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on December 13, 2012
Update 9/8/15: Consumer Reports magazine no longer recommends this coffeemaker because it no longer heats water reliably to the temperature required (195° to 205° F for five to six minutes) to nominally extract flavor from coffee grounds:

"Because the new models of the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT no longer measure up, it is dropping in our Ratings from a recommended model to lower in the pack."

Update 1/24/15 - after 2 years of daily use:

LCD clock display has not failed due to condensation on its face. Impressive!

Filter clogging with colossal spillage over rim of basket - never happened.

No hint of plastic smell/taste after the first few brews: There was some when first used, but no more after that.

Never had a mildew smell.

Only big change is that the warming plate at base is corroding / turning brown. But I have a Cuisinart that does that, too.

Conclusion: unit is working the same as when new. Totally satisfied. If it dies tomorrow, I'd buy another without delay - unless of course I saw better reviews for a different unit. Thanks all for your helpful comments!

Original review December 2012:

After using this Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT coffeemaker for a week, I thought I would attempt to address some of the complaints that other reviewers had on this coffeemaker. Some of the complaints are valid, others, well, it seems like they're describing a different unit altogether, or at the very least a defective one or a different production run than mine. Here we go:

1. Coffee overflowing out of the basket and into the reservoir and out to the countertop: I did not experience this. This could theoretically happen if one were to accidentally use 2 paper filters, which could reduce the rate of coffee going through the basket, which would then create an overflow situation. This scenario would not be limited to this coffeemaker, then. Overflow could also happen if one were to accidentally allow grounds to go into or remain in the plastic basket, which could clog it. Again, not particular to this coffeemaker. Could also happen if the carafe were incorrectly placed in the coffeemaker: not likely at all (see below).

2. Length of brew time too long: No reviewers stated how many minutes per batch, or how many cups and minutes per batch. This unit seemed to take a reasonable amount of time - the same amount of time that my Cuisinart maker takes.

3. Brewed coffee not hot enough: Using a good candy thermometer, I measured the temperature of a brewed pot of coffee (while in its glass carafe) immediately after brewing: 175 degrees. Scalding hot. Temperature dropped to 155 degrees within 5 minutes. Suggestion: to keep your coffee hot, move coffee to a hot-charged, insulated carafe immediately after brewing.

4. Plastic smell while brewing, plastic taste of brewed coffee: I definitely got the strong plastic smell with the first couple of water-only "prep" no-coffee brew cycles, and a bit less with the first few coffee cycles. This smell is no longer present after 6 days of use. Plastic taste: I did notice a slight plastic aftertaste with the first few coffee batches, but no longer. I suppose I may have gotten used to it, or it is no longer happening, or a combination of both. I think that it is the latter case.

5. Coffee leaks from basket onto the warming plate while using "pause and serve" feature (sneaking a cup of coffee during brewing cycle): I saw two or three drops of coffee go onto the warming plate: not too bad. Quick swipe with a damp paper towel keeps the plate clean. Not a defect.

6. Warming plate not hot enough, no temperature setting for plate: I do not use the warming plate - my coffee goes directly from the pot to an insulated carafe right after brewing. Applied post-brewed heat is the enemy of brewed coffee. The longer you keep your brewed coffee on *any* warming plate - regardless of temperature - the worse it will taste.

7. Correct carafe placement onto warming plate is difficult and likely to cause basket overflow: Despite my best, repeated efforts, I could not *incorrectly* place the pot onto the plate. The pot placed itself into its home 100 percent of the time. The only way I could get it to *not* place itself correctly was to barely balance it on the front edge of the maker, which was difficult in itself.

8. LCD Clock display not illuminated: True. A definite shortcoming of this unit, especially considering this is a programmable unit. A missed necessity.

9. Condensation on clock and buttons on front operating panel: True. Could have long-term reliability consequences.

10. Water spout not positioned properly over grounds: Impossible! The closure of the unit's lid forces (rotates) the spout into the correct position - that is of course unless one does not close the lid.

11. Filter paper collapse and fold-over onto grounds in basket, causing clog and overspill: It could happen, since I have experienced this with other drip makers. Not particular to this unit, then.

12. 2 hours post-brew auto-shutoff - too soon?: Nope. Coffee cooking for 2 hours on a warming plate would taste horrible. Want hot coffee two hours later? Move it from the pot to an insulated carafe directly after completion of brewing cycle. I would actually prefer that there were no warming unit on this machine.

13. Power cord length too short: It measures exactly 24 inches from the back middle of the unit to the male power plug. Dealbreaker? Not for many, I'm guessing.

14. Water filter placement onto top of brewing basket is difficult: Agreed. Must be done carefully. I chose to not use the filter at all, since I use purified water already. Plus, by not using the water filter, it's one more step I don't need to perform. Hot water seems to distribute nicely onto grounds without it - all of the grounds in the basket are soaking wet after the brewing cycle is complete.

15. Amount of coffee brewed is much less than amount of water used: After multiple 8-cup water brews, I consistently yielded 7.75 cups per batch. That's about 3 percent water loss to evaporation. Insignificant. Any more loss than that, then there must be some other cause at play. I could not cajole my unit to lose any more water than was lost to evaporation.

16. Condensation of water in reservoir after brewing creates musty or mildew smell: It could happen in theory. I leave the lid open after brewing for a while to avoid this possibility. Again, this scenario would not be limited to this unit.

17. Reliability after several months: Unknown. Only had it a week.

18. Amount of coffee needed to produce a given coffee strength: My unit yields similar strength as on my Cuisinart maker given the same amount of grounds/water/grind fine-ness.

Summary: It seems that some of the complaints are totally unrealistic (IMHO), but others are totally valid. I hope this helps!
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on June 26, 2016
At one point I had 3 different coffee makers on my counter at the same time trying to find a decent one. Our last coffee maker was an Oster. It was great but after a while one of the hoses under the heat plate would blow off ever few weeks and it got really annoying. We have a Mr. Coffee in our locker room that never fails, always works likes it's supposed to, so I figured I try this one. LOVE IT.

No problems with any of the negatives other people have brought up other than the display. It is pretty much worthless :( I miss the cool blue light emanating from the Oster. Unless you're 3 ft tall you can't read it and even then when I scroutch down I have to have my magnifiers on to see the numbers. However, that's not why I bought the coffee maker. I bought it to dependably and repeatedly make great coffee - and that it does!!
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on August 8, 2017
Bought this on August 30th of 2015 to replace an identical model that was also a few years old. The old one didn't stop working, but we got a coffee bean stuck in the water intake and couldn't remove it cleanly, so we opted to replace. Today (8/8/17), this one died. For several months it had been giving the completion beep halfway through the brew process instead of at the end and this morning it made about 5 cups and stopped. I could not get it to start brewing again and the hot plate seemed to turn off as well. Overall, for the price...Almost 2 years of daily use has been great. It makes good coffee in a fairly quick time. 10 minutes or so for a full pot. The LCD is not backlit, so that's a bummer, but it's cheap and works well.
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on October 8, 2015
I purchased this in April 2015 and today it stopped working. The lights came on and it started to brew, but stopped after only a few tablespoons brewed. I tried restarting it, and the brew cycle would not continue. The warming plate was also not hot. During the 6 months that it worked, I have no real complaints other than the fact that the clock is not backlit on this model, which I really miss from our last one. We owned the previous model for about 9 YEARS before it failed. Mr. Coffee clearly is not making the same quality products these days. I am going to see what my options are with the 1-year warranty. Hopefully I do not have to pay for shipping, but if I do, I will not bother repairing it and will never purchase another Mr. Coffee product again.

UPDATE 5/21/17: I received a replacement machine at no cost, which has worked fine until today. We have the same issue! The lights turn on when I try to start the brewing cycle, but nothing brews and the warming plate doesn't heat up. Very disappointed as we are no longer under warranty. I guess you get what you pay for, and this is a cheap coffee maker.
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on August 21, 2015
Updating this review 4/11/17:
This coffee maker was a 4-5 star coffee maker, right up until the day it just stopped working. It's roughly two years old at this point, and should still work. I bought a Mr. Coffee, because I am of the mindset that it is a quality coffee maker. I was hoping to get 5-10 years of use out of it before replacing, so imagine my surprise when without warning, it just stopped working. I'm waiting on my replacement which we ordered two days ago (yes, another Mr. Coffee--because I foolishly bought a 5-10 year supply of the charcoal disk type water filters for this machine, thinking, optimistically I'd get a lot of use out of this coffee maker). If this machine dies a premature death, I'm going to go back to a Krups, or perhaps a Braun.

Much in the way Maytag used to be a name associated with quality, I had a similar mindset about Mr. Coffee--now my faith in the brand is, shall we say, LACKING.


(Original Review, 2015)
When it was time to give my old Krups its funeral, I was glad I bought this to replace it. Sleek. Programmable. User friendly. Easy to clean. Produces a great pot of coffee. Great value for all these bells and whistles. Now *if only* the machine would load ITSELF! with the coffee grinds and water the night before--then I'd be in heaven:)
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on September 26, 2015
I went back and forth over whether to give this two or three stars. Ultimately decided on three, because it does make coffee at an adequate temperature (even if only barely so) without any huge pains in the neck...and because it is (or should be) commonly understood that a dirt cheap price often comes at the trade-off of quality or other form of consumer satisfaction. This is no exception.

Here are the problems I have experienced:
1. The "strong brew" function flat-out Does Not Work. It worked for a couple of months and then dropped dead. If I select the strong brew feature, the pot beeps (as though finished) about 10 second into the cycle and then continues under normal brew mode. This appears to be a very common complaint, and Mr. Coffee is displaying no desire to fix it. The response, after you filter out all the fluff and read between the lines, is: "Noted...so just don't use that feature."
2. As mentioned above, the water heating is only barely sufficient. Consumer Reports recently dropped this coffee maker from its "Recommended" list because of this, and I agree with that decision. The cup stays plenty warm if you sip it all down immediately (I don't know anyone who does this), but not after 15 minutes in a normal mug.
3. The carafe itself (I have the glass one) spills if you pour too quickly. This typically isn't a problem while pouring brewed coffee (as I am not dumping it quickly then), but often when I use the clean carafe to pour fresh water into the back of the coffee maker, it spills out (and in excessive quantity, not just a few drops) onto the counter next to the coffee maker. I can hear your reflexive response..."Just pour more slowly"...and I do, but this is still cheap, bush league stuff. This is the 21st century...we have the technology available to make carafes that don't spill.

Otherwise, it's fine. "Good enough" anyway. The programmable time brew function (what is called the "delay" feature) works well and has never let me down. Some people have complained that the filter basket does not seat properly when the carafe is inserted, but that's baloney...it's designed that way on purpose. There has to be weight in the filter basket to compress the spring, and the water that fills it provides more than enough weight to do so. It may even be designed that way to keep the water in the filter longer and thus extract more coffee from the grounds (then again, the unimpressive water heating & non-functioning strong brew feature certainly counterbalance this design). It may look weird, but this part (at least in isolation) works just fine.

Enough rambling already. If you buy this, do so because you're on a budget and you don't mind coffee that cools off quickly after it is poured and isn't particularly strong. Me personally, I like my coffee hot and strong, so I will be replacing this thing some time soon.
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on February 23, 2015
Great coffee maker. Purchased this after reading Consumer Reports ratings. Very easy to use. Ditched the filter that everyone was complaining about being so expensive to replace as we use filtered water anyway. Easy to set up the system to brew automatically in the morning. I like the strong brew feature. Coffee is just as hot as other coffee makers we have had. It does turn off after 2 hours and isn't adjustable. If I hear it beep and I want it on longer, I just hit the bre button and it will come on again for another two hours. Very happy it turns off by itself or I would have burned coffee.
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on December 14, 2015
I ordered this coffee maker, assuming that it would be an upgrade from any and all of my previous Mr. Coffee makers. In actuality, it is a step backwards, in as much as their designers chose to put Design over Functionality. All of my previous programmable coffee makers had a LIGHTED ANALOG CLOCK and I thought that this one would have a lighted digital clock. Also, the designers failed, when they moved the reservoir water level marker, to the right side of the coffee maker. Now, you must depend on the accuracy of the markings on the decanter as the markings on the reservoir are out of view, It makes a good cup of coffee, but so did my old one's and it did not have the same bulk or shortcomings of this one. Had I realized it's short comings, I would never have made the purchase. I called Mr Coffee about these failures and looked at their web site, only to find that this particular model is NOT shown in their inventory, other than in Red and the suggested lighted models,were not shown either. Partial solution: Keep a flashlight handy, in order to read the digital and adjust settings 11/9/16-Comments justified. 11/9/16-COFFEE MAKER FAILED THIS MORNING.WILL NOT OPERATE IN ANY MODE. PREVIOUS COMMENTS JUSTIFIED. NO SOUR GRAPES. LESS THAN 1 YEAR OLD (Purchased 12/12/15)
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on February 11, 2016
Bought this product under 4 months ago, Loved it and the coffee tasted fine. The best part was having an auto brew schedule. However, the machine just stopped brewing completely. Lights come on, but nada. It won't even try to brew. I found out by googling that this is a common product problem. Did everything in the user manually and finally called the help desk. The auto response system took way too long (4 min) and the fourth option on their auto response is "won't brew" (find that funny). Then the auto response tells me to clean the coffee maker by brewing it with vinegar.... c'mon guys... it won't brew!! After 4 minutes, got a prompt to ask for a Representative. The Representative was AMAZING. She asked me a few simple questions, and hurray they are shipping me a brand new machine! The part I feel bad about it filling up a landfill with this old one. Just a shame it wasn't built with more quality, but I guess I get what I paid for. Glad Mr. Coffee did well by us, lets hope the new one works better.
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on October 26, 2016
If you asked me two months ago, even a week ago, I would tell you that this was the greatest thing ever. The programmable timer works wonders! I loved waking up to fresh coffee before my early day. I could sleep for a few minutes longer while this pot did all the work.


After owning this product for six months and 1 day, it has stopped working entirely. After doing some research it seems as though this is a common problem with a relay switch. My suggestion would be to do more research and find one with a longer life span.
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