Customer Reviews: Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT-AM 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe Option, Chrome
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on November 11, 2010
Purchased this coffee maker at local retailer after trying but returning a KitchenAid with thermal carafe. The Mr Coffee is 1/2 the price and twice the function. The optional thermal carafe can be substituted for the glass carafe and the machine automatically detects the carafe and adjusts by turning the hot plate on (glass) or off (thermal. Has all the functions of the best coffee makers. Makes great coffee at a temperature that is hot enough to make the coffee taste good without being so hot that it burns the coffee. I have had some issues with Mr Coffee designs in other older machines but this machine seems to be well designed. As an example, the water spout that delivers hot water to the coffee grounds is automatically placed over the coffee when the cover is closed. (You must move the spout to remove the coffee grounds basket and this feature ensures that it is always placed back at the proper location. The option of glass for 12 cups or thermal for 8 cups of coffee allows great flexibility. I highly recommend this coffee maker.
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on December 13, 2012
Update 9/8/15: Consumer Reports magazine no longer recommends this coffeemaker because it no longer heats water reliably to the temperature required (195° to 205° F for five to six minutes) to nominally extract flavor from coffee grounds:

"Because the new models of the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT no longer measure up, it is dropping in our Ratings from a recommended model to lower in the pack."

Update 1/24/15 - after 2 years of daily use:

LCD clock display has not failed due to condensation on its face. Impressive!

Filter clogging with colossal spillage over rim of basket - never happened.

No hint of plastic smell/taste after the first few brews: There was some when first used, but no more after that.

Never had a mildew smell.

Only big change is that the warming plate at base is corroding / turning brown. But I have a Cuisinart that does that, too.

Conclusion: unit is working the same as when new. Totally satisfied. If it dies tomorrow, I'd buy another without delay - unless of course I saw better reviews for a different unit. Thanks all for your helpful comments!

Original review December 2012:

After using this Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT coffeemaker for a week, I thought I would attempt to address some of the complaints that other reviewers had on this coffeemaker. Some of the complaints are valid, others, well, it seems like they're describing a different unit altogether, or at the very least a defective one or a different production run than mine. Here we go:

1. Coffee overflowing out of the basket and into the reservoir and out to the countertop: I did not experience this. This could theoretically happen if one were to accidentally use 2 paper filters, which could reduce the rate of coffee going through the basket, which would then create an overflow situation. This scenario would not be limited to this coffeemaker, then. Overflow could also happen if one were to accidentally allow grounds to go into or remain in the plastic basket, which could clog it. Again, not particular to this coffeemaker. Could also happen if the carafe were incorrectly placed in the coffeemaker: not likely at all (see below).

2. Length of brew time too long: No reviewers stated how many minutes per batch, or how many cups and minutes per batch. This unit seemed to take a reasonable amount of time - the same amount of time that my Cuisinart maker takes.

3. Brewed coffee not hot enough: Using a good candy thermometer, I measured the temperature of a brewed pot of coffee (while in its glass carafe) immediately after brewing: 175 degrees. Scalding hot. Temperature dropped to 155 degrees within 5 minutes. Suggestion: to keep your coffee hot, move coffee to a hot-charged, insulated carafe immediately after brewing.

4. Plastic smell while brewing, plastic taste of brewed coffee: I definitely got the strong plastic smell with the first couple of water-only "prep" no-coffee brew cycles, and a bit less with the first few coffee cycles. This smell is no longer present after 6 days of use. Plastic taste: I did notice a slight plastic aftertaste with the first few coffee batches, but no longer. I suppose I may have gotten used to it, or it is no longer happening, or a combination of both. I think that it is the latter case.

5. Coffee leaks from basket onto the warming plate while using "pause and serve" feature (sneaking a cup of coffee during brewing cycle): I saw two or three drops of coffee go onto the warming plate: not too bad. Quick swipe with a damp paper towel keeps the plate clean. Not a defect.

6. Warming plate not hot enough, no temperature setting for plate: I do not use the warming plate - my coffee goes directly from the pot to an insulated carafe right after brewing. Applied post-brewed heat is the enemy of brewed coffee. The longer you keep your brewed coffee on *any* warming plate - regardless of temperature - the worse it will taste.

7. Correct carafe placement onto warming plate is difficult and likely to cause basket overflow: Despite my best, repeated efforts, I could not *incorrectly* place the pot onto the plate. The pot placed itself into its home 100 percent of the time. The only way I could get it to *not* place itself correctly was to barely balance it on the front edge of the maker, which was difficult in itself.

8. LCD Clock display not illuminated: True. A definite shortcoming of this unit, especially considering this is a programmable unit. A missed necessity.

9. Condensation on clock and buttons on front operating panel: True. Could have long-term reliability consequences.

10. Water spout not positioned properly over grounds: Impossible! The closure of the unit's lid forces (rotates) the spout into the correct position - that is of course unless one does not close the lid.

11. Filter paper collapse and fold-over onto grounds in basket, causing clog and overspill: It could happen, since I have experienced this with other drip makers. Not particular to this unit, then.

12. 2 hours post-brew auto-shutoff - too soon?: Nope. Coffee cooking for 2 hours on a warming plate would taste horrible. Want hot coffee two hours later? Move it from the pot to an insulated carafe directly after completion of brewing cycle. I would actually prefer that there were no warming unit on this machine.

13. Power cord length too short: It measures exactly 24 inches from the back middle of the unit to the male power plug. Dealbreaker? Not for many, I'm guessing.

14. Water filter placement onto top of brewing basket is difficult: Agreed. Must be done carefully. I chose to not use the filter at all, since I use purified water already. Plus, by not using the water filter, it's one more step I don't need to perform. Hot water seems to distribute nicely onto grounds without it - all of the grounds in the basket are soaking wet after the brewing cycle is complete.

15. Amount of coffee brewed is much less than amount of water used: After multiple 8-cup water brews, I consistently yielded 7.75 cups per batch. That's about 3 percent water loss to evaporation. Insignificant. Any more loss than that, then there must be some other cause at play. I could not cajole my unit to lose any more water than was lost to evaporation.

16. Condensation of water in reservoir after brewing creates musty or mildew smell: It could happen in theory. I leave the lid open after brewing for a while to avoid this possibility. Again, this scenario would not be limited to this unit.

17. Reliability after several months: Unknown. Only had it a week.

18. Amount of coffee needed to produce a given coffee strength: My unit yields similar strength as on my Cuisinart maker given the same amount of grounds/water/grind fine-ness.

Summary: It seems that some of the complaints are totally unrealistic (IMHO), but others are totally valid. I hope this helps!
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on February 22, 2011
Nothing worse than a good sounding review wasting your time by the "Cons" of the Product.
So out with it.
Cons: Only "One" noticeable thing, pouring coffee into cup, with pot lid down/closed causes dripping. Simply lift lid a little when pouring to solve. No Biggy...

Otherwise, I'm satisfied with it. I had very little to no noticeable problem with "Plastic" taste tainting the coffee even on the first brew.
Note: Mine did have a small "dent" in the chrome faceplate. Barely nothing to make a fuss about or drop the rating for. Hardly noticeable...

No Leaks from coffee maker itself!
Buttons work really well.
Lights are bright and colorful.
Coffee Pot fits in and pulls out of station with no troubles.
Handle and lid are good.
Controls are simple.
Water drip ARM automatically repositions when filling lid is closed.
Filling the water reservoir takes a little AIM and Precision, but nothing collegiate.
Uses standard small paper filters. I use a permanent filter myself.
Regular brew or strong brew with the push of a button.
Of course HOT coffee with automatic shutoff after 2 hours(beeps when it shuts off)
3 Beeps when coffee is ready - I like that!

All around it's a good coffee maker so far after like 8 uses. Simple effective coffee maker. Nothing to worry about or wonder about?
Does what it's supposed to do. That is, brand new it does what it's supposed to do. Nice and solid!
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on December 25, 2010
We recently purchased the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programable Coffee Maker and have been extremely pleased with its performance so far. We were fed up with our last coffee maker because it failed to make anything hotter than luke warm coffee. We have had several Mr. Coffee coffee makers over the years, some produced great coffee, others were less impressive. After shopping at our local department store and scanning Amazon reviews we settled on this coffee maker. It has several nice features including a water filter, brew strength adjustments (regular or strong), delay brew, and an optional metal carafe (reduces the number of cups per brew to 8, but keeps the coffee hotter longer). Best of all it produces hot coffee, hotter than any other machine in its price range (that I have tried, and I have tried a lot). Overall it makes good coffee and is probably the highest quality coffee maker in its price range. If you are a true coffee aficionado then you will want to spring for a more upscale coffee maker (look at the Cuisinarts), but for the average coffee drinker this machine works great!
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on June 29, 2011
RECOMMEND Mr Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker.
This coffee maker works great and looks good too. For the price, this is the best 12 cup programmable coffee maker being sold. I read the reviews and this is what I found upon use:
1. Yes there are two slots in the back and if you over fill the reservoir, which would be 12 1/2 - 13 cups, it will run all over your counter like some complained.
2. The coffee finishes brewing on the Strong setting at 160 degrees in your cup when poured as measured with my instant read thermometer. If some need to nuke that to get it hot enough for them, they have a strong tongue.
3. The area to fill the reservoir is behind the basket with a dimension of about 2" x 5". You will be pouring into the 2" dimension from the side of the coffeemaker. I use a Brita water filter pitcher and have no problem. Even the coffee pot works well if you pour it responsibly.
4. The coffee basket uses standard 10-12 cup paper filters and is keyed and only goes in 1 way to be able to close the top. The top swings the water spout over the coffee basket when closed.
5. The water filter that you place on top of the basket needs to be replaced on a schedule and the water filter retainer has a plastic movable indicator to point to the month when replacement is deemed necessary.
6. Yes - water condensates on the lid and if you open it while the hot plate is still on, it will spurt and spit steam into the basket. Luckily the water spout is pointing down when you raise the top. (unlike my last coffeemaker that had the spout in the lid and it spit at you when you opened the top while it was on)
7. The buttons do NOT feel cheap. They feel solid and the indicator lites work well and there are 3 pleasant beeps when the coffee is ready.
8. Yes - there is a plastic smell when new. I wiped the plastic parts first with a wet rag as recommended and used a couple oz. of vinegar in the water and two rinse cycles. Did this twice with 12 cups of water and it came out OK. But I agree - they could steam clean it or something at the factory before shipping.
9. No - the coffee pot doesn't dribble when you pour. (like my last coffeemaker did every time!)
10. The basket doesn't drip on the plate if I pull it half way out first and hold for 1-2 seconds before taking it out all the way to give the basket time to close the valve and the drips clear.
11. MY ONLY COMPLAINT (as with others) is that my cabinets are 19" from the counter top and the coffeemaker lid needs 20 1/4" to swing open. They could have made it slide to the left or accordion fold the top.

Overall - the best coffeemaker for the price. Works great. Agree with C. heister review above.
Amazon ships this product in it's original box. So if this is a gift, you better let then know or the box will be covered w/ shipping stickers.
review image review image review image
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on July 4, 2012
The reviews are so polar on this item that I can only assume something changed in the production of this item. I decided to buy hoping that the bad reviewers were wrong about the acrid, horrible smell.

The coffee maker is quite nice to use, and I would keep it if the smell wasn't there. I, too, found that it puts off a terrible smell that continued pot after pot of water that I ran through it. I must have done 10 pots of water and made several batches of coffee that had the smell. It seemed to just get worse.

I took the little tube out that ran the water up to the basket, and found out why it brews so slowly. There are probably supposed to be o-rings around the tube to seal the tube against the swiveling spout, but they were missing. When brewing, a lot of water leaks back into the water reservoir instead of going out of the spout. That tube or something related may have changed and may also be the source of the terrible smell.

I can only assume that the production of this product changed at some point, perhaps to save money. Instead they have created an unusable product that I returned.
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on September 12, 2011
I make coffee every morning. It's one spot I'll spend a bit more for a device to make it a better experience.

On the + side...
1. It's fast. I don't know how, but even on 'strong' mode, this thing makes my pot of coffee before I finish putting on my socks/shoes and making a cup of yogurt. Very nice.
2. As others noticed, it does look very modern with pretty button colors.
3. Very simple to use.
4. Pot seems to be easy to pour (no drips/spills).

Things I found a bit off...
1. The water filter thingy is above the coffee grounds. I have big meat-hook fingers that I need to pinch the filter onto the top without dropping it into the grounds. I have become more nimble at this so now it's just a nuisance because I have 3 things to wash in the morning before brewing (water filter, grounds holder, and pot).

2. Not a cone drip. I had a cone drip. Is it better? I don't know. But, psychologically, I always thought the coffee filtering through a larger % of coffee grounds might give me better coffee. Again, that's probably not true. I noticed most places (Starbucks) use a flat filter. So, it's my own hangup. You can probably ignore this. I've compensated by using twice the amount of coffee when I brew. Actually, I think I'm using the same amount but I never really measured.

3. Shiny metal vs. brushed. Most metal in our kitchen is a flat/dull brushed aluminum. This uses a shiny metal. Just FYI as it may go against your Feng shui.

I didn't notice any off taste but I ran two pots of water before I ever used it.

Could you pay more for a better maker? Probably. But, I don't know which one that would be. You'd be better off with better coffee grounds, better filters, and better water than spending more on another maker. I'd be the first to buy a better coffee machine that is ... actually better.

I've had it a month, no problems and I think this is a keeper at a great price. I can't give it 5 stars because I don't 'love' it -- but, I sure do like it.
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on April 27, 2011
Our old reliable and inexpensive Mr. Coffee maker had served us well for almost 12 years, but finally the plastic started to show it's age and could no longer resist the daily abuse. The result was the carafe handle and the one of the filter pegs recently breaking. The coffee maker still worked great but clearly it was time for a new one...

Let me preface this review by saying that I had two very important criteria when I was looking for a new coffeemaker:

1. Must have a thermal carafe. (wife wanted it)
2. Must use basket filters. (I still have several hundred of them, bought in bulk long ago, so I want to use them!)

Price was also a criteria, of course, but I was open to spending over $100 if necessary to get a good one. I have a soft spot for Mr. Coffee based on the long and reliable life of our old one, but I looked at all the brands with models matching the above two criteria.

Those two criteria really managed to limit the number of models I had to consider and I didn't see any real outstanding reviews on any of them, even the ones priced over $100. Then I stumbled upon this little gem. The reviews were good, it uses basket filters, and provides the option of buying a thermal carafe. The price is so low that even with the extra bucks to buy the thermal carafe it was still cheaper than pretty much all of the other models I had looked at. Plus it is Mr. Coffee, which has served us so well for so many years. Sold.

So, with the story of how I came to purchase it out of the way I can get on to the heart of the review...

First off the coffee maker looks great; sleek and compact. It actually takes up less space than the old Mr. Coffee model that it replaced.

The instructions are very straightforward and it is very simple to operate. It doesn't have a lot of fancy settings or other complications. It includes a water filter but since we already filter our water I opted not to use it. Before using you are advised to run it through a brew cycle with just water to get rid of any manufacturing residues. You can definitely pick up some chemical smells right out of the box so I opted to run a couple of brew cycles just to be safe. After two cycles it was ready to make coffee.

Making coffee is a snap. The filter basket lifts out easily - you just rotate the spray arm out of the way and lift out. This makes it easy to add the ground coffee and to clean up afterwards. After you have the filter basket loaded up with ground coffee you just put it back in and rotate the spray arm back into place. You add the water into the reservoir through the same opening in the top and there is plenty of room to pour. The cup markings are on the right side of the machine and may be a little difficult to see in low light, but I haven't had any trouble. If you measure your water before adding it then it won't matter in any case. Once you have added the water you just press one button to start brewing. If you want to change the brew strength you press one more. The machine will beep when it is done. Easy.

The unit automatically senses whether you are using the glass or thermal carafe. The heating element turns on only for the glass carafe since the whole idea of the thermal carafe is to keep the coffee warm without continually heating it. We typically use the glass carafe when we are going to drink up the coffee quickly and the thermal when we have more time and want to drink coffee at our leisure. The thermal carafe easily keeps the coffee warm enough for us for a couple of hours. The instructions advise pre-heating the carafe with hot water to help maintain the temperature but we usually don't bother.

This machine brews great tasting coffee quickly and easily. If that is what you want in a coffeemaker then I highly recommend it. If you want lots of fancy settings to fiddle around with then it isn't for you. The clock on the machine is not illuminated so you can't see it at night. If you really want/need an illuminated clock then you will want to find another model.

This coffeemaker suits our needs perfectly and the price can't be beat. The optional thermal carafe is great for keeping coffee warm without cooking it - perfect for extended coffee drinking sessions.
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on November 16, 2014
I ended up returning it because of two major flaws.

1. You cannot turn off the burner during brewing because this unit heats the water by passing it through a rubber hose and then into a metal coil which heated by the hot plate burner. You cannot turn off the burner after doing a timed brew without purchasing the metal carafe for an additional cost (You get around this by placing a magnet at the back of the burner to make the coffee maker sensor think you are using the carafe)

2. The burner and the water get extremely hot which gives the coffee a horrible burned flavor and also causes the burning plastic smell that most of the other reviews mention. I measured the temperature of the burner using an infrared thermometer and it showed over 700 degrees. Everyone knows to make a good cup of coffee you never want the water to go above 200 degrees.
review image
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on January 2, 2012
I bought this on the strength of the Consumer Reports reviews and regret it. I wish I had read all the negative reviews here on Amazon. It makes lousy coffee and has a bizarre design that makes it inconvenient at best (below). If I had kept all the packaging I'd have returned it.

Inclued is a water filter that MUST be used or the water will not distribute over the grounds. The claim is that this filter removes chlorine taste and other impurities but as I have my own water filter I don't need it an cannot vouch for its effectiveness. This filter unit is the thing the some other reviewers are complaining about -- it's difficult to mount and easily slips down causing the filter to collapse, spilling the gounds

I am convinced that the main reason this unit makes such bad coffee is that it does not properly soak the grounds. Even if you set the water filter properly I don't believe the grounds get wet enough.
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