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on July 29, 2014
Looking through some of the previous reviews, it seems that some people don't understand the point of the Green series. It is designed for low-power and to not provide the highest possible speeds. Personally, I would not use these as a primary drive (I have an SSD, but prior, I would use the Black series), but as storage drives, they work great! I still get solid transfer rates, but it is still slower than other Black series drives on the computer (which is to be expected).

I have always been a Western Digital fan. Their drives have always held up well and typically the only time I replace them is when the size of the current drive is no longer sufficient for my needs. Well, that finally happened with one of my older 1TB drives. It was on my desktop/server and was acting as my "movie" drive for all my ripped dvds and blurays. These would then be streamed to my htpc downstairs. Well, the 1TB wasn't cutting it as bluray rips are substantially bigger than dvd rips, and the drive was about full. At the time I bought this, the 4TB had just come out and the prices were still much higher than I wanted to spend (I've since bought 2x4TB drives to replace other drives).

Learning the GPT partitioning tools in linux was a bit interesting, but still easy. I partitioned the drive, formatted it as ext4 and then copied all the old movies onto the new drive. Since then, the drive has been working great. There isn't much more that can be said for it.

I highly recommend this for storage drives, but if you're looking for performance, check out the Black series.
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on July 26, 2011
Required additional drive space and this fit the bill. Installed it to my PC, did a quick NTFS drive format and was up and running in no time flat.

Very quiet drive! Liked it so much I purchased another for use as an external drive. Both drives working flawless and no issues transferring massive amounts of data to both drives.

My data is currently utilizing over 50% of the drive space on both drives and have no issues to speak of.

One drive is housed in a Vantec NexStar external enclosure and works flawless on all my systems via USB. No data errors, speed issues or complaints at this time.

Highly recommended!
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on April 19, 2013
Just the past month I had 3 WD hdd died on me, all while My computer was on. They just disappears, and when I restarts, my computer can't get past bios or can't start windows. Had to remove them. Recover as much data as I can, because all of them listed as invalided when I pop them in external drives. WD drives from 2006(500gb),2007(640gb) and now 2008(750gb). I loved WD drives, so I had only WD drives in my PC. Still have 2x 1TB WD drives in my pc a green and a black that I got within the last three years.

Got a 2TB Seagate 2 weeks ago because of the first two died wd drives, had to find storage to recover the files. Got this drive because it's the only one I can afford at the moment. Hope it will last me another few years, they just don't make things like they used to.

Funny thing is that I used to write to Seagate years ago about different serials on drive and on box. so it doesn't surprise me that WD plays the same game today. No point to get warranty for hdd, since all the data is gone, unless they give you free service for the data recovery; hdd gonna kept on dying, and nothing you can do about it.

I loved WD, because when all my Maxtor hdd crashed one by one last time, only the wd continued to work, I guess now it's WD's turn.
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on September 10, 2013
Right now, my review is 5 stars. I purchased these instead of the reds mainly because of price. I have dealt with WD before, and I know once they replace your drive in warranty, your warranty is extended because you just got a brand new drive. If after 3 times of replacing your drive and you send it in again, you can request a better drive. I use this to my advantage.

Yes, these drives only have a 1 year warranty, where as the blues and reds have 3 year, and black has a 5 year. But again, you cannot beat the price.

I now have 4 greens in ZFS raid with a usable disk space of 8.7 tb with redundancy for my home server, and 2 more drives in my workstation in raid1 that does backups of critical data weekly from the home server. meaning if one drive fails, in either my my home server or my workstation, data is still safe.

The drives themselves are pretty quiet even when under 100% load, thanks to both the low spin rate as well as the rubber mounting brackets they rest on. I can hardly hear them click with my ear next to the machine.

My server does weekly backups of all the machines in the family, a total of 24 devices ranging from smartphones and iphones to imacs, laptops, and workstations. During the backup, I get a constant 115mb/s read-write to the server, and a 80mb/s on the raid1 backup in the workstation. Not only this, but the drives have a separate partition reserved for movies, music, photos, etc which stream through the house on demand. The drives will be put through 24-7-365 spin time, with terabytes of data written and erased weekly.

I will update this review as time comes.
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on June 26, 2013
I replaced my Seagate 2TB hard drive when the temperature began shooting up to 140 degree F. This new WD drive operates at a reliable 87 degrees F.
I bought it as a kit expecting a disk, manual, and any needed parts. What I received was a pamphlet with six lines explaining the obvious for installation and four screws. For software you are directed to go to their web site. So don't pay the extra $30 for the kit; buy the barebones package.
Also I could not get my win7 to recognize the WD drive used as second non-OS drive. The BIOS did recognize and enabled it. I had done a direct replacement with the Seagate and assumed nothing in the BIOS needed to be changed. I called WD support and the level 1 tech could not determine what was wrong so he passed me to level 2 and after a long period of trouble shooting he said to call HP for support. However after doing a bit more investigating( on lots of forums) I discovered that the RAID Management on the BIOS must be set to AHCI instead of RAID(Choices are AHCI, RAID, and IDE). (Note this is only if you are using any two hard drives on the same controller which is the way HP has this computer set up.) Not sure why the original Seagate drive worked with the 'RAID' setting.
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on March 13, 2013
I don't know exactly how much power it saves, but I can tell you the spindles do in fact spin down. I use it as a media drive in my desktop computer. When it is reading or writing the drive stays active and performs well enough to not be noticeable. Isn't that the point of a hard drive - to just be there and not be noticed one way or the other? It can play HD videos and music without skipping a beat or buffering.

I do not have any programs installed to this drive. That is what my WD Black is for. OS and large, frequently used programs are installed on my SSD. Every component has a duty and this drive stores my media and plays my media well. My computer does pause for a second or two when I try to play a file after not accessing the drive for awhile - normally after a gaming session. That's caused by the spindles spinning back up and the HDD retrieving the file. I would relegate this drive to media and maybe 24/7 connected external HDD duties. It does those duties while saving electricity with an acceptable compromise.
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on December 19, 2013
I use an SSD as my primary OS drive. I wanted to use this WD Green as a secondary storage drive, but every time it wakes from sleep you can't do anything on your computer while it starts to spin. I understand that this is all about energy savings, but it would start spinning at odd times like when Windows checked for updates. I got tired of it and took it out of the system. I put it in an enclosure and use it as an external storage drive and it works fine.

If it was just a lag in reading the data on the drive I would be fine with that. But freezing your whole machine at odd times is not acceptable. You might be able to change the idle timer through a utility, but I'm not sure it works for this model. If your use case is similar to mine then skip it and look for another solution.
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on July 4, 2015
I have been using this drive for several years now and have not had any problems with it. I got this drive when my last hard drive decided to not work anymore. It certainly gives you plenty of space. Well worth it. The hard drive is fairly quick to respond. For the price you really can't beat it. I would recommend this hard drive for anyone who needs more space for stuff on their computer. I do 3D photography and every picture I take has basically three files with it. Which takes up a lot of room very quickly. This has become a life saver for me.
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on October 29, 2013
I bought this about a year ago, and it started giving me trouble a few months into its use. I repartitioned it when I got it (as I do with all my drives), and it started complaining about misaligned sectors. No fix I could find worked, so I finally gave up. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that it is an Advanced Format Drive. I think that my partitioning software didn't play nicely with that (I use Linux). This is why I'm giving it 2 stars instead of just 1. It might be specific to my situation.

I've used western digital drives for years (15 plus) and I've always liked them. This drive has shaken my faith in the brand. If you have to treat AFD differently, that should be made more apparent to the end user.
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on January 5, 2013
The 3TB hard drive has proven to be very adequate as a back up drive but I initially almost sent it back because it showed only 746 GBytes capacity in a Windows 7 64 bit operating system. I called the manufacturer on 3 January 2013 to ask what was going on but Western Digital first told no-one else had reported such a problem and then, after persisting, that changing the format from MBR to GPT would fix it. But changing format made practically no difference by itself - it actually reduced the drive size by a couple hundred KB. So much for WD's help desk. But a quick internet search showed many instances of the same problem - some reported even on WD's own website. But WD's website never came out with a specific solution. As the computer (Dell E6510 Latitude notebook) had an Intel chipset, a quick visit to the Intel website and a quick scan of its diagnostic tool showed me a new driver available to accommodate hard drives over 2 TB. Installation of the new driver and then a reboot fixed the problem. Note that was the Intel web site, not the Dell web site.
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