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on May 3, 2011
For even waffle cooking I recommend using a flip over waffle maker like this one. I tried the simple non-flip and the bottom is usually much more brown and the top is soft.

I tried this one and works great and cooks 1 big 1.5" thick waffle in under 2 minutes.

Very easy to use.
1) plug in and let it warm up. wait for green light.
2) pour batter on the bottom groove (once you pour it in it's already started cooking.
3) close and flip it over (don't worry it will not spill out) Once you flip it . the uncooked batter will fall down and start to cook .
4) wait for green light and flip back. open up and take out. Very beautiful

I recommend that you try the recipe that is in the book for buttermilk or Belgium waffles...they are really delicious and not that hard to put together.
I tried buying those instant mix on Amazon and the home made recipe in the book wins 2nd to none. Plus you're save a lot of $$$ using the recipe and make more...

I recommend you buy pam or any other cooking spray and spray gently on the top and bottom plate for easy non-stick cooking.

The only downside to owning one of these is that you can't remove the plates for washing.
so you have to wait till it's cooled down in order to clean the grooves manually with water or mild soap. It may take you 10-15 minutes to clean it. But that's all part of the fun and worth it.

minus 1 star for non removable plate. But for under $50 make like 20 waffles it pretty much pays off.

here is a photo of the waffle [...]
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on August 13, 2014
Love this waffle iron, best iron I've ever used. As far as using different recipes.....Bisquick recipe on box works great with this waffle iron. Instead of spraying oil...I use a silicone brush dipped in vegetable oil once the iron is fully warmed up....there is an indicator light that lets you know it's ready, add batter, flip immediately & viola.....perfect crunchy on the outside, light & fluffy on the inside.....waffle. Let iron cool then wipe with warm paper towel...okay, gonna go make some world class waffles now!

8 months later.......
My grandson & I were making waffles & handle slipped from his hand & top of waffle iron dropped & broke the plastic guide inside the base, causing a problem. I need to contact Oster regarding broken guide, maybe just needs a replacement part? or does entire waffle iron need replacing? I really love the waffles from this iron...hopefully issue can be resolved....
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on January 8, 2014
After staying at a hotel during a kids-free shopping weekend and using a flip waffle maker at the Hampton for breakfast, I decided that I needed one for home use. This waffle maker heats up relatively quickly and very easy to use. I turn the dial halfway (medium heat) and wait for the green light to signal it's ready to use. Following the directions that I used at the hotel, I pour in the batter and flip the waffle maker over, wait one minute, flip it back to the upright position, wait one more minute, and then lift the lid. Perfect waffle every time. Cleanup is easy. After allowing the waffle maker to cool, I turn it on its side and use my silicone basting brush with water to brush out any remaining crumbs. Sometimes, I finish cleaning it using a paper towel that I've soaked with vinegar and water, but I don't do this after every use. The only problem I've had is I seem to overfill it more times than not, but that is no fault of the waffle maker. I've been using the Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour and, combined with this waffle maker, I can now make restaurant-quality waffles at home.
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on November 21, 2014
Best home flip waffle maker. The first one was given to me as a gift and when it started to go out (after TONS of use) I immediately went to Amazon to order a replacement ASAP. I wipe it clean with a warm wash cloth. I did not spray the second one at all and have had no problem with batter sticking. I like that it has a green light sensor to let me know when to open the waffle maker. Easy to use and it doesn't take up a lot of counter space.
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on January 12, 2013
Anyone having trouble using this waffle maker may need to just give up and let someone else make them. It really is as easy as the instructions say, as long as you FOLLOW THEM. Pre-heating and pre-oiling (with a spray) is absolutely essential, as is following the directions on your mix. I used Krusteaz' 28 oz. box of Belgian Waffle mix, which only requires egg, oil and water and it couldn't be easier or more consistent (unless you pay a restaurant to make and serve them to you). I ended up mixing up the whole box, since you can freeze waffles, but the batter cannot be frozen. This is due to the leavening action, which starts when you add water to it and will kind of fizzle out after time (baking soda I imagine).

The Krusteaz mix (full box recipe) claims to yield 8-10 7-inch waffles, but you have to remember that OUR little jewel makes jumbo 1 1/2-inch-think waffles so the actual yield I found to be 7.

That is 7 of the tastiest, crispy on the outside and fluffy-tender on the inside, delectable morsels you can make at home. The amount of batter for each waffle will necessarily change slightly, depending on the batter mix used, but this one needed just a touch over 3/4 cup (I used a ladle that holds that exactly). I found when making the first couple, that the batter was REALLY thick so I actually added about 1/4 cup more water to it and it worked out just right. The trick is that the batter should just barely cover the peaks in the bottom pan. The batter will expand and if you put too much the pressure could damage the device. If the batter is really thick, you might want to have a heat-proof spatula handy to spread it out from the center.

This waffle maker is every bit as good (so far) as the $800 professional one I used to use 20+ years ago when I was a breakfast cook at a resort marina. Not as heavy-duty, obviously, but I also did not find it in the least flimsy in operation. Add to that the lack of a loud-mouthed boss yelling at me and the experience was near blissful. The "doneness" dial worked accurately and I found the halfway point to be ideal for the mix I used. It heated up incrediblty fast and even in between waffles, I did not end up waiting long at all. As for telling when the waffles are done, the indicator light comes back on generally before I consider them done. But it is a simple matter to just close the lid and give it another 30 seconds or so as needed. Cleanup is easy and fast (wipe with a handful of napkins) and it stores in a reasonable amount of space.

I can easily see taking this little wonder along for large family get-togethers on the weekend and making waffles for the whole kit and caboodle. A little fresh fruit, whipped cream and/or powdered sugar can also make for a sinfully decadent dessert session. The only conceivable downside is that the waffles are SO DAMNED BIG, they are a meal unto themselves. I can barely finish one and my wife was more than filled up by a half! I look forward to experimenting with different batter mixes, mostly because using the Krusteaz or similar mixes will result in spending about a buck a waffle. Now that is a screaming deal compared to restaurants, but I can buy a whole lot of Eggos for that $7 and the missus wouldn't go for the expense for long!

In short, I HIGHLY recommend this waffle maker, and at $34 (when I bought it) delivered with Amazon's fantastic service and support - it is one of my favorite bargain finds.
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on October 17, 2012
I was not being picky when getting a waffle maker. I know I wanted one that flipped and otherwise 'just worked'. Besides the initial icky smell (which goes away after a few throw-out waffles) I've had no other issues after maybe 20 waffles. Figure out how long to set your timer for and you should be able to crank out perfect waffles every time. It is big, but we've got room for it. My main complaint is the huge sticker that comes on it. It is one of those stickers that just don't want to come off and leave gunk behind. The "Brushed Stainless Steel" (which is more like "Gray Plastic") was easily scratched while I tried to get the sticker off. I almost sent it back because it was so frustrating. Grr.
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on April 27, 2013
I found a great yeast-risen recipe for batter (albeit it requires an overnight rise, so some planning ahead). This waffle maker has performed perfectly for me. The settings are effective to get the level of browning one wants. Clean-up is a quick wipe with a paper towel on the cooking plates and I've experienced no sticking problems. I tend to make a bunch of batter and freeze the extra waffles which can then be used on subsequent mornings. They are too thick to fit in my conventional toaster, so I defrost them in the microwave and then throw them under the oven broiler which gives me waffles almost as good as they were the first day when they came out of the waffle maker.
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on January 8, 2013
I ordered this and received it on Jan 7th 2013.

Bought it for $35.99.

I received it early, which pleased me.

I wasn't suppose to receive it until Jan 10th. 2013.

I've done made 15 waffles with it. I used one of the recipes inside the instruction manual.

All the waffles have turned out great and taste great.

Long as you oil to oil the griddle in between each batch of waffles they will not stick.

Clean up is easy!

This iron really does make nice thick waffles. I was very impressed to see this.

So far very happy with this order. Good price, quick shipping, package was in good shape. I recommend this to anyone. Keep in mind though I've only had it 2 days so far ;)

My only complaint is that it was suppose to been shipped by Fed Ex. However, when it was delivered to my home, it was my local mail lady USPS that delivered it, and on the FED EX website site it wasn't updated (other words I had no idea where the pkg was at)
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on April 27, 2016
Way better than the one it replaced. I've already made dozens of batches of waffles in this and it has performed flawlessly. I am careful about the kind of lube I use in this and I clean it with a paper towel after each use. Throwing it in the dishwasher is for sissies, which is why you can't with this one. Just use a paper towel or a wash rag to get any remaining residue out - 5 min of work, tops. I also keep a silicon basting brush to get crumbs out from the valleys after each waffle comes out, helps keep it neat and clean for each new waffle. Great value and performance!!
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on September 5, 2017
This one is okay, but doesn't cook the waffles all the way through. In order to get the inside of the waffles to not be soggy, I have to allow the outside to burn. I have methodically tried different times and various temperatures to find the ideal settings...they do not exist for this waffle maker. The whole thing feels flimsy, since the stand and handle are only plastic, but for the money, it is okay. My kids will eat the waffles.
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