine.

Lasting Impressions:
If I had to do it over again, I'd get the Boost Case Plus which runs about $15-$20 more and is rated at 2200mAh, compared to 1700mAh which this "standard" Boost Case offers. I wold expect that case would get most Iphone 4s users closer, if not to 100% battery charge from near-dead. Still for under $50, this is a good deal as most battery-cases seem to run in the $70-$100 range. The weight of the unit when connected with the iPhone is definitely heavier, but at the same time it feels strangely more substantial - so I don't mind it. If you use an iPhone a lot on a daily basis and often find yourself at near-dead in the afternoon, take a look at this battery-case. It might just be what your looking for.
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on March 20, 2017
These are great - solid and even if I drop the phone the case is tough. Not waterproof ..tough. Don't Try and break it though. The most awesome thing about boost cases is: you're phone is charged. Thank you very much Boost Case! No need to drag around those power stick and cord things.
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on December 5, 2012
I have had this Boost Case for less than a year after getting an iPhone 4S for work. I've liked the case, but what I would have docked a star from a perfect review is that you should not charge your case while the iPhone is inside, as per instructions relayed by the Boost Case company, which responded to an email I sent months ago. And that makes it a little more inconvenient with daily use; you have to remove the top part of the case every night and replace in the morning, which adds to more wear and tear on the snugness with the way it locks. A tiny tab broke within a couple of days of the new routine, so the locking top doesn't snap like it used to. Fine, I chose to not be too picky because the case looks really nice and keeps my phone working under more load conditions because I use it to shoot pictures, video, and make calls throughout the day. You need some kind of external battery if doing such things with the iPhone.

Until now I was almost completely happy. But this morning at 6 o'clock, I was awakened to a bang against the wall of my 3rd floor bedroom. Looking at the foot of the bed, the case had ruptured from an explosion, spewing black soot on the carpet and smoke into the room. They weren't flames but more like orange heat from a flare, with a hissing sound. I grabbed the unit by the charging cord and put it into a porcelain sink, and it's still hot even now. Fortunately, no fire extended to the room. But my windows are all open to try to evacuate all the toxic fumes from the third floor, with a breeze from a cold front coming through just at the right time.

I searched for Boost Case explosion but couldn't find any patterns, but someone else here recently posted a similar issue. So it seems that with less than a year of service maybe these may be starting to become a concern? [EDIT added 12/17: Realize that all Boostcases use Li-Po, or lithium polymer batteries, which companies warn should *never* be left unattended, for issues of spontaneous combustion - please search for these batteries online.] I just contacted the company which is in California, so no one's at work now. Hopefully this won't happen to anyone else, but to see another post makes me think that other cases may some day rupture. Imagine if this happened while talking on the phone next to your face!

**UPDATE, 3:59 PM** I checked on the Boost Case home website about warranty information, and saw that the unit has a lifetime warranty! Although I wrote to them via an online contact form (and hadn't heard back), I called and a representative sounded VERY concerned about what happened. I purchased here, I guess directly through to Boost Case, and she found my order information She's sending a new replacement today, it should arrive by this weekend, and will get a P/P sticker in the package to return the defective item. If this happens to someone, make sure NOT to throw the burned unit and contact the manufacturer - it helps them to hopefully understand what happened so that these accidents can be eliminated. So I deducted two stars for the harrowing experience which does concern me. I'll update as things happen.

**UPDATE, 12/16** Boostcase Hybrid just arrived, along with the return label. The information and pictures I had were sent to their support team. I will return the old burnt case as well. This one is the two-piece snap case that doesn't have the flimsy top like my old one was. However this case exposes the iPhone at its top more. There are no more small tabs that wear out; the locking top locks without it, using the tapered top and the electronic connections into the iPhone which lock it in place. If you see that any case has expanded, do not use it. I suggest you remove it from any enclosed area, and place it at a fire-safe location where no one can fool with it. It should always be kept from any flammable materials. If it can be safely discharged, do it. Otherwise, any attempt to move it anywhere could put you at danger of harm. Li-po batteries can also be damaged by dropping. I will ask Boostcae about the safety features of using Li-po batteries especially after dropping.
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on May 31, 2012
Not sure how they get away with saying this case actually improves cellular transmission, because mine is shot. In places (like my office) where I once had signal, I cannot detect 3G and even standard non-iPhone texts are spotty and only send half the time. That said, I love not thinking about charging my iPhone halfway into my day. In fact, I don't think about charging it at all anymore! For that reason alone the battery case is worth it. I also dropped my case recently and both phone and case survived with no visible damage onto a hard floor. I was actually surprised the case survived, but it did without a scratch!

The case is durable (and sexy!), the extra heft is actually welcome in my hand and it fits like a glove when talking or texting.

The only negative, and it's a HUGE negative, is the lack of signal. If Boost wants to contact me to offer a replacement as maybe mine has a problem, that's ok with me. Until then though I leave this warning up for those considering the purchase: I have notable and consistent degradation of signal as a direct result of this case. Not just noticeable, but inhibiting signal loss.
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on May 25, 2012
First off, let me say I almost NEVER leave reviews on products. Who has the time, right?! But after buying this, I feel I can't go on without leaving one! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this case!

I have previously owned the IvySkin Smartcase 4, seen here:

and the Mophie JuicePack Air, seen here:

and this case has them both beat. Here's why:
The Ivyskin case design is flawed. The fact that you have to line up the toothpick-thin rails to get the battery to lock onto the front piece of the case means there is a good chance that the rails will break - which is exactly what happened to mine.....after less than six months of light use. In fact, most of the time, I just kept the slim case on because I did not like the added bulk of the battery backing. After recently taking a day-long trip to an amusement park, I found I had not only depleted my phone's battery, but when I went to put on the battery for my Ivyskin case, the rail on one side broke. It still fits, but not as well as it should, and there is a noticeable gap on the front of the case now where the case does not sit flush against the front of the iPhone. Seems like poor planning went into the design aspect, not accounting for wear and tear over time.

I also owned the Mophie Juice Pack air prior to purchasing the Ivyskin. I really liked the case. I love how its edge paralleled the design elements of the iPhone 4/4S with the silver around the edge. What I didn't like was how the case adds more width to the device than was necessary, and after less than a year, the silver paint I thought looked so cool began to wear out/fade. The case looks terrible, and it doesn't seem to charge the battery like it used to. It also seems bulky for a case that only has a 1500 mAh battery inside, where the Boost has a 1700 mAh battery.

Finally, the Boost Case. Hands down, best battery case I've ever owned. The material is something between plastic and rubber: not as rigid and slippery as plastic, but not so rubbery that it sticks to the inside of your pocket when reaching for it. Also, the Mophie claims it's the thinnest battery case on the planet? Maybe in some aspects, but in my experience, the Boost seems thinner, maybe because of the combination of rounded and angled edges, and it's definitely thinner on the sides, adding less bulk to the sides and top of the phone. I also like how they kept the speaker holes on the bottom of the device, not outputting the sound toward the user. This "feature" of the Mophie added unnecessary thickness to the bottom of the case, and feels a little gimmicky. I like my iPhone's design. Don't change it with your case. The Mophie case is taller, wider, and comparing it side-by-side with my Boost case, if it's thinner, I can hardly tell. Also, the Mophie causes the phone's power, volume control, and vibration rocker buttons to be even more recessed than the Boost.

To summarize:
Better design with fewer delicate parts to break than the IvySkin case.
Better color scheme than Mophie so (hopefully) color will not fade over time.
Not as tall, wide, or (arguably) thick as the Mophie.
Price was around 50% percent less (on Amazon) than the Ivyskin (even though the Ivyskin rates a higher 1800 mAh).
Price was around 50% percent less (on Amazon) than the Mophie and rates 1700 mAh vs. Mophie's 1500 mAh rating.

The ONLY reason I didn't give it the highest rating was because I wish it came in more colors (like white for my white iPhone 4S!), was at least 2000 mAh, and added NO thickness to the handset (if the Droid RAZR Maxx can cram a 3000 mAh battery into its wafer thin design, then why can't third party case manufacturers, right?)......there's always room for improvement!

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on November 1, 2011
So Ive had the boost case for my 4S a little over 2 weeks now, and it has been unmatched for feel and utility. First off, if you hate having a "plastic" feeling case, and hate the ones with too much traction that it drags in your pocket, then this is the only half of the reasons why this case is unbeatable. The other reason is that its a damn extended battery. Cant complain with that considering the Iphone 4S has a lower battery rating than the 4 - making this even more of a desired feature to have- to which it does what it states. If we aren't talking percentages like everyone else and actual usage in TIME, then Boost Case tells nothing but the truth. Furthermore; This case also doesn't push around your screen protectors causing bubbles like 99% of the cases out there, yet creates a little groove enough for you to put your phone face down without fear of it sitting on the screen and scratching it/or your protector.

It does however have a small issue with compatibility (I would get an error message after I already had it charged, and just unplugged it. Kind of worthless getting an error message about accessories after it already did what it stated it could not do)which boost already said they are working to fix. This is only issue and it does not even interfere with the phone or case from doing its job of charging - so much for an "issue" right?

If you thought all of this was good, try the best customer service of any company you will ever run into. Ever.

Lets quote a competitor, that is more expensive shall we..
"Product Warranty Terms
All mophie hardware products, including clearance and refurbished products, carry a one-year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship."

One year... sounds generic

And what about Boost Case?

"What is the Warranty?
All Boost Case products are covered by our LIFETIME warranty guarantee"

This is the only company Ive ever seen that actually wont ditch you after the first year. Yes you hear about other companies with "lifetime" guarantee; the only difference is, boost actually responds back to you if you got an issue. Every time Ive emailed them directly, at the latest I get an email same day. At the best, (90% of the time) I get one in 10 minutes.

So if you are on the fence about who to go with... I have no doubts in my mind after making my purchase.

Pros: Does what it is stated to do (battery)
Great feel to the case
Not too thick

Cons: NONE
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on December 20, 2012
Purchased this in May 2012. Beware, you get what you pay for...

1) Cover was smooth enough to slide in my pocket without snagging yet tactile enough to hold without a concern for slipping.
2) Protects and provides a battery backup ("Doubles battery life for iPhone 4/4S (All Models)"). See more on this below.
3) Snug fit onto iPhone 4S
4) I can charge with a micro USB connection!

1) Aux cable for car does not fit through the headphone opening. It fits for the OEM headphones, but not the aftermarket connection I use for my car.
2) Takes a long time to charge. 3 hours or more. This could depend on the adapter/laptop/computer you use.
3) Light indicators of battery life is very inaccurate. It could go from 4 lights on to 1 light on in about 20 minutes. Lights are useless, and the problem seems intermittent. At times, I think I have a full back up charge, only to find out I have only 1 light left within minutes. Useless.
4) It does not double the life of the battery. It will charge my dead phone to about 80-85%. That is with the phone off. I have emailed the manufacturer, and below is their response.

"our cases have 1700 mAh capacity that is the same as the amount of capacity of the iPhone battery. the reason why we stated it doubles the battery life it means it will give double times of usage, however, there are several things which will makes this seem unreal.
1. there is a chances for the case not able to charge fully 100% because of the age of the battery in the phone due to the decade of the battery itself.
2. we advise our users to turn on the case only when the phone gets low, and as the case is on, if there is any app in the phone itself still running, it will continue to consume the energy.
3. there is a small conversation rate of energy lost during the transmission of energy from the case to the phone.
as far as you have mentioned, the case seems to be normal on the charge side, however, the problem with not holding the charge might be a problem you are engaging."

C'mon. "Rate of Energy Lost???" They might as well could have thrown in friction, heat, ambient temperature, nominal voltage and amperage from the charging source, etc. I have a background in this field. My reaction? Come up with a better excuse or design a better product without having to claim that it "technically" doubles the capacity. In summary, it only charged 80-85%.

As of today (12/20/2012), I have more information. I've held out this long because I am too lazy to write this lengthy of a review.
1) It still works
2) The case finish is still smooth yet tactile.

Cons: (above still apply)
1) It still takes a while to charge. My iPhone 4S charges in about 2 hours from the same outlet using the same cable and charge block at the same time on a weekday morning.
2) The tabs on the sides have broken. Normal wear and tear, but it's unacceptable with only a few months of use.
3) I noticed my phone battery drains faster if it's connected to the case. I think the phone could be keeping the case charged. That 1 last light stays on after it can no longer charge my phone, and it can light up after my phone is dead. You do the math.
4) It no longer charges my phone to 80-85%. This is to be expected, but still... It's only been 7 months.

Buy another battery case. My brother has another, more well known case, and it charges his phone to 100%. His is older than mine. As a matter of fact, he was the one who introduced me to battery cases for iPhones. I went on the cheap to buy this one. Obviously, I'm not completely satisfied. Another email to the manufacturer might get me a free lesson in Electronics 101.
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