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on August 18, 2011
Same as a previous reviewer, it comes in a cool plastic BOSTITCH case, and a pack of nails is included, so you are ready to hit the ground running with this one.

It looks like something that has been a demo unit for a short time, but if you did not know it would be hard to tell it is not new. Works well, I loaded it and shot a few test rounds, it was adjusted well, fires firm yet relatively quiet compared to my stapler.

Even though I may think this is a great price for this item, I am sure these units made in China cost a small fraction of my price. I ordered mine from CPO through Amazon, ships from Atlanta, was here in NY in two days.

Enjoy it, definitely worth a buy even for an occasional project here and there.
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on January 30, 2012
I can't believe that I've been without a pneumatic brad nailer. This thing is great fun! Because I had read the reviews, I was prepared for the nailer to arrive without brads since it is factory-reconditioned. The nailer and case I received looked like new. I haven't had a chance to use it much, but I did build a small bench with it this weekend and attached some molding to a table. It worked great from the first brad. The trigger lock and sequential firing button/knob was kind of confusing at first, but once I understood the settings, it works fine. This purchase will prod me to purchase another pneumatic nailer for larger nails. I believe this was a wonderful deal for the price!

Update: I've had this for 10 months now and I love it! I haven't had any problems with it at all.I think it is one of the best bargains I have purchased anywhere. I am just an amateur woodworker, but this made building shelves, tv stands, tables, etc. extra enjoyable. If it broke today, I would have gotten my money's worth!
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on January 7, 2013
I was a little unsure about ordering this "Factory Reconditioned" product. The only reason I considered it was that I had used this exact gun before and was happy with how it worked. Looking at the reviews, there was a number of unhappy people from a while back.... However, lately it seemed most reviews were positive about the condition and operation of the gun. I decided to go ahead and order the nailer...for the price it wouldn't bother me if it showed some signs of use.

Well, that was a gamble that didn't work out. I was shocked first of all as Amazon has always been great with fast shipping, etc. I was in a hurry to get this nailer, so I used 2 day shipping. Four business days later, it showed up. Upon opening the hard plastic case (which looked new), I was a bit shocked to find a nailer that still had saw dust, dirt, small metal shavings, etc on it. I know it was used, however I thought they could have maybe blasted some compressed air on it for 3 sec to clean it up a bit. I figured I just got what I paid for....half price of new but used and dirty.

Anyhow, today I finally had time to use it on my basement project. Heres the kicker, THE GUN DOESNT WORK!!! I thought maybe I was missing something obvious. Was there a plug or something not allowing air to reach the gun? Nope, pulling the back cap off the gun shows no blockages. It just simply will not fire. The trigger mechanism seems to be broken or messed up to say the least.

So it showed up late, even though I paid extra for faster shipping...It was dirty, and it doesn't work. If you're like me and your time is worth $$, I would suggest a different product or just buying somthing local. If you have time to waste and the gamble of having to return this gun doesn't bother you, then maybe you can save a few $$.
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on March 4, 2013
Let me start of by saying, if you buy this product you are gambling. You are betting that the factory correctly addressed the deficiency (hence reconditioned) and that you didn't buy a lemon. I gambled and I lost :( ...

So I was genuinely excited to receive my nailer. There was some minor scratches but I didn't mind - heck, for $45 for these features, who would? I put the nailer on the shelf for the first 2 weeks and it then saw light use over the next 6 weeks where I took my time and successfully completed the trim/casing in a half bath. Hardly a large job.

During this period, the nail cartridge began to sporadically pop open as I'd drive a brad. I found that the lock wasn't full engaging. In fact, this began to happen more frequently very quickly to the point that every time I'd pull the trigger, the cartridge would fly open and the brads would fall to the floor. I ended up wrapping a large elastic around the cartridge to prevent this from happening. Annoying but at least it was functional.

At first, the nailer worked fine (aside from the cartridge issue) and didn't jamb. Then, like the cartridge, it started to jamb more and more frequently. Other nailers have a "tool free" feature to address jambs - this guy doesn't. It does however come with an allen (hex) wrench to take the top end apart to clear it (about 5-10 minutes of downtime). Well, I had to do this so frequently that the hex screws are now stripped and I cannot clear the jambs any longer. There is a brad permanently jambed in the nailer.

Bottom line, this product has broken in multiple independent ways in only a few weeks time. I've driven about 150 brads and it's effectively useless now. While it comes with a full warranty, I have to pay the shipping. I'd be stupid to spend another $20-$30 for them to recondition AGAIN or a replacement reconditioned nailer that I have no faith in. I'd rather put that towards a different brand.

Given that some people have had success and others not, I figured I'd give my 2 cents so you can avoid my frustration. Amazon has a 30 day return policy. If you buy this thing, be prepared to put it through it's paces immediately so you know in short order that you can get a feel for the quality. Don't rely on the manufacturer's warranty because you probably won't want to deal with shipping costs or the associated downtime. At this pricepoint, it's not worth it.

I personally would avoid Stanley Bostitch products in the future. For their price, I feel there are other products with a better reputation these days. They intially look and feel good but the quality and longevity just ain't what it used to be. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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on January 14, 2013
I don't need a pneumatic nailer often, but decided to buy one to install new baseboard, with the possibility of installing crown molding at some future date. I have had good experience with other factory reconditioned tools and this was no exception. The only difference between this and a new tool appears to be the label on the case.

It comes with a box of 2" brads, which easily slid into place and worked from the first nail. I cleared two jams and each time it took less than a minute. The depth control dial works within a relatively small range but did drive most of the nails slightly below the wood surface. Based on the time/effort to use a nail set on the few that were not sunk I am even more convinced that even if I never use this tool again it was a good buy.

The tool was light and solid and the swiveling air connection made it easier to use the nailer in several orientations. Trigger operation is positive and only takes moderate pressure. As an aside, I also got a 16 gauge nailer as I wasn't sure which I would need to install the baseboard - there is a lot of conflicting and vague info out there in internet land. It turned out the 18 gauge was just fine and left a noticeably smaller hole. For the price, and considering they both come in a nice case (so easy to store), I am glad I have both. Highly recommended, this model in particular and as a factory reconditioned tool.
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on August 14, 2013
Purchasing factory reconditioned tools always has seemed like a great deal until I received this nailer. After shooting approximately 40 brads the nailer jammed and I quickly fixed the problem with a pair of needle nose pliers. However, after that it was pure air and no nails. Frustrated with the situation I called Bostitch and they directed me to a Factory Authorized repair center. Once the folks had quickly taken apart the nailer they pointed that the steel metal feeder that goes up and down was as wavy as the ocean and there was no way 40 brads could have done this damage. They said it was not normal wear and tear and that Bostitch had probably neglected to replace this part. So I'm now stuck waiting 7 days for a new part to arrive. I know this unit is terribly expensive but it truly is hit and miss with reconditioned tools but I would not recommend this nailer and should have bought the new version vs trying to save a few bucks.
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on February 2, 2013
When I received the package from Amazon, the nailer was in a new box from Bostitch. The gun itself, looked like it had been on a job site for the last 5 years, very beat up, paint splattered on it.

I was building a cage to keep rabbits out of my garden, and thought this would be the perfect project to pilot the this new nailer. I loaded the nailer, hooked it up to an air line, then went to nail the first two boards together...nothing but air blowing out a seal around the trigger. The nailer didn't even cycle. Thank goodness I had my finish nailer standing by to finish up the job. I was not impressed with the "reconditioned" it did not work, at all. Sent it back for a refund.
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on June 5, 2013
Item arrived in its plastic case and appears to be in new condition. I couldn't find any cosmetic issues with it.
The gun has bump and manual firing modes and works extremely well. The swivel connection makes a difference over the straight, fixed jacks.

The problem I had with the tool was with the set of Bostitch brand brads the gun came with. They jammed. About every 4th brad would fire half way and then jam the gun, requiring it to be taken apart. This reminds me: clearing jams in the gun is awful. Multiple metric allen screws to remove the housing.

All this being said, I then tried firing some Hitachi brand brads (from L-owes) and they all fired just fine.

I'm deducting a star because a gun should fire its own brand of brad nails.
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on September 7, 2014
Bostitch brad nailers are consistent performers for the hobbyist , offering a variety of fasteners in an inexpensive pneumatic nail gun. It pairs well with the narrow crown stapler on the same frame. Both have been an integral part of my woodworking shop for over 20 years. This one has a few too many "whistles and bells" for my taste, but so far it has been problem free. A very good return on your investment.
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on January 11, 2016
A great brad nail gun! I have used this nail gun for a while now and I have to say it is a great nail gun. I haven't had a single problem with it yet with over a thousand nails used. The swivel air quick connect is also a nice feature along with the belt clip. The build quality is great and the weight is minimal. Almost everything on this gun is metal so it should last for many years.
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