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on December 13, 2012
Update 9/8/15: Consumer Reports magazine no longer recommends this coffeemaker because it no longer heats water reliably to the temperature required (195° to 205° F for five to six minutes) to nominally extract flavor from coffee grounds:

"Because the new models of the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT no longer measure up, it is dropping in our Ratings from a recommended model to lower in the pack."

Update 1/24/15 - after 2 years of daily use:

LCD clock display has not failed due to condensation on its face. Impressive!

Filter clogging with colossal spillage over rim of basket - never happened.

No hint of plastic smell/taste after the first few brews: There was some when first used, but no more after that.

Never had a mildew smell.

Only big change is that the warming plate at base is corroding / turning brown. But I have a Cuisinart that does that, too.

Conclusion: unit is working the same as when new. Totally satisfied. If it dies tomorrow, I'd buy another without delay - unless of course I saw better reviews for a different unit. Thanks all for your helpful comments!

Original review December 2012:

After using this Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT coffeemaker for a week, I thought I would attempt to address some of the complaints that other reviewers had on this coffeemaker. Some of the complaints are valid, others, well, it seems like they're describing a different unit altogether, or at the very least a defective one or a different production run than mine. Here we go:

1. Coffee overflowing out of the basket and into the reservoir and out to the countertop: I did not experience this. This could theoretically happen if one were to accidentally use 2 paper filters, which could reduce the rate of coffee going through the basket, which would then create an overflow situation. This scenario would not be limited to this coffeemaker, then. Overflow could also happen if one were to accidentally allow grounds to go into or remain in the plastic basket, which could clog it. Again, not particular to this coffeemaker. Could also happen if the carafe were incorrectly placed in the coffeemaker: not likely at all (see below).

2. Length of brew time too long: No reviewers stated how many minutes per batch, or how many cups and minutes per batch. This unit seemed to take a reasonable amount of time - the same amount of time that my Cuisinart maker takes.

3. Brewed coffee not hot enough: Using a good candy thermometer, I measured the temperature of a brewed pot of coffee (while in its glass carafe) immediately after brewing: 175 degrees. Scalding hot. Temperature dropped to 155 degrees within 5 minutes. Suggestion: to keep your coffee hot, move coffee to a hot-charged, insulated carafe immediately after brewing.

4. Plastic smell while brewing, plastic taste of brewed coffee: I definitely got the strong plastic smell with the first couple of water-only "prep" no-coffee brew cycles, and a bit less with the first few coffee cycles. This smell is no longer present after 6 days of use. Plastic taste: I did notice a slight plastic aftertaste with the first few coffee batches, but no longer. I suppose I may have gotten used to it, or it is no longer happening, or a combination of both. I think that it is the latter case.

5. Coffee leaks from basket onto the warming plate while using "pause and serve" feature (sneaking a cup of coffee during brewing cycle): I saw two or three drops of coffee go onto the warming plate: not too bad. Quick swipe with a damp paper towel keeps the plate clean. Not a defect.

6. Warming plate not hot enough, no temperature setting for plate: I do not use the warming plate - my coffee goes directly from the pot to an insulated carafe right after brewing. Applied post-brewed heat is the enemy of brewed coffee. The longer you keep your brewed coffee on *any* warming plate - regardless of temperature - the worse it will taste.

7. Correct carafe placement onto warming plate is difficult and likely to cause basket overflow: Despite my best, repeated efforts, I could not *incorrectly* place the pot onto the plate. The pot placed itself into its home 100 percent of the time. The only way I could get it to *not* place itself correctly was to barely balance it on the front edge of the maker, which was difficult in itself.

8. LCD Clock display not illuminated: True. A definite shortcoming of this unit, especially considering this is a programmable unit. A missed necessity.

9. Condensation on clock and buttons on front operating panel: True. Could have long-term reliability consequences.

10. Water spout not positioned properly over grounds: Impossible! The closure of the unit's lid forces (rotates) the spout into the correct position - that is of course unless one does not close the lid.

11. Filter paper collapse and fold-over onto grounds in basket, causing clog and overspill: It could happen, since I have experienced this with other drip makers. Not particular to this unit, then.

12. 2 hours post-brew auto-shutoff - too soon?: Nope. Coffee cooking for 2 hours on a warming plate would taste horrible. Want hot coffee two hours later? Move it from the pot to an insulated carafe directly after completion of brewing cycle. I would actually prefer that there were no warming unit on this machine.

13. Power cord length too short: It measures exactly 24 inches from the back middle of the unit to the male power plug. Dealbreaker? Not for many, I'm guessing.

14. Water filter placement onto top of brewing basket is difficult: Agreed. Must be done carefully. I chose to not use the filter at all, since I use purified water already. Plus, by not using the water filter, it's one more step I don't need to perform. Hot water seems to distribute nicely onto grounds without it - all of the grounds in the basket are soaking wet after the brewing cycle is complete.

15. Amount of coffee brewed is much less than amount of water used: After multiple 8-cup water brews, I consistently yielded 7.75 cups per batch. That's about 3 percent water loss to evaporation. Insignificant. Any more loss than that, then there must be some other cause at play. I could not cajole my unit to lose any more water than was lost to evaporation.

16. Condensation of water in reservoir after brewing creates musty or mildew smell: It could happen in theory. I leave the lid open after brewing for a while to avoid this possibility. Again, this scenario would not be limited to this unit.

17. Reliability after several months: Unknown. Only had it a week.

18. Amount of coffee needed to produce a given coffee strength: My unit yields similar strength as on my Cuisinart maker given the same amount of grounds/water/grind fine-ness.

Summary: It seems that some of the complaints are totally unrealistic (IMHO), but others are totally valid. I hope this helps!
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on October 26, 2016
If you asked me two months ago, even a week ago, I would tell you that this was the greatest thing ever. The programmable timer works wonders! I loved waking up to fresh coffee before my early day. I could sleep for a few minutes longer while this pot did all the work.


After owning this product for six months and 1 day, it has stopped working entirely. After doing some research it seems as though this is a common problem with a relay switch. My suggestion would be to do more research and find one with a longer life span.
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on December 19, 2013
I enjoy coffee, and enjoy smelling it as it is brewing. The absence of any smell resembling coffee while brewing or when holding the cup to my lips is extremely odd to me. The absence of coffee taste, either brewed to regular or strong strength is strange. Mr Coffee has been making these machines for 300 years, so I would have thought they'd perfected the craft by now. I bought this based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, and the price. I have run through at least 6 cycles of vinegar and water, with each of those cycles followed by 2 fresh water cycles. Nothing I have done has eliminated the scent of a hot rubber hose. I have brewed a few pots of a hot liquid with many of the same apparent properties as coffee, but it smells and tastes like water that was run through a hot rubber hose. I really do not like to give up easily, and am on my 7th cycle. I am honestly a little hesitant to waste another few scoops of tasty ground beans on this device, but holding out some hope that the awful smell and taste can be neutralized. One other thing to mention is that the smell is evident when only water is run through the system, the problem is evident by simply sniffing under the cover (after the steam clears). I don't know if the one I received was made from a different batch, or a substituted rubber hose, or something that otherwise distinguishes this one from the others sold. I like fresh coffee, but hardly think I am such a snob that I am being overly picky. Just perplexed right now....
UPDATE....I found an alternative solution in some obscure corner of the interweb, and it actually worked fabulously. Somebody suggested rubbing down the interior with alcohol. He had experimented and concluded that the yucky plastic residue is soluble in vodka. First, I removed the tube that carries the hot water/steam and ran it through the dishwasher. Then, I wiped down the interior with about a shot of vodka on a paper towel. I also left a small amount in the bottom of the reservoir overnight to saturate the part of the tube that was inaccessible. Amazingly, it worked. I raised my rating from 1 star to 3. I have not had it long enough to provide a longerm review, and the stink and rotten taste was a major problem that should not be an expected part of a purchase, in my opinion. But, I am content now.
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on May 30, 2016
Purchased this product in February 2016 and it is now May 30 so so disappointed! I had this less than 6 months and it stopped working!! I thought this coffee maker was amazing, but boy was I wrong. Everything lights up and clicks when buttons are pushed, but won't make coffee anymore or heat the pot. I tried turning it off and on...unplugging and plugging back in the wall....getting on my hands and knees and saying a prayer to the coffee gods, but nothing would make it brew. It now makes a great clock!
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on January 3, 2016
I purchased this coffee maker, hedging my bet that I would get one of the "good" ones. If you look at the customer reviews, 20% of them comment on a very strong chemical smell emanating from the plastic of this otherwise, really great and well priced coffee maker. This coffee maker has rave reviews from those who did not get one with all that nasty chemical smell, both on Amazon and at other sites on the web. One customer review I read suggested perhaps the units were made at different locations. Hence the evidence that some of these coffee makers are fine and others have that horrible chemical smell, which by the way, I could not get rid of. Coffee brewed through the coffee maker after cleaning it with vinegar and running several complete cycles of clean water through it still smelled and tasted of whatever chemical is infused into the plastic. So, I rolled the dice hoping to get one of these that didn't have the chemicals, and lost. The coffee maker itself is a really good unit. But, if you get one where the plastic.(and all of the working parts through which water used to make coffee passes, are plastic) is infused with whatever chemical is causing the smell, then I doubt anyone would want it. Sending this back to Amazon whose customer service is kind enough to accept a return.
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on September 12, 2011
I make coffee every morning. It's one spot I'll spend a bit more for a device to make it a better experience.

On the + side...
1. It's fast. I don't know how, but even on 'strong' mode, this thing makes my pot of coffee before I finish putting on my socks/shoes and making a cup of yogurt. Very nice.
2. As others noticed, it does look very modern with pretty button colors.
3. Very simple to use.
4. Pot seems to be easy to pour (no drips/spills).

Things I found a bit off...
1. The water filter thingy is above the coffee grounds. I have big meat-hook fingers that I need to pinch the filter onto the top without dropping it into the grounds. I have become more nimble at this so now it's just a nuisance because I have 3 things to wash in the morning before brewing (water filter, grounds holder, and pot).

2. Not a cone drip. I had a cone drip. Is it better? I don't know. But, psychologically, I always thought the coffee filtering through a larger % of coffee grounds might give me better coffee. Again, that's probably not true. I noticed most places (Starbucks) use a flat filter. So, it's my own hangup. You can probably ignore this. I've compensated by using twice the amount of coffee when I brew. Actually, I think I'm using the same amount but I never really measured.

3. Shiny metal vs. brushed. Most metal in our kitchen is a flat/dull brushed aluminum. This uses a shiny metal. Just FYI as it may go against your Feng shui.

I didn't notice any off taste but I ran two pots of water before I ever used it.

Could you pay more for a better maker? Probably. But, I don't know which one that would be. You'd be better off with better coffee grounds, better filters, and better water than spending more on another maker. I'd be the first to buy a better coffee machine that is ... actually better.

I've had it a month, no problems and I think this is a keeper at a great price. I can't give it 5 stars because I don't 'love' it -- but, I sure do like it.
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on November 13, 2015
After 2 months the clock fogged over, after 3 months it started making our coffee so hot (sporadically) that our coffee would taste burnt, right about that same time it started beeping for no particular reason and the chrome started to warp. 5 months after purchase it stopped working entirely. Prior to this purchase, I bought another mr. Coffee at Costco which also stopped working 2 months. I've always relied on the brand since the coffee maker I had before these last two was a Mr. Coffee and it lasted close to 7 years. Looks like it's time to find a new brand.
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on November 16, 2014
I ended up returning it because of two major flaws.

1. You cannot turn off the burner during brewing because this unit heats the water by passing it through a rubber hose and then into a metal coil which heated by the hot plate burner. You cannot turn off the burner after doing a timed brew without purchasing the metal carafe for an additional cost (You get around this by placing a magnet at the back of the burner to make the coffee maker sensor think you are using the carafe)

2. The burner and the water get extremely hot which gives the coffee a horrible burned flavor and also causes the burning plastic smell that most of the other reviews mention. I measured the temperature of the burner using an infrared thermometer and it showed over 700 degrees. Everyone knows to make a good cup of coffee you never want the water to go above 200 degrees.
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on October 21, 2013
Bought this unit because it got good reviews in Consumer Reports. I don't know what they were thinking, because --- OMG --- this thing makes *terrible* coffee. The unit has a disgusting plastic smell that is noticeable right out of the box, and this same smell is evident in the taste of the coffee. I still can't get that nasty taste out of my mouth after drinking the coffee hours ago! Yuck!

I am not a coffee snob or anything, just a regular guy looking for a decent, affordable coffee maker. I tried running a lot of cycles to see if the plastic taste/smell would go away, but I think it actually got *worse* with each cycle if that is possible. My wife even noticed the smell in the house first thing when she walked in the door!

I would strongly advise against purchasing this coffee maker.
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VINE VOICEon January 12, 2015

It was time for us to purchase another coffeemaker and having one of these currently, we decided to purchase another one just like it. My hubby drinks decaf only and I drink 'real' coffee, so for us, having two coffeemakers is a must.

You can't go wrong with the MR. COFFEE 12-CUP coffeemaker. There are so many great things about this unit --

Looks great sitting on your kitchen counter

Pause control -- can't wait? Remove the pot and the brewing will stop so you can pour your coffee NOW

Automatically shuts off after being on for two hours -- beeps when shutting off

After coffee is brewed and is ready to enjoy, a beep sounds to get your attention

Removable filter basket for easy disposal of grounds and cleaning

Nice and clear water window on the side for easy filling

Cord storage in the back so you may hide that unsightly cord

Brew strength available from regular to strong blend

My only quibble would be that the digital clock is somewhat hard to read.

This particular coffeemaker has won BEST in the category for three years -- 2011 - 2012 - 2013. The carafe is available in thermal or glass and the unit is self-cleaning. We use good old white vinegar and this works well.

If you are in need of a new coffeemaker, this is the one for you. Not only does the coffee taste wonderful, rich, hot, fresh, and delicious each time, but the coffeemaker itself is attractive and you can' beat the price, Start your day off the right way with a superb cup of coffee brewed in your new Mr. Coffee.

Thank you.
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